NFL Week 2 Picks NFL Week 1 game scores highlights reviews NFL football season 2019

NFL Week 2 Picks NFL Week 1  game scores highlights reviews NFL football season 2019

NFL Week 2 Picks NFL Week 1 game scores highlights reviews NFL football season 2019
NFL Games I will be talking about today National football league games for week 2 NFL football picks pick’em picks fantasy football picks Yahoo Sports picks ESPN Pro picks Fox sports picks CBS sports picks NBC NFL picks for each game also The NFL Pick’em watch
We are going to go over NFL football games from week 1 NFL games scores highlights what Teams won and loss NFL injuries and game highlights what teams tied went into overtime close games upset games blowouts high score games

I give you my upset picks flip a coin picks flip a coin heads home tails away tips just if you feel lucky take my football week 1 pick’ems
For your Fantasy football leagues office pools family and friend pick pools
or even ESPN Pigskins Pick’ems Fox NFL picks or your local sports paper picks Like me I do this always for fun each year love watching football and most all sports. Wow what’s up everybody it’s the
Minnesota beast it is Monday after one heck one heck of a crazy NFL week 1 one NFL week 1 picks and now NFL week 2 picks football picks I’m not gonna do much editing to this
besides uploading it to YouTube so you can if you want to watch this you can
watch it you can click it off you can do whatever you can go to the bathroom and
take deuce I don’t care all I gotta say is uh week
one for myself and probably many others was very
disappointing I had the first the first ever I’ve never done his lousy and
football picks for week one NFL then I did the start of this season so uh if
you didn’t take my picks I’m sorry about that that’s that’s that’s not expected
from the Beast now later on in the season I get crazy and wild with my
picks I I take chances big chances you know I didn’t think I was taking that
big of a leap and a lot of the games I picked but hey that’s what it is right
that’s what it is I took some upsets I took Jacksonville
Jaguars Nick Foles got injured probably out for the freaking season I got Oakland
raiders coming in tonight I got the New Orleans Saints coming into tonight Monday night football game
man I’m leery about that now but hey you know what that’s what it is
heck everywhere you look it’s about Antonio Brown right I’m surprised I
didn’t find him on my told paper roll when I was going in the bathroom earlier
but I did when I looked at my phone and I was watching ESPN yeah that’s right I
was watching his taking a deuce let’s be real let’s be real remember
this room your don’t you’re probably like what the hell of room is he in now
this was my tool shop when I first bought this fixer-upper house now today
I have to make it a temporary bedroom fun stuff bang you know let’s talk about
week one real quick my I didn’t post my football picks for week two and one of
my followers goes first you keep flapping your picks I said no I
haven’t flip-flopping picks this year you’re talking about the beast from last
year when it comes to week nine ten twelve yeah the UH when
everybody’s like oh gosh who’s gonna really play oh crap week one majority of
everybody probably took Chicago Bears I took Chicago Bears I lost 10 to 3 on
that Thursday night game Tennessee Cleveland Browns the ones that took the Tennessee Titans
awesome they did awesome 43 to 13 that’s right 43 the 13 Cleveland Browns they
played like Chicago Bears I’m not trying to rank on anybody but they played like the
Bears and I felt bad about that game I was watching that game and it’s what it
is right I was going back and forth to that game and my Minnesota Vikings they
ain’t giving enough credit to and any of my early season picks or anything so I
gotta say wow my Vikings came out strong but back to the games
I picked Cleveland Browns and that was a loss big-time loss I took on Miami the
Miami Dolphins and that was one of my Leary NFL upset picks it was at home for
Miami I thought you know they could they usually start their seasons off
good they didn’t start their season off good against the Baltimore Ravens give
props to those Ravens right and all you Ravens fans holy crap 59 at 10 Wow
Wow one of my viewers goes i’ll take Miami this week +50 I left when I read
that plus 50 on Miami for a week – well we know about the Vikings game the
Vikings won big-time twenty eight to twelve oh I took the New York Jets I lost that by
a point against the Buffalo Bills a point 17 to 16
I took Philadelphia Eagles they came up weak they came out weak I wanted to say
they came out strong they came out very weak Washington Redskins came out strong
it was I was like oh great another loss finally Philadelphia started playing
some ball and they came back won the game at 32 to 27 the LA Rams Carolina game
I took Carolina Panthers it was at home right I lost that game by three points Carolina
and Rams had a good game it was a good game good game
32-27 you know so when I take in these losses some of them were no big 59 -10
or one point or three points I took Jacksonville Jaguars
I took Jacksonville Jaguars Nick Foles he got injured out for the freaking
sea ISM broken bill a bone or however you say that a beast I’m not I’m
not no doctor I’m a construction guy man I feel bad for him and the team his
family and everything moves all the way Jackson bill
man so I took the Jacksonville Jaguars you know they were actually against
Kansas City Chiefs they were keeping it really close probably up till the injury
and then goodbye a game 42-26 Indianapolis Colts the LA Chargers Los
Angeles chargers I took to Indianapolis Colts prior to Andrew Luck retiring and
then I’m like you know what I can’t change it I’m
not gonna change it Jacob he can do something he can do something I have
faith in Indianapolis Colts they kept it good
they went into overtime they lost in overtime la chargers got the ball first
on the overtime they got they ran it all the way down threw it down there
blah-blah-blah-blah-blah got the touchdown man but I’ll tell you one
thing I was watching that game it was hot as heck in that game I guess it was
hot as heck there was people that had to go into the doctors in the hospital
after the game and during the game I guess because of heat if that was a good
game and went into overtime 32-24 score of course but who did a beast take
I took the Colts right I said this wasn’t gonna be an entertaining video that’s why you lost that by six points
right o.t game I lost Cincinnati bangles I
went out on the limb right I took the Cincinnati Bengals against everybody
else says say you are crazy B’s to take Cincinnati Bengals against the Seattle
Seahawks right so stat bangles played really good they played really good once
again I took a loss by 20-21 score it’s funny that was anybody’s ball game anybody’s
ball game week one just was crazy this year New York Giants Dallas Cowboys it
was a good game in the beginning and everybody knew that the Dallas Cowboys
should win right it’s at Dallas it’s at home its rival man Dak Prescott and Zeke Ellie they
were on fire that was a great game for the Dallas Cowboys 35 – 17 score maybe not
for the g-men and for the New York Giants
but the Dallas Cowboys one that was an upset pick for myself week one you know
you got what upsets right you got you got you don’t really know what’s gonna
happen just like the Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers game you don’t really know what’s gonna
happen or like the Cleveland Browns another game that was sort of
disappointing that everybody ended up with the tie was the Detroit Lions
Arizona Cardinals game now for the Arizona
Cardinals and the rookie quarterback I can’t think of his name right now don’t
matter I mean it does matter he’s good rookie Detroit Lions were doing
phenomenal I was watching that game I shot off of has this
no problem I wake up in the morning Detroit Lions tight Arizona Detroit
Lions tied with what 27-27 final game score they asked me wrong that’s to be wrong so I looked up
in it and sure enough Arizona came back inside the game good for them and in our
fantasy pulley we call that as we don’t call it a wash we just call it a win to
make it easy for numbers for the phone end of the year so that was a overtime
game ended up in a tie so we did have our first tie for the
season of 2019 – 2020 football picks and predictions and everything else the
San Francisco 49 ‘ers game against Tampa Bay Buccaneers I have a lot of faith in
the San Francisco 49’ers this year but Tampa Bay Buccaneers usually play really
well for the first so many weeks so I went with Tampa Bay Buccaneers if you
remember last year they beat the New Orleans Saints in week one so and look
how well the New Orleans Saints did last year right so I took the Tampa Bay
Buccaneers they lost I think it was 31-17 final game score I
might be correct or wrong it could have been 37 to 17 but the way I have it
wrote down is 31-17 with some scratch marks so I can’t really remember exactly
but I think it was 31-17 so I so Tampa Bay that was a loss I took the New
England Patriots of course I was leery on that pick but they won man I don’t
know what happened the Pittsburgh steelers probably all the BS about Antonio Brown
33 – 3 for Pittsburgh New England wins that so I got a win on that one
now for tonight’s game of course I got New Orleans Saints over Houston Texans it’s
starting to rain to my house and I still have I have an insulated everything so
it’s gonna be a little bit loud so I got New Orleans Saints
I got Oakland Raiders who knows what’s gonna happen right so many said in my
comments they said they like the personal beast touch the personal NFL picks
the personal talk well starting for week two NFL picks I just figured I just do a
little video like this for the ones that do want to watch this kind of crap like
this or you can just watch the fast real Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers is week two gonna be
like week one I will hope not I’m taking Carolina Panthers that should be a lock
pick for everybody sunny games you got San Francisco 49ers the Cincinnati
Bengals I’m Stan with the Cincinnati Bengals
I’m staying with it I have to I mean yes they kept it within one point against
the Seattle sea Hawks one point I’m not saying the San Francisco 49ers aren’t a good
team I don’t know how well they’re gonna play yes right we don’t know so I gotta
take Cincinnati Bengals the LA Chargers Detroit Lions I’m taking the LA Chargers
and then I’m also taking the Detroit Lions how can you take two teams beast
this is how you can take two teams you flip a freaking coin come game day that’s
right you click a coin because Detroit Lions at home with Matt Patricia Matt
freaking Matt Stafford the quarterback Matt whatever the quarterback I can’t think
right now how bad is that I can’t think of Detroit
Lions quarterback you know what I like him too and I can’t think of his damn
last name that’s just how it is I’m not I’m frustrated this week I’m frustrated
going into week two I don’t like to change picks I still want to stay with
my Detroit lions i like the Detroit Lions I’ve
always liked the Detroit Lions you know screw it I’m sticking with my guns on
this one I’m saying with digit rate lions that’s what I said in all my
earlier videos I’m staying with Detroit Lions my lady has did you try it lions
wrote down Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay packers you know I have Green Bay wrote down you do
what you want to do on both of those picks the LA charge Detroit Lions you
want to go with the Chargers go with the Chargers you want to take the Detroit
Lions go with the Detroit Lions go with your gut if you want to go with Green
Bay go pack go you want to go with the Vikings skull I’m gonna change it I’m
going my Minnesota Vikings I cannot let my team down that’s right I’m going on with my
Vikings hopefully we go 5-0 and then we don’t go on a losing streak
this year I got Indianapolis Colts Tennessee Titans man we twos gonna be
interested I’m taking Tennessee I gotta take Tennessee look how well they play
it against Cleveland Browns right I gotta take Tennessee New England Patriots Miami
Dolphins I always say take Miami when they’re at home against New England
Patriots New England Patriots for some reason does not do well and Miami
well Miami didn’t do well this past week one right New England now did really
well woo so I had earlier my season picks Miami scratched in so I got a
scratch that one I am putting New England on the charts for this week New
England Patriots I hope they don’t let me down
going into Miami watch I’ll have another crappy week again but I’m taking New
England I’m taking New England do I not sound too confident about that no I’m
not confident about that because my dolphins always do really well against
the Patriots at home for some reason and if you don’t know that look it up
because I do they do really well and uh it’s one of those games I Miami didn’t
do well this past week right New England did against a good team
Pittsburgh but I’m s I’m taking New England Patriots Buffalo Bills New York
Giants who you know what I have the New York Giants scratch it is after
their stadium it is that home I’m taking the New York Giants I’m sticking with
the Giants Seattle Seahawks Pittsburgh Steelers you know what I had Seattle wrote down I
never had Pittsburgh wrote down and I have to stay with Seattle going into
Pittsburgh and winning why is that because the way Pittsburgh played
against New England on the road for week one now could Pittsburgh be really upset
about that loss and do really well yeah it could happen right could Seattle lose
really bad against Pittsburgh Steelers if for one thing if Cincinnati Bengals
if you think Cincinnati Bengals is a very lousy team this year if you think
since today bangles is a very lousy team put down Pittsburgh Steelers now if you
think Cincinnati Bengals is a good team put down Seattle Seahawks
but if you think that in your mind that Pittsburgh Steelers could destroy the
Cincinnati Bengals you better write down Pittsburgh Steelers but if not take Seattle
Seahawks I’m taking Seattle Seahawks and at the very end of this I’ll just run it
and write through real quick Dallas Cowboys Washington Redskins every year I
go against Washington they do something really good and they win mm-hmm now they have a really good
quarterback right and these are notes these are just rope down with my the
damn teams they do really well they Washington Redskins they got Case Keenum
Matthew Stafford I just remembered now don’t now if you remember now Matthew
Stafford my Detroit Lions quarterback whoa um weird things come into a beast
haven’t to remember things sometimes when you get older
yes right I’m old I’m old I’m old oh well maybe like you or I’m old like your
daddy ain’t no like your grandpa hell no not
here what are these years I will be I’ll be talking like a beast I’ll be like who
the Beast oh crap that’s crazy I’m taking Dallas Cowboys
over Washington Redskins woo it’s gonna be a good game it’s
gonna be a good game saw like I said it’s in Washington it’s gonna be a good
game but I’m gonna take Dallas Cowboys until they prove me wrong Arizona Cardinals
Baltimore Ravens who could not tank the Baltimore Ravens in this even null
Arizona did tie it back up even though Arizona has a good
quarterback as a rookie even though all those things he’ll know you heard it
he’ll know now if Arizona goes into Baltimore and
wins this come back to this and go heck no is the Cardinals woo because
I’m not saying the Cardinals are a bad team they’re a young team they got young
coaching staff young young everything they’re gonna be up there one of these
years maybe this year they got a lot to work on still Baltimore are
established Baltimore Ravens looked awesome week one right you can’t go
wrong you gotta take Baltimore will Jaguars Houston Texans we don’t know
what the quarterbacks gonna be like now right for Jacksonville maybe you do
I don’t I don’t I don’t have faith in it I gotta go with the Houston Texans
locked it pit Houston Texans Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders now come back to
this video after Monday night and if you see that the Oakland Raiders sucked
scratch that and take Kansas City I’m taking Oakland Raiders right now it’s
still a wild card upset still is a wild card upset I’m taking Oakland Raiders
there’s a wild card upset that’s right wild card in a week – just a wild card
on my football cards who I decide on my tape for a wild card football upset picks I’m
writing down Oakland Raiders Chicago Bears Denver Broncos but backs I can’t
take it can’t sleep Patriots can’t see Chiefs hands down should win that game
right but I am taking the Oakland Raiders Chicago Bears Denver Broncos
Many should say Denver is gonna win this one because of how Chicago and
Green Bay played who’s gonna have more rust Chicago Bears who’s gonna have more
frustration from the national I mean Thursday night’s opener game was
nationally televised right I came to talk it was it was everywhere everybody
had it too and then Chicago Bears are gonna win their they have to they’re
gonna beat the Denver Broncos now if they don’t beat the Denver Broncos with
Denver Broncos coming off a short week but they’re at home we’ll see right
we’ll see how the Denver Broncos played tonight but I’m taking the Chicago Bears
regardless New Orleans Saints Los Angeles Rams four remaining it’s a
revenge game right from last year’s bad call from the refs depending on who was
gonna win that game to go great match up to who was gonna win that game to go
into the next round and go to the Superbowl and everything else I gotta go
the New Orleans Saints now if your gut says go with the
Rams go with the Rams if you’re in Los Angeles Rams fan take the Rams but the
Minnesota beast is down in the northerners side and I gotta take the
New Orleans Saints who dad Saints I have to I have to Philadelphia Eagles Atlanta
Falcons Falcons beast beast one of these years you’ll be
able to talk I’m taking the Eagles taking the Eagles did not do
well against my Vikings they are at home yes they’re at home Philadelphia’s
travel in there I gotta take the Eagles Monday night
you got Cleveland Browns New York Jets Baker Mayfield come on don’t let me down
but then you are like no we got Sam we got Sam we got Sam the Jets I went in we
got Sam I’m taking the Cleveland Browns to which guide you do what you gotta do
that’s right I’m taking the Cleveland Browns all right I gotta get back to
work I just want to stop real quick and talk a little bit stupid NFL stupid I
know fellas know I love NFL that’s why I do this
so run it right back down and take Carolina Panthers I’m taking Cincinnati
Bengals I’m sticking with the Lions I’m sticking with the Green Bay Packers no
I’m not Skol Vikings do what you gotta do
I’m taking Tennessee I’m taking the new England Patriots but my better
judgment has Miami wrote down but I’m taking the New England Patriots I’m
taking New York Giants I’m taking Seahawks I’m taking the Dallas Cowboys
the Baltimore Ravens sorry I’m looking down I’m taking the Houston Texans I’m
taking the Oakland Raiders I’m taking on the Chicago Bears I’m taking the New
Orleans Saints I’m taking the Philadelphia Eagles and I’m taking the
Browns I hope they don’t let me down why do I do these football picks because I’d
like to see how my dislikes I get no it’s just because I’ve been doing this
for many years and I really enjoy football and keeps my brain active keeps
my brain active but it’s freaking raining in my f town that’s right it’s
raining in a monotone it’s frightening it’s raining so I gotta work on this room
see ya see that plastic woo yeah that’s the ceiling
no sheetrock or anything yet no insulation so I gotta work in this room
and that’s about what it is is what it is
hope everybody’s doing good I probably won’t be touching that
much this week so uh this is my last video for probably till Sunday and
because I got a lot of work to do so those are my week two picks say what you
guys say say what you got to do if you watch this all the way through awesome
thank you so much and if you watch one of my short wheels and you’re like well
he went with this he went with this he went with this you know what that’s just
what it is it’s football it’s just what it is that’s right I’m taking the
Carolina Panthers I’m taking the Cincinnati Bengals I’m taking you Detroit
Lions I’m taking my Minnesota Vikings over Green Bay Packers see I’m getting
confident now I’m taking the Tennessee Titans I’m taking a New England Patriots
don’t let me don’t I’m taking the New York Giants I’m taking the Seattle I’m
taking those Dallas Cowboys I’m taking those Baltimore Ravens I’m taking the
Houston Texans woo taking the Oakland Raiders I’ll take the Chicago Bears
and now taking the New Orleans Saints now I’m taking the Philadelphia Eagles
and I’m taking the Cleveland Browns and watch this video it was a 26 minute
video and you all know what I’ll have a one-minute view time whew where 20
dislikes may be a hundred whew Beast outta here there’s just great
week it’s Monday I’m excited to watch tonight’s game and that’s what I gotta
say it’s what I gotta say that’s what I gotta say it’s what I gotta say you want
to hear your song while here song all right we’re gonna talk we’re gonna sing
a song I don’t know what kind of song but let’s sing a song to end this up so
I see you again shall I see you again I’m not feeling the singing mood right
now I just picked up a drain and maybe you should use I should use this drain
that drown my sorrows drown my picks or grab a clacking gun to shut up my mouth NFL Week 2 Picks ATS upset picks Football picks 2019-2020 NFL season
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NFL Games I will be talking about today for week 2 picks NFL WEEK 2 PICKS AND PREDICTIONS NFL FOOTBALL GAMES 2019-2020 SEASON
NFL week 2 picks
Thursday, September 12 2019
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Carolina Panthers
7:20 PM NFL Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte
Sunday, September 15
San Francisco 49ers
Cincinnati Bengals 12:00 PM FOX Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati
Los Angeles Chargers
Detroit Lions
12:00 PM CBS Ford Field, Detroit
Minnesota Vikings
Green Bay Packers
12:00 PM FOX Lambeau Field, Green Bay
Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans
12:00 PM CBS Nissan Stadium, Nashville
New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins 12:00 PM CBS Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens
Buffalo Bills
New York Giants
12:00 PM CBS MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford
Seattle Seahawks
Pittsburgh Steelers
12:00 PM FOX Heinz Field, Pittsburgh
Dallas Cowboys
Washington Redskins
12:00 PM FOX FedEx Field, Landover
Arizona Cardinals
Baltimore Ravens 12:00 PM FOX M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore
Jacksonville Jaguars
Houston Texans
12:00 PM CBS NRG Stadium, Houston
Kansas City Chiefs
Oakland Raiders
3:05 PM CBS Oakland Coliseum, Oakland
Chicago Bears
Denver Broncos
3:25 PM FOX Broncos Stadium at Mile High, Denver
New Orleans Saints
Los Angeles Rams 3:25 PM FOX Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles
Philadelphia Eagles
Atlanta Falcons
7:20 PM NBC Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta
Monday, September 16
Cleveland Browns
New York Jets
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  1. My NFL week 2 picks

  2. Carolina Panthers, New York Giants, cinncinati Bengals, Washington Redskins, l. A chargers, Miami dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City chiefs, Chicago Bear's, new Orleans saints, Philadelphia eagles, New York Jets these are my week 2 picks good luck in week 2 picks beast Houston Texans

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