NFL Week picks Football season Oakland Raiders 2019-2020

NFL Week picks Football season Oakland Raiders 2019-2020

will Oakland Raiders play like last year of football or will they play football like we all know they can like 2016.
Going to break down some of the football games they are about to play this NFL season NFL weekly national football league games 2019-2020 NFL season

NFL Games I will be covering

Who I think they will win each NFL football game for NFL Weekly
Let me know in my comments Below who your NFL picks are thanks

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Oakland Raiders great info to watch read and find out great info on. | The Official Site of the Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders news
Oakland Raiders Press release

Oakland Raiders Schedule,History,videos and more These will be wow games to watch
week 1 SEP 09 Denver BRONCOS

week 2 SEP 15 Kansas City CHIEFS

week 3 SEP 22 AT Minnesota VIKINGS

week 4 SEP 29 AT Indianapolis COLTS

week 5 OCT 06 Chicago BEARS week 6 BYE WEEK
week 7 OCT 20 AT Green Bay PACKERS
week 8 OCT 27 AT Houston TEXANS
week 9 NOV 03 Detroit LIONS
week 10 NOV 07 LA CHARGERS
week 11 NOV 17 Cincinnati BENGALS
week 12 NOV 2 AT New York JETS
week 13 DEC 1 AT Kansas City CHIEFS
week 14 DEC 08 Tennessee TITANS
week 15 DEC 15 Jacksonville JAGUARS
week 16 DEC 15 AT LA CHARGERS week 17 DEC 29 AT Denver BRONCOS

These will be wow games to watch
As has become commonplace, the Raiders will begin their season on Monday night as they’re set to host the Broncos in Week 1. Jon Gruden will come face to face with Khalil Mack for the first time since dealing the pass rusher when the Raiders play the Bears in London in Week 5. Free-agent signee Tyrell Williams will face his former team, the Chargers, for the first time in Week 10 during a Thursday night game in Oakland, and the Raiders’ most-prized offseason acquisition, Antonio Brown, will meet up with former Steelers teammate Le’Veon Bell and the Jets in Week 12 in New York. what’s up everybody some there so MNbeast
woo that’s right that’s right you know what it’s great time it’s great time
it’s break time it’s the Beast break and you know I know it’s I I can’t stop
thinking about NFL how about you we got nine days nine days nine days nine days
left till kickoff woo fixing up this fixer-upper is
always fun this is gonna be a raw video raw video raw yes even even the big
beast is roaring yeah and I’m breaking my tripod my piece of crap tripod I just
broke it at least I got my tool bag on I could probably fix that crap anyhow what
are we talking about today beast well hopefully everybody includes themselves
from this discussion what I’m trying to talk about is those Oakland Raiders now
Oakland Raiders woo Oakland Raiders that’s right let’s ride and what do I
want to see the Oakland Raiders do this year I don’t want to see them do sorry
about this video real quick it is a crappy video I’m walking around moving
around and since it is uh my 9:30 break 935 actually be precise on the 27th of
woo I’ll guess August I’m making these early predictions in August that’s
right that’s I didn’t just say
that I didn’t just say that woo so do you think this year Oakland
Raiders are gonna be like mm what was it 2016 2016 when they went 12 and full let
me pull up their schedule for this year somewhere on the stupid computer woo
any help last year they went four and 12 not what
I wanted not what many others wanted we want to see every NFL team do the best
and their enters into their best 2016 they did awesome and then car got
injured and then we know the story right we were right there at the playoffs
right there in the playoffs and if you watch my other videos like the Cleveland
Browns hey look at that I’m supporting the Cleveland Browns today but I’m also
supporting the Raiders whew any help I want to give you what my perspective is
for this year for Oakland I’m after cheat today because this is a raw video
so I grabbed my week 1 through 17 so bear with me bear with the base pair
with the beast let me know in the comments below let’s get a discussion
going everybody start talking start commenting positive comments positive
comments like week 1 we got Denver coming into the Oakland Raiders right
who’s going this is their car gonna be up on his prime Brown woo is
John gonna get everybody together and start kicking some rear end
woo I better they better they better I got Oakland picked for week 1 so that
puts them at 1 win going into week two I got Oakland picked over
can’t say I told you this is gonna be a crap video so I got them
predicted to be hopefully a 12 and 4 this one year and if we can sneak in
another game a 13 and 3 team a 13 and 3 team from last year’s 4 and 12 could
they go 13 and 3 and be in the playoffs I think they could so we have Oakland
playing on week 2 or week 3 woo where is it where’s the Oakland Raiders
playing Oakland’s coming into Minnesota well the Minnesota Beast has taken
Minnesota so that puts them at 2 & 1 Oakland I know I got Oakland wrote down
a bunch this year for winning a bunch a bunch a bunch they lose in week 4 do
they lose it for play in the Indianapolis Colts I got
Indianapolis Colts throw town for wheat for week four so we start this crap over alright where you know what I would have
clicked this crap off if if I got so bored like that anyhow I had to stop and
regroup because I want to eat you can see my eyes are still tired from this
morning I haven’t even woke up yet completely 9:30 break you don’t always
feel like you’re woke up completely when you’re at work right so preseason for
the Oakland Raiders preseason I know it doesn’t matter it’s just a way for
everybody to get the fill for the year and hopefully maybe I don’t know I’m
biased I guess I could I could handle no preseason and extra football games but
the flip side how do we see the young ones that’s what it is but we’re not
here to talk about that we’re here but talk about the Oakland Raiders season
are they going to be a four and twelve team like last year or could they be a
twelve and fourteen like 2016 I have an early prediction of
a thirteen and three if Antonio Brown plays to his potential Derek Carr plays
to his potential and so on and so on and so on and so on and John gets everybody
in that house playing under his guidelines his coaching his coaching
staff does everything to their best potential it will be like when they
played week one against the Los Angeles Rams three to fourteen it’ll be like
when they played the Arizona Cardinals 33 to 26 it’ll be like when they played
the Green Bay Packers 22 to 21 with that unbelievable last couple seconds of a
touchdown it will be like when the Oakland Raiders on week four rest all
their players and for preseason going to place the idol and have some fun and
that game and then though we we will see an Oakland Raiders going into their new
stadium in the following year pumped up for their fans because Oakland is gonna
be doing super so Denver comes in week one to play the Oakland Raiders now if I
screw up crap happens just like my dog crapped in the video yesterday when I
was cutting the grass I got Oakland I went in against Denver
Broncos now Kansas City week two is coming into Oakland Raiders it’s going
to be a tech tech it’s going to be a tough game it’s gonna be a tough game
I got Oakland favorite in this game by slim slim chance but if they do win
they’ll be to a no Oakland Raiders coming into Minnesota now they’re on the
road they can beat the Vikings they can that depends on if they beat Kansas City
Chiefs if they can beat the Kansas City Chiefs I’m not saying the Minnesota
Vikings are all that I’m just saying they’re gonna be on the road if Kansas
City goes into Oakland Oakland wins week three Oakland beats the Minnesota
Vikings if the Oakland Raiders lose in week two
against the Chiefs the Vikings win in Week three Indianapolis Colts Oakland
Raiders traveling again to Indianapolis Colts I’m just looking at the schedule
you know I had Indianapolis Colts favorite for week four to beat the
Oakland Raiders earlier in the season I’m pretty positive on that yes I do
I have Indianapolis Colts favored to win against Oakland on the road now would
this be their second loss if they lose to the Vikings on the road Indy on the
road that’s if they beat Kansas Chiefs and Denver Broncos but we have no
Andrew Luck I was sort of hoping for Andrew Luck now that he’s retired
we got Jacob but Jacob versus ski or however you say his name is awesome he’s
awesome he’s going to be able to take that team to the next level I think and
I believe Indianapolis Colts and their fans even know
trying to sell their damn tickets are gonna do really good this year they
might not be the best team I predicted them to be eight and eight earlier in
the season before Andrew decided to do his retirement could they still go eight
and eight yes could they still go better than that yes
so I don’t know which way to go on week four we’re gonna have to see how in D
plays I’m gonna put my favorite to Oakland for that week week five on
October 6 Chicago Bears go to play Oakland I’m taking Oakland Raiders week
like I say this is a raw video let’s get the conversation started I’m gonna get
off this it’s thirty nine forty forever he lost ten minutes of my break I just
got football on the break anybody else let me know
let me know what you think that the Oakland Raiders are gonna do this year
if you want watch all my videos that I have weeks one through seventeen
predictions season predictions out there for all the early picks add them
up tell me how many games I pick the Oakland Raiders to win
I believe it’s thirteen and three woo I gotta go back to work y’all I gotta go
back to work sorry for this crap video I just wanted to say hi thanks for
watching my crap and I love underdog teams I gotta say I do I do I do and I
really like to see the Oakland Raiders this year play to their potential and I
know they can do it I know they can I know there are a lot better team than a
four and twelve team they are a twelve and fourteen like they were in 2016 woo
or something like that beast outta here

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