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  1. They should get thier fact right a ref throw a bottle at a coach and tried to fight the coach so the coach throw the bottle back.
    Once everyone was getting ready to leave the coach from the Steelers tean allowed his team to start fighting some the parents tried to break it up and grown men from the Steelers team started hitting the kids one being my son SMH. Get the facts right

  2. And what happen was that my bro team won they were clapping it up and then some one on my bros team trip a player and he step on his nea and then ever one was FIGHTing😢

  3. fuck fontana ,,i just left my son was playing the younger level,,its the presidents fault they left these motherfuckers coach,last year a moreno valley coach almost attack a referee ,,and the mf is still coaching this year

  4. Jadore payne get your facts straight bro the other team started due to a BAD CALL from ref he then started running his mouth which got him ejected and threw the bottle which ref threw back which he should not have done. Then they told their player which was said by their PLAYERS! That the coach said when shaking hands to punch the kid. The same team at a damn scrimmage in eastvale started another fight. Bad display by both sides yes but not started by Steelers.

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