Nick Cannon Wants To Battle Eminem

Nick Cannon Wants To Battle Eminem

okay this is the star report Friday
night 3:05 we at 3:05 let’s get it poppin on these phones tonight yeah
miami-dade police lay down the law now we’re not gonna make fun of us you
know any alleged innocent bystanders but you know four people laid down in
Miramar most of the shooters were from Miami Dade police you had some other
with a Florida Highway Patrol and Pembroke Pines if I’m saying that right
lay down the law are you shedding tears oh that’s wrong huh police let it be
known this ain’t LA you’re not gonna ride
around here in the afternoon robbing jewelry stores going on an hour and 20
twenty minute chases with helicopters no they cut this short shit short good
evening folks how you feeling charged whoo hell of a day hell of a day I was
at Lake Lanier this morning some of you saw me on Instagram peace of mind I had
and I’m in a great place tonight all right
we’re gonna be talking about again the shooting or the killing pardon me
miami-dade police along with other a total of 19 officers they’re saying 200
rounds it looked like 400 to me yeah guns to crippled sons got busy in the
streets huh talked about it and also on the screen
Nick Cannon wants to battle Eminem I’m going with that title because YouTube
will not let you put police killing shooting death you can’t put none of
that stuff in the title and monetize it so uh we’re just gonna put that little
title there for play play supposedly where my notes here Fat Joe’s got a new
album out and sold to the homie terror squad and Eminem is on the new album
clapping at Nick Cannon talking about Mariah Carey why why Nick Cannon has
clap back and say bring your punk ass on to our what’s that show hold on a
second here MTV’s Wilin out let me jump out the window right now and say I think
Nick Cannon can take Eminem in a battle I’ve watched just a couple of those
episodes Wilin out I think Nick Cannon can take him what say you or it also
tonight before I bring in bullshit Ronnie because I do need some assistance
tonight with my notes on a second Oh Oh bad baby now running down on that Tina’s
are you up to speed I’m ashamed of my age to be seen here talking about this
silesia bad baby who was just clapping at a
black females who wear you know wigs with glue yadda yadda yadda because he
was wearing who is still wearing pardon me the box braids she pulled up on
somebody and and I think at one point they tried to take her Instagram page
down but the page is still up from where I can see 17 million followers and ran
down on some latina the girl’s parents or grandparents were in the front yard
speaking Spanglish not Spanish Spanglish and back baby said come on come on come
on bitch let’s go craziness and also hold on let me slow down here because I
want to make sure I’m not spitting fake news did the New York Knicks from the
NBA lose two games back to back by 35 points each
is that a rumor let me look to the live chat holy smokes
good evening my troll babies how you doing please tell me that’s a rumor the
New York Knicks I heard that on 1010 wins I said that’s got to be a joke oh
did they fire the coach are you trolling are you serious please call in to my
recollection the New York Knicks back in February lost 17 straight games did they
not hopefully they did by the coach I don’t know
and also tonight we’re gonna talk about Antonio Brown begging to come back into
the NFL do you believe them I say I say give me a chance it’s not like he
was convicted of anything but I don’t know just I don’t like whose attitude
I’ll keep it very very honest with you all right blow lands open was 12 tonight
hang on a second we get comfortable huh whoo hell of a day was up at Lake Lanier
had a really just a good start and I always go to the lake when it’s very
cold dark and gloomy that’s like really good thinking whether I get I get
focused I get to thinking about money I don’t think about a bitch once in a
while but uh really really good day today I had let me say hello to my
sponsor my triple butter com I always wait to put this on during the
show get my skin right and also on the screen guys Andy Ruiz jr. versus Anthony
Joshua to the fight is tomorrow night I would like some of your predictions I’m
gonna try to see that fight tomorrow I’m gonna try to stream it live and brought
you know do commentary but I’ve got a date tomorrow night with some brown
sugar and I think I need to speak about that tonight because there’s still a
perception of me that I don’t date women of color and for those of you who have
been following me you know that for the last six years I have exclusively been
dating the brown sugar with the exception of the young lady that I went
ice-skating with out here a couple of months ago we’ll talk about all that I
let me get Bostick way online hey Ronnie are you there good evening
good evening good evening hey hey how are you good hear your voice again all
right yourself I’m doing great good good good let’s start with um I
don’t mean to laugh Miramar Florida I’m not sure if I’ve ever been there and not
they cut this short shit short at 4:15 yesterday Thursday there was a robbery
at a jewelry store the owner or manager somebody exchanged gunfire with the two
robbers according to multiple reports CBS Miami and other sources they then
carjacked a UPS truck the two robbers allegedly I’m not sure if that person
was in on it or not because he just started that job correct at UPS
correct and he was actually filling in for someone who had called out okay okay
and then they there was a pursuit they drove almost maybe six miles how far was
the drive do you know where it was 20 yeah yeah it was 25 miles 25 miles and
this come on yeah and this chase went through city streets as well as along
the interstate right right okay okay so at some point I saw like many of you did
the UPS truck slowed down it didn’t look like it was you know stopped from moving
footage just look like it just you know was in a tight situation and according
to reports the the robbers exchanged engaged put me engaged
gunfire first with the PD what did you see because you watched it all night
last night please yes I’ve seen multiple conflicting reports officially as far as
the authorities are concerned they are not answering who fired first they say
that that is a matter of investigation so I have not seen any conclusive
sources that are saying that the you know the individuals inside the UPS
truck fired first it to me it looked like they were fired at first that’s how
it looked to me I’ve seen you know multiple angles but I can’t be sure
either so you know miami-dade police say y’all got us fucked up this is not New
York this is not la you won that we will not chase you for an hour you’re in a
high-traffic area here some slugs for your bum and then shit got lit yeah yes
and another matter that’s under investigation is who actually killed the
UPS worker and the bystander okay okay but listen I mean respectfully there’s
there’s casualties with regards to certain crime
that there is an insurance that will cover that sort of thing that I don’t
say that to be disrespectful to the the victim but at the same time most people
don’t know what it’s like to be in the thick of a shootout people always say oh
I would have done this I would have done that that’s not how it works
and you have sadly have a lot of people that don’t move fast enough they don’t
get the fuck out of the way they don’t hit the deck they’re filming tell us
about some of the footage you saw Ronnie because as you said you saw multiple
camera angles yes so I’ve seen a lot of videos that was that was recorded by
like helicopters for the news agencies but the most the most impactful videos I
saw were shot by people who were actually in their cars and to hear the
exchange of to hear the exchange of gunfire and the volley of bullets
most of the reports are saying at least 200 rounds were fired it just sounded
like the wild wild west and it’s just complete chaos you have people running
you have cars trying to get out of the way you have cars that can’t get out of
the way because they’re blocked and so they’re pushing that car with their car
you have officers using civilian vehicles as shields it just it looks
crazy I’m gonna change the title I’m gonna take a chance I’m gonna put in the
title miami-dade police give out free smoke I’m a little height and Ronnie you
a hypo for this come on you a watch you’re watching videos how late last
night you got a hypo for this action yeah I was up very late watching these
videos because I kept finding more and more videos online you know people were
posting the footage that they shot themselves because the news cameras they
sort of zoomed out once the action got really good yeah so you know there’s
only so much you could see so it’s the the firsthand videos that really have
the most and it just looked like it reminded me
of the reports we read about what happened in Mexico when they tried to
when they took El Chapo’s son right like how it was just complete pandemonium and
you think that would never had they made an attempt to get him and then he was
taken back right right right but I mean I’m saying that they were firing in
broad daylight with the police exchanging gunfire folks can we get some
some real niggas on the line from the 305 I’m turnt up can you tell us what
type of artillery the PD had with them huh and again people were not moving
fast enough when you hear shots get on the ground
don’t be lookin and wonderin and oh what’s going on what’s going on all
right I’m gonna bring you some phone calls and folks I do want to be brought
to speed on the New York Knicks hopefully that was a rumor
holy smokes that just turned my stomach and I think tonight for those of you who
are into sports LeBron James and criminal anthony are playing against
each other I’d like to be brought to speed on that as well
let’s go to area code 301 I’m cleaning 301 are you there I hate ya yeah I can
are you from Florida 301 was in it no no I’m America on the second oh okay
tsunami I wanted I wanted to talk about the Evan M Eminem same real quick okay
for Fat Joe’s album agile album is phenomenal really at this at this age I
don’t know how he’s still producing this much quality music I was I was actually
amazed by but what I heard but Emma’s verse ah I’m gonna burst you’re right
why he throwing shots I don’t know I don’t know now sir you heard the album
tell me I have not heard the album ah you know Fat Joe is a good guy we’ve had
many conversations salute to the Terror Squad but Jim
why and what track is this is this just some random shit why is she coming at
Nick Hannon and Mariah Carey’s name in his mouth still I don’t get it
I could I could read you it’s a little boy it’s a little it’s not that many
bars I could read it to you please if you haven’t heard it come on he said I’m
sitting here reminiscing think I just got a light bulb something I like to
mention this is just a side note where to the Terror Squad joke he said words
of words to the terror squad Joe this is all cuz aside though I know me and
Mariah didn’t end on a high note but that other dudes with that pussy got a
neutered okay try to tell him that’s just a nut job before he got his jewels
cliff almost got my cab ooh almost got my
caboose kick fool quit yeah yeah he was I don’t know why okay so Nick Cannon has
already responded and he said bring that ass on to a MTV wallet out what do you
think well if it’s fun and games in yeah cuz I tell this happened years ago right
what you did that were I carrying a cannon them and then shit happen sir I’m
55 you should be telling me I listen it and if you ask me Nick Cannon has got
some bars and if Eminem goes it into Nick Cannon’s environment I think the
crowd will be with mechanic no yes yeah yeah yeah I could see both sides of
the coin but ah oh gee I just wanted to say that man hang on sir are you a
terrorist squad plant you you called in your big tup the albumen and you you
know i grew up in the fat joe okay so yeah cuz i was like the fat Mexican kid
so like I related to that guy he’s a good guy a good family man I saw him
recently do an interview I think it was on channel 2 somewhere and he said that
he has to he has to continue performing he would he would like to retire but he
can’t because if he stops touring he’ll go broke
he said that not a lot of respect to him saying it you know oh wow yeah they
hated mrs. nothing hey this is nothing Thank You Man but that that cruel IRL
gee thank you me okay okay yeah I respected Joe for seinen I’m not trying
to clown him he said man I gotta stay on the road he said he wants to retire and
he said he’s always had a thing against people retiring you know and then coming
back you know and just toying around with hip-hop but um Ronnie before I
bring in more calls you used to be a big mm fan and you what you say when you and
I spoke earlier about him and Nick Cannon and this Mariah thing he’s
finished I just wish he would just go away and enjoy you know relative
obscurity I mean all of this cloud cheese well chase and he’s doing it’s
just it’s just antic after antic where are the hits where is the good music
where are the bars you know we just keep getting these lukewarm projects and him
making statements about this person and addressing that person five years later
and you said kamikaze was trash yes trash that’s what you said yeah yeah I
mean look the entire incident that he had with MGK that was he was responding
to MGK for something MGK had said like five six years prior yeah so it’s like
this guy is just looking for attention at this point okay hold on a second oh I
see the 305 in the queue let’s talk about it miami-dade County what’s going
on was really good that hey what’s going on hey we’re talking about Miami do we
need a police short shit short let’s go kind of like it is come on you see I
hear man miami-dade county public school system is one of the worst in the whole
country it’s Christmastime these dudes ain’t got no way to eat they’re going in
I’m telling you man I’m gonna tell you one thing before I get deep into it come
on one time my wife done got robbed and he took a ring it took all kind of shit
from a man and I she was crying with me phone man and really only thing I could
come to my mind bro would you say it fuck Street got it he’s not a doctor
but anyway so yeah but these dudes are dumb let me tell you why these dudes are
dumb come on these dudes are dumb because if you feel a pull up the map
right now of Miami Dade County you will see you do is went into basically Coral
Gables Coral Gables is where um is that right like the risky isn’t play site
that if I go into Fifth Avenue in New York and when I robbed a jewelry store
instead of going on east to the east side to the hood okay they went and
freakin get it out to Long Island somewhere you know like to dumbass
number five is the most suburbs place in the world that’s why they got popped
like that right tell you I looked at the report the report says it’s five
different agencies that was involved in that shooting
you understand five different agencies and I don’t know if the FBI was in
charge of it I don’t know what agencies it was yeah hang on a second CBS Miami
did reference those other agencies just like you said but they said the majority
of the shooters are police shooters were from Miami Dade police majority of them
that’s what about the safe come on that’s what I’m in Miami Dade County
everybody knows the brown gets down you see that brown uniform yeah the brown
gets down that’s legacy yo Florida was this thing
they had the most lynching all right in the 1900 you go back and
you look at the statistics that’s what it was that’s a legacy of all that you
don’t give a damn I here bro it will pop you remember South Beach
when they all know they popped on the kids down tomorrow they were easy they
have little homies easy hang on a second well here’s the real question here’s the
real question do you think yeah do you think the UPS driver was down with it
man he was scared shitless man won’t even his day to work how you get shot on
your day off come on man it’s a problem Oh Ronnie wasn’t that the UPS drivers
first day on a new job or do I have my facts room that was his first day
driving that truck he had gotten promoted from being like a sorter at
their facilities to driving and that day the person who was supposed to drive
that route called out for whatever reason and he was
offer they gave him a bag to call out came a bag to call out yes he was
overseas tonight come on Ronnie come on game a bag go Brown get down Brown get
down that’s the rule right don’t hang up stay there stay on the line everybody
same line okay so Ronnie he got promoted he was a sorter so he’s driving the
truck now and hold on a second the carjacking alleged carjacking took place
at 4:30 6 p.m. the robbery was at 4:15 p.m. great Ronnie great and so the chase
as you know ultimately ended at 5:35 p.m. so this is a little over an hour
that this guy was pretty much being held hostage by you know the two suspects and
it did look like at the end he was trying to escape from that truck he was
crawling out but they still continued firing I’ll let you hear me one thing I
want to say about armed so I want to go into uh Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon and
the M&M thing eminent yo Mariah Carey dealt with Eminem and that’s his biggest
issue on that little why you keep on stressing me jump he’s not over that cuz
she dealt with him I mean in a major way talking about I’m down in the egg nobody
mentions in here I’ll never get over that that was a real being dealt with on
a battle level thing and I’m gonna tell you man if you get smacking wrong you
get these boys to put some money up on this thing for it that could be one of
the type or pay-per-view like bad like you know I didn’t think about that hold
on hold on a second yeah it’s Mack Beasley Chacon orbs they can make this
happen mm bursts come on Nick Cannon that would
be lit that be little whoa speaking of blockbuster but hey who do you think
would take that Eminem boy Nick Cannon who’d you would you take I think could
actually do it like people underestimate them and I think
joke but he really gets on that show Wilin out and spit some stuff and I feel
like he’s around enough people in there plus he’s got the comedic background you
can really eat them and then on the low I think it’ll be a better challenge than
most people thinking I’ve seen Nick Cannon give Charlie cliffs prize a
couple of bars game a couple of bar I want to be surprised I wouldn’t be
surprised if you dealt with him for real and there’s a lot of places that Nick
annika go and Eminem can’t even go in you know what that’s all about so I
believe it but um getting down into the fight man listen what happened in the
last fight was a crazy shot to the temple that rock Joshua’s life he
couldn’t he was never the same after that’s right okay after that one shot
I’m sorry yo who are you going with Ruiz Josh we going with I’m going with Joshua
but I’m gonna tell you why Ruiz is not going to be able to hit them
with a one-hitter quitter both of them lost weight
Ruiz lost punching power Joshua gained speed you’re not gonna be easy to tag
like that and it’s gonna be a lot a lot left for that knockout suck one more
that boxers got more than one sir if I’m not mistaken
Andy Ruiz jr. put on weight are you sure I saw a headline that said he ballooned
up you sure I don’t know but I thought I read something they said he lost weight
like a fighter it is it if he gained weight I think
that’s what lost weight and I feel like he said he’s not gonna be we’re trying
to knock knock them out see them setup and try to tag them up like Floyd do you
say pretty don’t get tough and it’s gonna be a boring
more boring fight but it’s gonna go in the ditch listen please keep me five
keep me posted for me on anything that goes on two three or five minutes thank
you thank you okay thanks for you call the homey owl
from Little Haiti tip drill magazine for those who don’t know that’s the guy who
once upon a time called in back when we were doing a live indirect they have a
saying down there in miami-dade County never show your plate to a nigga that’s
hungry what’s out magazine hold on a second Ryan let me go – um – ah good
evening – uh Christian hey Christian 3:01 I think I just
picked him up okay I got that call 301 okay people talking about the fakie miss
hey daddy hold on a second haven’t spoke to valuable he says pops the Joshua Ruiz
rematch is in the afternoon yeah tomorrow afternoon okay thank thank you
me well then I’m not I’m not gonna be able to uh to catch it well maybe I will
where’s that in Dubai the fight Ryan do you know oh well let me check yeah I
think it’s in Dubai thank you Betty how you been man everything right um a
couple of females were asking for you badiy if you want to you know shoot me
an email to give to them that’s my alleged son fatty hold on guys I gotta
take a screen shot whenever he um sends me a cash it yeah just in case you tried
to sue me one day hold on okay let’s go to every Co 403 premium 403 put some
respect on miami-dade Pollock are you there yeah yeah I’m here I’m
here you hear me yes sir how are you I’m great yes oh good man
miami-dade police hey yeah yeah so I woke up today start I rolled me a blonde
with some bubble hash in it okay and I was sitting there like like ain’t even
awake yet so I clicked on that thumbnail watch that video
oh boy that I should wake me up holy yeah that last call it’s got your mind
right on your day off oh man what’s that you’re calling from
misty I’m calling up I’m calling from Canada I’m in Alberta Calgary okay yeah
yeah but uh yeah yeah I thought that video was wild man I was like a hundred
cars I skinned I saw reports that said 19 officers dumped over 200 rounds good
there for hundreds easy easy you know easy easy
I saw four people died two of them were innocent right and cars nearby niggas
die every day man you know just going to buy refried rice and dirty
poultry and a new how about that how about our fight tomorrow I got my money
on Joshua okay do you know if Andy Ruiz doing your put on weight I saw the port
that says he ballooned up you know yeah that’s what I heard too III hear he’s
got he’s coming in I like 285 okay so I think that’s like I don’t know and
they’re in the euro and the euros it’s like I think he’s three pounds or three
to seven pounds heavier than asking you Joshua
okay okay yeah I appreciate the call man keep me posted for anything moves on you
know anything else down there miami-dade County I know you’re in Canada but very
exciting I might I know that was good to see you charged up after last night yeah
thank you thank you okay salute yeah Ronnie where’s that fight it’s in Dubai
yes it’s gonna be in known Saudi Arabia okay okay okay hold on a second I just
picked up that 305 caller that was mark mark thank you for your donation uh and
let me just scroll up here okay I got it that’s something different McCann is
very aware I’d like to see that this comes from 8:00 honey 8:00 do you think Nick Cannon would stand a
good chance he has invited by way of a Instagram Nick Cannon to come on to
MTV’s Wilin out what do you think Ronnie while Nick Cannon will have the
homecourt advantage and I don’t expect for anything that Nick says to be you
know off the top of his head so it’ll be you know written in advance
and rehearsed and you know perfected so in that case yeah he could he could
beat him in a battle potentially but I’d rather see them fight okay okay now how are M&Ms freestyles at
this point I think he would write his ahead of time too I don’t think he would
freestyle like that well I think Eminem has that ability to freestyle Nick
Cannon not so much even the stuff that he wrote was it you know all that hot
when he was you know a rapper so but improv and that show really is an improv
because improv means it’s you know off the top of your head there on the record
is saying that they rehearse everything and you know they practice it and so you
have an advantage when you wouldn’t need when you do that okay hang on a second
area code six four six Moses how are you man you sent in a cash app good evening
hey hey hey sir yep hello yes sir good evening good
evening oh I’m calling about a number on debacle
going online oh okay yeah oh yeah yeah I don’t think people actually know that um
they can’t actually started on to ignite the beef again when you went on TI’s
podcast expeditiously that’s out right now we talked about like oh wait talked
about arm that hour that he told Mariah one they know mMmmm is that and of
course and I heard about it and he went at him sound like so so was everybody up
in arms like complain about it young he talked about Eminem and talking about
him so it’s very game right I did not see that episode and respectfully tea is
a good guy we met but I don’t watch his podcast what exactly did he say did he
say he’s trash I’ll do something to Modi he’d throw a couple shots not not
disrepair actual of course he actually don’t like the whole thing with Eminem I
like you know cuz like I know a big topic like this oh he broke it down for
him and whatever anybody said arm that enemies and his top five he said that a
couple of times before yeah
his legendary and stuff like that but basically when it came to the Mariah
when it comes to Mariah situation and like he said I know I eat all my I
killed him it stuff like that ain’t say how Gucci Mane also wanted to jump in
and and do whatever and and I was like okay you said your piece and said his
piece like okay so like why is everybody complaining but now if you asked me I I
could be wrong I you know I read the lyrics briefly on Instagram earlier and
the lyrics look like trash so it’s like so what if Nick Cannon said something on
a podcast Eminem now coming back with some bars it just looks corny no I mean
I mean not but beside if you actually hear this song call you think you ready
lyrics yeah I think hear the song I did not how’s the song it’s hot if is good
um hi Joe Jay I’m some cooling drain there’s cooling good cooling say yeah
yeah yeah like like it’s actually good probably go puppy school since way and
then you come back and I have a different reaction but like to thank the
lyrics like ed from Kabara football football like you destroyed it
I teach of the whole track hola sir are you okay what are you doing you’re right
you’re rushing yeah alright I’m a caller so I’m just you know sir sir I’m not
going to play out I’ve been there for a decade are you okay how old are you 28
Friday night for you you got paid yeah Friday night you got paid got a little
booger sugar you’re 28 I’m just talking to you stick your
Russian I’ve been here yo are you okay don’t ask you I’m good I’m good I’m good
okay if you need some help man there’s a couple of lines you can call I mean
phone lines and come up but thank you man thank you
thank you thanks for appreciative that the devil knows its own folks I’m not
trying to play the man out the devil knows its own hold on Ronnie Oh John
blaze on the check-in via cash yet wait a minute you slow down he says mo
facts wears Chanel wouldn’t Touring’s hashtag hey girl John blaze on that
bullshit tonight’s loser okay and I got eight honey eights cash and I see three
or five in the queue come on now if you’re from the 305 put some respect of
miami-dade police you know see in LA you can rot every two hours and they have
some laws where you can’t try to put that’s that stuff what they call call
away when they take the car and they try and tail-end the back end of the oh yeah
that maneuvered the pit maneuver right right right yeah miami-dade said we
ain’t got time for that hold this bum shit got lit fast
area code four zero four good evening for four unit was born oh yeah we’re
going on star yes sir how are you I’m good yeah I can’t call about Nick Cannon
in there okay and I feel like if we’re now been ducking that they put Nick for
a while now wait five years and hit tough all of a sudden oh I understand
okay come on Neville billable hello I’m a man take your time come on yeah you
think this real sucker rich man if Nick been put it on to me quick look home and
everything now looks like he got some weak-ass rap trying to go after man
clean he ain’t no stand a chance against making the real world okay almost anyone
yeah will you come from ATL SC 404 yeah from
another ah okay Friday night what you doing man you
hanging out nice yeah I’m glad the crew of this
watching basketball game by the Russians are burnt okay hello so now do they are
they do they go at each other real hard and I know in the past they have but
they’re such good friends from high school and shit like that do they go out
each other’s next door what do you you know what it look like tonight man they
always go ahead to the hallway that’s like classic games like mellow always
bring his best games full of boring you don’t matter hop sorry the team he oh
well the bird come he might he might give you 50 points great like that so
are you a basketball man I heard a rumor about the New York Knicks losing two
games back to back by 35 points each that bullshit no that’s not bullshit
that she had and they cried the coach debate okay it was a coach a black guy light-skinned
guy yeah okay fuck yeah okay all right anything with regards to
miami-dade police did you see the video you saw come on laughs the police all
right thank you for call me thank you okay fall off on the check-in rollin
good evening so I see your Akash up he says should M and Zimmerman came up with
DMX and Nick okay that that’s that’s cute thank you for your cash at and I think I
got that guy than three if I just want to make sure cuz he sent a nice donation hold on a second hey also did we find
out who the girl I hate to at my age you know asked about this hose the girl did
you find out who bad baby ran down on was that today
and it was up on the gram yeah so her name is a
Malu travail home and she’s a spanish singer and dancer from cuba she’s made
me an IDC speak Spanish she’s not Spanish she speaks manners go
ahead well that’s I mean that’s what they’re calling her and all the research
I’ve done right so apparently there was a group chat that she was attitude by Mb
a young boy and bad baby was in the group chat like taking shots at her I
guess and removed her from the group chat so this that’s pretty much with
what this stems from so the girl Malu called bad baby and you know bad baby
told her off and the girl Malu you know made a couple more videos so bad baby
said okay and she she Instagram a picture of her and route to the girl’s
house like the GPS direction like and it showed that she would be there in an
hour and a half so you know the girl was laughing like it’s all fun and games
like you know but that baby really actually pulled up yeah I saw she was
standing on the curb and she had on some some adidas and she was come on come on
out and she was talking to this girl’s grandmother with somebody and the girl
didn’t come out right yeah yeah so you can’t be you know on the internet saying
pull up and then when someone pulls up you you send your family outside so now
wove icky you know she she mopped the floor with bad baby she didn’t like
lumper up her make her bleed oh no nothing like that but now bad baby is
determined to you know to get that impression wiped away of her getting
mopped by Vicky yeah I mean it could be a pussy how could never I’m sorry yeah
this girl Malu also has a project that’s coming out soon so I mean you know this
could be like a coordinated thing for them you know for cliques but I don’t
think so because the girl Malu was also trashing and being a young boy and
making references to the fact that he has an STD oh yeah
the folks listen I’m embarrassed to know this stuff but but this is my this is
what I do I have to pay attention to the babies and MBA young boy is claiming
that one of his ex-girlfriend’s gave him herpes so I’ll come back to that hang on
a second area code nine one – good evening nine
one two Friday night wearing that bullshit oh you do too hey hey hey sir
can you come closer to the phone you in a bad headset or some closer charge I
got that that old nigga napping today every come for one for good evening are
you there for one for man was good stars brandy hey baby how are you hey hey
brandy there Ronnie hey yeah I’m mad like the caller before he stole my whole
little next thing but yet is the next was getting there’s white like in my
team my Milwaukee team they beat about 34 and then they got the guys will buy
the fucking Nuggets right after that thirty or thirty no no I’m not a Knick
supporter in any way shape or form I think they’ve always been trouble yeah
they haven’t won an NBA championship since the the the gas shortage back in
73 they trash it up yeah well I’m just surprised that you know something does
it happen baby lose them before I was even here so right right right and then
last year if I’m not mistaken in February they lost 17 games in a row
fucks up so that and they they say they lost our
yarn I don’t know I don’t even know how much dying I could even help them but
they thought they lost that pic there’s a you know you’re back to you to your
regularly scheduled program and then you said something earlier about and I knew
was you was you representing that the Jadakiss so long cuz that’s my song the
a nine News you said lippisch I love then let it let go – let me let the
least like I’m cold food saying no news Ronnie can you jump in here I’m not sure
what Brandis talking about and you sound focused tonight Brandi because you were
grooving last night yes Brandi last night you know that was the night before
last night right no but star you said smoking Sherm stick pay attention the
poultry dirty ain’t nothing new something something I thought she was
talking about the Jadakiss song oh no no listen we’ve been saying that for our
Dean back in the days back in Brooklyn like you know niggas been dying over
fuckin dirty refried rice and fucking chicken wing dirty chicken up dirty
poultry we’ve been saying that ok yeah ok yeah yeah yeah I wasn’t rhyming I was
just talking about you know niggas dying in the hood you know so I can’t sit here
and like you know cry over a UPS driver me alright hey but you know he may have
been down with it what do you think that was that was very unfortunate ain’t no
new and like us we’re bad baby like I said before they just it’s a car D setup
come on she’s trying to be ratchet and then and then everybody’s gonna love her
she’s gonna grow up and apologize and get and get groomed and it’s it’s gonna
be just another generation of that it moves on that does that that’s why Nikki
screaming and yelling and like these businesses because Nikki was that
Nikki’s Nick Nicky was that that polarizing woman
at one point you know it means yeah but you know Nikki’s not white so she can’t
really shake off the yoke and whiten up I hear what you’re saying but uh if I’m
not mistaken you’re saying bad baby’s gonna do a uh she’s gonna do a
marky-mark and that’s going pretty far back Marky Mark from Boston he shook off
the yoke and he named Mark Wahlberg the actor yes I’m have to do my research on
that I anger like shit up paying a lot to you about knows if I know about that
but yeah yeah yeah for sure but like I was saying man great show all the time
you know always fuck with you me and her chop it up on Instagram DM so let me
just say let me say this and I hate this sound you know so uh just you know funny
stuff but I am funny stuff if you’re a guy
please don’t DM me on Instagram I handle all business via email and it’s just
like you know if you send me one thing that says I’m a supporter cool but don’t
start back and forth and then you’re sending me links and stories and shit
like that my Instagram page and I always tell people this my DMS are for smash
outs you know I’m not married tell me please and I say that
respectfully nine five five go to area code three four seven three four seven
are you there yeah Miami day 305 lay down the law don’t get caught slippin
down in Dade County you’re gonna slug in the mob okay so
yeah I didn’t see that they’re shooting in Miami I mean yes and about that girl um the girl which
was seeing a white girl bad baby yeah no sir never mind bad baby you say
you live in Florida but you did not see miami-dade police put it down I don’t
like the sight of blood you’re scared of violence what sir what a little bit of
blood because I watch i watch you know how I see my food get killed Nora oh my
man story today yeah the big guns came out sir I mean listen I’ve been getting
emailed all day people say yo get on this one Boss Hogg so we talking about
it tonight shit was late it was late so tell me how
can I just be like you like like be beyond the you 2 things
how can I just get him out of here just yeah go to church again asking about
YouTube and I saw this shit come on folks we talked about miami-dade 305 we
had uh six one seven good evening hey hey how’s it going you take off speaker
if you’re gonna start that bullshit I’m gonna text you know who I saw you in the
comments oh yeah yeah yeah no I just sent you I just sent you a cache yet
okay I was about to tell you can get on a line because I wanted to correct the
record for the for the hate room because the because that rabid dog got on his
Constitution last night she missed quoted the Constitution last night I
conceded like a gentleman because I was speaking off the educational of memory
and I was rusty on that so I just conceded and let her have that that the
president couldn’t run up removed from office but I went right so I’m not gonna
text her unless you say her name at you talking a little reckless but I’m not
going to text unless you Dana rabbit ass dog Dana Hector
bringing automata I want her to explain how she read the actual quote from the
Constitution and misquoted it and thought that what it meant was you could
never run again for office of you’re removed from office I could tell you
exactly what she did when she heard me talking she she typed into Google can
the president run for office again if he’s removed from office and the
political PolitiFact came up at the top of the Google page she clicked on it and
in written read to us the first thing she saw on both letters in cursive with
set which said judgment and cases of impeachment shall not extend further
than to removal from office and disqualification to hold any office
honor or trust profit under the United States so what she did was read the
limitations of the Senate and she read that as if it was the actual judgment
for what removal from office is so she misinterpreted okay I just sent Dana
techs sit tight I’m gonna keep you on the line but I’m gonna get back to the
topics nice I’m gonna put you on hold it okay no problem no problem oh don’t be
barking lucky stay right there stay right there this time put your whole
home second let’s go slow folks I’m like bird shit tonight we’re all over the
place and again tomorrow’s fight Andy Ruiz jr. versus
Anthony Joshua – I’m looking for some fight predictions I’m gonna try and
watch this supposedly the fights gonna be in the afternoon in Saudia Arabia yes
Ronnie it’s gonna be in Saudi Arabia Ortiz originally didn’t want to have it
there but you know Anthony Joshua that’s where where he wanted to have it so okay
all right let me go to super chair for a second here hey gem star gem star says
Brandi sounds like she’s asleep she sleeps with with the CPAP machine isn’t
that the thing for um is that when you have that is it narcolepsy
nor collapse easily you fall asleep do you know what that is yeah what is
she Pat the CPAP machine send narcolepsy some type of um folk is never your heart
could be could be can you google that oh I look at that yes see Pat thank you
thank you Jim star Bush killed on the check-in via superjet President Trump
made history today CNBC’s Kramer on economy in a American
these are the best numbers of our lives that we are seeing hashtag Trump 2020
Thank You Man salute Thank You Bush kid Santa Santa Anna Vick Eurostar imma ease
from the west coast of Mexican descent Oh si for me I’m an essay from the west
coast of Mexican descent tell Ronnie we over here saying Oh word question mark
build that wall you can’t sass –tx moking okay and then he references you
by a very vulgar term Thank You Santa Ana Vic for your donation lunar glider
hey good to see you again P star Andy Ruiz is going to stop Joshua again just
like the first fight Ruiz’s hand speed is too fast for Joshua to react to Viva
Mexico who is that I saw that that said the same thing that you said was that
Lennox Lewis I think Lennox Lewis it could be wrong he said that we’re gonna
see this same fight and Ruiz will be victorious again if I’m not mistaken
Clark Hunt on the check-in via super chat start with the YouTube changes that
are going to going into effect December the 10th does that mean we can no longer
send in super Chad saying fu star you can always send them a super chance and
you put scroll on here it gets read I might you know not say it exactly the
way you say it but I’ll let you get your uh your point across
Thank You Man Clark cont right and 403 on the check-ins says Darby
pulling a buck wild with my super chats oh well it’s the Boss Hogg salute his
pimping hashtag respect not well if you say something crazy about a female I
mean I do censor that because I don’t like to call females by derogatory names
you know um but I appreciate you donation 403 on the check-in okay Ronnie
did you get that info or should I come back to you have it so it’s a machine
that used to treat like sleep apnea sleep apnea that’s it what did I say
narcolepsy okay yeah I think narcolepsy is more like fainting spells and seniors
I’m not sure I you could be right I thought narcolepsy was when like you’re
you’re you know doing something and then you you just you fall asleep fast you
know just okay it says disorder disorder yeah yeah I know somebody very famous
who’s got nork narcolepsy I’m not gonna say his name though
good guy let’s go to area code 8 3 2 9 7 3 hello good evening 973 good evening
good evening me OK a BL sit tight Dana’s at you did you all new me
no no I I have to bring you a : ok so a BL uh yes I’m back on the line stay
silent real quick let me cook let me correct this stupid ass dog because with
the language Dana cold and Colin I’m a mole so these have me who set up a
occurring because week everybody here you rabbit I’m not bitch you said
on the phone I came on the line you want to fuckin hurt I don’t know if it is
bullshit if you can’t have a rational conversation then I have to cut the
lines up come on man you won this right Jason right okay so last night and I
just wanted to make it clear cause last night I shot from the hip and I said the
president can run again even if he’s moved from office right and Danny called
up she hit the Google’s real quick and read the first thing she saw which was a
quote from the constitutional PolitiFact and she used that as a reference to tell
me that I was wrong about what I said about the president being able to run
again right so what I did was research that again and what she read was a quote
from the Constitution that was a limitation put on the Senate saying that
the most that they could do was remove him from the office and disqualify him
from holding any office of the president I mean of the United States again that
wasn’t the final judgment so I was right you were wrong I was stupid to give you
give you the benefit of doubt okay let Dana respond let’s take it easy please
let’s take it and respond because it wasn’t political it was the Washington
Post and if you actually read the Constitution and if you all if you go
and have one on one source when you said that he could and I asked you where did
you get it from you didn’t have your source but if you actually did research
color horn can you shut the fuck up I’ll let you
talk let me fucking finish I put him on you guys Danny you have the floor he’s
on you guys what I read what I read it says
if you are convicted you cannot run however you still didn’t do the proper
research cause I just did write another a second source he can he could be
elected president to the elect electoral we don’t the President and we folks but
it’s the electorial see like the electoral voting is what declares who
the president so that’s how he could win the presidency if he is impeached
okay now hang on a second Dana is it possible that you can call in to Dana
show because if you guys have you know make it good okay let’s go ahead and do
mad because I just slapped issues mad cuz I just expose that yeah I’m not
going to our show all right yelling Dana thank you both Dana I appreciate you
cocaine I appreciate you calling back in all right Dana cut him off thank you
good night Thank You Dana good night let’s get back to the show
running you there yeah that was a rather friendly
discussion yeah but a night yeah hold on a second hi so I got the information on
the New York Knicks Wow two games back to back and I don’t want to call him
bother left-handed with this but I was just I was shocked I said what the fuck
I mean folks if you just joining us we started out talking about
the according to CBS Miami 19 officers that were involved in that shooting down
there in Miramar they dumped the steel and four people have been killed didn’t
you send me some type of GoFundMe account for the UPS driver or is that
that fake news what is that running yeah that is a GoFundMe set up by his brother
his name is Frank Ordonez he was 27 he had a three year
old daughter and a five year old daughter so they originally set their
goal at 20,000 and the last I checked it was up to one hundred fourteen thousand
I think that money should be frozen until we know or until the FBI in the
miami-dade Police conduct a full investigation and find out if this guy
was involved in that that that’s not you know too far-fetched he may have been
involved no well you know what my original thought was that the it was an
inside job like as far as like the UPS driver was planned to be their getaway
driver look like they were making it seem like
it was just random that they you know picked that vehicle but when I saw that
you know this was just a chance a happenstance that he was in that
particular truck I don’t think so so you think he was just a victim of
circumstances mm-hmm yeah as was the seven year old man who was also killed
yeah now you sent me a video that I did watch
and they had the face blurred out of the seven year old man and I want to say
this respectfully you know most people don’t know how to react in a shootout or
when the bullets get to flying and what you have to do is hit the deck you know
get low most people are looking trying to see what’s going on and that’s how
you catch it you know rubbernecking and shit like that what
area code nine one – good evening 9 1 – are you there
I want to good evening Yes No maybe I see Elvis – chef Rosenberg in the
other queue ok now I went to I tried to wait for you
hold a second Oh John blaze on the check-in he says MOFA there read this
one this differently mo fax ends in a cash shop he says no plumbing John blaze
sends in a cash yet he says mo fax wears denim coochie cutters hashtag hey honey coochie cutters that was nice ok Casey I
got your email Thank You Casey I got your email Ronnie what is it some type
of tweet or something from Kevin what is this anything to do with what we’re
talking about running something different yeah that was um that we had
like close-up footage okay that shot by somebody in their cars yeah full hate
gleaming I get you cash yet Andy Ruiz hit him so hard his legs are still
shaking okay I gotta see that fight I’m gonna
figure out something my date is tomorrow evening somewhere around 6:00 p.m. so
hopefully I can watch the fight and then you know I’ll just be late to my
appointment Andre uh thank you for your donation
your honor area code nine five four let me get you in line here Andre is at you
night by 4:00 yo yeah yielding star andre andre bill
differently okay got you how are you sir yeah there are you doing longtime
listener first-time caller thanks I’m so I work for the United
States Postal Service here in South Florida okay and okay
sadly this happen a lot down here but mainly in like the Miami area
I know they should allow us to you know to carry our peace with outside you know
but because you work for the government they won’t let us do that you know
there’s been times when I see people look like real suspicious you know Roma
V grunting and I just wish that I had my piece with me but you know we can’t do
that okay so you’re a UPS driver or a United
States Postal Service the United States Postal Service okay and you want to know
carrier okay and you want to carry a firearm to protect the white man’s mail
now I want to carry a firearm to protect my damn cells you know okay but but
you’re you’re distributing the white man’s mail the government’s mail you
want to carry a firearm to protect that well that that is insured so you want
you want to shoot into the street and risk other people’s lives whities uh
property well I deliver white people I’m black people so everything I’m just I’m
just trying to protect my life you know like if the truck catches on fire they
always say all go and save the mail and all that but I look out for myself first
before any mail understood and I appreciate your service now are you
happy were you born and raised in this country do you have any felonies who are
you that you want to carry a firearm I’m from the beautiful island of Jamaica and
I’m a naturalized citizen and I got my concealed earlier this year yes sometime
early this year okay but can I have like four firearms
okay but you don’t carry them when you’re working they won’t let you carry
them when you’re working if I understand you correctly no you can’t bring it on
there’s there’s been times you know you could park you know somewhere else and
walk to work because it’s a government building you know you can’t have it in
the property so there’s been times I I forget it and I have to park all the way
out of Publix and then walk to my office mm-hmm well sir if I can say to you
respectfully respectfully I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a West Indian
carrying a firearm to protect whities
respectfully you know because give me a second a lot of West Indian security
guards that they have something against african-americans you know they shoot
them in parking lots Walmart and all these other places
they take more pride in protecting Whitey’s property you know well I want
your shooting African Americans over the fucker male fuck that mail it’s insured
the goddamn truck is insured why do you need it done when you deliver the mail
we’ll start that that’s your understanding on your reality you know
you know that’s all for your experiences but I only care you know I care about
the mail but I care about myself before anything so and I love all of our black
people what are they in West Indian are the my Yankee Boulevard a lot of people
them our diva mixed mixed people to if he is a mixed with so Italian descent I
don’t okay so what you’re saying sounds great but you know I came up in the 70s
and 80s and I know that West Indians you know we really weren’t fucking with
Yankees as they just say back in the days you you couldn’t even go eat in
West Indians homes dinner unless you were related to them they didn’t fuck
with Yankees like wow I didn’t know that cool at all cool well thank you man
respect respect keep it going yes sir all right sorry if that was a little
harsh folks but hankies like that back knees get maybe that’s going too far
back times are different now it’s just delivering the mail you know
fuck them after my runs down for mail just give him the mail you have a
shootout in the goddamn Street over the fucking mail in the truck universe and
you know there is come on would say there is a saying going postal
so postal workers already have a reputation of being you know a little
unhinged those West Indian security guards
run down on on African Americans in the parking lots over a shit that’s insured
in Walmart and I’m a half to death you know hang on a
second universe cell one sends in a cash at sea pat force for sleep apnea thank
you for the clarification yeah a lot of people had that if I’m not mistaken
sleep apnea elvis the chef rosenberg leading sir he says star got his callers
shivering no I’m no I’m just I’m putting respect where respect is due at first I
thought the shooting took place in LA right Ronnie I said well I said so that
that happened in LA and then I yeah there was a another hostage situation in
LA but that one ended with you know the hostage being alive
so a lot of people have been making reference to that situation in
comparison so I think that’s probably like you know you thought that okay
holistic money torture torture sends in a super chair thank you why am i blocked
question mark question mark question mark that effing Dana and has been
Ronnie question mark mophir president star as vice make
America great again block from where tore shit I don’t blog people unless
you’re in my on my personal IG page and you’re just you you’re sending me stuff
via DN de I don’t want to entertain are you trying to you talking about in the
live chat we don’t blog people alive so here’s what’s going on in the live chat
in case you a new viewer or subscriber there’s haters in there and they can put
you in timeout and they can sit you down for two weeks here DJ Elias educated me
on that years ago and again if you knew the live chat is over here I don’t even
look in it I look over here to the cash app and super chat but thank you so much
for your donation torture okay Clark hunt again says I’m donating
to power bottom and tranny chaser so they can send in some
Suba chats to troll the show salute to you big nigga thank you sir Clark cunt
okay power bottom and tranny Jason Clark can’t also said fu f nigga he’s talking
to me Dana is a WoW okay mister Dana’s not on the line I don’t like to take
shots at the females women on the line thank you man he’s calling Dana names
Donkey Kong stuff like that transcendent music says star you should have hung up
on Dana as soon as she said the Electoral College I didn’t hear that 403 on the check-in says via super jet I
have never said something foul about women put some respect on my dollar
before me freaky London and kid harmless rundown
on you respectfully hey I haven’t spoke to kid dangerous in a while is he okay
anybody know I sent him an email to check on him he didn’t respond and then
he sent me another email saying he was gonna battle somebody then I just
haven’t spoke to him hopefully he’s okay but thank you
4:03 on the check-in let me just make sure I read that verbatim put some
respect on my dollar but okay before me freaky London and kid harmless rundown
on you how is freaky London doing anybody know freaky London from the BX
got that work from some white boys it’s all I know
haven’t seen him in a while but thank you again 403 in the check-in all right
I’m coming back to blade Gemstar and a host of others give me a second 305 oh shit good evening three or
five-year there we old scar was really good was gonna get back on it but I had
to give you that respect but uh one thing I didn’t want to say think before
I didn’t get to say before well yo sad joke
good okay hey it’s really good and I’m gonna tell you one thing about him you
going like this it’s after his after his like this he gonna surpass your boy
alone man anything is your boy I’m just saying
oh cool hey man listen listen he could do it oh he could do it he could do it
Fat Joe is are you telling me very crack Joe’s a living legend we’re going no
doubt absolute hell Cool J is in a different category you’re talking about
an icon a pioneer different category respectfully for so so yeah so but
anyways thought man was spreading man I had to put some respect when I don’t
need you okay blade on the checking yo subjet
miami-dade police took a page out of the haters haters guide to gun fighting to
hell with the hostage to hell with bystanders everybody getting shot you
know I don’t know the laws in Miami or even um Miramar with regards to police
conduct but certain areas they don’t give you that time to play around and
you know negotiate based upon tax brackets and other things they just they
cut the short shit short and and again respectfully the driver may have been in
on it they may have information or had information that just say fuck it
everybody goes you know before you know it more innocent people get shot that
were in the cars and Rhonda you even commented that you were a little
concerned that the police were using people’s cars to hide behind as they
were shooting it shooting into the UPS truck yes yes they were literally using
you know the vehicles of regular people as shields there was one video I saw
where there was a police vehicle that was unoccupied meaning the officer was
out of the vehicle and it was a car behind it and another car stuck behind
that well they were bumper-to-bumper pushing you know using the weight of
their vehicles to push that police vehicle to try to get out of the way and
the officers were using that caravan of three cars as a shield get out
active shooter get out I’m silly 9 1 – good evening are you there 9 1 2 9 1 2
Yes No maybe hey hey hey okay you aren’t that good shit let’s take it slow what
are you doing let’s start there what are you on oh it’s okay
get off the speakerphone come closer I’m going to talk to you come on
hey I’m gonna croak of the week okay are you speedballing you you ain’t you
shooting it in your veins what are you doing no I’m trying to I’m good here
mm-hmm you’re you’re on the coke n dope you’re not just one coke I can hear it
you’re on the coke and the dope that’s that’s called speedball and you you shot
it with a needle yeah I’m all cold I’m all cocaine J right right were you
calling from I’m from Savannah Georgia okay okay what do you want to go to him
let’s take it slow yeah her name is not bad baby
her name is bear Barbie are you sure can you can you confirm that Ronnie that
was bad yeah everyone on the name is bad Barbie not their baby I think he needs some
help okay yeah yeah I’m trying I’m trying to tell you her name is not bad
baby their baby is don’t is it okay now are
you a fan of hers you know her music I know she’s got a track called hi bitch
right hi bitch I bet ya he was 18 not be easy easy don’t don’t go there slow it
down slow it down you’re high you’re high
okay so now are you a roba key supporter fuck whoa Vicki I love wool Vicki yeah
be a pussy ho could never come on Vicki 18 yeah whoa Vicki said on her IG today
she said if you um buy some of my merch she’ll give you a shout-out but no I’m
trying to do all that look nigga stonewalling pay attention there Barbie
a name is not bad baby okay I name is bad barb okay Ronnie can you confirm
this is a bad baby a bad Barbie for this man he spends crawler it’s bad Barbie
okay well I’m looking at her I’m looking at her Instagram so either she’s
spelling her name wrong or you know there must be some other explanation
because it was bad baby muscle I trust what you’re saying yeah
no sir how long of a binge are you gonna go on and we’re not bad baby okay never
mind her sir how long are you gonna be on this binge do you need help do you
need help seriously long have fun I’m having fun okay here’s what I want you
to take away from this call tonight you listening you listening yeah rehab is
for quitters don’t you be a quitter okay now I’m not a quitter
okay all right thank you man have a go in salute okay yeah we have quitters you
keep on getting on uh Sal G 102 good evening
got your cash yet he says fuck Eminem and fuck Nick Cannon
they both whack fuck out of here okay thank you coming back to the phone lines
shortly hold on a second guys John John blaze on the check-in yeah let
me take her so he says mo facts with legs crossed wearing a hair bone anklet thank you John blaze who is this hear
something about okay Moringa Moringa origins I got your email do you want to
call in homie lorrison let me know if you want to call him an it and promote
my Moringa origins calm I drank all the tea the tea was nice and I used up all
the soap good products Moringa origins calm let me go – is it how do I say this
name ji de J a why I D a very pretty she says Dana is so verbally disgusting
hashtag loud and wrong Jay Jay a Y idea is it Judea Cade educator I’m gonna see
Joe yes but thank you darling I get your
your cash gem star says y’all got Dana tight having her callin just as she was
about to sit down and treat herself to a Lean Cuisine was a bad move I appreciate Dana and I’m not gonna have
people like you know say her name and then not give her the chance to call in
and have yells a great guy but he was in the comments section from what somebody
told me yesterday clapping at Dana and you know I want to give her the chance
to respond well maybe have him call into her show who knows they might have good
discussions on her platform and her platform is the real Dana on YouTube let
me just make sure I mention that again Clarke cunt says read every one of my
upcoming super chats word for word well listen I try and keep
in mind for those of you who um you either new to the show or you don’t take
take into account that I’ve always tried to read every super chat you got a lot
of people or most people they just say thanks they call your name and they say
thanks and they don’t even try to read what you send in alright give me credit
for that let’s go to area code h70 believe me eight seven zero are you
there be handed a bail bondsman hey what’s up man
are you can we talk about the 305 what’s good yes sir I call the talk colleagues
our business this is my area I’m a bail bonds I’d like to reiterate and a
private investigator you know Arkansas by where witnesses
come on but yeah yeah but you guys see I wanna
hit a couple angles ain’t nobody hit on so if you heard the UH the sheriff he
said hey they they robbed the place and they didn’t give up in they were put he
been said they didn’t give up and surrender so people’s lives gonna be
endangered they you know off the top okay it was on them but you got
understand they you dealing with pure animals in Florida and down there in
South Florida there’s a little like cold egg black and now them doing just the
babies but you got millions of little niggas like that I hate to say it they
got to make it sell for the show you hate y’all gonna be doing this for
everyday and this is what’s going to happen right we gonna go for broke oh
yeah we go knock all y’all out do some stupid we gonna make you pay the price
so we they’re doing that for an example and then also you got to look at we may
in a UPS truck they could start shooting other innocent people they could have
took other people hostage so they have to
go ahead and go and use full force and take people out even your safety here
innocent bystander like I said what we can they know it’s gonna be on TV they
got a show now look hey y’all look look Negros hey you run up at these stones do
this you want do this this is what’s gonna happen you’re not gonna make it
out you’re not gonna go to jail and the other tell about a show of force I
forget where Kodak is from is he from Tallahassee or Jacksonville because you
know he was he from he down there from the bottom somewhere he’s somewhere down
there in the bottom of South Florida from that if I’m not mistaken I’m pretty
sure like Broward County it’s somewhere down there
Oh know what I’m saying because he’s locked up now you got you got the other
young guy and I say this respectfully his name is Glock nine he’s talking
grease yeah yeah okay you got me you got me them little niggas really the kids
the ones that shot it they were down there so they can’t you can’t claim when
you guys we got little dudes like that you cannot play with them I’m a bail
bonds I was just at a house this morning we go there we go all the way in you
know it just it just is what it is cuz don’t they gonna keep doing it they
gonna try you they gonna play you they’re gonna keep breaking the store
but nothing like all the police they see there for something also you got
understanding sheriff’s trying to get reelected they gotta makes a white
constituents feel safe hey when we get when we got Negroes they
act up we’re gonna put them down now hang on a second what word the robbers
affected where the robbers black I don’t even know were they were they when they
were followed out the truck and look light it like like no blackmail
unfortunately that’s what they look like I sing and follow that when they were
shooting and they saw that truck on the other hand they look like black males
yes they were do black yes okay they were both black both 41 years old one
named Lamar Alexander the other one named Ronnie Hill niggas trying to get
it ghosts are a bitch oh yeah yeah just
football mo top I called you about policy seen Hillary Clinton on the
Howard Stern Show they trying to make a look how good they getting a prepare man
yeah that was about three days ago wasn’t it she was like yeah I I didn’t
watch that I didn’t watch that man yeah I didn’t need like it I can’t watch
that crap with her on their body you know they’re getting prepare but yeah
that’s what’s going down with you know with it I also have to say man hey
protecting at all cost anybody hate no thing hey you got a problem with
yourself that’s hey this babe man hey listen that’s why I always let her call
in because I’m not gonna have people taking shots at her and she can’t defend
herself I don’t read some of the overly harsh
stuff you know Dan Tana’s a writer she does great research she’s there for me
so I’m not gonna have people just you know talking reckless about her you feel
me right right yes you know she can’t woman you don’t see one them then what
you call strong black women see though she gets oh yeah there’s you know mouths
going off in character but that’s cute for me you know say I love that about
her she she don’t take no shit yeah we can all real they’re real nigger like me
bringing control the woman like that I get our last just need a real man you
know not in this area yeah but you look at that laughs then you get home you
know right go sit down somewhere I got your chill out you know controlling her to be okay so she took me to see the man
gives me the real man the like my that’s all
listen I appreciate the call think of a donation and salute already already okay
hold on hold on Ronnie uh super Chad’s piling up hold on a second
okay red gem star Clark cunt okay he’s just saying Fu Fu Fu talk me
Fu Fu okay sir this is a redundant and then he said salute Thank You Clark cunt hold on Ronnie hey Indrani also let’s um
we didn’t explore whether the the jewelry shop owner or manager whoever
that was that was exchanging gunfire with the robbers if that person could be
liable for the death of the UPS driver and that 70 year old
if he if he how if he shot at the robbers as opposed to just letting them
take the merchandise which is insured and let them go you follow me because if
he didn’t shoot because something happened somebody shot across the street
into City Hall you know and that’s what alerted everybody well the police say
that the police said that they were alerted by a silent alarm there was an
exchange of gunfire at the jewelry store one of the workers was hit in the head
by a bullet that ricocheted after hitting something else but I don’t see
how the store owner or the store itself could be in any way liable for you know
what unfolded 25 miles down the road but I mean a good lawyer can find something
that you know most people can’t think of it could be a reach but I heard and I
could be wrong that the store owner actually exchanged gunfire can you
double check on that yes no that is true that happened hope said that did happen
okay so did he shoot first or did the robbers because the robbers wouldn’t
want to alarm anybody by shooting the guns you follow me robbers maybe it’s
hey let’s get the fuck out of here and then here you got the store owner you
bang bang bang you know a silent alarm versus gunshots okay we’re out of here
but you know once you start ripping shots into City Hall which was across
the street then the police like oh hell no hell no we’re not gonna had this
bullshit hold on a second money uh cash app user two sends in a donation
remember we were in the Blu Cantina and dude got popped
what’s Blu Cantina I know that hold on a second honey Google that I’ve
been in a bunch of places where people were shooting that sounds familiar
guys oh no work that wasn’t no that was an Atlanta that’s right yeah I was in yeah I was at the fucking bar this is
about maybe three years ago four years ago I’m in the back got ready to have my
drink at the Blu Cantina it’s on P Street somebody started shooting right
in front I finished my drink but I’m not running
up out of here and people came into the back
thank you uh Nathaniel for your donation John blaze on the check and he says mo
facts is the black angry lesbian and Walmart okay big knock one he says you week letting
Dana talk like that all the time no sir Dana’s from Jersey my nigga I
don’t know if you know Jersey film females wives from Jersey you know Jersey females defend themselves and
again I’m not gonna let somebody just talk reckless about Dana and I told ivl
listen if you’re gonna talk reckless I’m let her call in he wanted to smoke okay
in the bail bondsmen I spoke to him Thank You Man for your donation again that your phone Ronnie’s making some
noise you okay crazy and ECT 4 & 5 says caller sounds like Craig okay me the guy
from Savannah do we get a confirmation is a bad baby or bar a bad Barbie that
was bad baby it’s bad baby I don’t know what was wrong with the caller
I think he had whatever brandy had the other night mmm wait a minute somebody’s
snitching on me wait a minute okay Brooklyn nigga star what the fuck
you talking about you not comfortable with West Indians packing heat when
you’re half Guinea ass was using West Indians for target practice outside the
dance hall club back in the late 80s that was the 90s sir and I was using
anybody for target practice I had a situation it went left I was the victim
and that that’s what ultimately was declared I was the victim you know thank
you for your donation did the garden boy King two for says uh
the past passed down show learn how to finesse your supervisor okay is that
your your show sir the past down show thank you very much for your donation
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hold on Ronnie did I miss that one give me a second that’s amazing said via
super tech data shows Republican tax cuts are always followed by a crash the
economy is good now due to feds international percentage
rate not Trump okay thank you that’s amazing says don’t be surprised
if the feds talk about raising the rate at the at the being of the next year
okay but you meant to say beginning okay you didn’t spell beginning it makes you
then you will see a shift nothing to do with Nancy oh truck okay that was
another show okay super juice says it’s payday Friday I get it to you when I got
it hater okay thank you we’re Wiis about to put the hands on
that boy again tomorrow salute boss chick Ronnie okay thank you
super juice I appreciate you so about the lateness stars tranny says
Ronny likes to sit on her fire escape and smoke unfiltered Newports Ronny
smokes mentals yes Ronnie yes menthol with the filter I couldn’t handle it
without the filter and what else I want to mention tonight I had a bunch of
notes here and we started talking so much about shooting uh guys I have not
heard Fat Joe’s album but I will check it out I’ve always liked Joe’s music but
if you want to join the conversation we are still talking about mmm and Nick
Cannon that’s in the title because if we if we put the the police the shooting in
Florida I’m sure I can’t monetize the video but yeah Nick Cannon has said
telling mm to come on down to MTV Wilin out to battle and then he called him
grandpa Marshall I didn’t mention that bring your ass to at MTV Wilin out to
battle like a real legend grandpa Marshall I know yeah
he also said that come on he also said that Eminem needed some cialis talk
reckless okay and you can still call them with your predictions about
tomorrow’s fight Andy Ruiz jr. vs. Anthony Joshua with predictions okay
let’s go to area code two one for good evening to and for you there hello to
1/4 to 1/2 hey highwayman yo you how are you sir
big star okay Gary great I won’t talk to you about Ruth and Joshua please yeah so
check it out check it out he came in at 283 today really did oh
yeah ‘we have your like 20 pounds heavier but
he’s playing a game he’s playing a game he weighed in and his clothes and it’s a
Vera Wang right just the players doesn’t make him think that he’s coming in fat
and overweight but he’s not gonna come in at the same way and he’s gonna put
some same hands on them he did the first I trust and believe if you didn’t know
anybody’s trying to lay bet put all your money whatever you got put it on that
napkin he’s gonna put that ass guarantee you oh yeah you’re gonna whoop that ass
guarantee you and I’ll send you that cash out too by the way
okay so this is your world Bob see who’s on the undercard I hope we haven’t even
mentioned that you know I’ve been really pay too much attention so it is a couple
of you know it’s a really a bunch of guys we need to about notify so I’m like
that but just how sweetie okay wean this guy out so you can get the
first contender and all that business but okay this is a big fight for the
night of course but yeah yeah real talk put the money on Louise I see you call
it from – one for any thoughts on Nick Cannon he wants to battle mmm
Nick Cannon went on TI’s podcast supposedly you know talking about mm and
here we have mm clapping back on Fat Joe’s new album any thoughts do you give
a shit she’s a fool he’s a fool he’ll not that smoke he’s a fool he does not
want that smoke and then we roast him really I’m Eminem will wrote me can yes
yes yes I’m 46 years old born in 73 a bit of a hold here a little bit of old
you know glory days of Raffles in the 90s in my head you know I’m just saying
I’m just saying he do not want that smoke yeah I’m a brother that respect
all the brothers in rapping and different ways hear what’s going on in
2019 2020 adalah but I’m telling you even I want that smoke with Emma no no
now hang on a second so now are you saying that MGK Machine Gun Kelly did
not eat Eminem’s food yeah that happened that happened but
Nick Cannon ain’t got that smooth well nobody thought Machine Gun Kelly could
do it either he laid him down yes me Leedom yes
that’s to be on the same platform they on the same platform champ they are not
on the same platform no sir no Nick Cannon Kelly are not on the same
platform I don’t watch MTV Wilin out it’s just
not my flavor but you know Nick Cannon’s been doing that for a while you don’t
think he could flip some bars and say some some funny crazy you should I mean
he battles with the DCO young fly all those guys
conceited hit man hallo Charlie Clips so I mean we can’t say he’s a slouch hey
this lounge star he’s cute he’s cute he’s you know he’s commercial he’s cute
mmm we’ll really Real Talk Roseville there’s gonna get on the cypher anything
like that he would roast them I’m telling you he would it Nick Cannon is
the one old cop one old pop guy he knows how to
manufacture himself you know I’m saying he’s not that he’s not the type of cat
that’s gonna be like um let’s just mean you get him like I get a mic let’s get a
crowd I can roast you you can troll no that’s not gonna happen let me ask you
this before you go let me ask you this what could Eminem rap about at this
point that would be convincing in a battle he’s an older guy he’s got a
daughter he can’t talk about guns and you know
all this other extra shit nobody would believe him Nick Cannon however could
be–could know Nick Cannon however could talk about smash and Em’s daughter and
other shit that people say whoa I think it might be even a thing
I feel you saying I put him in the same categories like say Eddie Murphy he’s
coming back anymore can’t come back new spannabis Kansas has a different a
material now same thing within them even come with same material so got same
skill or different material same skills why do you want to jump in Ronnie
I’ll let their I mean Eminem has the ability he has the ability to rap to
freestyle to do all of those things it’s just that he hasn’t been releasing
material that’s you know relevant or you know don’t tip him off and see what
happens all right to theme office do it all pictures guardship he’s still got
some skills hey hey I don’t run around bumping him I can respect the kids got
you alright thank you sir thing for the core salute thank you much hold on a
second hey Terry Terry Center the donation says she says lmao when you
talk about West Indians well it’s all out of respect you know I mean I’m not
trying to clown them I mean I’m from a different era I’m very proud of my
generation and I I’m speaking from experience you know I used to maneuver
with West Indian girls when I first moved to New York and I have some family
from st. Kitts in Dominica over there in Flatbush which is where I first stayed
and you couldn’t go to their homes to eat you know I mean anybody the
live-chat know what I’m talking about they just didn’t let Americans in you
know to have dinner having dinner at the table back in the 80s if you were a
Yankee and with the West Indian family they’d find any type of excuse to tell
you to come back come back later but thank you for your donation hey Patrice
Patrice sends in a donation start going to visit unwind watashi kay
okay don’t be snitching Patrice snatch any
that’s next week it’s Tuesday snitch but thanks for the donation
darling thank you so much generation of snitches hey Michael thank you man he’s
uh on the line six one seven hold on let me get him on the line here Mike six one
seven easy man you got the wrong one this is Ariel again what we’re done man
Dana’s not on the line we’re done tonight okay I’m not trying to thank you think you
know what a burn let’s give it a break hey Mike is that
you six one seven yeah hey how you men turn good man I wanted to jump in on
Andy Ruiz versus Anthony Joshua I mean a lot what I was gonna say you know the
glass call is actually on point with what he was saying but the what ad Ruiz
did in the lead-up to this fight was he tricky he tricked Anthony Joshua’s camp
into thinking that he was going to come in
lean he released a number of photos of himself from a couple of years ago when
he was a good deal lighter so Anthony Anthony Joshua if you remember during
the last fight it was very big and jacked up like as you know it would be
it was one of his biggest fights that he came in at so he’s lost a considerable
amount of weight because he thought that Ruiz was going to slim down but so now
what you have is you have Anthony Joshua who look you know he looks he doesn’t
doesn’t look well when you see him it the way and you know he does he looks
thin and you know not very muscular and then you have and your Ruiz who is
coming in you know bigger or around the same size when he knocks you out last
time so I I just I don’t see it despite going more than maybe five rounds I
think Joshua will be we’ll be out of there pretty much I mean I just don’t go
any other way but uh can I let me comment on the Eminem Nick Cannon please
you know I think we’re forgetting that mm is a very very skilled emcee when it
comes to you know constructing bars I don’t think Nick Cannon is anywhere near
the you know the level of what Eminem can do if we’re just talking about
battling in a battle rap situation um has experience doing that you know I
just don’t see that I don’t think it canning being able
to even survive you know not even close like not even closed in my opinion well
hang on a second Mike hang on where has Eminem had experience you know
prior to 8 mile all that stuff which was years ago battling and Nick Cannon has
been battling for years on this MTV Wilin out so are you talking about
Eminem’s experience from back in the days because that was a different type
of battling well if you think about it Eminem’s like the movie 8 mile was based
on mmm you know he performed in the rap Olympics Ricky he came in second and he
had to beat a lot of really really good MCS the guy that beat him was was this
guy named juice out of Detroit I believe it was but Mike what year was that give
me the year please we use it 1995 okay okay Mike respectfully respectfully
we just walk we just watched Cassidy get washed if you ask me twice
but Arsenal oh yeah and Goods and he was the man back in the days yes exactly
but Emmett but but Nick Cannon had never have never been a real battle rapper if
you’re talking about Cathy going up against two you know guys that are on
his same level or were very experienced like guys like Arsenal I mean he’s him
real force to be reckoned with and batter up Nick Cannon has never been in
a real battle before and he we’ve never seen anything like from him what we’ve
seen from Eminem as far as the lyrical ability you know Eminem he showed us
that you know that he can compete and put together words unlike you know most
other people even in the rap game and we’ve seen very few people that can you
know perform at that level I think Mike I’m gonna jump in and say respectfully I
don’t believe Eminem was really you know back in those days battling top-tier
battle rappers if we’re talking to troit battery you have to talk about
calico you have to talk about mid midwest miles you have to talk about
others that have really put Detroit on the map in terms of battling I don’t
think mmm has those types of types of skills anymore but I’ll do the last word
well he may not have those cyber scopes but he has enough to watch anything that
Nick Cannon brings to the table I think I just don’t I don’t see anything I
don’t see anything that Nick Cannon could bring because Nick Cannon cannot
yeah you can’t freestyle so how is he going to do rebuttal around and where
Eminem could work but you know Nick Cannon stuff but Nick wouldn’t be able
to think on the spot the way that mm could do it is that so okay thank you
man good to talk do you want to comment on the the police down there in a
miami-dade County the shooting did you see it I actually I’m not up to speed on
that but I might a good video Ronnie’s talking about okay good to talk to you
man thank you for your donation thank you okay hang on Ronnie who else is that
a Detroit x-factor how could I forget – homie am i giving Nick Hannon too much
credit Ronnie as an anything ya know as a battle rapper as a battle rapper Nick Cannon should be getting zero
credit as a battle effort that’s not battle rapping he’s doing on Wilin out okay well he’s got conceded there again
arsenal no no no hit man holla Charlie clip so he so he’s with the top
tier guys I’m sure he’s learned from them picked up things from that let me
look to the light check live check to make sure I’m not crazy am i doing too
much on the microphone I think Nick Cannon could give Eminem the business
okay they say no stores shut the fuck up let’s keep I was slippin nine 160 there
good evening nine one six yeah hey what’s up man
hello yeah glad a noise in the background sure you got that take off
the headset or something Bluetooth sorry I’m in the car okay I’m gonna car
heading to work my bad my bad I gotta I gotta set a couple of things
straight first off respect to the show thank you dearly appreciate you out here
put man work straight up thank you first off yo yo lightweight guy isn’t it
lightweight that stuff right there I don’t want to close on your show but
he’s saying that they can defend himself with battle rap did you forget about
total slaughter you’re gonna have made a whole reality show ring in the calicoes
and uh hello hello hello what happened so you there you there I didn’t hang up
on him hello okay his lion cub that wasn’t me sir you there you’re
there That’s not me give me a second Ronny let me go to a
black racist super chat so story do you think Joshua is fighting in the Middle
East so he can juice on Ruiz I don’t know because I think if he loses this
fight his career is over that’s a good thought I don’t know I don’t know what
the regulations are if you can juice up as you just said I have no idea he might be banging suss 300 he might be
has some other shit VP of dumpster juice Entertainment sends in a super jet my
aunt our boss nigga Charlie told me I can find the most dumpster juice
beat-making nigga here oh okay what’s up I’m trying to sign Hundred Acre Woods
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Woods if you’re out there shoot me an email to a link he’s making a little
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but thank you VP of dumpster juice entertainment that was cute
mr. flowers sends it a donation mr. train how do you deal with women that
you make plans with flake on you and reach out to you during the week like
nothing ain’t happened let me read that again how do you deal with women that
make plans with you flake on you and reach out to you during the week like
nothing happened at least I’m a man of a certain age how will do you do you want
to call in why are they flaking on you I think that’s the question are you
smashing them the right way are you a trick why do they flake on you
see that that’s the key and then reach back out to you do you do you send them
things do you buy them things why do they circle back and play you like
you’re a nice guy sounds like you’re a nice guy you know one of the greatest
rappers ever said treat her like a prostitute
let me look the live-chat see if you know who that is don’t treat no girly
something-something until you’re sure the scoop hang on Ronny yo your SIM PIN
sir don’t be symptom for these holes mom
don’t be symptom if they okay okay they get ya Slick Rick treat her like a
prostitute don’t be sentencer please don’t do that Leonard sends any superjet store would
you consider taking Ronnie and taking Ronnie and to a gentlemen’s club
no no Ronnie has a fiance sir I’m not I wouldn’t take 20 to a place like that
a Christmas party no sir I wouldn’t have a Christmas party at a strip club sir I
don’t make it rain on hope now I’m not up in the club you know throwing
throwing money at hoes but thank you sir I appreciate the donation so that Rico 6
1 0 good evening 6 100 are you there what up star Hey
leaving I think one thing too much time I just want to touch on a M&M and Nick
Cannon it’s a little bit yes sir Nick Cannon called him out yeah it
called him out yeah but what kind of battle would that really be a lot of
television a while an hour like a money bout of battle would that really be well
somebody called in and said that smack should put it on URL and you know Eminem
did have a league one time total slaughter and remember they they put on
Joe Budden vs. ha loaded on yeah yeah yeah total slaughter yeah remember that
shit so so I mean Nick Cannon has called him out I mean what are we supposed to
do say nine eyes supposed to call them out I mean he got the right like you say
he got the top tears behind him the Charlie clicks to concede it the hit man
so I’m pretty sure they gonna take a hand and helping them right framing them
but what happy enough I don’t know sir if you asked me Eminem is washed there I
said it he’s washed nice be my guy he’s washed okay I mean MJ he does battle
empty and GK like it was so impressive was it not was it not impressive at all
he took an L sir if you ask me from MGK I thought I thought that’s not the
question there wasn’t the question track was fired that all took him down matter
of fact I think I said he put him in a coffin now he can get out of the coffin good come on that’s all I got now I’m
just come soon and I’m just listening I hate it okay thank you miss Liu thank
you okay salute yes sir Wesley Pipes on the
check-in via super chat yo Ronnie I’m swinging swinging the tool with one hand
fantasizing about you when you’re gonna put the cigarette down okay and he’s
talking a little vulgar Thank You Wesley I’m not gonna put it down okay
blade on the check and I got your donation blade thank you bet Remmy says
you stay dumping on us West Indians lol that was back in the coke war days of
the 80s ate beef with Americans black or y’all half-breeds niggas that’s exactly
he typed I read it verbatim so you have to listen I’m actually showing a lot of
respect to the Old West Indians especially when I talk about some of the
things that they used to stand on you know oh take offense I don’t think
there’s anyone that can say you know that West Indians were just you know
loving African Americans first generation West Indians at that you know
I mean did we intertwine intermingle yes but there’s different cultural lines you
know that everybody didn’t want to cross with Americans let’s keep it real
Americans were looked at looked upon by many other Outsiders as not having a
culture number one that’s why Japanese look down upon Americans people from
Spain look down upon a Puerto Ricans you know but thank you for your donation
not saying that they’re right I’m just saying that there has been my experience
from the past but thank you for your donation 7:07 good evening are you there
707 John blaze on his goddamn check hey what’s up man man bro it was a reason
why I’m calling for that calling came in said Louise uh Ruiz lost weight for the
goddamn fight that’s a goddamn lie it was just on
eeeh spirits this morning they say Ruiz put on pounds for the fight that’s what
I thought I thought that he blew up I saw the point he said he blew up you was
right he was absolutely right so the first thing the boxing up aficionados
talked about this morning about the goddamn fight I took the goddamn under
for the third round for Ruiz to tire out and go ahead and give up on the goddamn
fight come on hey he called him hey bruh Hey he playing with people’s money with
that call right there Hey look hey you got a look at the
history of the boxing game right now you got Lennox Lewis who’s coming out to
UK you got a Frank Bruno who came up UK the UK fighters just trying to get on
the map right now because you got you got right now you got Tyson Fury you out
of you can’t you got su Joshua out of you can’t you got number five Dylan
white out of the UK the problem right now they don’t want to fight in Vegas
that’s why they fighting over there early in the Middle East okay
Ruiz Ruiz wanted to fight either in Atlantic City or in Vegas so he didn’t
want to come over here because they’re sparsely they never came over here Frank
Bruno lost to Mike Tyson over there in the UK you look at the fighters who lost
over in the UK Lennox Lewis was the only real duels who fought in Vegas to go
ahead and approve a goddamn point I only called to prove a point and let you know
that you was right I’ll say he put on weight I’m taking I’m taking Joshua’s to
tire out the fat boy eight it’s a toss-up
it’s a toss-up but I’m gonna take Joshua to tire out the fat boys because you
know is based off conditioning opposed to a knockout but we’ll go into the
eighth round and we’ll see Joshua make it happen man that’s all it is breath
okay Thank You Man that’s all it is thank you all right hello John blue okay
John blaze breaking it down okay so you put on weight for real for real okay
we’ve hit the two-hour mark Ronnie up have a great evening I’m gonna wrap this
up with these super Chad’s that I’m gonna get up early in the morning I
appreciate anything you want to say Ronnie before we head out no I just I’m looking forward to seeing
you know what’s gonna happen was bad baby who will she cuts out and pull up
on that all right have a good evening we’ll talk tomorrow at some point you
can take care thank you let me finish up on some of these super Jets hang on a
second I have one two three okay Tran terrain says star how did the
tranny you left back in Rome New York feel when you told it that you that you
were moving to the a the holy mecca of transformers question mark there was no
training training room New York sir but thank you or ma’am but thank you power
bottom on the check and says fuck Wesley Pipes okay Ronnie I can give you your
life meaning just ask star honey
okay thank you power bottom somebody called power bottoms name out earlier
who that was thank you hey thank all of you for your support tonight 403 on the
check-in says ain’t nobody getting Christmas gifts this year I’m supporting
the machine hashtag ask Jesus for gifts Thank You 403 on the check and you
appreciate it alright um I think that’s all the cash
apps I got everybody been tremie okay please don’t miss my super chat balls
nigga let me let me go back let me go back I thought I read that bit Remy I did read that and been trained me in
case you don’t know I’ve got some West Indians in my family uh back in the days
my aunt she’s gone now oh she said say some really crazy shit that’s the one
that told me catch this one I was maybe 10 years old she said Troy be careful
who you lay down with because a woman no because a child born of a dark mother
will see many a dark fuck me up when I was a kid it’s whoa
a child born of a dark mother will see many a dark days be careful who you lay
down with that’s how they used to speak back in the days the West Indians they
they had their own nevermind really long I said enough thank you for your
donation I’ll see you guys tomorrow it’s knob so you know what no no I’m
gonna I’ll see you Sunday not tomorrow let me get mr. Skylar Saunders banner on
here first this man always supports the machine and you guys enjoy your Saturday
I’ll see you Sunday take care you

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  1. 🤔 1st. “West Indians” weren’t letting “West Indians” over for supper or in their house lol.
    2nd. “Blacks” aka “Afrikan Americans” take much pride in Slumping Their own Star, don’t make it seem like it’s a West Indian Hobbie LoL. Every1 enjoys that past time. Your experience comes from the aftermath of when Caribbean’s came here & Blacks treated them badly 4 No reason. Ask the elder Haitians, Jamaicans, Bahamians, & Caribbean’s about their 1st interactions with “Blacks” LoL Blacks Set The Tone Not We. 😆
    3rd. Nick Cannon doesn’t want it with Eminem period stop the malarkey. A washed Eminem is better than most the Rappers out now. Conceited, Hitman, & Charlie Clips are 1/2 Washed & Moneyed up which is why they quit battling. Cassidy wasn’t that 🔥 to begin with who that is Top Calibre did He give it too? Freeway….. GTFOH He didn’t go at Jadakiss or Beans back when He made His name.
    4th. Bhad Babie did nothing but spit facts “Black” Women use every excuse 2 not Love themselves 4 themselves. So when others take shots it’s what it is. When they reclaim Their Dignity & Love of Self others will respect them.

  2. Love the show.. But I caaaaaaanttt fuckxx with Dana… Whenever she checks in I bounce… Life is to short fo a Bugerbear like that…

  3. Eminem is a tool of the system. So I'm sure Nick set this up with Em to give them both a publicity boost. Neither one has a damn thing to lose.

  4. I hope those families get $500 mil each! Cops showed a total disregard for citizens. 200 shots!!!? Children and families were sitting ducks! Fire all of them! They could have caught them dudes wo all that!

  5. I was about to give this episode a thumbs down but star save/turned around the show with the Jamaican caller 😂😂😂👍

  6. Why is dana's dumb ass so respected as a reliable data source. If she's so smart, then we're all just that dumb. Keep disputing her bullshit.

  7. Lol it’s funny how Puerto Rican’s and other Hispanics wasn’t ducking with black Americans back then but y’all still licking they boots lol I’m not mad though y’all crack me up though


  9. Kamikaze was Trash & Em is Clout Chasing!, that's why you're a Woman, because only a woman would say some stupid ish like that!

  10. I'm glad Eminem Repsonded to Nick Cannon on T.I's podast talking about he was riding around looking for Em to "beat his ass". Em said you wasnt gonna do shit haha That Eminem verse was dope. And i'd like Nick Cannon to respond on a track. Just so Em can go off even more.

  11. Rappers dissin rappers is over now that era is dun.. make way for dresses, tight jeans, colourful hair, too many tats, nail polish choker chains…

  12. I don't understand how some people really think MGK especially "out bar" Eminem? MGK Rap Devil was good especially the production and the hook but he won't saying nothing but people on twitter been said about Em. When it came to the bars, I believe Eminem got MGK and I know Eminem would body Nick on Wildin Out if that even happen.

  13. Hope that nigga from the 204 who said Ruiz was going to beat Joshua put the mossberg in he’s mouth and did the lords work

  14. I swear I don’t no why MF be playing with NICK like he can’t rap I don’t listen to him myself but dude can battle IF HE COULDNT BATTLE HE WOULDNT HAVE A SHOW STOOPID and you wouldn’t be working a 9-5 if you was nyce as him

  15. Star be on that sucka shit when it comes to Dana!!!
    He lets her talk reckless as hell then corrects the brother. #SuckaShit

  16. Star buggn. Just cause there is a new generation of rap doesn't mean we forget who actually can rap. Em is top 3 all time! Em can rap. Nick cannon is just troll. Mgk is Em son

  17. Mgk only won that battle against Eminem because he had more dirt on Eminem. Nobody know who the fck mgk is so his dirt aint out there

  18. No one is feeling eminent corny bars man has all that money and he couldn't keep a hold of one the baddest chicks in the game. He sounds salty real mean don't tell their bedroom secrets to other people

  19. Eminem is a great mc,that’s about it….he is a straight bird and he needs to grow up like nick cannon…a real man

  20. 4:05 the New York Knicks lost 17 games in a row? >>> at least they can't say they never had a streak!! >>> smdh .>> and who are they to say that someone can't come back >>> especially when their whole roster including the coach need to be gone!!

  21. Nick Cannon and Em two pussy ass niggaz that got hot over Mariah, it's a match made in heaven. Em is old AF why oh why is he still talking about Mimi I really believe Em's bitch ass never had any woman as good as Mariah. Stop talking about someone else's ex wife and mother. Fuck Eminem for life I am officially not an Eminem fan anymore Trick Trick you can come get your bitch bitch loooooool S/o to MGK.

  22. Bhad Bhabie gonna mess around and catch a bhad one talking crazy, somebody gonna cash her check , she talking like she want the business she gonna get the corperate package with the 401k retirement plan if she keep playing around.

  23. Just saw that Miami Incident, and
    🤪🤪🤪🧐🙁😕 Sounded like 🍿🍿🍿🍿machines popping popcorn… Rest in Peace, Bro
    And them idiots were in their 40s!! WTF

  24. I don't think, people outside of Florida, know how bad, shootings, and Gun violence, can get with the number of Guns, and high Caliber guns open to the public
    I work in transportation, and when 8n Florida not allowed outside the airport, unless I'm going to the hotel, straight there, crime is rampant in Dade

  25. They had to have inside info, because the UPS TRUCK, could have been filled with Seeds for Plants, and nothing of value, ALLEGEDLY

  26. Cops killed the ups driver and the bystander and they going to cover it up watch them cops are reckless family's need to sue.

  27. this bitch smoking rocks kamikazi was a dope album em was spitting his ass of this bitch dont know shit bout rhyming

  28. Happy to see Star has loyalty to Dana but just know that ppl step away from the show or mute it when she starts talking. She's a broke clock & her VOICE IS ANNOYING!! I think Ronnie is more palatable & provides credibility as well. Also the lesbian sista that calls in from time to time. She's on point as well. so, he definitely has a Black woman's perspective. Dana is just a harpie & I hate that she's ALWAYS shrieking when she provides her commentary.

  29. Lol half people on this are slow mgk dissin eminem on tech 9 alblum and freestyle s and nickless cornball was in a interview sayin he whip eminem dum asses

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