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what teams will win and who records will improve in the NFL AFC NFC north
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NFL week 5 picks and predictions national football league 2019-2020 NFL season
NFL Schedule – 2019 Team Schedules 2019 Week 5
Sunday, October 6 Games TIME (CT) NAT TV LOCATION
Arizona Cardinals
Cincinnati Bengals
12:00 PM FOX Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati
Buffalo Bills
Tennessee Titans
12:00 PM CBS Nissan Stadium, Nashville
Chicago Bears
Oakland Raiders
12:00 PM FOX Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London all right well I’m taking two on this
one you’re watching it for the first Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New Orleans Saints
12:00 PM FOX Mercedes-Benz Super dome, New Orleans
Minnesota Vikings
New York Giants
12:00 PM FOX Met Life Stadium, East Rutherford
New York Jets
Philadelphia Eagles
12:00 PM CBS Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers
12:00 PM CBS Heinz Field, Pittsburgh
New England Patriots
Washington Redskins
12:00 PM CBS FedEx Field, Landover
Jacksonville Jaguars
Carolina Panthers
12:00 PM CBS Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte
Atlanta Falcons
Houston Texans
12:00 PM FOX NRG Stadium, Houston Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers
3:05 PM CBS Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson
Green Bay Packers
Dallas Cowboys
3:25 PM FOX AT&T Stadium, Arlington
Indianapolis Colts
Kansas City Chiefs
7:20 PM NBC Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City
Monday, October 7
Games TIME (CT) NAT TV LOCATION Cleveland Browns
San Francisco 49ers
7:15 PM ESPN Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara
BYE Detroit Lions Miami Dolphins time watch the end you’ll see why I’m
taken to a beast was sick as hell this past week in hell we’re at
we’re gonna just start off with Sunday games I’m gonna talk about my picks I’m
gonna tell you what I’m gonna take today for Saturday night approximately 9:30
p.m. central time zone it is gonna be kicking off Sunday for NFL week five
football tomorrow Sunday the first game is gonna be Baltimore Ravens the
Pittsburgh Steelers that we’re going to talk about Baltimore Ravens good game
good game bear with me the Beast has been under
the weather big time flew Baltimore Ravens been
playing good football up till just recently right I mean they’ve lost the
last two in a row I believe bear with me yeah they’ve lost two in a row
Pittsburgh Steelers are on a one win streak and you might be one win straight
woo-hew as some of that man games played except if you’re like the New
England Patriots for games Chiefs for games
Chicago Bears three games and I’m actually I would have to go over to the
NFC F to see if if I was right on that you know so Baltimore Ravens are the
favorite in this game at minus three Pittsburgh Steelers are the underdogs
I’m taking the Pittsburgh Steelers as the underdogs you might say I’m crazy
that’s fine that’s fine because week one my gun spread suck that’s right I did
like for week two I did a little bit better I got seven week three I got
another seven week four I went all the way up to ten woo
so what’s week five gonna be I’m not on a roller coaster I’m on a that’s right I
just climbing I’m just climbing so you do what you
want to do with your against spreads if you don’t want to believe that in the
beast so I’m taking up – I mean I’m sorry I plus three on Pittsburgh
Steelers I’m taking Pittsburgh Steelers to win straight up and four you’re under
or over 44 I am going to take let’s go under 44 points but you know what I’m
not gonna do any of the under today because my brain has been in the shitter
literally to watch the end of this video you’ll find out what I was talking about
Chicago Bears Oakland Raiders in London I think this is going to be a game to
watch Oakland Raiders are one game win streak if I’m correct I think so yes
Chicago Bears like we were just saying our three game win streak all good
things are gonna come to a rest Chicago Bears are the favorite in this
game at a minus five and a half as of today and I’m going to pull an upset
again another big upset I’m going to take that plus five and a half I’m
putting that on the Oakland Raiders to win Oakland Raiders the plus five and a
half and Oakland Raiders to win mark my word all good things for Chicago Bears
will come to an end in London I don’t see Chicago doing well
in London I see Oakland Raiders doing well in London
why because Oakland Raiders is cool they’re crazy they do all crazy stuff
they can keep players on their team the fans are gonna love that stuff anyhow
crazy I can’t even be crazy right now if you want to do a woof for me let’s hear
it woo I know you can do that better than that woo oh man I can’t I can’t woo
right now I gotta slap myself my strings Arizona Cardinals Cincinnati Bengals I like Arizona Cincinnati needs to win a
damn football game there Owen for give me a freaking break I keep keep on taking
them and I keep getting my ass wipes with them so what am i doing for week
five that’s right I’m taking them again finally because why they got a – they’re
the favorite they’re a whole Arizona should wipe the floor on them
Arizona it should be an upset Arizona should win that game you should take
plus three on Arizona Cardinals all right and you should take Arizona
Cardinals straight up to win I’m going to pull that it’s not an upset I call
enough so I’m taking the Cincinnati Bengals to win
I guess i’ma take that – three woo I’ll tell you I think that’s a trap
I think Cincinnati Bengals are the underdog in that game even though
they’re at home Arizona is a way better football team this year than the
Cincinnati Bengals Arizona Cardinals should win hands down in Cincinnati
tomorrow but I’m taking Cincinnati at minus three to win because they need to
get a win and it’s just updated again all right there we go Jacksonville
Jaguars Carolina Panthers you know oh I like that new quarterback for
Jacksonville I like the new quarterback for Carolina Panthers my an old man
what do you do what do you do what do you do you flip a coin or you take that
minus three to the bank that’s right take that minus three and a half
put that on Carolina Panthers take Carolina Panthers win Minnesota Vikings
New England they should be playing New England New York Giants it don’t
matter who the Minnesota Vikings play the Minnesota Vikings suck this year and
you know what I’m not ashamed to say that I mean I I I said it began a year
that I don’t think that they’re gonna go far this year and they’re not proving me
wrong they’re not going far this year I want the Vikings to it I’m a big Vikings
fan but man they got proved to me before I start putting points on them again so
I’m taking the upset because Minnesota Vikings are the favorite in this game at
minus five and a half for against spread so for these this week’s 5 picks I’m sorry
my chest is me so I’m just bear with me I’m trying to knock this out the
best I can for y’all I’m taking the plus five and a half on the New York Giants
to win this game at home in New York the Giants are just a better team this year
all-in-all Minnesota Vikings cannot get their crap together and on the road on
the road on the road they suck at home okay but on the road the Vikings aren’t
doing well I hope they can prove me wrong tomorrow I hope I’m screaming
l no actually I won’t be screaming l I apply be drinking cough syrup
if I start screaming school like some more so I’m taking the New York Giants
straight up to win plus the points on them I’m taking the plus Phi
half New England Patriots Washington Redskins you gotta go with the New
England Patriots they’re freaking on fire this year they haven’t lost a game
yet they have scored 122 points their opponent scoring 27 there too and all at
home there too and on the road of course because they’re for no they’re perfect
but Tom Brady is getting a little rusty rusty he’s getting a little so I do not
like the minus 16 I’m gonna take that minus 16 my flip that to a plus 16 I’m
putting that plus 16 on Washington Redskins
why because pace Kim is doubtful whew no I just I would like to see Washington
at least keeping it within an you know 10 points 14 points but to keep it a
little bit interesting but we’ll see right so I’m taking New England Patriots
straight up and I’m putting the plus 16 on the Washington Redskins you want to
take the minus 16 on New England New York Jets Philadelphia Eagles same
concept Eagles taken straight up ego straight up
at home they’re doing a lot better they’re working it up again now the New
York Jets on the other hand you know they’ve lost the last three games in a
row now there’s not much to say there’s not much to say about that
it’s about all you can say about that so take Philadelphia Eagles straight up to
win and for your points it’s a big point spread again – 14 on the Eagles the
Eagles are seeing at 110 to 105 meaning they’ve scored 110 points the
against their opponents squaring 105 and you go over to the Jets there
they’ve scored big 33 points their opponents scored 70 so um sorry see I’m
gonna be kind I ain’t gonna pick my nose 70 so you know what I’m gonna take that
a full point spread for the sorry my eyes I’m under the weather like I said
if you do any of my polls this week you’ll see so sorry and this is a little
bit longer than it needed to be minus 14 I’m taking on the Eagles so he goes
straight up I’m gonna run down these the last so many games just run run down
fast I’m I’m starting to get where I’m gonna have to go into a coughing
attack so Tampa Bay Buccaneers I’m gonna look at my screen and New Orleans saints
i i like the Saints in this game straight up to win I’m taking the minus
three Tampa Bay yeah they’re doing some wonders but I I still like the Saints
I like the Saints I like Ted Bridgewater Teddy Teddy Teddy big old Ted
Bridgewater skinny Ted my old Minnesota Vikings quarterback before he got
injured so New Orleans Saints win minus three for sure on the Saints Atlanta
Houston Texans so you got a Falcons the Houston Texans Houston
Texans are the favorite in this game at minus four
woo earlier I said I was going to take the plus four on Atlanta and take Atlanta
you know elapsed it just hasn’t done well on the road on the road there Owen
to and to speed this up like I said I can’t
and Houston Texans y’all their one-on-one at home but for score wise
seventy eight and seventy eight that’s ironic
and for Atlanta 70 and 79 so take I’m taking Houston straight up to win and
I’m taking the -4 on Houston Texans Buffalo Bills Tennessee Titans
I like Tennessee in this I like the Titans in this for sure take
Titans at -3 Buffalo there’s nothing wrong with Buffalo buffalo team this
year they’ve done a lot better than they’ve done in the past but are they
gonna is that last week gonna be the start of their losing streak
just because New England who knows who knows who knows and is it gonna be
Tennessee climbing out a 4th place and moving on up moving on up take Tennessee
at minus 3 Denver Broncos LA chargers hands up and they’re on that you know I
that’s good match up the LA Chargers are 2 & 2
and you’re gonna be like well the Denver Broncos are holding 14 they haven’t won
a game yet they’ve kept them close they’ve scored 70 points on their
teammates our team teammates teams the Chargers scored 90 so charges are
favored by 30 or sorry seven eight nine seventy eight nine that’s 20 points
beast can you even do math right now no I can’t concentrate so I’m taking the
Chargers to win at at minus five and a half Chargers went all for you all and no I’m not flip-flopping my picks I
don’t give a I’m just doing them because that’s the way I do it I try to
if I’m gonna change something or over look look at something more I feel like
I should be straight with you all if I’m going to change something I change it
with you all so LA Chargers win at minus 5 and a half
Green Bay Dallas Cowboys I said Dallas wins
I said Green Bay take the points I said Green Bay wins and Green Bay takes the
points man it’s gonna be a battle it’s gonna be a battle
the Cowboys now have scored 170 points 107 I mean I’m sorry to their opponents
56 the Packers eighty five and six to nine now the question is has the Packers
played better teams then the Cowboys playing better teams I’ve heard that
little thing being thrown around the Packers are the underdogs in this game
of course they’re coming into Dallas so they’re at mine I mean plus three and a
half Dante Adams is out it says that’s big because Aaron you know loves his man
Aaron Rodgers loves Dante you know what just because of that I used to think I’m
gonna have to stay with the Dallas Cowboys at home Dallas Cowboys win –
three and a half if Dante Adams miracle II is able to play which I’m sorry I’ve
been out sick so I’ve not been up to date on what’s going on with Dante Adams
so I just see that he’s out so I’m just
gonna say Dallas Cowboys win at minus three and a half Indianapolis Colts
Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs should win this at home hands down
Indianapolis Colts they’re not bad team but they’re not the Kansas City Chiefs
there’s no nobody can deny that can see Chiefs the score 135 points then in that
school so scored 95 94 points this year to their opponents 102 that Jesus have
allowed their opponents score 94 that’s what Indianapolis is scored Chiefs win
now the minus 11 huh yeah it could be a crazy wild game it could be all Chiefs
unless it’s raining take the minus 11 on the Kansas City Chiefs twin Cleveland
Browns San Francisco 49ers enough said I’m saying Cleveland Browns at plus 4 to
wrap this up I’m taking the underdog once again I’m taking the underdog
Cleveland Browns not the wrong San Francisco San Francisco’s doing
phenomenal this year also but Cleveland Browns
are back on top and their division and they’re not gonna go down I say
Cleveland Browns win on the road Plus for a New York Giants New England
Patriots New York Giants doing on Patriots what the hell am I saying that
for what the hell what week are did this damn computer just bring me in to there
is no way that what the hell see y’all y’all I’m sorry I’m I’m sick
as a no oh there jump there any given point
spreads for that’s Thursday night game man oh man oh man
alright I’m out of here you guys I hope you all have a good Sunday and Saturday
night and whenever you watch this sorry this was so long the Beast has been sick
as hell so if you don’t watch all this I don’t blame you beast out of here woo what’s up everybody
it’s Minnesota beast sorry I’ve been off here this past week been having to
show a lot of my home all videos while I’m doing some crazy picks right because
I had the flu really really bad and I just getting it over it and I don’t wish
to pawn that crap to nobody and crap I don’t want to talk about that anyhow
let’s get on with it we could have a Chicago Oakland Raiders game in London
tomorrow morning because I am filming this on Saturday night at approximately
918 Central time my time and bear with the beasts if you want my against the spread
picks I’m giving to you legit and I’m just gonna go down the odds lines and
biggest lines I get my spreads over on the Vegas
where I I like that because they give you what opened like I know on the
Thursday night video if you have watched that video for the Thursday night game
the Seattle game Seattle I showed that they were a plus one and a half well
that was because they were plus one and a half because it was that
how the lines opened bear with me my and it’s just what it is so
let’s get on with it Chicago Oakland I’m just gonna go right
down the line I’m taking the Oakland Raiders do what you wanna do
they’re gonna win they’re on a streak right now a big streak right woo
because everybody’s played so many games if they’re on a one win streak so I
gotta go at the Oakland could I go with the Chicago Bears yeah I could go with
Chicago Bears there’s nothing around Chicago Bears they’re on a big streak
three wins in a row woo all good things come to an end
Chicago Bears lose in London Oakland Raiders win in London tomorrow take the
plus five and a half on Oakland Raiders if you want to go with my the Minnesota
beast picks I’m taking the ooh for the year over/under it’s under 40 and a half
and what am i doing I’m I’m just sitting my back of my future living room so
that’s why I’m looking at my screening out of the computer I’m gonna go with
the under 40 and a half you know let’s go wild it let’s get wild I’m gonna go
over 40 and a half because usually London games are white and experience
most of the time the scores are high for at least one team so I’m going
to go over 40 and a half for the tallest points game sorry
and taking the plus five and a half on Oakland Raiders and holy that took
three minutes to spit out how to shut this off man should I start this
over no screw it that’s what happens when I
you spent the whole last week on the toilet and wearing the
not really I really wished I did did I have some accidents damn should happens
ah Baltimore at Pittsburgh just saying that happens
damn straight this head happens especially when about every 20 minutes
you go into the bathroom and if you have a silent fart you don’t even realize it
you’re going back to the bathroom taking a shower how fun get the flu shot don’t
be a stupid ass like me Baltimore good game Pittsburgh it’s gonna be a good
game I like Pittsburgh Steelers in this one
you can say I’m crazy Pittsburgh Steelers are the favorite in this game
I mean Pittsburgh Steelers are the favorite I am starting this over
NFL WEEK 5 against the spreads nfl Vegas lines NFL odds
NFL score predictions NFL upset picks also NFL over and under
final score predictions NFL FOOTBALL SEASON
Sunday NFL National football league kickoff
Thursday Night Football Monday night football Sunday night football NFL Games I will be talking about today
Who I think will win each NFL football game for NFL Week 5
Let me know in my comments Below thanks
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