Rummy full movie scenes | Inigo & Gayathrie romances in the temple | Soori gets a Warning letter

Rummy full movie scenes | Inigo & Gayathrie romances in the temple | Soori gets a Warning  letter

You’ll get it from me
if I get hold of you Phone is ringing non-stop
Where did you disappear? I’m just picking it up ‘If called to sow the seeds
land up for the harvest!’ ‘Hello! I’m Subramaniam
calling from Sevvur’ Yes, tell me ‘Both parties are here for
the ‘Panchayat’ arbitration’ ‘We are waiting for
our Panchayat leader’ We are on our way ‘Okay, thank you’ Who was that
on the phone? – The Sevvur folks
– What did they want? They wanted to know
if we had left – Start the car
– Okay, bro – Sir…sir!
– What, da? Sir…tomato…poin- Take the sacks of tomato
to the market in Ponnamaravathi Start the car Sir…listen to me! Shall we go for a movie? Alone? No, the 2 of us! If you react like this,
what will you for a kiss?! Kiss?
I’m leaving Meenakshi Why did you stop? Did you change your mind? Look, it’s my dad’s
elder brother’s car If they see us together
we are both dead! What will we do? You leave
I’ll take care of it I am very scared Don’t worry
You just go, trust me – What, dear?
– Uncle…? – Why are you so late?
– Class got over just now Okay, go home soon
They’ll be worried at home Dai! Turn the mirror Stop the car INTERMISSION We just witnessed
something scandalous Is this why you
send her to college? I said this ages ago that
she needn’t study anymore Did she listen? Did you listen to me? Already our village-folks
add 2+2 and claim it is 5! Thank God only my brother
saw them together What if someone else
had seen them? This would have
spread like wild fire You yourselves are making
a mountain of a molehill She’s the first in our village
to attend this college If something untoward happens
we’ll bear the brunt of this disgrace Will all that we see
and hear become true? She told me herself
she saw uncle on the way She was discussing
some lesson with that boy I interrogated her
from A to Z Will a child from our family
make such a blunder? Please bring me
some water To be on the safe side
shall we warn that boy? Forget it Your sister-in-law is so sure
we are over reacting I’ll take leave See you She was wrong
My eyes won’t lie Am I blind or what? If you see them together next time
finish them off then and there Okay, bro Come, da Why did you bring me here? To pray It’s getting late
They’ll start the movie This Saturday is special for
Lord Shiva and I totally forgot My father will check with
the priest if I visited the temple – I’ll mark my attendance to God
– I feel like strangling you Awwwww! Come on Whatever you do is always
with the best of intentions! Definitely, this is
such a powerful deity Let’s go pray to
Lord Vinayaka ‘Meditate on Lord Vishnu
Omnipresent, white robed’ ‘He is four-armed,
benevolent faced…’ ‘…shining like the moon,
He will remove all obstacles’ Concentrate on God Oh Ganapathi
Son of Paramasiva Brother of Subramanya
Holder of bachelor degree Open your eyes and lead us
towards the right path Give everyone gladness and
good sense, especially him He’s referring to you Where is he? – Hey, you there
– Aiyaiyo! – Arunachalam
– Bad penny, huh! I’m leaving Meenakshi
Don’t run We’ll meet tomorrow You brainless nitwit
What’s going on? Can’t you see?
I’m in love Love?! Love as in not a question
But as confirmation Her family is full of
ruthless killers! If they hear of this, they’ll chop
and pickle me into pieces Will anyone dare harm you
when I am here? That’s exactly why they will! What are you saying, bro? No bro and all…enough I don’t want to have
anything to do with you He likes inviting
trouble always Let’s go to the theater
They’ll start the picture They’ll put a garland around
my picture and declare me dead! Who will garland your picture? I’ll do it for you
Is anyone troubling you? Nothing of that sort I heard you talking
about some garland? I meant offering of
a garland for the Lord – For Lord Anjaneya?
– Yes, bro Good for you, go for it He seems to be
deep into vows Like father like son Thank God, they didn’t go for me Give it quickly, sir All the answers are in my fingertips
and may get knocked down! Have they changed
the question paper? Red mark only! No other go but to copy
from the boy next to me Moron! Expelling air
from all sides of his body This one’s ink is flowing!
I’ll copy from him Chhhhh! Pass me your paper, please He’s ignoring me royally – Sir…?
– I’m dead What? Sir! Can I have
an additional sheet? Thank God Maybe he’s writing it for me Let’s wait and see After studying through the night
he’s sleeping in the exam hall Blockhead Don’t copy If you get caught
you’ll be suspended for 3 years ‘May God bless you!’ ‘I’m forever indebted to him’ ‘My pen can take rest now
I just have to submit the paper’ ‘Oi Arunanchalam!’ ‘You helped them meet again yesterday
claiming it’s a special day for Lord Shiva’ ‘What are you gaping at?’ ‘I am Syed’ ‘Do you want to be
thrashed to a pulp?’ ‘Meenakshi is not mine
because of you’ ‘After kicking me out of college
you’re sincerely writing the exam, huh?’ ‘And that too, not
using your own brain!’ ‘Come outside
I’ll ensure you’re finger-less!’ ‘If I see you play Cupid for them…’ ‘…it’ll be your funeral even
if the day is most auspicious’ Aren’t you writing? You already
wrote on my behalf Keep it that way You are submitting
the paper so early? Haven’t you studied well? I studied, sir
Now I’ll take my leave He must have read
only the question paper This is the end of
my education Hey bro! You seem to have done well
Will you score 100? Leave it, you can always
write the rest next semester It seems there is a festival
at the Vishnu temple – You never told me?
– Did that girl tell you? You are a real brain box!
Let’s go and pray I’ll thrash you
with my slipper – Did you see my black shirt?
– Are you going to Sabarimala temple? Idiot! I have joined
Periyar’s party To avoid your company
I’ve become an atheist Rather than getting bruised
black and blue by random strangers …I prefer getting thrashed by
my father for not praying Leave me alone!
There is no God Anyone who believes
in God is a foolish jackass Anyone who takes you
to the temple is a bigger jackass Why are you saying all this? I haven’t started, if I did
you’d hang yourself from the ceiling – Arunachalam
– I’m not Arunachalam – How else do I call you?
– Don’t even call me Because of me, a theist
has become an atheist! So sad

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