Our Highest Flying Balsa Glider (How far will this go?)

Our Highest Flying Balsa Glider (How far will this go?)

[Brad] Yeah! Go, baby go! YEAH! [Brad] Hey guys, I’m Brad. [Bruce] I’m Bruce.
[Brad] We’re Nighthawk Gliders! Guess what? We’re driving through some mountains and… I think we’re in Virginia. [Bruce] Yeah
[Brad] I have no idea. We’re heading home from Doyle Blevin’s house and you gotta check this out look at this view! We’ve got an awesome, awesome place to do what?
[Bruce] To toss one of these off and see how far it travels!
[Brad] Yeah we’re just gonna throw it! Yeah, ignore the signs about littering ‘cus
you know but it’s wood. Hey, it’s degradable… So let me just get a good shot with you throwing this, Bruce, this will be awesome! [Bruce] If they climb hit the tree
that’s fine… [Brad] Hey, I don’t care let’s do it! See how far it goes!
[Bruce] Ready? Here it goes… Launching… There it goes… That’s gonna turn. Gonna hit a tree… nope!
Oh no! [Brad] Yup, there’s your left turn! [Bruce] Darn it!
[Brad] Fail!
[Bruce] Yup, fail! [Brad] Alright, try again
[Brad chuckles!] [Brad] Alright, Bruce is going to try another Phantom, another old glider he’s had in his basket forever. [Bruce] And the tail broke… unless I made that tail that way, I don’t know… Here we go! Oh, no! It’s turning again!
[Brad] Back where the other one is.
[Bruce] Yup! [Brad] Alright, my turn! [Bruce] Here’s a Sandpiper, Brad’s gonna
[Brad] It’s number “3,” one of the originals! [Bruce] Yeah! [Brad] I’m gonna toss it this direction… here comes some wind!
[Bruce] Uh, oh, It’s going to come back to us! [Brad] Alright, second chance! Now it’s crazy right! I’m gonna go out there need
more weight take number two a twelve [Bystander] It won’t go! [Bruce chuckles] It’s not going out there! [Brad] We’re over corrected! [Bruce] Need more weight! [Brad] Take #2, 12 inch glider… Sandpiper. Three, two, one, go! [Bruce] Oh, coming back to us…
[Brad] Again with the right, see, I told you it had too much right! That thing’s got lift, though… did you see that? [Bruce] That was a lot of lift in there!
[Brad] Alright, let’s tweak it some more.. [Bruce] Might need more nose weight to keep it from floating up a little bit. [Brad] It has lift! There’s lift… This thing will go forever if it ever, so… [Bruce] Try her again! [Brad] I kinda want it to go left almost at this partic… hmm.. [Bruce] It’s still right! [Brad] If it starts going left then we know we are in the ballpark. Ok, too much down now… [Bruce] You want some down because there’s lift. Go into the wind, Brad, come into the wind ! [Brad] Still curves right!
It was yawing right, it wasn’t leaning right. [Bruce] There we go, that’s straight… and then it banked left a little! Let’s try that one! [Brad] Take three! At least I had a second… a third chance… that’s nice! [Bruce] Yeah, I know, instead of losing it! [Music: “Grind” by Andrew Huang begins] [Brad] Alright! Sandpiper #3, Take 3!
Let’s do this! [Brad] Yeah! Go, baby go! YEAH! [Bruce] That’s more like it… you want to take over and zoom in and all that? [Brad] it is straight! [Bruce] That is a good one! It’s going and going! [Brad] I cannot get this on camera, it’s so tiny! [Bruce] I know, it’s small, it’s a gonner… sweet! It’s turning right… It is gone. I should have got my binoculars! Oh, now it’s turning left! [Brad] Yes! That is perfect! It’s gong to go behind those trees… we might not see it! Get some lift and come back up; catch it… that would be the best! There it goes it hit some winds…
Get up above those trees! Yeah it’s not even past those trees, ok… the change okay and it’s going to land
in the forest [Bruce] It’s coming back to us! And its going to land in the forrest! [Bruce] Turning? It’s going to hit the house… Okay, okay, well we’ve just given them a gift! You’re to keep! Have fun!
I hope you have kids! And it’s just now… It didn’t go as far as you think it would… But it’s still flying… and it’s down! Down in the field by a… Cow is probably going to munch on it. Alright! Dude! That was it! Nailed it! I think we can’t get much better
than that! Oh right, nice! [Bruce] I don’t know what’s it’s gonna do… If it’s gonna dive down or what, but here goes… Going? [Brad] Yeah, good luck!
Oh, got lift! Oh, no… ha ha!
Right where your other other gliders went! where your other gliders man yeah well
that was fun wasn’t it oh yeah okay guys Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?
[Bruce] Oh, yeah! [Brad] Hey, guys… The next time that you see us in the mountains we might be throwing some more airplanes so subscribe to our channel and check us out!
[Bruce] Later! [Brad] Take care [Music: “Grind” by Andrew Huang continues till end…] you

About the Author: Garret Beatty


  1. Have you guys thpught about trying one of these PowerUp smartphone controlled paper airplane kits on one of your gliders? On amazon for 29$

  2. Wow ! I was beginning to think the sandpiper was going to fly forever, proof of a great design, another awesome video guys thank you
    Rick B aka Plastic butcher

  3. Great flights guys, amazing you were able to keep it in shot, I have been struggling with some of my recent videos. Using the hat camera (action camera) is fine for hands free but it is wide angle so as soon as the glider has flown any distance it is tiny.

  4. Gonna have to keep a box of my dinged up gliders in my car next time I go on vacation, lots of real high scenic rest areas up here in Maine NH kids will love it!!
    Good job guys!

  5. Ha… This is awesome! It is just like the 1st video you say of mine where my buddy James and I were doing the same thing. SOOOOO cool!

  6. Me and my friends are trying to set a world record for mousetrap powered vehicles ( we are school kids) is there a way to 1 get these gliders to go straight and 2 launch them from something other than a rubber band such a a winch kinda thing. Thanks for the help

  7. Excellent flight. I suggest a neon paint for better visual tracking. Also, try parachute guy. See how far he glides under his chute canopy.

  8. Really glad to see I m not the only one with this idea, that was some impressive flight distance for such a small glider. I 've been messing around with some of those big 4 foot foam gliders, a micro action cam and a mini gps tracker strapped to them tossing off cliffs and such. Always seem to have the same problem of it wanting to drift right though, fun stuff either way. Ultimate goal is to launch off the top of a really high Nevada peak if I can ever get it fine tuned.

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