San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals Prediction Week 11 2019

San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals Prediction Week 11 2019

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be
talking about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Going to be predicting the game
between them and the Arizona Cardinals happening this Sunday at Levi’s Stadium.
We won the last matchup Thursday Night Football in a thriller. Now, we’re going to
be staying at home in San Francisco. Hopefully we can get a second win in a
row and sweep the Cardinals for the first time since I don’t know when is the
last time that’s what the Cardinals off they top my head. Going to get this started.
Should be a fun time. Disappointing loss on Monday. I wish we would have won that
game, but yeah. We were kind of a kick away from winning the game. Would have
been perfect record, but 8-1? Hopefully the Niners they’re regrouping
and get even more motivated after losing this game. Go on a tear even more for
the rest of the season. Going to talking about this game. Should be a fun time. Hopefully you
guys do enjoy this video. Before I get this video started, please “Like” and
Subscribe. That’s going to help out a lot. Click that bell notification to get notified of future videos. Share this channel. Share this content with fellow Niner Faithfuls. Let’s do it right here, right now. 49ers versus Cardinals prediction, week 11. Okay so prediction, prediction, prediction.
Who am I going to go with to win this game? Well before I do, want to do a quick tale
of the tape on each team and what they did last week.
The 49ers on Monday Night Football, they lost to the Seattle Seahawks in a triller of a fashion 27-24 in overtime. We had a chance to win the game with
McLaughlin having the potential game-winning field goal, but it didn’t really
work out. It was pretty bad. Seattle they were able to kick the last-second field
goal to win the game in overtime. It is what it is. It was a great game.
Defensively, they were very impressive. Offensively, they were really good for
the first couple of minutes of the first quarter and after that, it kind of went
down the drain. That’s what happened. The defense as I said I mean they had a lot
of forced fumbles. A lot of sacks on Russell Wilson especially on third down.
That interception from Dre Greenlaw, that was very, very impressive. Russell
never throws an interception at all this season and to able to pick him off? I
think that was a really good thing, but offensively, couldn’t get anything
going after the Emmanuel Sanders went out. It it a bummer, but we are 8-1 right now and we’re still first in the NFC technically. There you
have right there. Arizona Cardinals, they ended up losing to the Tampa Bay Bucs
27-30. How do you lose to turnover machine Jameis Winston? It is shaky, but it is
what it is. Kyler Murray, he had a pretty good day from the stat numbers. I didn’t
watch the game completely, but 27 of 44, 324 yards. Very good. Three touchdowns and
one interception. Kenyan Drake, he didn’t go as crazy
like he did against the 49ers the first time they met around. I’ll be
talking about that in a second, but yep. 27-30 Arizona. We’ll see what that leads
us to for this Sunday against the 49ers in San Francisco. That out of the way.
Want to do some position matchups or things that we should be looking forward
to for this game in the second time around between these two. For the 49ers
they definitely have to contain Drake definitely. I think they were caught off
guard from him when they met up the first time in Thursday Night Football. He
just got traded from the Dolphins. So they didn’t really know what to expect of him.
They didn’t really have a lot of time to gameplan for him. He was running wild
against us. So I did not expect him to go that crazy like he did on TNF. I expect him to be a little bit more tamed. The running game should be a little
bit less. Kyler Murray, he’s a very talented quarterback as we all know. If you can
contain him in the pocket. Make him throw the ball, I think that’s going to be a very
advantageous situation for the 49ers and our defensive backs, they did really well
against Wilson for the most part. Richard Sherman, Emmanuel Moseley did a really good
job matching up against DK Metcalf, a big receiver. I expect him to have a pretty good
day as well. I just don’t expect the 49ers to get
shell shocked like they did on Thursday Night Football against the Cardinals. They’re a
talented team in my opinion. They have some nice pieces for Arizona, but at the
same time, I think the 49ers; if you just look at everything. The totality and
everything, I think the better team overall in terms of the roster even with
the second matchup. Don’t want to be a prisoner of the moment from last week’s
game. Tampa Bay and Seattle. Don’t want to be a prisoner of Thursday Night Football
matchup that they had a couple of weeks ago. This is a clean slate. New matchup,
completely new week and that’s what you got to take into account too. Try not to take
into account the games that just happened last week because anything can happen in
football. It’s a crazy year in the NFL. I mean, you look at the Falcons and the Saints. The
Falcons upset of the Saints in a big fashion. Who would’ve saw that coming? A 1-7 Falcons team defeating a really good Saints team? That’s the NFL.
49ers if they can do that; if they can stop Kyler Murray, Kenyan Drake on the offensive side of the ball, I think they can do a really good job in this game. Also
offensively. Offensive line they got to get their thing going. You know it wasn’t the
best day for them terms of Joe Staley, Mike McGlinchey. They kind of had a
difficult day against Jadeveon Clowney and company. I don’t expect them to have too much
of a difficult day maybe because Chandler Jones, he’s a pretty good
defensive player as you all know, but yeah. They got to do a lot better in
protecting Jimmy Garoppolo and getting the running game going. Wide receivers man!
Got to catch the ball man. Please catch the ball. Huh man, it was kind of a frustrating
day to see Garoppolo throw some nice passes, but you know
Kendrick Bourne and them, they can’t catch the ball. That interception
Garoppolo to whoever it was in Seattle I blame it more on Kendrick Bourne, although it was a
little overthrown, but at the same time, oh my gosh! No wonder why people don’t
blame Garoppolo as much for the interceptions. I mean sometimes I do.
Sometimes I don’t, but in that case, I couldn’t blame Garoppolo for that
interception, but it is what it is. Cut the turnovers
down. They did have three in total against the Seahawks and they got to stop doing
that. Jimmy Garoppolo has to take care of the ball more. He did fumble twice in the
pocket. So you know you got to keep doing that as well. Defensively I’m not
really worried at all. We did lose Ronald Blair for the year
unfortunately, but we do get Damontre Moore back from the preseason. I’m glad
they brought him back. I expect the defensive line rotation to be just as
good, if not maybe better. We’ll see what happens then. I’m not really too
concerned on the defensive side of the ball. Offensively I’m a little bit concerned,
especially the wide receivers. They were very, very shaky after Emmanuel Sanders
got hurt. We’ll see if him and Kittle are ready to go. I assume they’re ready to go,
but we’ll see then. Glad the 49ers, they sat Kittle out because that would
have been a disastrous day had they played him against Seattle. It would’ve be nice
to get a win, but the injury risk losing him for the season if he would have
played this game on Monday, that would have been a big risk. So I’m glad the
49ers they did not allow him to play this game against Seattle, but hopefully
against Arizona he’s a 100% but we’ll see what happens then. If I had
to pick a team. All that aside. 49ers versus Cardinals second time matchup
in San Francisco, I’m going to have to pick the 49ers to win this game. Yes
some of you guys are like, oh my gosh they’re going to rebound from their game against Arizona. I do believe so. I think the 49ers are going to have a really
good game against Arizona. I don’t know if it’s going to be the big
thriller of a matchup that it was on Thursday Night Football. I think it might
be, but we’ll see what happens then. I mean the 49ers, they have more time to
game plan. They don’t have to travel on the road at all. They’ll be staying at
home getting ready for this game against Arizona. I don’t think they’ll be
shell-shocked definitely from last week on Thursday Night Football when they
last met up. San Francisco I think defensively, they play a lot
better than they did. The last meet up and Jimmy Garoppolo, I think he has a
better game. The receivers, please catch the ball. That’s all I’m asking. Don’t
drop any balls. Don’t have any tip interceptions. I think it’s going to be a
pretty good day for the 49ers and also got to get the running game going. San
Francisco, Arizona? I spent the 49ers to win this game. I don’t know if it’s in
convincing fashion. Maybe by six points? So I’ll probably go with another six or
seven point thriller of a matchup like it was against Seattle. San Francisco if I had to
pick a final score, I would pick them to win this game about 30, Arizona 24. 30-24, I think that’s a pretty legitimate prediction right there. Going with San Francisco to win this game. I think they rebound from the game
against Seattle. Keep the winning going hopefully. That’s it guys. Please let me
know what you guys got for this game. I’d like to hear what you got to say in the
comments below. If you guys like this, please “Like” and Subscribe. That’s going to help out
a lot. I’ll be catching you guys up probably tomorrow for edge-to-edge
videos. I’ll see y’all then. Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a great rest of your
night. Go Niners all day!

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  1. We've activated Demontre Moore from preseason to take over Ronald Blair's spot from season knee injury hopefully this pan's good for us plus our ninerss will be back on track after the loss from the Hawks let's go ninerss!!

  2. I’m fine with the defense

    It’s the offense what I’m worried about. We need to step up in order to make a serious hit on the playoffs.

    Also we’re facing a defense that is worse than the Seahawks. So it is a winnable game but we can’t underestimate them.

  3. Its gonna be tough game for sure,we got exposed from k.Murray the first game being a mobile QB is 49ers kryptonite, when we play teams with a mobile quarterback we are liable to loose ,packers ravens Seahawks and cardinals are gonna be tough.but this game we will pull it off by a touchdown

  4. I just don't think we have the playmakers to consistently overcome the 8-9 man box technique that both Sea & Ari used on us. No Kittle or Sanders makes every game a coin flip. SF 24 Ari 17.

  5. Defense is key but offense needs work hard to win. I believe they can win, Go 49ers and ❤️ them always. Stay positive 9ers…….🏈🏋🏾‍♂️🏈🏋🏾‍♂️

  6. As much as you think that it won't matter that Kittle and Sanders are out, Kyler will run wild like Russell did. Arizona 24 SF 17

  7. I haven’t watched the cardinals this year but considering the last one and how physical the Seahawks played them they might be too beat down to win. Shanahan will learn from the last match but seahawks exposed the niners so I think AZ will be very competitive. Niners are the easy pick but I think this one is a coin toss

  8. Chandler Jones is more than a pretty good player has 11 and 1/2 sacks and five forced stumbles this season so far and he leads the league in sacks the last three years combined

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