NFL week 11 picks NFL Vegas lines ATS score predictions NFL odds

NFL week 11 picks NFL Vegas lines ATS score predictions NFL odds

NFL week 11 picks NFL predictions 2019 NFL football season cover each game NFL winning picks ATS over and under Vegas lines predictions T.N.F Sunday NFL games Monday NFL game New mexico game let’s get serious for a second let’s get
serious boss I got OS week this week 11 bitches it’s time to win some NFL picks
that’s right you came here for one thing one thing only and we are going to win
us some break and NFL picks we are gonna win us some against the spread picks
no more BS and I know I made some abuse videos alright if you can’t see my ugly
mug it’s just what it is we’re gonna start off with a Pittsburgh Steelers
game and the Cleveland Browns on Thursday alright and I also put down
right on the side right there so you can see what I’m talking about right we have
the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns right now are
the favorite in this game at minus-3 was the open line current line is still
minus three over and under is 40 and a half I’m taking the over 40 and a half
and I’m also putting my points on the pittsburgh steelers
plus three on the pittsburgh steelers also pittsburgh steelers straight up to
win next game going into Sunday we have a Dallas Cowboys whoo and the Detroit
Lions and you can see that Matthew Stafford
is not out it’s not even a possibility right now so I’m going to flip my pick
because these are serious picks all right these are serious picks no more BS
serious picks make sure you don’t give it a like because these are serious all right
Detroit Lions win alright over the Dallas Cowboys I know crazy crazy I’m
not even a call it an upset because my Minnesota Vikings beat the Dallas
Cowboys right whoo Dallas Cowboys is favored in this game
at minus four and a half you can see that over in under 49 whoo big
big game here right take under 49 and take the plus four and a half on the
Detroit Lions New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers now let’s get real New
Orleans Saints win minus five and a half over and under woo Barbic you know what
New Orleans Saints were pissed that they couldn’t even barely score anything last
week right nor lease rack up some points take that over fifty and a half next
game olanta at Carolina you know what I feel like I should take a shit when I
give this pick right now I’m taking Carolina Panthers to win at the minus
five and a half the over-and-under under forty nine and a half next game
Jacksonville Jaguars Indianapolis Colts I’m taking the Indianapolis Colts to win
minus three and I’m taking the over 44 Denver Broncos at my Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota Vikings win hands-down but I’m putting the points on the Denver Broncos
at plus ten and a half and I’m taking the over forty next game New York Jets
Washington Redskins go back to that Minnesota game real quick if you watch
Minnesota plays really strong in Minnesota you could take that minus ten
and a half I’m Minnesota Vikings and I think that’ll be a safe pick I’m just
going with my gut I’m saying it’s gonna be a closer game
so I’m taking the plus ten and a half on the Denver Broncos New York Jets
Washington Redskins I knew nobody cares game right
nobody cares game case kanima’s question right I’m taking the Jets to win
straight up so I’m taking that okay I’m taking the plus one on the New York Jets
Jets Jets straight up to win plus one over and under
you know what I don’t think it’s gonna be much of a game I’m gonna stay under
thirty eight and a half next game we have the Buffalo Bills the Miami
Dolphins I’m taking Buffalo Bills to win straight up I’m taking the Buffalo Bills
at minus six and I’m also going to put that score forty and a half over next
game Houston Texans the Baltimore Ravens this
should be a really good game to watch because they’ve been both playing really
good this year especially Baltimore and Houston I mean they beat Kansas City
Chiefs they’ve been keeping the games close when they’re on on their on their
hot so I expect a really good game I’m taking Baltimore Ravens that went
straight up -4 on the Baltimore Ravens for your score I’m going to go over 50
that’s that’s going to be a big game big game over 50 on the Baltimore Ravens
game that could be a trap though so be careful you might want to take that
under Arizona Cardinals San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers in Arizona
just play just weeks ago and Arizona kept it really close so remember that
I’m picking in San Francisco 49ers to win straight up they’re upset from
Monday night losing in such a close overtime game so San Francisco 49ers win
straight up Arizona keeps it close so keep take those points on the Arizona
Cardinals at plus 11 and a half and for your over and under you know what I
think it’s gonna be a really Smash Mouth game I’m taking the over 45 and a half I
think that’s right great 45 and a half over New England Patriots Philadelphia
Eagles New England Patriots win straight up it’s gonna be a good game also I
believe since that score spread is pretty low – three and a half on the New
England Patriots and I New England Patriots win straight up over and under
I’m going to take over 44 and a half next gaming at the Cincinnati Bengals
Oakland Raiders enough said Oakland Raiders win straight up for your points
take the -10 1/2 on the Oakland Raiders for
your over and under out take over 48 and a half
Chicago Bears the Los Angeles Rams the Rams win straight up and for your points
I take that minus 6 and a half on the Rams and for your over and under you
know what I’m gonna go under 48 and a half since the I always think will score
that much Chicago Bears Los Angeles Rams we re just we just did
that sorry about that so like I said well wait a minute I screw it all up you
know why because you know what I’m trying to look at the computer and talk
to y’all so I’m not gonna edit this but you understand what I was trying to get
at Chicago Bears and the Rams minus six and a half on the Rams
41 and over you know what let’s go 41 over on the rim on the Rams
and sorry I got to go back real quick Oakland Raiders Cincinnati Bengals just
in case I screwed up because I really don’t have time to edit this because I’m
working Oakland Raiders straight up minus 10 and a half on the Oakland
Raiders over and under under 48 and a half Chicago Bears Los Angeles Rams see
you know what even the B screws up right Chicago Bears Los Angeles Rams over 41
Rams minus six and a half takes ran straight up Kansas City Chiefs Los
Angeles chargers can’t see Chiefs win good game take the minus three and a
half of the Kansas State Chiefs they’re sick and tired of these close games but
with that over-and-under of 52 and a half you know what I’m gonna I’m gonna
go under 52 and a half all right you all have a great rest of the week those are
my straight-up picks my guest picks and my over and unders and serious so I
think we’re going to do really well this week write those down and sorry if I
screwed my frickin talking up but hey good luck whoo I gotta get back to work
and my radio of my music and um I’m getting somewhere I’m getting
somewhere I got I can see Eric I can see air and soon I can knock that wall out
and frame that up because behind is my front door

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  1. Nice video buddy. Sorry my video is going to later tonight during the browns vs steelers game tonight due to my fall exams. Good luck this week just keep an eye on my video tonight buddy.

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