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(upbeat electronic music) (team chants) (upbeat electronic music) – Hi, my name is Paul Jones. I’m the athletic director at
Orange Lutheran High School and I’m an alum, class of 2002. Orange Lutheran has 1350 students. We have 23 sports. We have over 800 athletes. This app has been phenomenal
for me as an athletic director because I get all the stats
and updates and lives scores of what’s going on in our
various athletic events. – My name is Dave Cacciapuoti and I’m the sports
information director here at Orange Lutheran and I’ve
been here for nine years. This platform has been
awesome for me because we can manage all of the different sports content in one simple spot. It’s like a one-stop shop for everything. – Hi, I’m Lara Tooma and I’m a parent here at Orange Lutheran. What’s great about the Olu Athletic app is I can pull it up on my phone. I can press a button. I can get directions to
which pool I need to go to or which field I need to go to or which golf course my
daughter is teeing off at. – My name is JP Presley. I’m the head football coach at
Orange Lutheran High School. The Olu athletic app has
benefited not just me personally as a head football
coach, but our whole program. It has become a central
landing pad for information, keeping parents connected on
schedules, rosters, updates, exciting news that goes through our media. – As an AD, I love the Olu Athletics app because we get all the
scores from everywhere from girls’ tennis, girls’
golf, girls’ volleyball, boys’ water polo, football… I get it straight from the app. – As a sport information director, I’m responsible for inputting scores, news, photos and videos. And when I input this
information into the platform, I know that it’s gonna
go out to the community and they’re gonna receive notifications of what just happened in a specific game. And what’s awesome about that is they don’t need to come to
us to get the information. We’re sending it to them. – I love the Olu Athletic app because it brings our family closer. We still know exactly
where our kids are playing. We know the scores. It allows you to feel
like you’re at the game, even when you can’t be as
a parent, which is what we really all want. – Such a great connection
point for everyone. It keeps all of our students engaged as well as our faculty. – One thing I love is our
ability to communicate with our families that can be
over 150 players on a roster with over 400 parents
that need information. – It’s bringing us all
together as a family, as a community, and as a school. – I recommend it for every
AD but also every school if you wanna increase
engagement and school spirit. (upbeat electronic music)

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