RUMMY-The Gamblers

RUMMY-The Gamblers

we are on our way,lets go macha what to do with the “pickle” ? ehhh,come lets suck it up… take the packet,its mine,gimme gimme bro why so “series”?
macha its not “series”, its “serious” ehh look at Shakespere speak.. macha why look upset? dude he’s such a risky guy..
then why did u call him? mangal,explain him macha we hit a guy? remember? ya!! that junior kid?? right? yea, the same one U hit so badly.. hmm ya
he is one of vigneshu’s vigneshu!! why him?? for a match whats the amount? 50000 dude get a life man, hey!!! hey hey wait dude
come..let’s go..he called us u hit my bro?? two days ago? no bro , he misbehaved , tat’s why… u guys are in my way he was rude,so we hit him i called u some days back and u didn’t pick it none of the calls showed up to talk about rummy match ok lets play whats the bet $ its not the money,you will know the deal later what’s the deal, i will tell u later what should we do now? its not a normal bet nor a cheap money deal its something series u should steal our college question paper question paper?its too risky bro,
name your bet,we are ready to pay as**** do what is said how can we?seems impossible u dont bother,he will be with u
then y us, he himself can do it u dare talk back to me
wont u listen to me? whats taking u guys so long ok fine. Bharath this is the best chance to take revenge on kishore just do what i say, dont mess it up, just watch it happen ok bro so whats d plan
i wil tell u hey where r u guys
ok ok i am coming now where did they go,they asked me to come here macha where are the others, i dont know da bharath went inside,he is also missing,no idea where everyone is? exam office is also closed,dey are playing around with us i am getting scared da cal kishore this is mangal da where r u? how come u have kishore’s phone? we are screwed
get outta there our life is at grave danger what happened? why did u have kishore’s phone? it was on the floor.
what r u saying?where is kishore, someone beat him up. blood?? when i brought him water he was missing at tat time i got ur call, tats y i ran and came he trusted u, how can u dessert him stop this,y fight amoung us without knowing the reason!!! ok cool it,lets c wat happened inside kishore wat happened? wat u did to him? leave me,i didn’t do anything, trust me stop stop stop,how kishore got here? even i dont know wat happened, i saw him blood stained on the floor,den i brought him here i brought him here,u guys too arrived we dont no who hit him,nd v couldn’t get the question also
den why did we come here? i hav the question paper, take him safely i know who hit kishore who why it was vigneshu i can not do this
hey come here i dont like kishore at all
there is no better chance to take revenge how can i do this to my friend its none of my concern,
if u dont do this i will leak dis to the police i didn’t know wat 2 do bharath is coming with u,just 2 keep an eye on u
now wat should i do if someone says so,will u hit ur friend? there was no other way 2 save my friends dont worry i wont tell u r not coming? u go,
i have a small work hey bharath where are the papers? i got into this for money, had i known tat u r planning to separate those friends,
i wouldn’t have stood by u. dont give me this philosophy,now where is the paper? paper is safe,but u r in trouble hey machi guess wat, i have the college question paper,
fix a price nd call me.

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