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  1. I'm here for the people coming to say, "stupid for stopping game for something just like this" well pals it's been always a "game" for you, it's ethics and respect, it's a hidden message that you will never understand.

  2. What a beautiful gesture by the other ladies. It just shows the true love and meaning of sisterhood in Islam, even tho the other ladies weren't wearing the Hijab yet they automatically knew.. Whilst others undress and wear hardly anything and that is fine and accepted by society yet people get worked up by ladies that cover up…hmm

    The Nuns and Priests wear the same Islamic HIJAB yet they are revered in society BUT people seem to have a major problem when Muslim women wear EXACTLY the same dress code.. DOUBLE STANDARDS!!


    Welcome To Islam the fastest growing religion for the past 20 years and followed by nearly 1.5 Billion People. And before you say anything check the statistics as more western women are reverting back to Islam especially in the UK… How then can the "Western Women" be oppressed..

  3. Kudos for the sportmanship, but the fact that hijabs, burkas, etc exist is stupid and makes me puke.

    Seriously, those who support its very existence: grow the fuck up, you are insane and protecting that supid piece of cloth make you look like mindless douchebags, women are not toys or property, you morons.

  4. 2019 past 20 years women fought for equal rights equal pay and so on. They won,…except in middle East…that still in the 17th century,.Islam is an example of it. Worlds gone mad. You don't wear religious crap…infact it's not even religious, it's what Muslim men would slowly force their women to wear because of cheating on their wives and getting so paranoid Muslim women slowly started to cover more and more until today's ninjasuit. It isn't religious, it's cultural. The poor girls have been brainwashed in to them clothes being a good thing. Lol it's true oppression….so this football match has to be stopped so she can be surrounded and so she can hide and straighten herself up without consequence….it's insane.
    What do the femnazis say and the left…they don't flap because it's oppression doing that…they do jazz hands and and say how brave the woman is ..lol backwards

  5. Fcking ass holes first learn to respect women then comments of other's…Iam 100% sure that those who commenting false on her are far away from there own religion teachings

  6. poor jordanian yayois being forced to convert to islam and not their pagan reglion 🙁 i miss the old pre islamic jordan

  7. It’s not about understanding or agreeing with it or not… it’s about respect. To have respect for another human being is being humane. If you can’t do that, then eliminate yourself. Aloha

  8. People keep talking shii about this. Can't we just appreciate that fact that they did what they did because of their kindness despite of the numerous circumstances? That girl whose hijab fell off, whatever the reason is that she's wearing it, THAT'S NOT THE POINT. Those girls who covered it up, stop criticizing how people call that as feminism, THAT'S NOT THE POINT.
    The point is that we're brought by the world from different paths and the best that we could do is respect people.

  9. We show respect to islam or muslims, a muslim never shows respect to other religion, they demolish temples n churches, they kill, they only care for their community. Do hell with them
    Fucking muslims

  10. OMG we see womans hair. Quick hide it before the men go crazy and God punishes us.
    It´s like looking at the middle ages.

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