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>>This is your day to day play by play on gameday eve. Joining us now on the hotline is Ryan Abraham who covers usc sports. Nice to have you.>>Thanks for having me.>>Man, BYU and usc in the national spotlight on ABC at Lavell Edwards stadium, the trojans looking like they may have returned to 2017.>>They got my attention but I’m not buying the return yet. They didn’t look great against Fresno state but I think slovis is a real deal and their offensive scheme is too. I’m giving them a much better shot because of the tough schedule I think the most important game on the schedule for the pac 12 south will come down to the first two teams and none of them you can overlook and after Utah you have a road game against Washington but the big one is that Utah game next weekend.>>Ryan Abraham, follow him on Twitter. Depending on who you ask, they’re a favorite. I think a number of BYU fans are looking at usc fans.>>To me it seems close but that’s if the usc offense can take themselves on the road. They were 90th in scoring last year. They got good runnning backs but sitll weren’t able to score. It seems a little tight but you don’t know with usc going on the road. Maybe that’s what built up but I think more of a touchdown.>>Let’s talk about the quarterback. Jt Daniel tears his acl and then true freshman needs to get in there and do something. Now the first road game, what can you tell us?>>He’s a three star quarterback. Usc doesn’t do that. They do four or five stars. This is new territory. When he comes in and looks really good, offensive coordinator was praising him but they liked the way he played and as a true freshman he seemed to shine. He’s making the right decisions and finding open guys and that’s what this offense is predicated on. It’s going to be tougher on the road, BYU will drop more guys in coverage, he might not expect some guys to be there but the way he played was encouraging.>>Ryan Abraham usc football insider on sports nation. Is the success story of slovis right now more ab out him or his receivers?>>A good combination. The receivers are great but they didn’t do great last year like they are this year. They’ve come in with the gumbo, now there’s one voice, he’s the qb coach, he’s putting this team in a situation and having that group of wide receivers helps too.>>These guys are tremendous and we did a preview of position groups and amon-ra St brown is the most interesting man in college football>>I think they all are five star guys and people saw the last game Michael Pittman hasn’t cuaght a touchdown yet. Amon ra St brown probably has the highest ceiling but they just like to be out there and there are successful offenses and I don’t think hes run anything like this.>>Can you tell us more about amon-ra? I talked a little bit about him last segment, he’s amazing.>>He’s interesting, five star athlete, his brother played at notre dame, osiris, there’ interesting names. His last name was brown but now it’s St. Brown and they’re all playing big time football and it’s amazing and he’s obviously a fitness nut. He didn’t look like a true freshman when he came in but him and jt Daniels went to high school together.>>We’ve talked about the benefit to BYU how this is their first road game. This might be a trap scenario. Is that fool’s gold?>>I think that’s 100% right. They were sky high with all the negativity around this program for the last nine months and they hear all that and they knew they had to go prove everyone wrong and they didn’t against Fresno but they felt good about Stanford and can you keep it up and play at a high level on the road knowing that you have Utah, Washington, and notre dame coming up? BYU could kill and Zach Wilson>>great to talk to you. More details on amon-ra.

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