Proper Goalkeeper Stance – Soccer Tips

Proper Goalkeeper Stance – Soccer Tips

This is Stefano from best soccer tricks dot com. Today, we will be showing you the proper goalkeeper stance. It’s very
important to have that stance, to keep, to make sure you’re very agile as
you’re going. Alright, so a lot of goalkeepers most of the time they’re
going to be be just a bit laying around your arms are nice and they’re going to be down.
You don’t want to do that, so the first step is instead of being flat-footed, you
always want to make sure your on your tiptoes to make sure you’re able to move
wherever you want to move. Secondly, you want to bend the knees a bit, this way
ever you’ve got a spring, it’s not a problem you can do it whenever you want.
Thirdly, your hands very very important. So as your knees are bent you’re jumping
right? Your arms and your hands are going to be straight. This way if you want to go
left, you can go left quick, right right quick and very and even up, you can go up.
So very very important to make sure you do that. So you’re going to go like that and
then wherever the ball comes you’re nice and ready. You’re going to make sure you’re
ready. So that’s the basics, so next we will continue with the ball and I
will explain you how that works. So, as I explain you’re on your tiptoes
you’re ready when the ball gets thrown you’re ready. So, once again you’re good
goalkeeper stance. Good, once again nice and low. [Goalkeeper makes a great diving save.] [Goalkeeper makes a diving drill with training partner.] All right and just to show when you want to up
it’s very easy to spring. You can spring very quickly. Alright, so last very important trick
make sure when you’re catching that ball you keep a nice triangle with your arms.
It’s going to make sure you absorb the ball, to give less chance for the
rebounds as much as possible this way you couldn’t absorb it as
you’re catching it. So, whether it’s going straight at you or to the left, to the
right as I was showing before, you will probably notice I have this trick. So,
once again, makes it very easy to catch the ball. No rebounds even when you go
left or right. [Goalkeeper doing a soccer training drill.] Very important in your games, you never want to try and give
those rebounds, so by catching, you give your team an extra opportunity to defend that ball. I hope you enjoyed the video next time you’re in a game practice. Once
again, you’ll be able to use the tricks very efficient for when you’re diving or
jumping up to spring at the ball. For more information, subscribe to best
soccer tricks dot com. Thank you for watching. [Best Soccer Tricks]

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  1. Hey sick vid man ! I just subscribed to your channel. Please can you subscribe back i would really appreciate it !!

  2. This is a "Trick' and it isn't even the best. Tippy Toes? Triangle? If you're good at field player skills, please stick with that and leave the specialization of GK training to specialists. Watching videos like this will set goalkeeping back generations.

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