New FIAT X500 SPORT 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New FIAT X500 SPORT 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome to a new video
the new Fiat 500x Sport 2019 model it’s right here brand new model this car is
just released on the market this month and it’s fantastic I have to tell you
I’m really impressed with a new design or of the of the Fiat 500x Sport it’s
very beautiful very beautiful rims the combination of the colors on this car
right here it’s amazing also the mirrors and the handles are amazing also the
full LED light it’s also fantastic you will see it here in the moment so we
have the de LED light beautiful beautiful shape also the headlamps are
also full that ID as you can see it right here they’re fantastic they look
great they have a beautiful design there and I have to tell you I like them I’m
really impressed with this car if the previous model I didn’t like it so much
this sport model I really like it and I have to tell you I’m quite impressed it
has some quite new technology also on it like adaptive cruise control and ready
to break yeah and all that stuff I will show you also in the moment but the
first time you can see here that this is full LED technology from Fiat you can
also see there there writing on the headlamps so quite impressive also
beautiful shape of the car nice color I like this red I like also this matte
gray here on the mirrors look fantastic it’s look like a wrap also blinkers
there on the mirror and then let’s let’s start the blinkers because I want to
show you I want to show you the blinkers in front in the back also in the back
the blinkers are not LED lights but the light it is only the blinkers have the normal
boat there but even so the shape of the light is quite impressive and I have to
tell you I like it I like this Fiat 500x signature and the shape it’s it’s
gorgeous also blinkers no LED light also here on the mirror I was expected to
have a little light on the mirrors and in the front we have the blinkers down
there and also they are not LED so just normal both light but even so I think
the front of the car look beautiful I like it I like the headlamps very much I
like also the shape of the car the mirrors the handles are great you will
see it in the moment I want to show you those the back of the car first and then
you will see the other things so for example here in the back we have this
back line this time we have LED light then beautiful shape on the side down
here we have this plastic in the same colour as the car this I like it very
much that we painted to protect the edges of the car as you can see down
here we have some dirt there will be a lot of stones and chips and that part
really need to be protected also down here all the down part of the cards with
this protection plastic there and it’s very good and for the better design I
like the fact that they paint it in the color of the car so that make the car
look much better right here what I’m telling you that here when you turn
right all the chips here come on the paint and right here in this area will
be a lot of paint problem and maybe rust in time so you have to protect this part
here this car really have this plastic there to protect it so you don’t have to
worry because that plastic you can repaint it you can change it very easily
but some cars doesn’t have that rest some cars have to paint there and that’s
a problem because you have to repaint it or you have to be careful to not rust
get there the fog lamps are LED light as well
pretty awesome interesting bumper design here in the
front here is the rudder that I’m telling you before adaptive cruise
control emergency brake is right here the rather so pretty awesome technology
as well we have kind of free front grill there down part will cool the engine
also here some air from inside and upper side as well so kind of interesting the
way they design it just like that I think it’s better die here come from
down part much better to the engine to cool down I like also those line here on
the hood make the car more aggressive sport here anyway
also this red color it’s quite beautiful in my opinion and also the rims look
gorgeous I don’t know but I like these rims I like this shape of the rims
depraved chrome combination we have also 500 X logo there in the middle we have
19-inch rims on this car that they look pretty awesome in my opinion they look
very beautiful they fit perfect with the car and for the first time maybe when I
like yeah car also front here we have the camera for lane assist reading the
traffic speed limit and also for sensors for the rain for the wipers are also
there I like those handles very very much I
like the combination I like this gray we have keyless entrance in the colleges
have to press the button to lock and unlock the car so pretty simple the
shape of the car it’s quite awesome also the windows are big you will see it in
the moment when you go inside around the windows we have this rubber there to
protect the edges of the window and also up here we have the
boiler that have a very nice time in the brake light also if you’re from
Switzerland you can check it out this car on bail bug both check hash and then
there you can find plenty of information in cars also in the back
a line of gray with 500 X of yet logo camera down here reverse camera LED
light even on the number plate I like that
great job Fiat I really like that going down the bumper in the back look
gorgeous I like the bumper in the back I like the shape we have only four parking
sensors in the front in the back and also in the front the same I like this
plastic mat down there look quite interesting and two exhaust pipe I think
they do it right they do it perfect and also toes shape with a light
reflector here I think it looked very very nice
I think the designer of this 500 X did a great job because you can not do much
more than than this what he already did with it so look great for the sport
version look really great so we have manually lift gate up here some plastic
on the upper side then the trunk is quite big I’m quite impressed how big it
is you can also take this out without any problem I’m quite impersonal big
that trunk it is here we have some plastic at the entrance and a light
normal light we don’t have some space in the left side and see here it’s block
also on the right side it lock but actually we have some hooks here
actually under the floor we will check it out now so now we have like 5 cent
connector there under the floor we have a spare tire Wow
the spare tire it’s with rims on it I’m quite impressed that the tire is same as
on the car right now so if something happened you can also take it out from
here and then put a repair kit and you have much more space here in the trunk
if you don’t really need this tire most of the people in East Europe but they
have fun he’ll fare help and then when you and you when you when it’s time
something happen with your tires you can call them and they help you you have the
new system of fooling your tank so you just have to put the thing inside there
you don’t have to dirty your hand just open it and push it there and it’s work
perfectly so also great job this isn’t cool extras I like I’m really impressed
to see how much rubber they add here on the side so I guess this is for a better
noise inside the car while you’re driving and also for protect from
raining stuff like that from water going inside here folding down the seat is
quite simple so let me fold down the seats to show you how much space you
have in the interior and the trunk and also in the front here it’s pretty
simple to fold it down this press button and then so quite impress a lot of space
here on the legs you can even put here some stuff if you want to carry oh
really a lot of space well if you can see that I’m really impressed with the
space here in the back and also almost flat floor so you can carry many things
they’re quite awesome ah what do you think guys a lot of space here great job Fiat great great job a lot of
space there and back I’m really really impressed now maybe I take this out to
show you how it look without that you can take this out very easily but I have
just one hand because I’m filming with the other hand
so it’s not so easy for me but look how big is the entrance in the trunk look
how much space you have they’re quite impressive quite impressed with the
space here you can carry big items without any problem such a small car
it’s very practical they do a great job at the practicality it’s gorgeous
so anyway quite impress I’m really quite impressed you can see i can even lift
this in the trunk not all the car are able to do that so if I’m folding back
to sit you can see I still have that in the trunk and not me most of the car I
cannot hold that in the trunk you have to take it out so in this corner plenty
of space in the tone so quite impressive that’s what I’m talking about guys I
love the big windows form one pieces great visibility this is great I love
the big windows in the back here you have fantastic
visibility although on the doors here we have plastic on the upper side speaker
down here also we have plastic on on this part so almost everywhere is
plastic but it’s expected because yeah the price it’s great but when you have a
big windows the downside is that you cannot fold it all the way down so you
can you have to fold it only until there but I don’t care about that because I
don’t fall down my back seat my back windows almost never I don’t like to do
that fold down the seats a lot of dust come inside the car most of the time
only in the front I do it or yeah anyway here is the protection you can see where
it’s begin with its and I’d say no step on that because you can break it going
inside you already see it back up the front seat leather storage space here
very useful quality it’s very good we have a USB port in the middle other than
that some plastic shapes here nothing interesting but USB it’s very practical
these days I like the step there it’s very small no center armrest in the back
leather it’s quite good quality it’s awesome I like this leather it’s so soft
and it’s very how can I say it’s very comfortable when it’s so soft
also you have some fabric material here in the middle the down part it’s a
little bit harder if I can say like that harder actually this is a sport car but
it’s a combination nice combination of Kart with soft so you have a good
comfort also both light on the road nice handle the quality of the roof it’s very
good I have to tell you great quality I didn’t expect that the doors are closing
very nice the quality you can hear it it’s pretty uh pretty good also here in
the front guys we have electric adjustable seats from here even from the
passenger for the passengers so that’s quite impressive I like that that the ad
is electric just to pull the seats for passengers as well so great job yet
great job I have to tell you guys I’m quite impressed with this new Fiat 500x
Sport model quite impressive now I will show you why look at my leg space I have
plenty of space I can also stretch a little bit my legs down there the
position in the back here is quite ok no complaining maybe a little bit like
electric cars you can see I have some space there but closing the door seeing
what the head space it is four fingers quite impressive plenty of space here
and four fingers the visibility is quite good no complaining at all great
position here in the seat and I like the visibility it’s quite quite good maybe
in the back there a little bit of blind spot for the
driver but overall I like it I like space yeah let’s go in the middle in the
middle I go very easy actually I can also stay with my legs together like
that I have plenty of space on my knees and also on my head four fingers there
so no problem with the space quite awesome now in the left in the right I
can almost almost stretch my hand so three people here can stay also for
medium to short trips maybe not for very long trips with medium short without any
problem I like also the dashboard we will go there the design the colors the
way they do it the steering wheel it’s awesome and also visibility it’s it’s
super grating from there with the seats with the center armrest in leather they
do a great job with this car I’m really impressed I have to tell you yet you did
a great job with this car you can adjust your center armrest here this leather
center armrest it’s awesome great quality it’s big enough to rest your arm
there so down there yeah big big space empty space where you can put your stuff
so no USB or something inside there it’s just it’s just empty let’s go in the
front now guys I like the quality of the doors when you close it it’s really good
so let’s close the light guys and then let’s show you the other part of the car
so first I’m gonna show you the key of the car maybe you’re interesting how the
key look like just looking like that it’s very simple very light not like the
previous keys you cannot open the trunk because it doesn’t have any
automatically lift gate it’s just unlock and lock the trunk
that button directional yeah anyway let’s begin with the door the door have
a very big window that why they split in two parts because when it’s too big the
windows cannot close all the way down so that’s the reverse when you have a very
big window here in the front this time we have rubber on the doors so it’s soft
material no more plastic like in the back so I like that so for the driver
and front-passenger stay add more quality to the doors handles are the
same also here the button for the windows and they are very simple very
well made we have two leather here on the armrest and also up here we have
leather all over the middle part leather good quality good combination and good
compromise on this car they made in the back also here I like this plastic nice
design white with little black points it’s quite interesting the speaker here
in a small storage space I wish this storage space was bigger I really use
this storage space in the doors now going inside here we have electric seats
in the front as well as on the passenger side electric adjustable seat by me and
then the seat in the front look fabulous and they are fabulous and I sit on them
and there they have great comfort you feel really awesome outside support here
if you want to drive sport sporty 500 logo a little bit of fabric material in
the middle and look at the combination here it’s soft really soft and here it’s
harder so they make a combination of soft and hard to sit for a better
comfort and air for long trips you don’t have any back pain of stuff like that
also electric handbrake I love that great job yet all
so two cupholders there and we have the X a logo right here in the middle not
sure what is this for tear but let’s go forward
I like although the pedals are super awesome and immune pedals they have a
nice design also an X there in the middle if you can see the left foot
rester there also here soft material on the dashboard we have rubber everywhere
here you can control the light and the luminosity contrast on the on the
display the vents are pretty simple nothing fancy there we have a rubber
here and also all the dashboard it’s it’s made with soft material only this
crepe arctor we have just plastic insertion on the grey part and adjust
the steering wheel from here manually very simple then going on the dashboard
we have some speakers in the corner here we have Alcantara on this part Alcantara
it’s quite awesome that they add its Alcantara right here quite interesting I
will show you in the moment why other than that everywhere soft material
robber they add Alcantara there because dark contact also understand well the
visibility on the windows it’s quite good as I told you maybe a little bit of
planes put there in the back but you have a reverse camera around this car
that should be fine when you want to park it
big mirror quite big mirror right here and you have good visibility also you
can have the option to to dim the light from the back horse the mirror the
quality on the roof it’s good as I told you I wish this like in the interior
with LED lights but there are normal alright they will look much better and I
wish up here will be a glass support that will be also awesome I like
although the design of the dashboard is super simple straight and you have
great disability this is the Alcantara on the steering wheel that way they put
it on the cockpit as well I love this steering wheel I really like it I like
this design with Alcantara here on the side and leather up there it’s awesome
it’s look awesome it’s feel awesome quality it’s gorgeous the buttons you
already know it from the normal 500 eggs and it’s awesome the cockpit although
here is a start button the cockpit it’s kind of simple on the side we have in
the middle we have this digital display little digital display on the side we
have the analogical the classic ones speedometer 200 meter
I wish it was like the newest car on the market only full digital but you can
customize the middle part so that’s cool that’s super awesome that you can also
customize and you can see that how much consumption it is how much time did you
drive and all that stuff that’s classic on all the cars but you can also see the
car information about the tires or the temperature battery states the service
the tires you can see the car can read the speed limit they have adaptive
cruise control as well and all that stuff also you can see when when a door
is open driver assistant here in this spring
then you have the radio audio and then the telephone the Bluetooth navigation
here right now is no route but when it’s a route activated you can see it right
there in the middle indication so it’s quite awesome small but it’s intelligent
if I have to say so now going forward we have three buttons here in the middle of
blinkers airbags and the start/stop engine I like the fact that you have an
extra flow box right here we can store your stuff pretty interesting and also
another one down here like a lot of space there so it’s quite
useful in my opinion also depends I like the way they integrate everything here
here we have the climatic system it’s quite awesome very easy to use very
simple it’s perfect the way it should be we have heated seats two USB port one
analogic another 12 volt port down there in a space for your phone maybe the
stick here in the middle of changing the gear automatic shifter look kind of
simple it’s just just like that I cannot say too much about it it’s
quite simple the pens here in the middle are well
positioned it I like when the vents are directly in the middle of the car not in
your eyes or in your head and then the navigation system already said it’s not
bad and not the best it’s kind of in the middle right now if I think about all
the cars on the market this is kind of in the middle part not bad not the best
you can connect your your telephone you can connect Android auto upper power
play mirror link you have a matte screen there so it’s not so so super responsive
on the matte screen but you can see trip you can see all kind of information
about the car and also have radio yeah it can connect your telephone your
mobile phone maybe I can you and you can see here on the navigation it’s not
super responsive it has just a little bit of lag but when you start a route
then it doesn’t matter because you will get you directly there and you don’t
have to play with it while you’re driving you just press it once for and
then that’s it so guys that was my review with the new Fiat 500x 2019 model
or maybe 2020 model I don’t know how the big companies now they write it so thank you for watching
guys I hope you enjoyed the review please subscribe to my channel don’t
forget to subscribe don’t forget to check out my other videos that are right
now on the screen thank you very much for watching it’s mean a lot to me thank
you all my subscriber and don’t forget in the next days I have plenty of cars
to come onto my channel and see you soon in the next video bye guys stay safe
drive safe

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