Sex and College Football; SEC v. Pac12

i’ve always liked watching pac ten
football back twelve pack eight covers for paul because distance don’t really care and i admire that item if they want to overplay alabama ncn
clownish kids thank their face hi always thought that when you watch
the game late at night on a saturday night between like arizona state kaur
u_c_l_a_ organ did sometimes a stadium was unfilled you
know why because those kids had other shifted and i always like to act like you know
one of my campaign face unwilling can’t wait that’s what to me back and football’s hoekstra and back at our top the bread made from
seventy five thousand inhabitants the it shall not travis set up a lot of
money helps the players are citing players find
instances we live in california manners other crap going on and that’s why i love letters ca what do you foresee texas speaker may make a deal notre dame in not being in a conference
by the way i was in austin texas this weekend rectify excellent question the kuralt’s in texas only using if you look religious such an austin is like one of
the great great great cities in america i would live in austin today if it were
diesel more from a work toward it today i’d love in austin texas but again stick with the schools where they don’t
paint their faces hooping fairfax places that you get your
face ever under any circumstances ballina no nobody here faith cardinal alpha trials in the s_e_c_ a decision so often what big-deal you’ve
won fixed rate championships verify what illustrator they want that at that they would every obviously
they’re a little better for for a big big year for package a while for kriti
here so you see on the great work reclassify and basketball asawa ko who group a special counsel five so no i don’t think this is
becoming a they finally got to be a string of fifth and then make a little over a delay too
if it were listening to what you sports and we’d like you to subscribe would
we’re okay what you’re looking at

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