NFL picks week 10 football predictions NFL season 2019

NFL picks week 10 football predictions NFL season 2019

NFL picks week 10 football predictions NFL season 2019
Who I think will win each NFL football game for NFL Weekly
Let me know in my comments Below who your NFL picks are thanks
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NFL Schedule – 2019 Team Schedules 2019 Week Thursday, November 7 2019
Los Angeles Chargers
Oakland Raiders
7:20 PM FOX/NFL Oakland Coliseum, Oakland
Sunday, November 10 2019
Detroit Lions
Chicago Bears
12:00 PM CBS Soldier Field, Chicago Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
12:00 PM CBS Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati
Buffalo Bills
Cleveland Browns
12:00 PM CBS FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland
Carolina Panthers
Green Bay Packers
12:00 PM FOX Lambeau Field, Green Bay
Kansas City Chiefs
Tennessee Titans 12:00 PM CBS Nissan Stadium, Nashville
Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints
12:00 PM FOX Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans
New York Giants
New York Jets
12:00 PM FOX MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford
Arizona Cardinals
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
12:00 PM FOX Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Miami Dolphins
Indianapolis Colts
3:05 PM CBS Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis
Los Angeles Rams
Pittsburgh Steelers
3:25 PM FOX Heinz Field, Pittsburgh
Minnesota Vikings
Dallas Cowboys
7:20 PM NBC AT&T Stadium, Arlington
Monday, November 11
San Francisco 49er’s
7:15 PM ESPN Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara
NFL Sunday pregame show lets see who will win today’s football games
NFL Vegas lines money lines take these as you like with your parlay picks and fun pick’em group pools and fantasy pools
NFL weekly national football league games 2019-2020 NFL season
NFL Games I will be covering Who I think will win each NFL football game for NFL Weekly
NFL Schedule – 2019 Team Schedules 2019 Week
NFL Vegas lines
NFL against the spreads
NFL upset picks
NFL over and under point spreads what’s up everybody there so beast and I
just hold my camera and giving you a some on Thursday NFL picks that’s right
and I’ll give you a my week 10 picks to also but I really was looking at the
Oakland and the Chargers game for Thursday night game on thumbnail I
predicted the score around the 17-24 mark but I really think now that I look at
the weather that’s gonna be on Thursday night in California Oakland California
it’s gonna be nice it’s gonna be nice today ain’t gonna be like Minnesota
weather so and this is a divisional game and it’s gonna mean a lot of things
right Kansas City Chiefs with Patrick mahomes out you know their record wasn’t
the greatest as of coming up right now and going into week ten so Oakland has a
run for it still Chargers have a run for it I mean Oakland’s what in second place
at four and four Chargers are right behind them at four and five this is our
first meeting the Chargers and they’ll have another meeting at La Chargers
Stadium so who’s gonna win this game I really do I really predict Oakland
Raiders to win this game score prediction man my scores when I really
look at the games I’ve been pretty good just like my New England Baltimore score
was really good Monday night’s game just the night before was really good against
the Dallas New York Giants game I predicted that score to be um man rather
score 34 17 and it was 37 18 so I missed that by four total points how
crazy right that’s damn close that’s damn close anyhow why am i filming back
here because today I gotta move all this shit and I’m gonna get to my picks for
weekend I just wanted to give you a little insight of what the hell the
Beast has been up to and why this year’s NFL picks and my videos and my picks
have not been the greatest I mean they’re up and down up and down all over
the place but I am all over the place because I
live in a fixer-upper so I gotta move all this shit again right because my
bathroom my bathroom this is gonna be the future bathroom but my tubs getting
delivered right and well of course that’s my bedroom for right now and it’s
not completely finished but all this I got a frame in all this shit right here
for my freaking bathroom and my tub I got frame in that door way that was a door
and eliminate it because this walls gonna carry onto right here that’s going
to be one doorway that’s actually going into a toilet area and then where those
two studs are right next to that wall on that soffit I gotta take those out and
put a doorway there I am brothers and sisters it’s a bitch
but Oakland Raiders Thursday night is going to be a hell of a game hell of a
game and man it’s it really it’s not the easiest thing to live in a fixer-upper
and try to do a weekly football picks for you all because man it’s a bitch I
mean so all this right here that you see right here has to come get demoed out
because this is gonna be going out to our our patio and deck into the backyard
and to make it possible for the tub to even get in here today I gotta take all
this crap that you see right here out of here because that’s the old hallway door
right behind all those cabinets man man oh man anyhow let’s uh run through the
rest of the games real quick come back on Saturday or Sunday and I’ll give you
my score predictions so I got Oakland Raiders went in for Thursday night hands
down if it’s a really really good game and I by numbers I predicted by number
17 24 and why is that LA Chargers on the road of an averaging around 19 points
Oakland Raiders at home have been averaging 21 points so I give the home
field advantage I give three points to Oakland that puts this 24 I get I minus
three points for the coming team which is La Chargers that
puts them down at 17 but I that’s number system I predict it if
it’s gonna be a really good game like 29 to 32 33 that’s what I’m thinking
anyhow Detroit at Chicago on Sunday I just got a look at the damn piece of
paper Detroit at Chicago Chicago Bears win it
woo you want it upset actually I’m not really liking how Chicago Bears have
been playing this year I’m gonna give it to Detroit Lions take two Take Lions
Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals you got tape Baltimore Buffalo at Cleveland Browns now you
gotta take Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers hell yeah you got to take the
Packers they’re pissed off after their last loss last week last weekend can’t
even talk while I’m holding this damn camera for y’all can’t see at Tennessee
Titans Kansas City Chiefs Chiefs Alliance at New Orleans New Orleans Saints New York
Giants at the New York Jets you know what I’m gonna take the New York Jets
Arizona Cardinals Tampa Bay Buccaneers now this is going to be a good game it’s
gonna be I now that I’m looking at I don’t have anything wrote down when I’m
looking at this I’m thinking it’s gonna be a flip of the coin I’m gonna take the
Cardinals I’m gonna take the Cardinals in this one if you want to say Tampa Bay
you could take Tampa Bay I think it’s gonna be a close ass game Miami Dolphins
at the Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts Los Angeles Rams Pittsburgh
Steelers Rams Minnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys damn damn
let’s come back to that one Seattle Seahawks San Francisco 49ers woo
Batman Monday night Seattle Seahawks San Francisco 49ers see guys gals I haven’t
been paying attention to football as much as I used to Oh every year so
I’m not looking at all the injury ports and everything else man that’s gonna be
a hell of a game hell of a game ha you know what I’m gonna take Seattle Seahawks
I know San Francisco’s undefeated I’m gonna take Seattle Seahawks to upset the San
Francisco 49ers like I did when I took Baltimore Ravens to upset the New
England Patriots going back to the Minnesota Vikings to Dallas Cowboys game I’m partial you
should take Dallas Cowboys why because I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan that’s right
so I’m gonna take my Minnesota Vikings ah and I really appreciate everybody
that’s been subscribing to me all year watching my crazy videos I don’t go get
crazy and and keeping up and watching my stuff and giving me likes and comments
and stuff because if you know other years in the past my pics are usually
pretty top-notch I look at the points really good I look at the against
spreads really good I look at the injury reports I try to make my filming and
everything pretty good this year man I just got too much shit going on I got
too much shit I mean I gotta take all this plastic down because when I read
when I insulated this whole kitchen that was prior to finding out
the whole roof leaked that’s why I got all these freaking old water spots that
ain’t mobile that’s just water spots and why is it dark it’s started like a car
filter I thought it was mold but when I looked at it more and I looked
researched it no it’s just I like a filter because I have clear spots and
darker spots like that’s the darker spot and that’s a clear spot and why is that
it’s because how much airs getting through there and flowing in the dirt
and everything else and more dirt is flowing there because I have no
insulation next to it so anyhow it’s crazy like I said I gotta move all this
shit to and trying to figure out where I’m gonna put this damn old refrigerator
and everything else because I gotta bring that bathtub up the stairway
through here and in the meantime I still gotta get
outside and finish wrapping up the house because we’re expecting more snow but
any help those are my week 10 NFL picks take Oakland Raiders take two Detroit
Lions Baltimore Ravens the Buffalo Bills Green Bay Packers Kansas City Chiefs New
Orleans Saints the New York Jets the Arizona Cardinals Indianapolis Colts Los
Angeles Rams I’m taking the Vikings but Dallas Cowboys I think are gonna do it
and I’m taking see how Seahawks – yup – set the San Francisco 49ers – thank you
everybody that’s been subscribing like he gets set again and watching the crazy
beast and staying with me through this crazy year of football next year it will
be a lot better because it’ll be a lot more smooth around here and I’ll
hopefully I’ll have a better area where I can just sit back and look at all the
games and talk to y’all like I like – woo reached out here have
yourselves a great Tuesday if you’re watching this on Tuesday and rest
this week and like I said check back on Sunday I’ll give you my against spread
picks and everything else well of course I’m taking Oakland Raiders so I’m taking
the +1 for Thursday night sorry for this long-ass video do you want
something crazy I’m not really in the crazy mood it’s 5:30 in the morning and
the delivery trucks supposed to be here at 9:00 so I got to get off here
woo oh happy day it ain’t gonna be a happy day tell the day is over

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