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Sunday NFL National football league kickoff
Thursday Night Football Monday night football Sunday night football NFL Games I will be talking about today
Who I think will win each NFL football game for NFL Week 6
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NFL week 6 picks
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NFL week 6 picks and predictions national football league 2019-2020 NFL season
NFL Schedule – 2019 Team Schedules 2019 Week 6
Thursday, October 10 2019
New York Giants
New England Patriots
7:20 PM FOX/NFL Gillette Stadium, Foxboro Sunday, October 13 2019
Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
8:30 AM NFL Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London
Seattle Seahawks
Cleveland Browns
12:00 PM FOX First Energy Stadium, Cleveland
Houston Texans
Kansas City Chiefs
12:00 PM CBS Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City Washington Redskins
Miami Dolphins
12:00 PM FOX Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens
Philadelphia Eagles
Minnesota Vikings
12:00 PM FOX U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis
New Orleans Saints
Jacksonville Jaguars
12:00 PM CBS TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville
Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens
12:00 PM CBS M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore San Francisco 49er’s
Los Angeles Rams
3:05 PM FOX Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles
Atlanta Falcons
Arizona Cardinals
3:05 PM FOX State Farm Stadium, Glendale
Tennessee Titans
Denver Broncos
3:25 PM CBS Broncos Stadium at Mile High, Denver Dallas Cowboys
New York Jets
3:25 PM CBS MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford
Pittsburgh Steelers
Los Angeles Chargers
7:20 PM NBC Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson
Monday, October 14 2019
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers
7:15 PM ESPN Lambeau Field, Green Bay New Orleans Saints
New York Giants
New York Jets
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers
San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tennessee Titans
Washington Redskins Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Chargers
Los Angeles Rams
Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings
New England Patriots Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts BYES for NFL week 6 Games
Buffalo Bills Chicago Bears Indianapolis Colts Oakland Raiders
NFL week 6 picks
NFL week 7 picks
NFL week 8 picks
NFL week 9 picks
Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers what’s up it’s a
freaking training day today so what am i doing
I got drips on my camera how you like that hey like that
hey like that I really don’t care whoa hey yeah that’s why I don’t care because
man I just wanna get this done I just wanna get this done and now
it’s supposed to snow this week in a Minnesota anyhow what are we on here for
we are on here for some against the spread picks that’s right that’s rad
straight from the crazy Minnesota beast that gets them a hundred percent right
all the time woo hey like my shop lat
you want some bread Lots here why don’t you look at the bright lights while I
give you my against spread picks since nobody wants to watch my videos no more
hey help all right let’s give it straight to you I’m no more Omar it
New York Giants New England Patriots knowing a Patriots win hands down
against the spread at minus 17 for New England hell no take that plus 17 for
the New England Patriots circuit I mean New England Patriots the New York Giants
New England Patriots win plus 17 for the Giants and I’m not gonna sit here and
explain why because they’re gonna score some points Carolina Panthers Tampa Bay
Buccaneers you know what I like Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this one I don’t care
what I said in the weeks before or the other day or whatever Tampa Bay
Buccaneers win at home I’m gonna take the woo guess what Tampa Bay’s the
underdog I’m all take the plus two and a half on Tampa Bay Buccaneers I don’t
care what you think that’s right I don’t care what I think
woo Cincinnati Bengals at the Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens win –
love and a half hell yeah why not Seattle Seahawks
Cleveland Browns you know what I don’t care what you think I don’t care if the
Cleveland Browns got their asses handed to them last weekend look at the Kansas
City Chiefs I’m taking the Cleveland Browns that’s right look at this I’m all
orange Cleveland Browns win that’s right take that one plus one and a half Kansas
City and Houston Texas Houston going into play that Chiefs you know
what I’m gonna pull a big upset screw the Kansas City Chiefs that’s right
Houston Texans kick can’t see Chiefs ass you heard it from the Beast
you don’t take Houston you lose Houston Texans win plus four and a half New
Orleans Saints Jacksonville Jaguars you know what man you don’t take about half
and half I’m taking the Jacksonville Jaguars you
know what you know what because they’re at home that’s right
plus the I’m gonna take the minus one it looks like only I ain’t I ain’t taking
that many odds there on that one Philadelphia Eagles Minnesota Vikings
screw you I’m taking the Minnesota Vikings at the minus three-y because
they don’t lose at home Washington Redskins Miami Dolphins you know what
both who gives a teams oh and four is
you know what Miami Dolphins wins their first home game at home plus three and a half
San Francisco 49ers Los Angeles Rams you know what you know
what those San Francisco 49ers are for real this year they ain’t gonna lose
they’re going five and OH San Francisco 49ers win plus three
Atlanta and Arizona Cardinals you know what my there we go Atlanta Arizona
you know I really don’t like higher been playing this year I like
lats I mean a lot to Atlanta Lions I keep
saying Atlanta you better take a LAN to them
I’m taking Arizona Cardinals to win plus two and a half
Dallas Cowboys New York Jets hands down Dallas Cowboys went on the road you know
what the minus-7 though hell yeah why not – seven Tennessee Titans Denver Broncos you
better like this video this time Tennessee Denver Broncos you want to
like it you want to like it that on when I tell you right now right
Tennessee Titans win wu+ – crazy I know that’s an upset Pittsburgh Steelers Los
Angeles chargers LA Chargers win – seven Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers you know
what I really want to go with the Lions because they were they had their bye and
I think they’re gonna come out strong so you know what screw it I’m staying I’m
staying with Detroit Lions on this one at the plus four and that’s all we got
that’s how we got it looks like we’re going to be talking about
again and Denver so that’s about all I gotta say boys girls men young
whippersnappers whatever you want to do you can take my picks you don’t have to
take my place this is what I’m doing on my rain day look at all those damn
sheets the plywood I still got to do woo man and all that freaking
I ain’t get it all done you want to see it looking pretty good look a pretty
sharp look with pretty sharp got – trees growing woo have yourselves
a great day great weekend man oh man look at this shit it’s raining
it’s raining have you ever stood in the rain

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  1. Better take these NFL week 6 picks this week mark my word they all will win woo every single team I picked will win or I will not every do picks again woo

  2. LOL love the picks, I like a little crazy Cleveland to win! I like that… I took Detroit as my upset of the Week…

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