Queso Chicken Cheese Dip Recipe – Green Chile Cheese Dip – Football Food

Queso Chicken Cheese Dip Recipe – Green Chile Cheese Dip – Football Food

thanks for sending my no hippie BBQ now
I just got off the road a couple of days ago one of my boys called me over and
said hey why don’t you come on over and we can watch some football so listen I’m
still a little tired from being out on the road want to come with something
super simple to cook and I wanted to go through some of the food I already had
in my house so what I did was I knew had a bunch of this this a chicken breast
chunk meat that I got I keep this with me when I’m on the roof so I wanted to
incorporate that so what I did was I got online and I started googling leftover
chicken recipes or canned chicken recipes and I stumbled across this
website called Natasha’s chicken or Kitchen excuse me and she had a
Southwestern chicken dip that I this kind of inspired me to make this I’m
gonna leave a link to that recipe in the description below but this recipe is
gonna vary from that recipe a bit so what are we gonna need to hook this up
now first of all let me just tell you this looks like it’s gonna be super easy
so if it’s something that you need to cook for a Superbowl party or something
like that this is probably gonna be something that I would keep in rotation
so what are we gonna need we have some canned chicken in her recipe she used
jalapenos some jarred jalapenos I’m gonna be using some diced green chilies
and I’m doubling that up I’m using a couple cans of those she did not use
black olives but I think black olives are gonna be really good in this some
corn she used regular corn I’m gonna use some
fire-roasted corn and black beans and we’re gonna be draining the liquid off
of all of these we’re also be using some cream cheese
some sour cream and she used I think of cheddar cheese wouldn’t be
using as this queso cheese or whatever by Walmart great value some Parmesan
cheese and then I this canned sausage that we’re going to
use to kind of top it off with now most of these were ingredients that I already
had on hand which is why this recipe works out really well so what I’m going
to do before we get started cooking I’m gonna open up all these cans drain the
liquid and then we’ll start knocking down so the best thing about this dip is
it is super quick because we’re going to be cooking it in a skillet now if you’d
like you could soften up this cream cheese and then mix all these
ingredients together and throw them in a casserole dish and get them in the oven
but this is gonna be a lot faster to do so really our first step is just going
to be to get our cream cheese in our skillet and I have our skillet on about
a medium heat right now and then we’re gonna add our sour cream and we’re gonna
blend this up until it’s kind of incorporated well before we add our
cheese and if I didn’t mention it before all my ingredients and amounts are gonna
be in the description below now that we have this pretty much incorporated we
still have a few more chunks but they’re gonna melt down really good we’re gonna
add our cheese so I need a cup of Parmesan cheese which is gonna be most
of this bag a cup and a half of our queso cheese which is gonna be most of
this bag and we’re gonna continue stirring until all this is melted so now
our cheese looks like it’s incorporated in well now really all that we need to
do is basically just toss in the rest of our ingredients the only ingredient I’m not gonna add is
that salsa which we’re gonna kind of top it with at the end I did rinse these
beans and I think that the green chili just adds a nice depth of flavor that
you may not get from jalapenos but I am a jalapeno fan myself
I could either way on that so there we go I’m
gonna incorporate this well I’m gonna let this come to a like a real nice
simmer let all that stuff kind of incorporate in there maybe for about I
don’t know 10 minutes should be enough and then we’ll plate him up we’ve let
this cook for about 10 minutes I did taste it and it could use some salt I
think some oregano would be either dried or fresh oregano and this will be good
as well but let’s just keep it simple and go with a little bit of salt stir
this in and you’re not going to want this to be on too high of a heat because
you don’t want it to start scorching you know the dip so this is a little bit
loose right now what’s gonna happen I’m gonna turn this down it’s gonna tighten
up a little bit now this has had a chance to cool down for a little bit as
thickened up so I’m just going to add them to our serving dish
like I said this could be something that you make ahead of time take to a party
throw it in a casserole dish we’re just gonna put them in these bad boys right
here and add another spoon over here we’re just gonna add a little bit of
this salsa to the top of it now I’m going to do is we’re going to serve this
up now I’m just gonna eat this with some celery sticks you could use tortilla
chips will probably be best but that’s how I’m going is with them celery sticks
let me finish getting the rest of these made up and we’ll taste it see what’s up so guys that’s what it looked like all
plated up now though that salsa that I’ve got that I was going to put on the
top of it for a little bit of color that stuff was a little bit too thin so I
just mix that whole can in with the rest of this mixture and then I just topped
it with a little bit of dried cilantro and some red pepper flakes so I plan on
taking this to a friend’s house to watch some football so I am going to put the
rest of what I made in a plastic container take it over to this house
throw it in a casserole dish and heat it up there but let’s taste it now and see
what’s up like I said I’m using celery here I mean you can’t go wrong with this matter of fact this gives me an idea for
another recipe I may not be able to do it during this time wampum but next time
I run through I might be able to knock it out then before I take this other
bite I want to thank you guys for stopping by no hippie BBQ I appreciate
it. Better than buffalo chicken dip

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  1. Like the Puma outfit. Looks like you ready for Breaking movie 4 Just plan B boy. Outstanding recipe my brother Thanks for sharing

  2. Man I saw cheese and green chilies in the thumbnail, knew I was in. That looks really good Lyle! Hope you're doing well brother!

  3. Wow, that is awesome. I could eat that with a spoon! Like soup. I guess I'd through a few corn chips in there. I can actually see how this would even work with celery. Great!

  4. This recipe didn't even need the chicken. It would be a delicious recipe for a bunch of rowdy football fans. I may have to make this for my new kitchen unveiling party. Thanks for the great idea. I saw your sweet new truck and it looks awesome. Safe travels.

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