NFL Week 6 picks Sunday pregame kickoff

NFL Week 6 picks Sunday pregame kickoff

NFL week 6 picks and predictions national football league 2019-2020 NFL season
NFL Schedule – 2019 Team Schedules 2019 Week 6

Sunday, October 13 2019
Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
8:30 AM NFL Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London
Seattle Seahawks
Cleveland Browns 12:00 PM FOX First Energy Stadium, Cleveland
Houston Texans
Kansas City Chiefs
12:00 PM CBS Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City
Washington Redskins
Miami Dolphins
12:00 PM FOX Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens
Philadelphia Eagles
Minnesota Vikings
12:00 PM FOX U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis New Orleans Saints
Jacksonville Jaguars
12:00 PM CBS TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville
Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens
12:00 PM CBS M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore
San Francisco 49er’s
Los Angeles Rams
3:05 PM FOX Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles
Atlanta Falcons
Arizona Cardinals 3:05 PM FOX State Farm Stadium, Glendale
Tennessee Titans
Denver Broncos
3:25 PM CBS Broncos Stadium at Mile High, Denver
Dallas Cowboys
New York Jets
3:25 PM CBS MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford
Pittsburgh Steelers
Los Angeles Chargers
7:20 PM NBC Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson Monday, October 14 2019
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers
7:15 PM ESPN Lambeau Field, Green Bay
BYES for NFL week 6 Games
Buffalo Bills Chicago Bears Indianapolis Colts Oakland Raiders
My ATS Picks out on Thursday before kickoff week 6 nfl football games woo
NFL WEEK 6 against the spreads nfl Vegas lines NFL odds NFL score predictions NFL upset picks also NFL over and under final score predictions NFL FOOTBALL SEASON
Sunday NFL National football league kickoff
Thursday Night Football Monday night football Sunday night football NFL Games I will be talking about today
Who I think will win each NFL football game for NFL Week 6
Let me know in my comments Below thanks
2019-2020 NFL Schedule
The NFL 2019-2020
wildcard playoffs
Divisional playoffs
Superbowl 2019-2020
NFL weekly picks straight up wins NFL Vegas lines
NFL against the spreads
NFL upset picks what’s up everybody what’s up good
morning it is Sunday woo most likely you’re watching this on
Sunday morning with the Minnesota beast that’s right we got some NFL talk about
that’s right hmm cheers to you if you’re drinking your morning Joe your morning
Joe hell no i’m drinking my morning Diane whatever Ruben I don’t know I’m
just having me a morning cup of coffee that’s right that’s right that’s right
what’s up all right Thursday night game did good of course I
won that game I took the New England Patriots to win
against spread well she where she and I took the points for I gave the points
for the Giants I lost that by four points it’s what it is what it is New
England Patriots they kicked it off really good right 35-14 doing a patriots
this year so as my against spreads and wait look at
this whoa the Beast is getting somewhere in this damn fixer-upper house that’s
right besides just work it on the outside I know we’re here for football I
know you’re here for football give me a second I got some my outlet
boxes in I know you don’t care but this is my table today I got the windows out
the old windows now I gotta take that old frame out of course you see the
plywood on that the other side because on the other side and I wrapped the
house with all my OSB plywood sheeting and then tore off all the old siding and
then I put time back on it house wrap whatever you want to use and so you know
I gotta take that all out do a little bit miscellaneous framing and it’s like
that because it’s getting cold here in Minnesota we actually had snow yesterday
crazy shit huh yeah let me sit you down here and let’s go through these football
picks real quick just in case you missed my picks all right
what the hell you see me it don’t matter if you can see me or not we just want
winning picks beast we just want when it picks
all right Carolina Panthers are playing today this morning and London with the
Tampa Bay Buccaneers the Beast is take in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers plus one and
a half let’s make this speedy Cincinnati Bengals Baltimore Ravens I got take the
Baltimore Ravens they’re three and two team
Cincinnati’s not doing hot at all this year I keep trying and take them keep
trying to take and watch this week they’ll actually win their own five I’m
taking Baltimore to win I’m also taking the points on Baltimore the – 11 and a
half all right going on to the Seattle Seahawks and the Cleveland Browns I’m
taking the Cleveland Browns there are a two and three team Seahawks is doing
really good this year four and one so do what you got to do but I’m taking the
home team Cleveland Browns plus one and a half that’s right
Houston Texans and that Kansas City Chiefs this is one of my upset picks for
the week I know the Cleveland Browns yadda yadda yadda but this is a big
upset pick of the week for myself I’m taking the Houston Texans to win on the
road in Kansas City plus five and a half Washington Redskins Miami Dolphins the
toilet bowl who cares who wins this game both crappy teams this year on five on
four you know what I’m taking the home team I’m taking the whole time home time
buy your boat that’s right I’m taking the Miami Dolphins to maybe actually get
a win this year so I’m taking Miami Dolphins a win plus three and a half my
game Philadelphia Eagles the Minnesota Vikings good teams good teams the
Minnesota Vikings don’t play good on the road but they are at home so I’m taking
Minnesota Vikings today – when – two and a half at home New Orleans Saints
Jacksonville Jaguars Who am I taking I am taking that’s right the Jacksonville
where’s to win at home – one-and-a-half Atlanta Falcons Arizona Cardinals who is
the beast taken I’m taking the Arizona Cardinals they’re good this year they’re
good you know I mean you’re like what how are they good they’ve tied one game
with Detroit they won one game and they lost three well Atlanta is one in four
also they have any um tied a game woo that’s why I’m taking the Arizona
Cardinals plus two and a half San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers
what the hell what a turnaround team from last year right and the year before
who you got to go with those 49ers let’s make them five and OH after today
against the Rams 49ers win plus three and a half on the road Dallas Cowboys
New York Jets that’s right take the New York Jets if you want to lose Dallas
Cowboys win on the road in New York – eight and a half that’s a big – woo I
don’t know I don’t know do what you guys do that’s what I checked on my ESPN
pigskins – eight and a half Oh Lord Tennessee Titans Denver Broncos excuse
my I just woke up a little bit ago I didn’t took a shower yet I took a
that’s right you know you probably did that too or again ray – you’re probably
watching this taking a Tennessee Titans Denver Broncos I’m taking
Tennessee Titans to win on the road in Denver at plus two and a half that’s
right they’re the underdogs Pittsburgh Steelers Los Angeles chargers you know
I’d like to say Pittsburgh but ain’t happening Chargers win at home – six and
a half big game Monday night big game I like
this matchup here we got the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers all
right lot of people are gonna go with the
Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers yet they’re gonna take the – four and
a half that’s fine that’s fine or you can do what the beasts gonna do take the
big upset that’s right I’m taking the Lions to win on the road in Green Bay to
win on Monday night why is that because they had to buy the week before they’re
in the division doing good they’ve hit like I said two wins one
loss one tie so Detroit Lions win plus four and a half – which guy do at that
on that I am predicting the score to be 31-28 give or take
woo those are my Sunday NFL picks week 6 I haven’t changed them up I just made this
little quick reel just because you know how I like to all to talk to y’all on
Sunday mornings well I’m drinking my cup of coffee my cup yeah my cup of uh Oh what should we call it now let’s call it
have a good Sunday mmm and win some wins nice rash win some money
let’s win some moolah you know how the Beast wins i win by getting crap done you smell that you smell that
whew I need to get my fan in my bathroom that stinks beast out here who
can you smell that

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  1. Sunday NFL kickoff Sunday NFL games good luck today on your NFL picks and football picks ATS hope you all have a great Sunday fun day of football.

  2. Let's go Texans!!!!!! Your house is looking good now MNBEAST that's good that your getting all of your insulation up so that you can stay warm during them Minnesota winter's MNBEAST, good video like always MNBEAST keep them coming, Go Texans!!!!!!

  3. CAROLINA PANTHERS WOW Its all Panthers in London today wow dam just never know which team will do it when travel to London but looks like Carolina wow 27-7 over Tampa bay buccaneers and still 3rd quarter

  4. Don't know what is happening with Dallas. Only difference in last years team and this year is our offensive coordinator.

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