NFL Fantasy Football | ESPN Top 5 Fantasy Options

NFL Fantasy Football | ESPN Top 5 Fantasy Options

ESPN fantasy football l top five I’m about
to get you right welcome to another exciting episode of skill I’m your host King Coopa J and today we’re going to be talking about ESPN top five fantasy
football player rankings now let’s just jump straight into it I’m a big-time
ESPN Fantasy playing machine in a near future I’m going to be posting links in
the description to my ESPN Fantasy League teams so you guys can come and
sign up and play and have me kicking butt out year and talk trash on this
channel which would be great on some of you guys probably you know tough like
that you know you probably give Coop a challenge but I have won several
championships so anyway let’s get it in number one on ESPN top five fantasy list
list they have Le’Veon Bell now my number one is definitely David Johnson I
feel like he’s more durable I feel like Le’Veon Bell has too many wolves he
get injured plus he has Antonio Brown we don’t know
about Big Ben so he kind of like drops on my list but definitely David Johnson
is my number one overall pick man he’s been getting in for the past two years
there and I feel like he’s just a overall the best solid option if you had
him last year you was probably winning like a mug
so definitely David Johnson is number one off my board number two on ESPN top
five fantasy list they have David Johnson I have Antonio
Brown now this is the situation since I put David Johnson number one they put
him at number two which he’s definitely not a number two he should be number one
or everyone’s board I have Antonio Brown in number two now you’re like King Coopa J why would you take Antonio Brown in number two and you wouldn’t take Le’Veon Bell at number one you’re crazy listen
all right Antonio Brown is dangerous he’s a threat like he’s out of this
world he his run after the catch is superb you know the dude is phenomenal even without Big Ben I’m scared of this guy
right so with that being said if you’re not taking David Johnson you need to
take Antonio Brown trust me on this number three on ESPN top five fantasy list
they had Antonio Brown now again I have Antonio Brown number two I feel like he
needs to go as soon as possible you don’t want to face this guy they have
them in number three which is too late because somebody in the top two will
pick this guy so you will suffer but trust in the Coop you have my pick
Julio Jones now if you don’t get in Antonio Brown you need to take Julio Jones
this dude put up 300 yards in one game I feel sorry for the guys who and women
who had to face this guy last year during that game luckily I didn’t but
that’s not something I’m trying to see so if you’re not getting Antonio Brown
you need to be making sure you’re taking Julio Jones alright because he’s elite
him in that run and had that connection they both solid players they always in
the top five like every single year passing and touchdown receiving yards
it’s a solid option especially if you’re planning on taking Matt Ryan you want
that combination all right number four on ESPN top offensive list
they have Ezekiel Elliott not my book I have now you’re going to be like wow I
know Le’Veon Bell I have him at number four he doesn’t drop too far on my list
but he does drop now this is why I won’t take Ezekiel Elliott right especially if you’re
like getting into fantasy right now and your draft is like way before the season
start so we don’t know what’s going on with this guy we don’t know if he’s
going to get suspended or not it’s too much stuff going on so I have to trust
and Le’Veon Bell on this one to go ahead and you got him at number four he’s a
solid option hopefully he doesn’t get hurt and just
crush everybody because I don’t plan on picking them this year but again
definitely and he’s good for the top five or five I really it really doesn’t
matter but I have them in number four I think he’s worth the pick there at that
position now all of you guys probably thinking I’m crazy you should be top
three but it’s just the way it is man dude is just how it is sometimes alright
moving on number five on ESPN top five fantasy list they have Julio Jones which
is excellent not okay my number five pick I have Odell Beckham jr. why
because I got Julio Jones number three if you’re not getting Antonio Brown you
damn sure better get Julio and if you ain’t getting Julio you for damn
sure better make sure you have Odell Beckham on your team if you somewhere in
them top five picks and your snake lot whatever it is you better make sure one
two and three those three receivers you better have one of those guys on your
team or you’re going to have a really really really rough season alright I
don’t have to say too much and I know some of you guys are like over Brandon
Marshall there Oh Sterning Shepherds is there oh Eli aint the GOAT this that man
shut up listen to me alright Brandon Marshall is cool he never had a guy like
Odell Beckham jr. there Odell Beckham jr. never had a guy like Brandon
Marshall even though he ain’t – Brandon Marshall like that we when he was with
Fitzpatrick that year he had like 14 touchdowns and was like leading the NFL in offense when he was paired with Eric Decker you know but again Odell
Beckham jr. especially if you don’t get Julio especially if you don’t get an
Antonio Brown I can’t stress it enough you don’t want to see those three guys
week in week out they get it in you know so there’s
ESPN top five here’s my top five you be the judge let me know what you think in
the comments section if you’re new to this channel make sure you hit that like
button definitely subscribe because we’re going to be doing a whole bunch of
fantasy football talk see you next time Peace

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