NFL Vegas lines ATS week 8 picks parlay picks money lines

NFL Vegas lines ATS week 8 picks parlay picks money lines

NFL week 8 picks expert nfl predictions locked picks upsets ATS Vegas odds lines
NFL WEEK 8 against the spreads NFL Vegas lines money lines NFL odds NFL score predictions NFL upset picks also NFL over and under final score predictions NFL FOOTBALL SEASON
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Sunday early morning what’s up what’s up what’s up we have NFL week eight about
to kick off today and I got some wild upset pics I’m gonna give you my
straight up pics that you very seen but I’m gonna give you some parley picks
that’s rats and parley picks but just for a brief second
can you see way up there that’s your I had the Beast let me turn you there for
a second this this is beast done see all my shingles on the roof yeah baby I just
got finished that soffit right there and some type worked there that’s how it’s
going that’s how it’s going that’s the beast that’s the Beast on Sunday since
my Vikings already played and won I like to watch my football but I record it cuz
I got all kinds of shit going on I got most of my entryway all done right here
got my soffits going I know that’s just I treated a 1 by 6 from my fence
mandolin but I just use it as a spacer just so I could have my drip move on
there but yeah just going just going now I just got to put my door here and then
my window and but let’s go inside where we can see a little bit better cuz it’s
still a little bit dark here in Minnesota so I got some great NFL picks
I want to give you and I think I think you want to take some of these parlay
picks just for fun umm don’t put a big wager on it but anyhow you know how
Vegas works you know how Vegas works great game last night
Houston the Nationals that’s drafted the Astros in the Washington Nationals wow
what a great baseball game that was anyhow on your parlay picks for a fun
picks why don’t you take wash to Nationals tonight and put that on your
pick and just so you don’t get confused these are my straight-up picks these are
what I’m taking first and foremost on all my picking pools and my guaranteed
locks but if you want to have a little fun wagers this is another thing to take
but i retook my Minnesota Vikings I’m taking
Cincinnati Bengals is a that is my upset but the Rams should do it I’m taking CL
Seahawks Buffalo Bills I’m just reading my board Buffalo Bills Chicago Bears the
New York Giants the Tampa Bay Buccaneers New Orleans Saints the Jets Houston
Texans San Francisco 49ers the Indianapolis Colts the New England
Patriots the Green Bay Packers and of course the Pittsburgh Steelers now my
sorry my hands a little shaky I’m just a little I just woke up a little while
back baby how these are some I would let me know if you put a little parlay pick
on this one and it hits let me know give them the beasts a shoutout
so for today mark down put Washington Nationals on there now don’t put a big
wager on this Washington Nationals as an upset Carolina Panthers over the 49ers
all right and for another one whoo Arizona
Cardinals now you got three you want another one you want to put a put your
Cincinnati Bengals on there Oh brothers and sisters if you really want to take a
long shot put the Denver Broncos in the Kansas State Chiefs
now that’s a big ticket so maybe like a $5 wager on those whoo man brothers and
sisters that could pay off some big coin now if you just want three of them three
guaranteed may be crazy upsets not a big wager I would say lock Arizona lock
Carolina and Hale why not put the Chiefs on there those three right there on a
small little wager could just have some fun and pay off like I say minus 16 for
Green Bay that’d be a plus 3 for Green Bay I mean Kansas City begin a plus 9
and a half on the Arizona Cardinals and then on the Carolina game you’d have a
plus 5 and a half give or take but anyhow those are just those fun ones
maybe just a small little parlez wager but like I said don’t get
those confused with my straight up pics and my against the spread pics cuz my
against spread pics I’m taking in Cincinnati I’m taking CL Seahawk so I’m
taking the Buffalo Bills I’m taking the Chicago Bears like I said and you can
watch those videos but those my against the spread videos this was just it’s
Sunday and I miss y’all I had this talk to you I had to talk to you and say
what’s up have a great Sunday since my Vikings uh
already played I do want to watch football but brothers and sisters I
gotta get my freaking roof shingles and get all ready whoo so Sunday I’m gonna
be on my bump of a bone with the nail guns and the next day and the next and
next day and maybe shovel and snow off American football nfl week 8 game picks
Sunday NFL National football league kickoff
Thursday Night Football Monday night football Sunday night football
NFL Schedule – 2019 NFL Team Schedules 2019 Week 8
NFL week 8 picks straight up wins
NFL Vegas lines
NFL against the spreads
NFL upset picks
NFL over and under point spreads NFL over and under point spreads
best nfl teams for week 8 national football league to take for pick’em pools
Sunday NFL games kickoff for week 8 games
analyzed each NFL game match up
predictions for week 8 NFL games
NFL week 8 picks Big winning week ahead
NFL Vegas lines sports line I look at when do my against the spreads over and under total points
NFL Las Vegas Sportsbook Odds – Football Sports Betting Lines › nfl › odds › las-vegas
NFL Sunday October 27 2019
Seattle Seahawks
Atlanta Falcons
12:00 PM FOX Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta
Philadelphia Eagles
Buffalo Bills
12:00 PM FOX New Era Field, Buffalo Los Angeles Chargers
Chicago Bears
12:00 PM FOX Soldier Field, Chicago
New York Giants
Detroit Lions
12:00 PM FOX Ford Field, Detroit
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tennessee Titans
12:00 PM FOX T Nissan Stadium, Nashville
Cincinnati Bengals
Los Angeles Rams 3:25 PM CBS Gillette Stadium, Foxboro
Green Bay Packers
Kansas City Chiefs
7:20 PM NBC Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City
Monday, October 28
Miami Dolphins
Pittsburgh Steelers
7:15 PM ESPN Heinz Field, Pittsburgh
NFL week 8 picks straight up wins
NFL Vegas lines
NFL against the spreads 12:00 PM CBS NRG Stadium, Houston
Carolina Panthers
San Francisco 49ers
3:05 PM FOX Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara
Denver Broncos
Indianapolis Colts
3:25 PM CBS Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis
Cleveland Browns
New England Patriots New Orleans Saints wins Las Vegas Odds -10.5
New York Giants wins Las Vegas Odds +6.5
New York Jets wins Las Vegas Odds +6.5
Pittsburgh Steelers wins Las Vegas Odds -14
San Francisco 49ers wins Las Vegas Odds -5.5
Seattle Seahawks wins Las Vegas Odds -7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers wins Las Vegas Odds +2.5 NFL upset picks
NFL over and under point spreads
My NFL picks week 8 that will win
Buffalo Bills win Las Vegas Odds -2
Chicago Bears win Las Vegas Odds -3.5
Cincinnati Bengals wins upset game pick -12
Green Bay Packers wins Las Vegas Odds -4
Houston Texans wins -6.5 Las Vegas Odds
Indianapolis Colts wins Las Vegas Odds -4.5
Minnesota Vikings won
New England Patriots wins Las Vegas Odds -11.5 12:00 PM CBS Wembley Stadium, London
Arizona Cardinals
New Orleans Saints
12:00 PM CBS Mercedes-Benz Super dome, New Orleans
New York Jets
Jacksonville Jaguars
12:00 PM CBS TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville
Oakland Raiders
Houston Texans

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