San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals Prediction Week 9 (2019)

San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals Prediction Week 9 (2019)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be
talking about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Going to be predicting the game between them and the Arizona Cardinals happening this Thursday in Arizona. Should be a fun one. Second division matchup for the Niners. Hopefully they
can make it 8-0. Wouldn’t that be amazing? It’s been a while. Been a long
long time since we had a nice winning streak like this going on. I think
everyone knows by now, it’s been since 1990 that the Niners have been on a roll
like this. Hopefully they can keep it up even more and make the playoffs. Wouldn’t
that be an amazing goal? We can talk about Super Bowl, but first, let’s win
every game as much as possible during the regular season and make the playoffs.
Hopefully have a first round bye. Going to be talking about this matchup. Could be a
little sneaky hard since this is a very short week for the Niners. They have to
travel to Arizona. They might be a little bit fatigued, but as Jimmy Johnson said,
don’t be tired man. That’s for weak men if you guys know A Football Life on NFL Network from a long time ago. There’s a document where Jimmy
Johnson… Yeah you guys know what I mean. Anyways, going to get the video started.
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video started. 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals prediction. Who is going to
win this game? Okay so prediction, prediction, prediction.
Who am I going to go with for this game? Well before I do, want to do a quick tale of the
tape for each team and what they did last week. The 49ers, they defeated the
Carolina Panthers 51-13. Wow, that is the career season-high right there for
the 49ers is scoring 51 points. That is just amazing. I mean if they wanted to score
more points, they could have scored more points. That was just absolute domination
on the 49ers against the Panthers. Nick Bosa, Tevin Coleman, those guys on each
side of the ball, they just went off. Everything was just perfect in that game
except Jimmy G throwing an interception, but other than that, it was fantastic. You couldn’t
ask for a better game for the 49ers. It was amazing and hopefully they can keep
it up against the Arizona Cardinals, their division rival. On the other hand the
Arizona Cardinals, they’re coming off a 9-31 loss to the New Orleans Saints,
which wasn’t the biggest surprise because hey, it’s the New Orleans Saints. They’re actually pretty good. Drew Brees came back, Alvin Kamara was
out for this game, but other than that, I mean it was just a clinical day for New
Orleans. Brees is back to what he is and what he was before the injury. There you
have it right there you guys. Quick tale of the tape for each team. Who to pick
for this game? Want to talk some quick notes for this game. 49ers as I said in
my earlier time in this video, I talked about how they might be a little bit of
fatigued just because of the fact that they’re traveling very, very short to
Arizona on a Thursday. I think they’re traveling maybe on a
Wednesday or something like that. I don’t know how the travel schedule works, but it’s
very short and hopefully the Niners they don’t get super tired from that. They
probably are, but hopefully they can just cope with it and get a win. Get out of
Arizona and have a mini bye week with a Thursday night. Get ready Monday Night against the Seattle Seahawks. It’s going to be a tough matchup in terms of
that, but if you’re talking about talent for talent? I mean in my edge-to-edge
video, I pick almost everything San Francisco because if you look at it on
paper, the 49ers I think they’re a better team than the Arizona Cardinals in
almost every way, shape and form. They do have some nice pieces as I said like
Patrick Peterson, Kyler Murray, he’s not too bad although he’s
a little inconsistent, but for the most part, he has some promise. I believe in
the league and I think he’s going to be pretty good in next year or two. Also Larry Fitzgerald, the reliable guy. Just some players some veterans that they have
that I’m kind of a fan of, but as a team, they’re still kind of struggling. Trying
to still find their footing. I think this is a very favorable matchup for the 49ers. Nick Bosa, I got to talk about him definitely. As I said in my edge-to-edge
video that he’s going to be very motivated for this game in particular because the
Cardinals, they had the number one overall pick in 2019, but they elected
to pass him to take Kyler Murray with the number one overall pick and I’m
pretty sure he’s slighted to this day about not being number one overall pick, but
hey. He’s going to a better team in San Francisco, better situation. You couldn’t
complain, but at the same time, I know he wanted to be the number one overall pick
just to have that sentimental value. They didn’t allow that to happen. It is
unfortunate. I know Bosa is going to be motivated by this game. He says he’s not,
but I’m pretty sure he will be for this game. I got to thank the Arizona
Cardinals for taking him [Murray] in the first place. Steve Keim and Kliff Kingsbury you
know, you guys have been awesome for taking Kyler Murray and now we have our own Bosa. Yes we do. Some other notes, hmm what to talk about? What to talk about? I mean, I could talk about the defensive line. I could talk about our running game. Jimmy Garoppolo, do want to talk about him for a second. He does have to cut the turnovers
down. I know it’s not too concerning to the fact that the defense can stop
almost anything. They can always hold the team to at least a field goal, but at the
same time, there’s going to be one game, one time that he throws an interception or
fumbles the ball at the wrong time and that will cost us the game. Hopefully not in
the postseason. Hopefully not in the regular season, but he has to cut the turnovers
down. I think you guys are in agreeance with me that you know he does need to
turn it down a little bit. He’s playing really well for the most part for being
a game manager because the defense and running game is doing amazing. Why does
he need to do too much, but at the same time, all he has to do is cut the
turnovers down. We can make a very, very nice regular-season run and hopefully a
playoff one as well. All that aside. Talking everything 49ers and
Cardinals, fatigue and everything. Who am I going to go for this game? If I had to
pick a team, I would pick the San Francisco 49ers to win this game. I mean
on paper, it doesn’t look like a contest at all. Just looking at games last week. I
try not to do that too much, but 49ers dominated the Panthers. Cardinals
losing to the Saints and 49ers just getting all the confidence in the world. Nick Bosa as I said his motivation against the Cardinals. This is a recipe
for success for San Francisco. The only thing that concerns me definitely is
Patrick Peterson for the Arizona Cardinals and also fatigue for
traveling on the road on a very short week on Thursday. Those are the two main
factors that I can see that can concern me with San Francisco. Also
Jimmy G throwing interceptions, turning the ball over, I think that’s a big concern
as well, but I think he can lower it down even more. Just got to take care of the
ball Jimmy. That’s all you have to do, then we can have even more blowout victories.
San Francisco picking them. If I had to pick a final score, I would probably pick San
Francisco about 32, Arizona 10. I think that’s a pretty decisive victory if I do
say so myself. Defense, they don’t really points. They don’t allow a lot of yards and
what have you. The 49ers, they’re very capable of scoring a lot of points. You
got our running backs with Tevin Coleman and Matt Breida those guys they can go
off, although Breda I don’t know if he’s going to be playing this game because he
did get a little stiff injury in the game against the Panthers, but other than
that, I believe everyone’s going to be ready to go. Staley, McGlinchey. McGlinchey he’s
going to be out. Staley I don’t think he’s going to be playing this game. He might be
getting ready for the game against the Seahawks on Monday night. Do have a
couple players probably going to be out for this game, but it’s a very short week. So
why rush them back if you have to? 49ers, 32-10. San Francisco I think
they get their eighth win of the season and keep the train rolling for Monday
Night Football against the Seattle Seahawks. That’s it guys. Please let me know who
you guys got winning this game? I’d like to hear what you have to say in the comments
below. If you guys like this, please “Like” and Subscribe. That’s going to help out a
lot. I’ll be catching you guys up probably tomorrow on a Wednesday or
Thursday before the game. I’ll see y’all then.
Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a great rest of your night. Go Niners all day!

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  1. Who do you guys got winning this TNF matchup? Hope the Niners make it 8 in a row!
    Tale of the tape both teams- 1:13
    Matchups- 2:03
    Nick Bosa- 3:04
    Prediction- 4:30

  2. Arizona you had a GOOD Winning streak against FRISCO but that's OVER NOW and it's time to Start Our own Streak against YALL NINER NATION

  3. I'm hoping Bosa is just taking the high road, but goes out and destroys Kyler and Co. Wreak havoc and cement your ROY and build on that DPOY/MVP award. Let's Go Niner Gang!!

  4. Cant wait for this game because my friend is an arizona fan and he be bragging about how they swept us for the last couple yrs. Cant wait to brag on him for the next couple years now!

  5. Why do people keep saying that Jimmy needs to cut down the int? He has 3 that are on him… The rest hit the receiver in the 👐

  6. Anything could happen on Halloween, also there could be many puns since both teams do many Trick plays (we call trick or treat plays)

  7. Arizona isn’t that far so I don’t think traveling will take too much from us and the cards are also in a short week. Best part about this is that after the game it’ll be a mini bye week (11 days) so our boys can be ready by the Seahawks game. So let’s stay humble and get this W Niners!

  8. If the 49ers lose a Superbowl, that'll be a big bummer.
    If they lose in the playoffs that'll be terrible.
    If they don't make it to playoffs it'll be devastating.
    But if they lose to the Seattle Seahawks this season….I'm going to go bury myself in the forest and never watch football again.
    They have to dominate these guys. Just like Kaepernick had to beat the Packers after all those years of Domination by Brett Favre, then Aaron Rodgers …he came and changed the zeitgeist. The 2012 playoff win was the most epic game in my life, having lived through those Steve Young losses to the Packers.
    And our time of dominating Seattle has to begin next Monday.

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