Saquon Barkley Stars in Hulu Has Live Sports ’20: The Video Game • Hulu • Commercial

– [Director] Actually, no,
lose the football Saquon. – Okay the dogs barking but
don’t look at the dog. – Your team scored! You’re pumped. – No, no to the left, left,
you knocked over the nachos. – [Saquon] I knocked them over? – [Director] Cut! – [Agent] Let me go talk to him. – Saquon, look I know this isn’t Madden, – but you know lets make the best of it. – [Saquon] I thought this was
a football video game. – [Agent] Yeah it’s a watching
football video game. – It’s Hulu Has Live Sports ’20. – [Saquon] Who’s gonna play this? – [Agent] It’s not about play, its about pay. (laughs loudly) – Hulu has live sports.

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