NFL Picks Week Ten (Ep. 750) – Sports Gambling Podcast

NFL Picks Week Ten (Ep. 750) – Sports Gambling Podcast

This week 10 NFL picks edition of the sports
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Welcome everyone to the sports gaming podcast. I’m Sean stack them the agreement.
My partner and picks Ryan real money. Kramer what’s up okay.
Dog college basketball season is here show how going all in just finding that next.
Well you know that next area for you to be Kearse in the sports watching season as they
say survive in advance survive in advance. Giants are up 9 3 ready to pull off a stunning
upset against the Dallas Cowboys and all of a sudden the cat runs out now. Now the Cowboys
are embracing the cat printing out T-shirts of the cat Daniel Jones rookie season possibly
cursed by the cat Ryan. I’m not.
I am not buying rain Dakota Prescott or Zeke Elliott being into pussy. Oh and see where
I went there Sean. Just not it. I did. Yeah I don’t know. It’s just you know that’s
another one of those. Another one of those seasons. The good news is guess who gets the
first. Focus on winning cold hard cash. So you’re officially resigning the 2019 NFL
season for the Giants moving on to just locking in on the gambling season.
I would say barring maybe one more back against the wall. Let me kid. Well I mean after they
beat the Jets I get excited. Yeah. I. Congratulations to the New York Giants. They
have now won the sorry lost the most games since 2007 Bruin edging out the Cleveland
Browns who had a 1 in 15 season included in there. It’s pretty impressive. Yeah there
you go. They’re doing something right. Pat Shurmur era well underway rebuilding since
2012. Every once in a while in the games they cut
to Eli and I’m like oh man he looks like he looks like he’s about to do a b and he’s like
he’s just got he’s very unshaven he’s got like a skull cap he’s got like a B on he looks
like a guy who’d be hanging outside of a wah wah like he’s gone for a couple of bucks for
a pack of smokes he is enjoying the shit out of this is he.
I think so. I think so. I mean look at the end of the
day if did Daniel Jones comes in and just shreds. Yeah. Through and through then it’s
like Oh man bad luck but it outside of those first couple games and the AK Like the fact
that Daniel Jones can run the ball. There’s a lot of the same things going on.
Short Passes you know 13 15 four yard out round bam.
And I mean as a guy bar as a guy you know not touching the ball well. Ryan.
And if you listen to the daily fantasy podcast that we’ve put out on Monday which we taped
before the Monday night game I was giving a shout out to the presenting sponsor by bookie
Daniel G and mentioned hey you can customize your own props and even throughout Hey what
if you think that steak on Barkley will somehow rush for less than 35 yards. I threw that
out there as a sample verdict. I posted it on Twitter and well what did it pay. I didn’t
actually know because it was just such a crazy hypothetical it may have broken the prop creator
over at my bookie that. But had it been like what 20 to 1. I remember when I had Royce
Freeman running for a thousand year one hundred year house that was plus one thousand. So
I’d say go on being held to twenty eight yards. If you had under twenty nine yards that’s
20 to one right at least I would say probably maybe they 10 know what you think it’s 20.
Regardless it’s a nice payday. Yeah. Tonight’s payday. How about them Cowboys.
How bout them cowboys right. You know the worst part is I worked with some
cowboys fans. I’m just there I go home and get your fucking shine box. It’s the picture
like millennial hipster nerd. That’s the picture. They don’t say a god damn word.
I’m walking down a hallway this morning. Hey what’s up. How about those cowboys. How about
those cowboy. There was almost speaking of being a nurse. There was almost a. Assault
and battery in the office place. Oh no. What going right. Oh I just gave a stern look he
scurried off into a corner with little mouse. All right. Well I mean look at me right now
Sean. Really. You’re going to again walking down
the street I’m not the first guy you’re fucking with.
I agree run and I thought I was giving out that same energy but I had a run in with people
over it. Well actually. Well two people over a Walgreens.
What day is this show. OK. I’ll take you through it it’s Monday before I came. I come over
before I came over to tape the DFS podcast I’ve gotten I’ve gotten a slip on my door.
FedEx was we weren’t home. They left. They left a door tag nothing worse than that. What.
Now I gotta do a quick sidebar U.P.S.. If you sign up for their thing they’ll send you
an email so you know hey it’s coming. I can leave a note for the guy to drop it off somewhere.
Sign off ahead of time whatever. FedEx just left me a slip and now they partnered up with
Walgreens. You got to go to Walgreens to go pick up your package. I bring the door tag
over to Walgreens first off of course there’s no one behind the photo area where that’s
where they’re storing all the packages. A woman finally comes over. I give her the door
tag. She spends a good 5 10 minutes looking for the pack. You’re not trained I say. Is
there a chance it’s still on the truck. Cause I just got this like two hours ago. Maybe
they haven’t come back to drop it off she looks at me like I’m speaking another language.
Then a guy probably where the guy comes over he scans the door tag has the tracking number
looks it up and goes yeah sorry about that. You have to come back after 4 o’clock and
then your package will be it. And so I go take the podcast come back bring said door
tag give it up. Give it to the gentleman and I don’t know if the package is for me or my
wife. So I give him tell him both potential names as possible recipients and I said I
don’t know what it is. I don’t know what neither of us are expecting
a package okay. He spends a good time. So like 12 12 minutes just like rearranging like
he’s got a fucking Tetris board back there and just finally brings it out and it’s it’s
under my wife’s name. And I’m like OK can I. Okay. And he was like real slowly like
looking at the tag. And I’m like Okay can I can I have it. He’s
like well actually I don’t know because it’s not it’s not your name. Do you have the tracking
number. I’m like No I just have this door tag. And he’s like let me let me talk to my
supervisor calls the supervisor over. She was. So I was the supervisor Oh it required
a supervisor. You want to waddles over. She’s there. She’s she explains to me I’m sorry.
The policy is you have to have a tracking number to get the package. I was here earlier
and the guy looked up the tracking number off of the door tech. I go can you just do
that again. No I’m sorry the policies as I go. My wife has come here and picked up packages
for me without the tracking number and she looks at me and she goes Well I guess I need
to retrain my staff better. I’m sorry. It’s policy and I’m just getting so enraged. She
leaves I’m getting just so enraged at this guy I made the mistake of trying to grab the
package from him. Hindsight was a mistake. But the guy I had
the tag I gave you the tag. I’m going to take the package and I could tell it’s escalating.
I go all right. So you want me to go I go. I know how to look up the tracking number
off the door tag. I’m gonna go into my truck right out in the parking lot look up the tracking
number bring it back in and then you’ll give me the package. That’s the policy. All right
fine. I go back into the truck quickly look up the tracking number off the door tag bring
back my laptop. They of course had left the photo station. He comes walks over waddles
over again the mother fucker had reburied the package sends another five minutes finding
the package. We were just here doing this are you. And that’s what I just said to him
I hope you realize we’re on this planet for a limited amount of time.
Why are you wasting both of our time said that. Yeah. I go from one guy to another.
I’m just trying to get my wife’s package. Why are you ruining both our day. Because
here’s the thing. Oh Sean you don’t know what it’s like to have a shitty job. I’ve had plenty
of shitty jobs. OK. I worked at Quiznos. I counted nails for a goddamn living. But if
a customer came in and was being reasonable I accommodated them. I didn’t enforce some
stupid policy just because it’s the policy. I love this idea and it happens all the times
like well that’s the policy. You know following the policy blindly that doesn’t absolve you
of any guilt. OK you remember the Nazis. He guards that house switch. They were just following
policy. Is that hyperbole. Yes but the idea that I’m just following orders that didn’t
stand in Nuremberg and it doesn’t stand at the Eagle Rock Walgreens pharmacy.
Right. You should be better than that. And I said to that to him a number of times and
he recalled her over again. Well so as he’s coming over to refind my package that he reburied
I just start loudly repeating the tracking number 4 8 9 6 7 5 5 4 8 9. And he goes can
I see it on your laptop. And then I go No you can’t see my laptop. And it was it was
a bit aggressive but because you’re scaring me. And finally he called his supervisor again.
She signed off on this policy of the tracking number. And he finally slides the package
over and I go Oh you are are you worried I’m going to hurt you one. And he goes. Are you
making fun amigo. Yeah of course I’m making funny. You’re you’re you’re turning me into
a monster. And he’s just like huh. And then I just loudly yelled goodbye one
goodbye and I scared a lot of people at the moderates. Yeah a number of times he said
you’re scaring me but which is a complete crock of shit because if I’m truly scaring
you you just give me the package OK. Is there some blood oath you sign at Walgreens where
it’s like hey I’m guy. If people are if I came in there with a gun and said Give me
that fucking package are you really are you going to take a bullet for my wife’s scarf
and mittens. That was the most hilarious thing. And I tell I tell her all of the agony you
have to go through. She opens it up and it’s it’s it’s 80 degrees and you’re putting on
a hat. And like fingerless mittens you got some promo from your podcast. Wow.
Wow. Shaun of course would never show up with a gun.
The role the rest was true. No. But I was saying hypothetically if you’re if the that’s
not the hill you die on. That’s not the Hill that your life ends on
if you’re a. It is. But when I worked at Quiznos and someone said
hey I want a little more roast beef I don’t go I have to talk to my manager. Our policy
is we weigh up four ounces Rosie. Let’s put it another slice of roast beef on and move
on with both of our lives. Look why we why you. That we have a certain number of minutes
we experience life on this planet and you’ve wasted 20 minutes of both of our lives. And
I was intimidated. He had four inches on me and one hundred and ten pounds. He wasn’t
in shape so shout out a giant cock shout out to the. Long cock. Now there’s no way that
guy had a long shot head to the Gold’s Gym over in Glendale. Making me look ripped as
shit intimidated employees left and right. Here he goes. To be honest you’re scaring
me sir. I’m scaring you so much that you won’t give me this box of bitterness that I. I really
wanted him to call the cops just to explain just to hear the conversation. Yeah. What’s
going on. Yeah I got a guy in here being angry. Was he angry. Well I won’t give him his package
because of a Walgreens bureaucracy but I’m just following orders.
Fucking cops would show up and man you’re lucky the cops didn’t show up on top tops
would side with me. Top 10 athletic achievement in your life.
I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t touch him and he went right in the locker he did.
He checked himself into the locker room. Say hello to Robert Mays while you’re in there
1 0. The free row football contest presented by bad sports giving away free merch every
week and thirty five hundred dollars in cold. Hard cash. This week’s winners are. A two
way tie. For square money and get your shine box going eleven and three against the spread
square money. A back to back winner and any goal he jokingly
said in the email said back to back. Does that mean. This week I get one hundred dollars.
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I got the lady the female like turtleneck Fang.
SGP white looks nice sharp all all jokes aside my wife does really enjoy her zipper SGP and
classy classy shit. Yes. Season standings in this season’s standings
I won’t give you the full top 10 again this week but Sean you wouldn’t believe it. I’m
still tied for 10th place. Crushing it over fifty six point fifty five point six percent
against the spread. I’ll give you the top three. Tied with 78 points Mikey ECP 6 2 2
and not to Lee Bray. 4 to 1 in first place with a two game lead. Pretty impressive Gotti
15 goatee Gotti 15. I’m sure we’re not saying that right. Sean you’re in 16th place.
All right I’m hanging in there. I’m not. I’ve just been annoyed at my. My picks.
I mean because they’re not not a great week. It was actually my worst week for my book
super contest. I’m sorry to hear that. Which was annoying because I’m I’m hanging around
there. I’m like top 500. And they just gave out twelve thousand five hundred dollars.
I mean why not just transition into the o. The presenting sponsor of the podcast Mike
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went seventeen in three places. I mean that’s good. But that’s a. That’s an unbeatable.
My book Super gone. I thought I was that floating around 500. I mean again I had a horrible
week for me in my book super contest. I went through and do what. What do you sitting at.
One thousand ninety seven. Twenty two point nine seventy one. I thought I was top five
hundred forty twenty one twenty two and a half Ryan. Oh you are sorry to hear you’re
having me half point. Yeah that’s all it takes. Yeah. My bookie got a G. They got it all there
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we stay talking about how awesome these contests are over at my bookie Yes I hopped in the
completely free. My bookie survivor contests I gotten sidetracked
whatever why not. Well I honestly forgot to enter the regular one. It just kind of got
like nine contests. And somehow I forgot to enter the my bookie. The survivor one but
I entered the one that start in week six. I am alive and well and plugging along here.
So what did you. Did you have the onions to take the Carolina Panthers.
All five so I’m also in the free one Shawn where out of almost 16000 people we’re down
to twenty three hundred and fifty. Twenty three hundred forty nine.
Wow. And then in the other one that the ten dollar one Shawn I started with ten entries.
The field started at nine thousand five hundred seventy seven. It’s down to eight hundred
and fifty four. I still have four entries. What the fuck.
All four were on the Carolina Panthers last. Let’s Onion’s play right. That’s an Onion’s
play. What are you doing this week for your super contest. Answer for your survivor. I’m
going. Feels like the week to spread. I think I’m probably going to have shares
of the Colts. Mm hmm. I’m going to have shares of the saints.
I think in the free one I’ll probably. I think it might be the week to go Colts. Mm hmm mm
hmm. I do. I think if you look at their show I don’t
know where I will get into it in a second but Brian Hoyer in a Survivor contest. Give
me Drew Brees at home. I like the Saints. Don’t get me wrong. Don’t
get me wrong but I think I want to diversify this week. All right. Diversify indeed. All
right what do we got here. We want to my work. You don’t want to promote my record. Oh sure.
On the part Wall 70 to 60 and to. You’ve been on fire right.
Red hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot in the bedspreads conference.
I’m actually 74 and 59. So that’s onions. I’m just flown around 500.
I’m I’m white and I’m predicting a strong second half. I have these moments where I
feel dialed in and then I get I get a little cold.
And yeah the good news is if you played all of if you played our dogs every week on you
would be up. That’s. That was the most positive thing I can say about her.
That’s interesting. My dog percentage is actually higher than my locker percentage which is
pretty rare fit 44 percent dogs. I’m going to convert that to units. Yes. So we can.
Good. That’s a good unit selection because normally we’re playing stuff that’s sitting
around two hundred. I mean the last dog a hit was the Chargers two weeks ago plus 175.
So stuff like that can carry you and I win against the world with my dog. You did your
lot with my dog and almost to a T now. What was going to happen in the game.
Yep could as he ran it down their fucking throat. All right let’s get plowed through
week nine here San Francisco 49ers 28 Arizona Cardinals twenty five. We were split on this
side the forty niners. There certainly was a chance to cover.
But as soon as Kyler got the ball back at home you knew they were going to probably
drive down and get it. Put that Andy Isabella throw first. That was his first or second
catch of the year and it’s a eighty eight yard touchdown that just barely won over the
defenders. Listen he’s small he’s got wiggle he knows
how to slide in the back door. Well when Cliff Kingsbury ice his defense
before halftime I thought that was a sign that the 49ers are going to cover but Arizona
came storming in the back door and Colin Murray quietly having a decent rookie year and limiting
his turnovers only four interceptions I think he’s tied for the league league in lowest
interceptions there for people have played all the games so Jenna to you Kyler Oh nice
you’re on board with that being a real name now progressive of you Jags 3 Houston 26 didn’t
feel great about the Jags play but I thought they would. I was surprised that they lost
both games to the Texans I thought they would win one of them they they they hung around
in Houston but just did not show up for the London fans I was shocked by that Menchu mania
is over Nick Foles has been named the starter mean cue the X Files music showing but no
debate this week about the quarterback. Controversy that was about to happen yeah
I thought it appeared to be a game where they lost it on the coach’s clipboard as they say.
Could this have been intentional. No I don’t. I was throwing the division tonight.
You have to have a car. Doug Morone doesn’t strike me as a guy who’s playing like next
level chess. No no Foursquare. Yeah it’s pretty simple the guy you’re paying 18 million dollars
to this season is going to be the starter next for us. And and let let Foles play out
the season. I mean what’s you got to see what you have. I think you know what you got in
Menchu. And then at the end of the season you could decide hey do we trade him. Do we
trade Menchu. You got a lot of options there depending on how the second half of the season
goes. Washington nine Buffalo twenty four. Oh God damn it. That number seemed way too
big. We picked it at nine and a half when Keenum was scheduled to start Haskins came
in which was a bit scary. And then ended up I think being the difference
because I swear to God that Aquino was not keen and would have got one of those redzone
opportunities. Turned it into a touchdown. The Redskins have gone three straight games
without scoring a touchdown. It’s impressive. My God that is. That’s just horrific. Imagine
being a fan. Imagine being of eight. I almost feel pity for the Redskins fans or empathy.
I don’t but I almost do. Because when you have a shitty owner like that there’s just
no escaping it. And the bills the bills just kind of quietly take care of business. No
one wants to give him that much credit but because they haven’t done it they’ve played
a seemingly soft schedule seemingly well the two hardest teams they play.
They lost him. Well I mean I don’t. Josh Allen has done nothing to convince me he’s any different
than a guy. He’s He’s Matt Stafford with eyes too close together.
Yeah but the bills can kind of cobble together enough and he chucks up some deep balls if
he can if he can limit the turnovers. And I know it’s a very simplistic take but that
defense has some ability there. They’ve gotten a little exposed with the running game at
times which is worrisome I guess if your bills fan but they beat the Titans on the road.
That’s kind of a quality win. That’s it. Other than that they’ve played the Jets Giants Redskins
almost lost the Jets. They did. Yeah they did.
It’s it’s an interesting season for Buffalo but they’re there. They’re in the driver’s
seat as far as the playoffs. So crazy. Carolina 30 Tennessee 20 we both were correctly on
the Panthers Christian McCaffrey isn’t having himself a season. I saw this Christian McCaffrey
we all remember back in the day LTE. The reality is I call him No the dealer. He had that season
in 2006 you know set the record for fantasy football points for and eighty three point
two. Right now Christian McCaffrey is on pace for four ninety two point eight. That’s just
speaks to how crazy that Tomlinson season was because.
We have risen an insane pace we only really had one bad game.
Yeah. And I think what is really impressive for Christian McCaffrey is he’s doing it in
the NFL where almost every running back is running back by committee. No one is like
committing to the running game except a couple crazy people and these old school coaches.
So I it’s it’s shocking for a lot of reasons. I mean we were definitely wrong about him.
I thought he would be like pick at number three. But even like last year he just didn’t
he didn’t have this burst. He didn’t have this explosion Well I mean what happened this
year. Cam transitioned out of the starting lineup. He did. He’s out. Ma’am. Newton call
it the season and Kyle Allen he’s in there. He was one of the first time in NFL history
where all three three quarterbacks with the same last name have gone three you know. Wow.
So you got Josh Allen Kyle Allen and then. Was it Brandon Allen Brandon now Brandon Allen
in Denver rounding out the Allen tree. How about that show Panthers kind of a kind of
a quality team. I think again looking to play him in certain spots. Sure. Not going to get
too high on it. They’re in a tough division or at least it’s going to be tough to overthrow
the Saints but they should be in the wildcard mix. Philadelphia twenty two Chicago Bears
14 bears had nine yards in the first half. Nine Net Yards. Mr. Biscay no confidence at
all. Eagles got out to a 19 0 lead and then kind of took their foot off the gas. Chicago
kind of got back in the game but then Eagles answered with a kind of commanding drive to
stomp out the air that was in Chicago Bears trying to breathe some life in there. This
this this bears team just seems to have lost all confidence.
On the other side of the ball the Eagles certainly some real issues at receiver Shawn Jackson
done for the regular season. They probably in Jordan Matthews had some chemistry there
with Wentz. We’ll see what happens there but I think they just gotta. I really like what
San Francisco does with their offense and I think is cut like a lot of their play calling
I think would be a good match with the 49ers Wentz is very comfortable under center they
they do the play action really well Jordan Howard’s kind of been established as a physical
runner Myles Sanders who is struggling early he’s kind of their big playmaker so their
offense has as really done pretty well if you factor in that they’re getting jack shit
from the receiver position And the Bears I don’t know what you do man. I really think
the move is to try and make a move for Nick Foles next season through Ohio because I think
it’s just I mean what do you what would you do. You’re a pair. You’re the Bears GM. What
do you do. Can you walk away. Oh Mitch I think I just walk find a bridge
and walk off of it because I drafted Mitchell to Biscay over pasture homes and Deshaun Sharon
Watson. You’re never going to be able to fix that
that happened. What do you do. You just just abort right. When you know you just abort
pull the rip cord. You are not getting shot time by heart. It’s
an old job. I dusted off of our good pal Billy bird talking about Patrick homes show time
my homes. Yeah. It’s it’s one thing to blow blow the
draft pick but it’s another when the. When what you could have had is just so so.
The fact that it’s so objectively wrong and it’s only been three years.
Yeah. And Nagy talking about crazy turn right. You go from coach of the year to this. It
is tough times in the Windy City most visor bro. Minnesota Vikings twenty three Kansas
City twenty six. We graded this is a loss for ourselves Ryan because we had it as Minnesota
plus two and a half. But again this was it was early in the week or midweek when we picked
this quarterback was up in the air we picked it at Vikings two and a half. Kind of word
game where we still would have got it wrong we probably will if you take it like a man
show I did I was surprised. Kent city’s rush defense surprisingly good there and I thought
days we’d have a bigger game but their defense kind of played is Heather’s definitely showing
us that maybe Holmes isn’t that special. Oh right. How dare you how dare you talk about
our good buddy chow time by Holmes. I mean he’s he’s a good player but Matt Moore
is looking pretty pretty darn good. And again it’s so funny because I was on the
train of Matt Moore’s good reads gonna coach him up. They’re not going to lose a lot on
offense and yet I’m open to and picking them out more hilarious.
I thought they’d hang against Green Bay and I thought they would struggle with on defense.
I thought the defense would struggle more on it and it clearly didn’t. Vikings 0 and
6 their last. I think straight up and against the spread. As a dog last six games so interesting
little trend there you know I broke a trend and that is the Miami Dolphins losing straight
up. They won. Ryan you gave it out as a bonus dog on the pregame pairs. I did. We both liked
the dolphins here covered the spread and won 26 18 and I think this nothing like a sarcastic
Gator aid path. I don’t know if he’s sarcastic.
I think they rallied around Flores the idea that hey that you know they’re trying to tank
us. We just won’t tank you. We’re going to screw this up.
We got no quit in us. What they didn’t expect is for the just to be the season of the tank.
I mean the bangles are now they’re in the driver’s seat.
Well and then and now they’ve lost the tiebreaker to the Jets. It’s going to be a revenge game
with the 2 1 win teams to see who really locks up that second and possibly first position
at the Bengals are able to pull out a victory. Pittsburgh twenty six Colts 24 I of course
as always back in the Colts. Or the Steelers is the interesting home dog here. Andrew Luck’s
gone bro. Andrew looks good now but you call me reset if he stays in the game I still like
their chances there. Unfortunately he got knocked out Hoyer came in and relief looked
actually pretty solid. He did throw picks six and ninety six yarder to make it Fitzpatrick
which said that I did not. That’s the deal breaker here. Unfortunately we picked it at
minus one and a half so that Google wouldn’t have mattered for us however it would have
mattered for my bankroll because I got it at straight pick and I’ve military just at
that looks like those guys who tried out to be the Bears kicker at that bar and they had
a 47 yard field goal and you get unlimited beer for the year.
That’s what Adam military’s kick look like. The guy’s a good kicker but did come on. Just
look at Tiger Eyes. There’s money on the line here.
Give me three give me two chances. Give me three kicks I’m going at least two out of
three from from that distance. Yeah you do it. You’re insane and you’re insane
because you make fun of me when I say I’m. I could how far I could do the three cone
drill better than Drew Bledsoe. I still stand by dude you can hit maybe like a 30 yard.
All right we’re going to feel it and it’s on the fucking record. Well how long was it.
Forty one. I was like forty three yard gain Hinds if you throw it I’ll. It’s.
Buried. What are you doing. Being on the show right. The Bears at open tryouts. They’re
only require. They only tried out. That’s how much the Eagles are in the bears head
when they brought him the kickers. Chicago folks they only had them attempt a forty three
yard field goal where the double doing captained the Raiders 31 Detroit 24. The Raiders you
the lions. We gotta get our shit on now. And they did. Raiders at home Raiders have had
a very interesting season. A lot of road games. Crazy amount of travel. Offensive line injuries.
But Josh Jacobs says look good. Derek Carr seemingly they got a little bit of a system
for him. Their their defense hasn’t been amazing but has shown up okay in spots and again not
in conference road game for Detroit. Detroit has no running game. Post carry on Johnson
it seems to be effective. Is Oakland good. I don’t know if they’re good but they’re they’re
definitely they’re super frisky. I don’t think they’re going to make the playoffs but if
they if they beat the Chargers here coming up I mean they’re gonna be in a decent spot
for the wildcard because AFC wild cards are. I think you could you might be able to get
in with like eight in eight with the right tiebreakers. Nine
and Seven it seems that way. I mean no one’s really walking away with it other than that.
That’s so weird. They still had plenty of losses and plenty of plenty of things to fuck
up for the bills. It is after all the bills. Tampa Bay 34 Seattle 40. Luckily we picked
this game at six and a half. So we got the cover there. Coaching coaching all over this
game and DFS and fantasy kind of exactly how we predicted. If you bet. Tampa unfortunately
you may have got the worst of the number and didn’t cover this O.T. but it was one of those
weird situations where if your Tampa Bay backer you’re rooting for Seattle to hit that field
goal they miss it they send it to overtime you know you’re going to get jobbed Can we
get rid of pass interference replays and then just bring the overtime rule just run it like
college yeah. Or at least let both teams have one possession right. Come on.
Yeah I mean especially as the reason they would never do it like college is because
it’s going to screw up stats. That’s probably one of the top reasons why
they will never do that to me it’s over time and the stats are so fucked up to begin with.
Plus were the NFL we’re not baseball. Come on like why haven’t they done something.
All the stats are crazy like Do you ever watch college football when it goes to overtime.
It’s exciting this guaranteed to be exciting. Roger Goodell. What is he. What does he know.
We told you this would be the highest scoring game on the board.
Now this was the highest scoring game with the Denver Broncos twenty four Cleveland Browns
19. I think we talked about it much like this on the periscope as well. For a doggy doggie
Broncos three and a half point home dogs win it outright against the Kelly rats such in
disarray. Baker Mayfield broke out the sad mustache that seems like a desperate move
that seems like something I would do halfway through an Eagles game just like you could
take a quick shower and shave off half my beard. Something to get the mojo going. This
team feels desperate. The team feels so in their head. They have a tremendous amount
of talent. Again we were just all over the fact that they weren’t going to be nearly
as good as people thought this season. What’s the record now show their record their 2 and
6 2 and 6 remember when their win total was nine.
And it was juiced on the over. It was like minus one two already for the Browns.
I mean all right I guess now we were all over the other and the Browns lock that up couple
a couple six ways from Sunday saw Baker. Poor Becker. Speaking of this game Philip Lindsay
talked to him randomly at the game film Lindsey no longer living in his parents house. Oh
so you guys big time and what. Where does he live now. It seems like he’s gotten some
sort of apartment or house for selling it for him. Congratulations dude. Yeah. Finally
moved out of his parents basement so congrats to Phil Lindsey. Speaking of fail Phil rivers
coming through big Chargers twenty six Green Bay Packers eleven S.D. yay yeah super chargers
charge like 90 percent of the public where we had the super square side of the Packers
but they got a little boost post Ken was in the hunt the offensive line seems to have
solidified a little bit with our boy the BTC piece Russell Okun and Gordon got two touchdowns
which is unfortunate as an actor guy but I did think they would be able to run the ball
on them I just was surprised that Aaron Rodgers couldn’t get anything going.
Aaron Jones I mean this Chargers defense has shown a lot a lot of vulnerability. I mean
I guess they’re getting some guys back. Well you saw played really well. The difference
was the pass rush their pass rush got to Rodgers and a guy that we have a we haven’t really
seen Rodgers get get get it like that even against the Bears.
It wasn’t that bad but also what are you laughing about Rodgers getting it like that.
Oh yeah. I’ve personally never witnessed Rodgers ever
get it. No. Whatever he does in his personal life. Yeah totally cool. It’s just it was
just I know a lot of you know being on a sports podcast there’s a lot of you know he’s one
of those guys who will get penetration a lot of double entendres.
But yeah you’re right. He looked uncomfortable. He looked at a sink.
Did you ever. I tweeted out that video of him being interviewed when he was in college.
Yeah. And he’s a he flirts with the girl by saying you know you should come watch some
movies with me Netflix and chill. Yeah. He would’ve totally given away when he wants
to. He pulls out top gun. He likes the friendship between the co-pilot.
How bad is it. If you’re a Chargers fan you have your best win of the season. A stunning
upset. Green Bay Packers where the entire stadium is full of Packers unions and they’re
talking about moving the team to London. You have your biggest win of the season and they
talked about moving the team to a different country what they should have been the ones
that moved out to Vegas because everyone will show up for Vegas. Vegas would embrace the
team the Golden Knights worked and they didn’t exist before. Yeah. Perfect. And also if you’re
looking to partner up with the team as far as fixing games you know when the Chargers
be the perfect ones a team that’s always really good but somehow misses some crazy kick in
the end like no one would notice. They’d be off the set if you found out one team in the
NFL was involved in rigging or fixing. Like he could be the it could be the Jets or the
Dolphins super other than Adam it’s who’s been involved in like three situations this
year. Yeah we got that. We got it. I think we talked about this earlier in the season
but we got to look at his wire transactions because some shady shit going on. We already
hit on this game. But Pat’s 20 a Ravens savvy fucking wheel
man. They got harpooned Sunday night toy like a
rare rare primetime loss for the Pats and the bell chick era. And yeah you see this
everyone so our team comes in and fired up just kind of hits the Patriots in the mouth
with the perfect game plan and then Pats fans lean into how we weren’t it was gonna be a
perfect season and we just. And that’s what we needed. We needed that loss. That’s my
favorite pats fan reaction. Thank you. We needed a leg. Yeah we needed that. Okay. That
team beat your ass you punk ass baby Wells. Tough one tough one for the B dubs not tough
for me Sean had that money line. Baby you did. Nice little dog you there and
that that Sunday night game that that helped round out the streak that for just the third
time since 1970 every team played in their home stadium on Saturday and Sunday of a single
week one in week nine. Nice. Let’s go to week 10 the other instances week 13 1983 and week
7 1998 of course that streak came to a crashing halt.
The dumpster fire New York football Giants had the back door within their sights but
oh no. Cubs in their turns it over is now tied with
Jameis Winston for most turnovers in the league at 16. So kudos to him doing it and doing
it without even starting the entire season so league leader Mr. Daniel Jones not a great
showing by the defense as well. Again they were up 9 3 The Black Cat jinxed them. Little
fact here though Nate sold their second highest paid left tackle in the NFL. He’s allowed
eight sacks so far this year. That’s two more than Eric Flowers has ever allowed in the
entire season. So historic season so far for the New York Giants. Kramer Can you play the
boat trip music. Sure. Hopefully some of my Italian friends can.
Can take all they need out of maybe a little fishing trip. Oh.
Go up and we’ll go on a whale watching expedition. Shame. If he fell off and didn’t return it
be a shame he’s so bad. He’s tremendously bad. I didn’t think he would be.
When they signed him I didn’t think he’d be second in the league like productivity wise.
They definitely overpaid but I didn’t think he would be. I mean he’s like bottom. I think
he’s like bottom five left tackle. I mean it’s like here in the kid in Denver he keeps
getting balls and keeps getting holding penalties like it’s it’s tough. I mean it’s too bad
he’s just not a good football player. I think that the trick you just don’t sign.
New England offensive line there’s There’s fuckin witchcraft going on up there Billy
B. Mm hmm. All right. Before we get to talk through
the week 10 NFL picks Bill Belichick. He’s a genius. He’s a guy very smart very intelligent
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Yes. Thursday night. We get the rain. There is
no home. They host the Los Angeles Chargers for the
Chargers are one and a half point favorite. Minus one twenty five on the money line Oakland
plus 1 0 5 forty nine and a half is the total. Strangely the Look AHEAD was Oakland minus
one and a half. Listen Sean you know what month it is November
November. I hope I’m not stealing your point here.
Now last seven games in November they’re six and one period. The Chargers I don’t know
what it is they seem to always dominate the month of November.
They are now back in the race. They’re playing well. They got rid of whizzing in Hunt Anthony
Lin I guess was more involved in the situation this strangely gives them an advantage going
into this game only one game of tape on this version of the offense.
Sean I like what I saw from Melvin Gordon. I think they get Engler involved as well.
But the matchup I really like here is those receivers against the secondary for Oakland.
Mm hmm. I love the Chargers in this spot. This is locked potential really really. I’m
I’m kind of lean and I’m kind of leaning in Raiders. I mean that would be the contrarian
angle. Why and it would. I just felt that this Chargers team a little over inflated
on their Green Bay game. Why is this not Raiders minus three because the pass rush their car.
That’s why I think what we saw the reason for this movement the look ahead. We saw that
elite level pass rush we were expecting. I think maybe they finally figured something
out. Derwin James of course they have missed him all year but at the end of the day Bosa
and Ingram were getting home period. That’s what that was. And I guess it comes down to
do you have belief that Derek Carr can hold up well a can the offensive line slow down
the pass rush be can Terry Carr hold up under pressure and not do the wrong thing.
I do think Oakland’s been playing well yeah I think they could kind of get Josh Jacobs
going. I do worry about the Chargers inability to cover the tight end. I think that could
be an issue certainly in the charges offensive line seemed to solidify a little bit with
a and like I mentioned a bunch Arden Key looks like he’s out for the Raiders and he had a
back to back sacks but the Raiders the right tackle he was questionable the cornerback
but it looks like all those and the other offensive linemen looked like two were on
the edge. But it seems like both of them are going to play I kind of like Oakland. I kind
of like the back to back home game. I like to get a home when you’re playing a division
opponent on Thursday I’m going to go. I’m going to go Raiders so I don’t have a strong
of an opinion admittedly as you. But I think the short week there off line
is not going to be full strength and that’s been part of the reason this this is Sean
blows your mind. I believe there fifth and TV away on offense which is just crazy and
Gruden knows what the fuck he’s doing. And yeah I I think Phil..
Philip Rivers. There’s been moments where he’s kind of shown his age and kind of hovered
around that cliff that that these quarterbacks from his class are facing. Eli already fell
off the cliff big bad and seemingly going to have trouble getting back from that cliff
and he held Phil’s while he’s here. He’s like a backpacker with like a giant pack
on and he’s getting to the edge. There he is. He’s had a couple stumbles he’s almost
gone off the cliff. I’m taking Oakland as the home dog here. I
think these teams feel really equal to me on a neutral field and I think Oakland has
somewhat of a home field advantage so I think they’ll definitely have a home field advantage.
I just again this Oakland second area I think I think it feels like the public is going
to be on a 60 40 split right now on the on the Chargers on the Chargers. All right I’ll
see. I’ll stick with them. But the strength of this Chargers offense
has been the passing game and the weakness for the Oakland Raiders is their past defense.
So I just I don’t like that and I think it shows up here on Thursday night. Sunday Sean
we don’t have any. Where are we done with London for the year. Do we. Do we have confirmation.
We don’t have to do any more London Games. That sounds about right. Or do we have to
do one more. Well I have to text our London correspondent Billy Bahati. All right. I’ll
look that up. In the meantime Kansas City heads to Tennessee where we don’t have a real
line. Look ahead those four and a half the West Gate super contest dropped three and
a half as the number I think Maho. I read my home’s practice right. I think this is
this point it’s a high bar homes or it has Matt Moore showing up and we move maybe we
don’t need Mr. Moore homes to rush back. All right.
We have a Mexico game show. Yeah. No more London Games. Interesting set here.
And this is from at G C R J Kappa Rosso. Ryan Tannehill freed from Adam Gase currently
leads the NFL in completion percentage of seventy one point eight and as a career best
passer rating of ninety nine point seven. Matt Moore freed from Adam Gase as well is
at 60 percent for touchdowns zero interceptions and one hundred passer rating the past two
weeks for the Chiefs Matt Moore I think that’s more their offense and Andy Reid but Ryan
Tannehill I think there’s something there where we’re seeing maybe is he kind of is
this the best version of Ryan Tannehill now maybe that’s not a super high ceiling but
I think it’s at least something to factor in.
I mean that I definitely can visualize a version of this game by the way. Kansas City plays
the Chargers next week. On Monday night football in Mexico. So I don’t know if there’s a potential
look ahead here for both those teams. I don’t think so. Now the Tannehill angle I do think
he’s made this team better. Yeah I also think that while I can see a version of this where
Derrick Henry’s pounding the rock in the running I definitely throw it I’m throwing Derrick
Henry in a couple of DFS lineups. If my Holmes is back I see no reason why this
couldn’t. This isn’t just a two touchdown game.
I’m still not a believer in Tennessee. Quarterbacks have had real issues right. I mean yeah and
you’ve seen it. I mean Kyle Allen was thrown on him like I think they’ll really have trouble
slowing down this the offense of the Chiefs I’ll go Kansas City minus three and a half
but again I don’t even know this shouldn’t count towards either of you.
What do you mean. We pick every game. I know I’m starting to sound like Colby. We pick
every game to your point Tennessee 20th against the past third against the run. Not good when
you’re facing the Chiefs. Sean Tennessee under a Oakland under six which
ticket would you rather have for the season Tennessee under eight Oakland under six how
Oakland I mean I picked Oakland and they have four wins.
So I think until they get over Oakland do they get over.
Yeah I don’t think they’re going to lose that. You know eight straight here. Have you looked
at their schedule. It’s tough but I I would definitely I Tennessee I said they have the
Bangles and the Jets and then they go chiefs titans Jags Chargers Bronco Broncos Sal is
the funniest thing about it. About only three wins. Where are the three
wins coming from here. The funniest thing about I don’t know. That’s
it stuff. The the funniest thing about the Titans fans like getting all worked up when
we pick them to win like five games or whatever. They’re like you’re way off third. This team
is so much better and they all said a multiple people said they’re definitely going 9 and
7 like that was you know fuck you guys. Now winning playoff games going to the Super
Bowl. They’re 9 and 7. Yeah. Fuck you. They’re not gonna you under
8. How do I although I did say they were gonna win five games.
Yeah. No. I’m not. I’m enjoying having under way right
now. I think worst case is to push Buffalo heads to Cleveland where you know is there
nothing more enjoyable than watching all these Baker Mayfield commercials as his team is
just a raging dumpster fire. Cleveland minus 2 1/2 minus one forty five
on the MONEYLINE Buffalo plus 1 20 40 is the total Shawn.
Yeah I told you before we started recording this feels like a very obvious week across
the board for me. Yep. And in this spot it’s it’s Cleveland by a
mile I’m taking the Cleveland Browns here. I think Buffalo is a bit fraudulent. Josh
Allen on the road Josh Allen against the lead pass rush bills against a team that can run
the rock. Nick Chubb showing some of the most elusive numbers in the league also best in
yards after contact. He’s looking amazing. I think this is the kind of game we’re clean.
Cleveland’s gonna get some wins. We talked about this. There’s gonna be. They’re gonna
be randomly scrappy at home. I see no reason why this team should not be winning three
points against the Bulls. The record is deceiving people.
Well the public’s all over the Buffalo Bills I hope. Thank God I looked at that and I call
me a guy. I don’t need a flea bath I’m happening with
those fleas. Give me the public dog. The Buffalo Bills. I’ll tell you what to do
it show. The turnovers turn overs Cleveland minus a turnover margin. Buffalo minus one
buffalo is not a good team but Cleveland is much worse. I mean that’s the thing. You can
be you can win games in the NFL by being a mediocre team that doesn’t turn the ball over
and that’s what the Buffalo Bills are. Mayfield has thrown 12 interceptions. Mayfield also
the worst quarterback when not facing pressure in the NFL not under pressure in the 2019
NFL season. Baker Mayfield six touchdowns 10 interceptions
a QB rating of seventy five point one closes next to him is Andy Donald that eighty four
point three but his is Touchdown And I.A. ratio is correct I I’m worried about Myles
Garrett but I think the Buffalo Bills you saw they were at their best when the Eagles
were getting pressure on them him scrambling around to hold Beasley call Beasley three
touchdowns in a row can’t you see Kolb easy call Beasley is meant to succeed in a town
like Cleveland is his flowing locks while scoring a touchdown there I mean the bills
have had issues stopping the run but that’s a that’s a very obvious game plan thing and
it does that to me that means that Freddie kitchens is going to do it it’s too obvious
it makes too much sense for them to pound the rock with Nick Chubb and and just kind
of control the game that way Odell Beckham Junior he’s going to be fired up about his
touches about Baker missing him getting in his head this team is so the juju is just
so bad. Yeah. No I’ve got is rancid to take the Cleveland
Browns so give me the Buffalo Bills. Yeah I agree with what you said but Josh Allen
also perfectly happy giving the ball away and the more I think about it the more I want
Nick Chubb in DFS lineup this weekend because I think they’re just not bad Give it to him
over and over again again should be three it’s not three give me the favorite all choc
so far Sean Arizona coming off the in shock they head to Tampa Bay where Tampa is a four
and a half point favorite minus to twenty five on the MONEYLINE Arizona plus one seventy
five fifty two is the total first game and how many weeks for the books. Five six.
Yeah crazy. Five weeks in a row away from their stadium.
Is this a problem. Does this mean people were out flushing out there or are they home with
their wives so maybe they’re maintaining a higher testosterone level. They’re not getting
into not on the road getting that road pussy. Yeah. Could go either way. This is the next
level shit. We’re. That’s why you tune into the podcast. Interesting story Brazilians
shared during the press conference they’re asking about Larry Fitz and you know what
kind of guy is he. And I guess they after like a big win in Seattle the cardinals are
all silver in the locker room and like he’s jumping up and down and like was hugging Aryans
or something. Any like jacked up Aaron’s shoulder move tore Aaron’s rotator cuff. Total old
guy injury. Yeah. So you had to get the shoulder repaired and they were joking around like
Oh you got to make it up to me do something. He’s like Oh yeah. Cash. Do you buy me a car
Aryans wakes up Christmas morning and Larry Fitzgerald had bought him a car. You know
the GI Bill and it’s signed Fitz. It just shows you serious good dude and that there’s
no bad blood. So any sort of Bruce Arians revenge game. I think that goes out the window.
I just don’t see why this Bucs team is laying a number this big especially with that past
defense that has just been nonexistent here. They’re coming off the Thursday game. They
got the extra rest. James again up there with. As far as a turnover machine and I mentioned
it earlier. Kyler has been pretty good at keeping the ball tight and not through 90s.
They’re talking about David Johnson being back running some to back stuff. He is back
ok with Chase Edmonds no with Kenyan Drake. OK Edmonds it sounds like Edmonds will be
out OK. So that’s what it was they were talking about running some to back stuff with David
Johnson and Kenyan Drake and I think that’s going to be again tough matchup for the Bucs
team that just can’t stop anyone. Boxer twenty four and fifty two against the sprint at home
in their previous 76 instances and Arizona. They look pretty good against a much tougher
San Francisco defense at times. I like Arizona a lot here Yeah it’s. This
is interesting because Patrick Peterson and Mike Evans could slow him down a little bit.
OJ Howard we discussed this he’s practicing. I have a strange feeling. This is the come
out party against the team that just can’t defend the tight end.
So on one hand I hear everything you’re saying. I don’t feel good about laying this number
situationally they’ve been on the road for so long.
They’re now coming home now but and Kyler we talked about his abilities the second door.
This number opened. I’m I’m think is this correction on this opened at 6:00. Is that
accurate. I don’t know. I honestly didn’t see when it opened that opened at 6:00. It
came down to four and a half to look ahead with six and a half. When I’m looking at this
game I don’t think I would blink too hard if this was seven. I definitely would like
Arizona more at that point. Wow but I think there’s a lot of reasons why
you might want to take Tampa for me situationally it’s the coming home thing. They’ve been on
the road for so long. I don’t I’m going to surprise you right now. I like feeding them
for that reason. I think they come home. I think that whatever edge they had from all
this travel and they just back to back to back tough games that they’ve lost. I like
taking the cardinals here Kyle slides in the back door in the end.
I do think that Tampa gets it going but like I zigged when I thought you were going to
zag. I do think Tampa is going to get theirs. I
just like Kyler to get in the back to Oregon. They’re down 11 late.
He gets the talk. Yeah. Do you see up to scores. Do you see this Bucs defense making a stop.
I just don’t think I mean to your back to your original point. I don’t know if you can
lay four and a half with the Bucs period. No I don’t think you can. And they’ve been
fun. It’s crazy because I did that I did a green report where I did the NFL power rankings
but against the spread and I actually have the Bucs pretty high up as a bet on team even
though they’re 2 and 6 8. Yes I think they have been getting big numbers and when they
are favorites it’s small but this just feels this is kind of the exception here.
I’m on the cards for sure why I was going to say if you look I mean you look at all
their games. Not only do they just play in one score games
with the exception of that that Rams win I mean they’re not they’re not crushing right
now especially at home. So let’s let’s take the let’s take the Cardinals
I might come back and switch this later but I think cardinals of the right play. New York
Giants New York Jets I guess there. Neither team’s home this is a neutral site. Field
jets are the official home team. Giants minus two and a half minus one 35 on the money line
plus 115 for the Jets. Forty three and a half is the total jets with a look ahead favorite
at one and a half. I mean come on. This is ridiculous. JOHN Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. You saw it you saw tonight. It’s not
a home game. It’s not a home game for the Jets. Now you saw what the I love you pointed
out as a neutral site because neither team has a home field advantage at MetLife Stadium
is sending shockwaves even though Daniel Jones is turnover machine. I think you got to take
him here say Quan. He’s got to have a bounce back game. That was his worst game as a pro
as far as our rushing yards. I nailed it. I think this is going to be a real ugly game.
Evan Ingram looks like he’s gonna be out right Alison. Nice DFS playing only twenty five
hundred dollars. I think he I’m going to predict he has a touchdown so maybe throw that in
the field prop creator there. He’s definitely looked involved that when
Ingram’s not not been doing shit they like him.
Sterling Shepard teammates are encouraging him to take his time with the concussion they
might. Which is always a sign that the guy’s season is done and that’s a serious concussion.
Yes serious concussion. You take the Giants take the Giants so you just. It’s just a fade.
The Jets right now after. I mean you got to be on suicide watch teams dumping Gatorade
against you after winning one game. Although I will say at the end of the season the Jets.
This is a big game for the Jets is it. They’re there. It’s a little brother. That’s what
we got going on here. Yes. Big game for the Jets. But I think the line again price should
be three here it’s not a Jets home game like now. Who are you fooling and levy on bells.
I don’t know. Yes. These little Bilal Powell.
He could be an interesting guy to throw. I know they said they’re saying he’s playing
but he’s not practiced and that’s always a little worrisome Atlanta heads to New Orleans
where both teams coming off of the bye New Orleans minus 13 and a half minus 670 on the
money line for sixty five is the money line for the Falcons fifty one and a half is the
total. We love the Drew Brees Michael Thomas stack
in that spot. This is a big fucking No but Sean what do we do. What do we know.
And land is trash sprayed Atlanta. Don’t overthink it. I’ve been overthinking
this a little bit. Thirteen. Thirteen and a half is a huge number. You got hotter boy
Matty Ice Pack is this Falcons coming off a by going against a division rival. Is this
the Falcons Super Bowl. It doesn’t matter they suck they suck. Dan
Quinn still the coach there is still running the defense.
Kumar is fully healthy. You got a Lattimore against Julio Jones. That should be helpful.
It’s Kamara fully healthy. Yeah I mean he’s a go. I know he’s supposed to play but only
he’s practicing. Now I think I think he practice today. I double
check that but I’m verifying with my sources. Sean Payton 8 and 4 8. Yes. Coming off a bye
limited limited. Yeah so you practice yeah giving. Keeping the Saints but I added. This
feels like much more like a tease than anything I’m really going to get.
I told you man this week felt pretty obvious and the only so far of the games we talked
about the only one where my instincts are telling me otherwise is Tampa. But that’s
just. There are cocaine this year kick so hard to quit that I’ve been at this feels
like the perfect time to get off them. Baltimore heads the Cincinnati where since he’s coming
off the by Baltimore coming off a massive victory what could possibly go wrong as the
Ravens or minus 10 and a half minus 550 on the MONEYLINE Bengals plus for. Forty four
is the total. It was only a couple of weeks ago with the
Bengals played them tight in Baltimore I think six or seven point game.
Ryan Finley is making his first career stellar start any Dalton got benched on his 30 second
birthday. Not on my special day. Here’s the thing about the Bengals though AJ Green said
he doesn’t feel good. He didn’t want to practice AK fuck you and your dumb team. I’m not. I’m
not playing for them now bitches picked up Alex Erickson in some fantasy leagues this
week excited about that Bengals have won eight of the last 12 meetings this feels like a
super Super Bowl spot for the Bengals. The Ravens Ravens have won 10 of the last 12 angles
have won eight of the last 12 oh they have according to Walter football which you know
what I used for a lot of these so they’re finished right. Maybe tape over a Walter football
but I might be right I have to dig into it but this is just feels like a great Bengals
revenge spot. This is a Zach taylor kitchen sink. There’s no tape on Finley and we see
these guys come in. Your Daniel Jones you’re your brain and Allen your Kyle and your Josh
their first game especially. I think I think Finley is kind of a more mobile guy can I.
Can I tell you I actually have. I watched some tape on this guy. They played the Giants
in the preseason. I watched the game. My takeaway. Yeah. How is this guy not starting over and
he don’t. So I looked for a big game from Ericsson. I’m guessing they got a lot of reps
together. I just orientate too potentially. I like the way that this guy was spinning
the rock. They say I love this spot.
I mean this. Forget all of that noise. I just love the spot. Yeah it’s the spot play. I
mean Baltimore just played. I mean come on it’s a Super Bowl.
Primetime Lamar Jackson MVP just so much juice flowing their way. It’s just a huge letdown
spot for them. Yeah. Not that they’re looking ahead but they
do have a big game against the Texans coming up. So seems like potential flat spot Detroit
heads to Chicago where the bears are a two and a half point favorite minus 130 on the
money line Detroit plus 1 0 5 forty one and a half is the total. This has gone too far.
That’s a disrespectful line. The Lions are not going in the soldier field and winning
this game defense steps it up. They run the rock down Detroit’s throat which is a weakness.
Give me the Bears minus the two and a half you’re about to take the Lions aren’t you.
Mm hmm. And you heard all the hot fire I was spit
in. No I mean good fuckin points right there. Yeah I was about to take Matt Stafford in
Chicago. Yeah lions have one night in the last twelve Chicago struggles with the run
but they’re good against the pass and that kind of is the perfect matchup to defend this
Lions team which post Karen Johnson haven’t been able to get physical haven’t been able
to kind of run the ball down people’s throats. This is a I mean 40 degrees is Bears team
has to be super desperate again Cleo Mack I think is due for some dude for some day
coming off a zero turnover game against the Eagles. I think this defense now what it was
last year but I think they’re due for their due for a couple here against Detroit so I’ll
take the bears here don’t feel overcast 42 and windy.
So yeah I think that it’s again I should be. This is the second game which is it should
be their third game actually where it should be three.
I’m going to take the favorite Shawn afternoon kicks Miami heads to Indy where this is we
think Hoyer it’s not Ben is it official I don’t think it’s official I think it is Brian
Hoyer can you confirm that please I will double check Holter minus ten minus five fifty in
the MONEYLINE dolphins plus four ten forty four is the total I mean what you can’t lay
ten points with Brian Hoyer yeah he percent must be playing now the former 49ers quarterback
is preparing for his 30th career start and first since he started Oh see this is why
it’s annoying because they say it prepares for first start with Colts that makes it seem
like he is the starter right. According to Sports inside it’s an undecided undecided
so there’s a lot that’s weird that they have the line out even though it’s undecided does
it not matter. Is that what they’re saying. See I I still
see him it’s definitely matters to me why I see the consensus open is 15 and a half.
So that tells me that with percent this line would be 16. Yeah. Is that. That’s incorrect.
Right. Yeah.
And it’s weird because it’s magic isn’t going down like a bitch.
It’s weird because by him he is like first of all I know that’s that’s Fitzpatrick man
he’s hanging out with him. B Yeah. And it’s it’s one of those things where God damn it
the public’s all over Miami now. They’ve won like they’ve covered three or four times in
a row. I hate to go against Indy but they don’t have
a kicker and I. Yeah. Not having it Brian Hoyer starting. You can’t
lay double digits with pride Hoyer. That’s the rule. So that’s how I’m playing this game.
You the five and that’s why Hilton doesn’t look like he’s gonna play for a set.
Hoyer a look at who’s 15 and a half the opens were 15 and a half a percentage Hoyer probably
not five points B can’t lead double digit points of Brian where.
Fair enough fair enough Ryan for we close out the rest of our picks. Time to give a
shout out to our number one pick when it comes to virtual private networks and that is express
BP and your sports gambler. There’s a number of reasons why you want your data encrypted
hidden away from prying eyes. Safe secure and you know they keep talking you can get
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in Europe I’m actually some German dude who’s really into NFL football using the VPN is
good for working around blackouts maybe a certain software you want to use not legal
in your state or whatever. Again I’m not an attorney but VPN if you’re in the sports gaming
world you probably have thought of using a VPN before and I’ve used express VPN. I like
it. I really enjoy it. I was always hesitant to
use a VPN because I thought like oh man it’s going to slow down my download slow down my
uploads. Gotta get these guys to send these videos over to red tube or whatever get my
upload speed gun tested the speed with and without the VPN. Both equally the same speed.
So if you don’t like it they’ve got a 30 day money back guarantee and if you use our sign
up code you’ll get three months free express VPN dot com slash as GP express VPN dot com
slash s DP. Great job Sean. Oh that was a solid read.
Yeah. No I get mildly aroused hearing you talk about virtual private networks.
You would right Carolina heads the Green Bay where the Packers are five and a half point
favorite minus to 40 on the money line Panthers plus one ninety five forty seven is the total
I mean you gotta love the bounce backs. But I believe there was a bit of snow in the area.
Could be a wintry mix unclear. I mean we do we downgrade McCaffrey out of our DFS lineups
because we’re looking at a game below freezing. No chance of snow during the game but we’re
looking at 20 mile an hour winds. But isn’t that what kind of a guy like McCaffrey
I mean 20 mile an hour winds. Doesn’t that help the Panthers.
I just think it makes it one dimensional. So who and who has one dimension that I mean
if you’re playing the Panthers you know what they’re going to do. They’re gonna get the
ball. Christian McCaffrey and somehow teams can’t stop it. I am really worried about the
bounce side for the Packers but I’m going Panthers here. Rodgers is 28 and 15 against
the spread after a loss which is a great trend. I’m going to keep an eye on Christian McCaffrey’s
knee. But as long as he’s a go. Yeah things hurt a little bit more. I get it. I get it.
Panthers are kind of warm weather soft but wasn’t that they appeared.
They don’t die like a cold warm weather team. Yeah. And wasn’t that the Chargers game like
that first domino. If you’ve ever gotten into a breakup where you’re just like that one
fight that kind of unravels it all that gets the chain. It’s not it’s not completely over
after the fight but it’s it’s that thing that gets things going. That that’s that first
domino in the lower floor Aaron Rodgers relationship. No you’re missing the point and I don’t know
if you saw the comments but they went out to L.A. Early. Yeah you know about this right.
I’m not recalling this but keep. They went out. Green Bay went out early. Guess
what Aaron Rodgers insinuated some of his teammates might have been out partying.
Oh the other back in Green Bay late somehow. Now they’re focused. Yeah I like the bounce
backs but the bounce back spot is strong and I and I still like Green Bay’s defense most.
I think that C I think I think I don’t like Green Bay’s defense so I’ll tell you why because
the book on how to be Green Bay is wrong. Very simple throw. Yeah. The two teams they’ve
lost to a the Eagles came in and they pushed them around with their offensive line their
physical run game and you saw a similar strategy from the able to throw the ball no competent
passing team. Oh the Eagles.
Well I mean you know they didn’t light it up. I think I think what Kyle Allen’s doing
is like competent enough. He’s no Carson Wentz but he’s doing all right.
He’s doing all right. Yeah. That’s what I. Twenty fourth passing offense fifth rushing
offense again. You know good luck with this. I’m I’m very chalky this week Sean but to
me this feels very obvious bounceback Spock Aaron Rodgers gets it done the Rams coming
off the buy they had to Pittsburgh where they’re three and a half point favorites minus one
ninety on the money line Pittsburgh plus one sixty forty four is the total there’s another
one feels very obvious coming off the bye Sean McVay I mean they’re out of outside looking
in right now I still expect them to miss the playoffs this is a non conference road game
but they need this they’ve been work they’ve been focused the entire two weeks on this
matchup they’re playing a backup quarterback and yet strangely if if Ben Roethlisberger
is healthy what is this line pick him like early in the season it’s a pick em right.
Yeah I I I just. Pittsburgh feels like I love that they’re getting wins because I have them
to make the playoffs I have them to win the division which isn’t completely dead probably
dead not completely dead I just think this is a situation where I don’t want to back
Pittsburgh coming off a game where I have you been impressed by Pittsburgh I think the
answer’s no so I’m taking the Rams lead the points.
I’m actually going to go. I’m going to go Pittsburgh here.
I like the matchup I like with T.J. Watt and Devin Bush are doing. I like the plays their
defense are making. I like Mike Fitzpatrick again. Jared Goff to make a play I think Jalen
Samuels catching the ball out of the backfield is DFS price now reflects that at sixty two
hundred dollars. I think that’s gonna be really tough for the Rams and the public all over
the Rams non conference on our non Comfort’s road team going west coast the east coast.
Yeah they’re off the buy though I think I agree with with a lot of the situational spots
where I think I just cross it off because of the buy because of the fact they’re struggling.
Well I would say this for the Steelers in the same kind of mojo that the Colts have
gotten with like hey we lost our quarterback but we’re still going to play for Frank right.
These these guys are playing for Tomlin and yeah I know he gets a lot of shit sometimes
it feels like for being a bad coach yeah for not doing enough but I think he’s done a good
coaching job. I am worried about Mason Rudolph but I’ll take Pittsburgh with three and a
half. Yeah this is very odd. You’re the contrarian one. Yeah I’m feeling contrarian this week
but after every tour every home team. This is very confused one and covered I get
to mix things up a lot. My my bold prediction for this game. Gurley
has a huge game against this run defense. Minnesota heads the Dallas for Sunday Night
Football Dallas minus 3 coming off the Monday night spot minus 165 on the MONEYLINE Vikings
plus one forty five forty eight is the total. Well we like the Vikings at home with that
defense and we like Kirk Cousins when he’s not playing at night. Give me the Dallas Cowboy.
Sean what are you going to do here. Rock and hard place.
Oh God. All right. Tom if you’re listening just turn it off for
a second. Do I take the Cowboys. Cowboys offensive line
is healthy. I think what I have going for me as a Kirk Cousins six and 13 prime time
one in six against the Cowboys. Why are you even feeling look like that’s going to play
teams that face Kansas City are 1 and 7 in their next game for some reason. But dark
is for no against Kirk Cousins. However one trend that I’m going to hold on to and listen
I’m throwing the pick. OK. I’m not going to. Ryan people come to listen as podcast one
for a couple of things. Insane Homer ism. You know you take the Vikings.
I’m going to take the Vikings because Jason Garrett is one in six against the spread after
Monday night football OK. Give you the Minnesota Vikings. Shawn what
are you doing. Kirk Cousins and proudly carried on roading
prime time. Here’s the thing. I’d rather lose money than
pick the Dallas Cowboys OK Seattle heads the San Francisco I can find more money I can
make more money I can’t get my pride back. Give me the Minnesota Vikings.
I don’t give a shit Niners coming off of extra long rest Thursday. Monday they host the Seattle
Seahawks Niners minus six minus two sixty on the money line.
Sean I forty seventh the total it irritates me.
I think the right side of this is the Niners but like you I’m not taking the Niners dude.
Remember that guy. Yeah we talked about this. I was on my. Buddy T.J. Reaves of three log.
There he is. He liked it. He liked the Seahawks and he said try and talk me out of it. So
a couple of things I brought up was Seattle’s horrific past defense and the fact that Seattle
lost their center for the season. Oh good right. And you didn’t really notice it. Maybe
against the Bucs but maybe you’re going to notice it against the 49ers in a crazy defensive
line. I would counter by saying Russell Wilson Russell Wilson as an underdog 21 7 8. Yes
Russell Wilson in prime time. That’s 7 8. Yes.
This has nothing to do with the game. The Niners have shown they’re the better team.
We’re all we’ve gotten off the scent of the fact that the Seahawks can’t block anyone.
Yeah this is terrifying. This could totally be just one of those games where they just
mail it in. But it’s Russell Wilson asking 100 dog. How
often do we get the privilege of playing Russell Wilson as an underdog greater than four points.
It’s not very often. I’m still short I’m still not there. Right. We talked about. Well we’ll
fade them when we get to the playoffs right the nine and 10 on the top of that fade in
the playoffs list. They’re not going undefeated. No they’re not. They’re not going undefeated.
The city is. The city doesn’t know what to do. The Warriors suck. It’s been a while since
the Warriors sucked. They’re not. They’re not sure how to focus on this Jimmy G still
very good looking. Russell Wilson gets it done.
What a hunk. All right Ryan. That’ll do it for the podcast.
Almost right there. Door locked Doug he’s presented by my pookie Dad. The presenting
sponsor of the podcast. He’s a probably good SGP play win and get paid with a sweet sweet
deposit bonus up to 1000 dollars for my lock. The Arizona Cardinals plus four and a half
for my dog. Give me those Seahawks plus 2 0. Letting the dogs. Every dog has its day.
Okay for my tease. Interesting tease opportunities here. I’ll take New Orleans down to seven
and a half. It’s not amazing. No. What else is interesting here.
I think wouldn’t mind. Uh yeah let’s do a little Wong teaser actually
to be Oakland up to seven and a half and give me buffalo up to eight and a half well how
do you are sharp as a knife sharp. Well Sean I’ll start with my tease this week.
I like it mixed in it I mix it up a little like Baker Mayfield need to shake things up.
Need to shake things up. I am in a tough spot with some of these teaser opportunities but
for me Arizona the 10 and a half that’s gotta go in the tease seems way too obvious.
The second leg of my tease shot again I got a lot of situations where I’m not really sure
what to do so I’m saying fuck it give me the Bears plus three and a half what they’re not
used to seeing over zero and all right call me one more one more for you Sean.
Give me the Kansas City Chiefs. Plus are you going to let me tease this one.
Don’t put them in a tease. That’s too weird. It’s too weird cause can you can you bet Kansas
City. Give me this. All right give me the Dolphins
of the 16. I’m happy to get security for my dog. You kind of stole my my dog. We can share
dog but I’m willing to take a step further. Give me the Cincinnati Bangles.
I like that. I like a lot. Hand on the money line. They’re gonna make it in my my bookie
super contest for sure. Shawn I am a bet spurt yes fading the Atlanta
Falcons they were on by. Last week I didn’t know what to do. I don’t
give a shit if this is thirteen and a half points.
Give me the new Orleans saints coming off the bye what how to square for you Sean.
I would just surprising you took the biggest threat on the board it was it was just surprising
you would have seen the games I like that it was either that or the Cowboys show.
I figured you’d be really upset if I walked up the cowboys.
All right. How about does it for the podcast. Make sure
you tune in to the pre game Periscope trying to give away a hundred dollars. Cold hard
cash. All you gotta do is read tweet our tweet for the vote for your favorite lock. Tweet
us and Billy Bahar take the Colby dart give us a chick’s out headed up to Pullman Washington
not to next week. Already programming here programming now too I think we’ll be doing
the podcast. Could be a day early next week. So stay tuned for that on social media or
just you’re already subscribed iTunes. Stay tuned. Set your DVR as your pretty early tune
in and you’re already part of the program. You’ve made it through the entire podcast.
You must have liked it. You must have enjoyed it. It’s completely free. We’re not trying
to hawk you on some pig service. Just check out the sponsors. But again school coal into
the old free content train by leaving and I Tunes review. Always appreciate those five
star gems for the sports gambling podcast. I’m Sean stock in the money green and he is
Ryan. Let’s go bangles Kramer. Let it ride.

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