ORANGE & BLUE REPORT: Football – Robert Anae

ORANGE & BLUE REPORT: Football – Robert Anae

It is an Orange and Blue
report presented by UVA Health, as we are joined by the
offensive coordinator for the Cavaliers. Coach Robert and I coming off
of a week one pit over the Pitt Panthers, heading
into this Friday night showdown with William and Mary. Coach, let me start
with Saturday night. When you look back, you’ve
had a chance to see the film. What did you like most
about what you saw? I think our collective effort. The guys were playing hard. And they prepared hard. So to see it actually happen
on the field, to play hard, prepare hard, be physical,
that was really good to see. Zero turnovers, as a
whole, just three penalties for that group, that’s
got to be encouraging from your perspective. I think that’s the result
of intentional hard work. And we’ve put our guys
under real good scrutiny going into it. And I think it showed
in the first game. They weren’t the
only ones working. You guys did some work in
the locker room at halftime. And I know adjustments
happened throughout the game. But that second half really
did look quite different from the first half. What were some of
the biggest changes that you saw from half
one to half number two? Well, kind of regroup,
certain position groups kind of grew up during the
game and our offensive line being one of those. So it was good to see
them answer the call and come out in the second
half and do some good things. Lastly, William and
Mary team coming in at runs at 3-4 defense, the
same– well, not the same, but a similar defense to the
one that your defense runs. Do you have any leg
up having seen that throughout offseason camp? Well, there were
multiple in their front. So we expect to see their best. And we look forward
to the competition. All right. That is the offensive
coordinator Robert and I getting set William
and Mary coming up again 8:00 Friday night. That’s the Orange
and Blue Report presented by the UVA Health.

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  1. Half one Offensive Line Stunk!! Second half Offensive Line actually played. They must protect Perkins!! Keep playing well

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