New season, new opportunities for the Bulldog football team

New season, new opportunities for the Bulldog football team

00-05 JEFF TEDFORD “it was a good year last year, but this is a whole new year, a whole new team and like I said in the beginning, our expectations and our standards need to stay high and but it’s the work you put in and the attention to detail that you put into it to have a chance to even win one game.” JULIA YEAH HEAD COACH JEFF TEDFORD IS FOCUSED ON THIS YEAR… NOT LAST YEAR’S 12 AND 2 SEASON… BUT IT IS HARD TO NOT TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT THEY’VE LOST A LOT OF PLAYERS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL.. LET’S TALK ABOUT THE OFFENSE… WE ALREADY KNOW THAT JORGE REYNA WILL BE STARTING BEHIND CENTER… BUT THERE’S ONE GROUP TO WATCH THAT’LL BE A LOT OF FUN TO KEEP AN EYE ON… THE RECEIVERS. NO KEESEAN JOHNSON, NO JAMIRE JORDAN… BUT THAT MAKES ROOM FOR NEW GUYS TO STEP UP AND MAKE BIG PLAYS WHEN NEED BE… TEDFORD SAYS THAT THEY DO HAVE SOME OFFENSIVE WEAPONS THAT THEY’RE GONNA UTILIZE RIGHT AWAY.AY. 00-05 JEFF TEDFORD “really pleased in how our receivers came along both in the playbook and how they’ve competed and good young group of guys who come to work every single day and give it their best effort and so excited for them to have their first opportunity.” TO PETCO.. THE DODGERS WERE UP

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