Philosophers Football – Monty Python’s Fliegender Zirkus.avi

Philosophers Football – Monty Python’s Fliegender Zirkus.avi

good afternoon and welcome to a packed Olympic Stadium munchen for the second leg of this exciting final and here come the Germans now led by their skipper Nobby Hagel they must surely start favourites this afternoon they’ve certainly attracted the most attention from the press with their team problems and let’s now see their lineup the Germans playing for 24 live nets in go back for Kant Hegel Schopenhauer and Schilling frontrunners sagal vicken Stein Nietzsche and Heidegger and the midfield duo of Beckenbauer and Jasper’s Beckenbauer obviously a bit of a surprise now and here come the Greeks led out by their veteran centre-half Heraclitus let’s look at that team as you’d expect it’s a much more defensive lineup Plato zingo Socrates a front-runner there and Aristotle as sweeper Aristotle very much the man informed one surprise is the inclusion of Archimedes well here comes the referee Kong food sooo Confucius and his two lines months and agustín and son Thomas Aquinas and as the two skippers come together to shake hands we’re ready for the start this very exciting final the referee mr. Confucius checks his son and they’re off neature and Hegel they’re called Jasper’s number seven on the outside but can Stein there with him there’s Beckenbauer shellings in there Heidegger covering should’ve ha and now it’s the Greeks Epicurus boo kindness number 6 Aristotle empedocles of a curse and democratise with him there’s Archimedes Socrates there he is Socrates Socrates they’re going through there’s a ball as a mall I’ve Nietzsche there Nietzsche number 10 in this German side can’t moving up on the outside legals on the left the Germans moving very well in these opening moments well right now we’re going back to the Olympic Stadium for the closing minutes of the philosophy final and I understand that there’s still no score well there may be no score but the suddenly no lack of excitement here as you can see Nietzsche has just been booked for arguing with the referee he accused Confucius of having no free will and Confucius he say name going book and this is Nietzsche’s third booking in four games and who’s that it’s Karl Marx Karl Marx is warming up it looks as though there’s going to be a substitution on the German side obviously manager Martin Luther has decided on all-out attack is indeed he must with only two minutes of the match to go but the big question is who is he going to replace who’s going to come off it could be Jasper’s Hagel or Shobha nah but it’s Ben Stein critical sinusoids aunty only last week and he has marks let’s see if he can put some life into this German attack evidently not auto show well now with just over a minute left replay on Tuesday looks absolutely vital net Archimedes and I think he’s had an idea Archimedes out Socrates Socrates back to Archimedes Archimedes are two had a cleitus he beat a go Heraclitus little flick here he comes on the far post Socrates is there some D’s anything the Greeks are going mad the Queen’s Gomez socrates scores the beautiful plus mark means the germs are disputing it Hagel is arguing that the reality is million a priori adjunctive non naturalistic ethics can’t buy the categorical imperative is holding that oughta logical exist only in the imagination and Marxist claiming was offside but Confucius last them with a final whistle it’s all over Germany having traveled England’s famous midfield trio Bentham love and Hobbes in the semi-final have been beaten by the odd goal and let’s see it again there it is Socrates so these hedges and live nips doesn’t have a chance and just look at those the lighted Greeks there they are chapa Sophocles empedocles McGregor’s what I gave me ad and epic yours is there and Socrates the captain who scored what was probably the most important girl of his career you

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