Rutgers Football vs Michigan- Tailgate and Stadium Experience!

Rutgers Football vs Michigan- Tailgate and Stadium Experience!

RU rah rah, RU rah rah, who rah, who rah, Rutgers Rah Upstream,Red team, Red Team, Upstream, Rah, Rah, Rutgers Rah Let’s go Rutgers, let’s go. What’s up guys it’s Jon This week a special episode. I am returning to Rutgers in Piscataway , New Jersey. I graduated from here ten years ago. Yes I am that old. And today we’re going to be exploring the tailgating culture and the game day experience And what the team this year may lack on the field. They more than make up for it off the field. So let’s get going to that first tail gate. Alright guys this is my friend Ken. Probably the most insane Rutgers fan you will ever meet. And Ken you’ve got to tell everybody.What time did you get to this tailgate? 3 AM. Every week. Doesn’t matter what time the game is, 3 AM. So this is Old Queens Island. This is the entire island. Unfortunately it’s raining today. So you can’t really see it in it’s glory. However you’ll get to see what it’s like underneath the tent. Meet my sister who is still in college. Here we have sort of a movie room. Watching live games. Right now we have our laptop set up. We have pierogies. We have burgers. We have chicken parm and lasagna. So that’s the lasagna. And here’s the chicken parm. And then we have what’s awesome is the mac and cheese. What did you end up bringing? I got us some pork and chicken slow cooked buffalo meatballs. Umm about an hour of prep, a couple of hours in the crockpot. Not to bad. I’m going to try those slow roasted pork meatballs now. Definitely worth the effort. It took a few hours to make this and a few seconds to eat it. Look at this plate right now, it’s full of meat. We’re not messing around at all. Say hi to my camera? We are going to be in section 224 . We actually got pretty sick seats.The 50 yard line just about here. Row 13. So if anybody finds us later, that’s where we were sitting for this game. Alright $9.00 is a little bit expensive but for these touchdown tater tots , I decided to go for it. And essentially it’s tater tots, cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream , chives , scallions . Just a million things going on with a pretty classic tater tot. Let’s see. This is so good. We’re at our seats right now. We’re at the 50 yard line , 13 rows up on the upper level. And actually I think i’d rather be here than in the corner or in the end zone. Yeah I think so to. It’s such a good view of the field here. You can pretty much see everything. Birds eye view. Might be the way to go. Especially if you want want like a coaches mentality. You really want to see the plays breaking down. The good news is , it stopped raining. The bad news.. 21-0 Michigan. Not looking very good. So when your team is losing 43 to nothing at the end of the first half. There’s not really much positive you can take from it. No not at all. I was just looking at my phone. I think that Rutgers had 0 yardage . That’s not a typo. 0 yards in the first half. That must be some kind of record this year. It’s been an absolutely terrible game. I’m just getting numb to this kind of thing. When you’re a Rutgers fan. Especially the last couple of seasons. With the way the team has been playing. You just really got to be numb. Now we’re going to go meet one of our friends who is a Michigan fan. Hopefully he’s not going to be gloating to much. Prediction for the second half. Will Harbaugh run up the score? Yes. He’s competing with Ohio State. Alright that game wasn’t to pretty but it was still a very fun experience overall. Especially the tailgating part . The hanging out with old friends part. Some of the concession were really interesting as well. A little bit over priced. But I still think it’s worth coming down here. To Piscataway and New Brunswick to enjoy the full college football experience. It’s a little bit different than the pros. It’s certainly worth your time on a Saturday. In the fall. If you haven’t already please do hit the subscribe button below. Here Be Barr travel vlogs. We’ve got vlogs, tips videos, coming out weekly. Looking to help you travel smarter. Be a part of where you go. Thanks for watching. Grandma went to Rutgers. Uncle went to Rutgers. He went to Rutgers. Everybody went to Rutgers except my twin sister, she betrayed us. But that’s okay, we love Rutgers.

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  1. I would go to this match just for the food … that looked so delicious – I need to eat something right now..! Cool show in the stadium and the first run was mad! But whats going on? zero points? phew…

  2. American football is one thing I love a lot. All the drama along with the food and celebrations is something I want to experience 🙂

  3. Really missing football right now. I can't even catch a game because finding a secure connection to stream is a pain in the ass…. :/

  4. That intro is pretty dope! 🙂 pretty dedicated to show up at 3am!!! I like how you have to label Alan so people won't confuse him with you 🙂

  5. Good morning Jon, looked like a fun day, even i dont understand that game 😉 Nice food. Have a nice day. Greetings from Phuket

  6. Love American sports culture – I was in Chicago in 2014 when the All Blacks played the USA Eagles at soldier field for an exhibition rugby game. I had a blast, yard glasses of mai tais, there was a massive tail gate party and we partied with All Blacks legends post game! I really need to do an American football game next time I come to the USA

  7. THE FOOD :(((( I'd spend $9 for that any day! To be honest, I'm not a fan of any sport but you managed to make this interesting 😉

  8. oooooh you are not that old! we graduated mmmmm 14 years ago LOL. Tailgate is awesome! food and beer to the max!!

  9. God bless y’all! We need to turn to Jesus as Lord and Savior and leave sin behind. Preach the Gospel! John 3:16

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