Quick Tips – How to Screen Print a Soft Hand Feel with Plastisol Ink

Quick Tips – How to Screen Print a Soft Hand Feel with Plastisol Ink

Hey everyone matt with Mikey Designs & Silk Screen here and i’m gonna give you a quick tip today and that tip is how to
achieve a soft hand fill on light garments with a color or a dark ink now
as some of you screen printers and people that have ordered t-shirts before
might have noticed when when ordering prints would last us all ink or if your
screen printer using plastics all ink that sometimes they tend to be a little
thick and one way to achieve a soft hand feel like for instance this t-shirt has
a nice soft hand feel that almost feels like a water-based print I can hardly
even feel that it’s there and one way to achieve that is to use some curable
reducer and what I did was basically I mixed it down to about 10-15 percent
curable reducer to two ink and that helps kind of thin the ink up to more of
the consistency of a water-based ink which will help it kind of sit into the
the garment rather than laying on top of it and that’s that’s what basically
creates you know that kind of a little bit of a rough print the ink just sits
on top of the the garment rather than kind of soaking into it okay and here’s
just a quick little view of what I’m talking about as far as the consistency
of the each so you can see I can hardly scoop this ink up onto my spatula
because it’s so so thin so that’s just one way to be able to create the soft
hand feels it’s just kind of reducing your your ink down and so so try using a
little bit of curable reducer you can even mix it down to twenty twenty-five
percent you just want to get it the consistency of a water-based ink you
know you want it very thin in this case this is a navy print and Navy that links
the plastics all in so I use is it’s fairly thin so I reduce
it down even more and I use a fairly open mesh for this particular job
because I was doing the five minute challenge what you’ll see and in another
video but that was just so I could print these quickly not spend too much time
trying to clear the ink out of screen so if you want to if you’re trying to
achieve a soft hand print or if you’re buying shirts and you want to know what
to tell your screen printer to do tell them to reduce it down reduce the ink
down so it’ll have a nice soft hand print and you know it’ll feel like a
water-based print and also something else that could be used is a soft hand
additive that’s something else that you could use to give it a nice soft hand
feel and you could tell your screen printer that you would like to use soft
hand additive in your inks you would like to use that it’s that way your
print will be nice and soft okay so curable reducer that’s one way
to get it soft and you’ll get a soft hand feel to it and and or soft hand
additive okay because and it’s hard to tell but just from a video but you can
see that it’s really not sitting on top of the of the garment it’s actually kind
of soaked into it and so I hope this helps some of y’all out there I hope it
helps them you screen printers as well as those out there that plan on ordering
t-shirts either for me or or another spring trainer in the future anyways
thanks for stopping by and tuning in I hope everybody has a good day and
subscribe to my videos and give them a thumbs up and look for more videos than
their future okay we’ll see y’all soon

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  1. Here's a tip for all you #screenprinters  wanting to learn how to #screenprint   #softhand  prints. 🙂

  2. Hey Mike, do you know if I can add 25% softhand base instead of curable reducer? Would the outcome be the same consistency as curable reducer? Thanks…

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