Penn State football coach James Franklin survives team paintball

Penn State football coach James Franklin survives team paintball

And then the last thing I’ll say and we’ll
open up to questions is I had a great idea which I thought on the front end
was a great idea we’d always go bowling we always go swimming so we said, “Well
what can we do differently?” And we said that we would go paintball. It was this
great idea a great idea we’ll go paintballing and so we broke the
team up, you know, “A” through whatever is one team and then at the end, my team. When I said my team the doors keep those and all my coaches came
running in and the administration staff and Kris the camo on and eye black and
going crazy and then I realized that all the things that we’ve done made these
guys run and you know missing class and and, you know, they were going to get
us, you know. The rules were when you got shot you put the gun above
your head and you run off the field and no one’s supposed to shoot you at that
time and I got shot in the first round and I was in the far end of the field
and I put my gun up to run off the field and literally the entire team just
sprayed me and I’m not kidding and I’m probably going to do something that I shouldn’t do.
Kris will probably say I shouldn’t but you guys all see this? That’s one, that’s one. Most of those shots came when I wasn’t
supposed to be getting hit, running off the field. It was the whole way across the field. Great idea on the front end. Not really good in terms of the execution of, it so you know we’re in a
really really good place, but we’ve got a lot of work to do and we have
tremendous challenges.

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