Shaquill Griffin Shares His Player Evolution

Shaquill Griffin Shares His Player Evolution

– Lookin’ to the future helps me drive to what’s goin’ on now. ‘Cause there’s some days
where you feel like, “Man, am I really gonna get through it? It’s startin’ to get tough.” But you gotta remember the
reason why you’re doin’ it. Those thoughts and those
dreams and that imagination that I see, that we could
possibly have in the future, makes me go harder on those days where I feel like, “Man, I just
feel like I can’t make it.” I feel like that comes with controlling the things you can control. So, focus on the task at
hand, each day – day by day. And that’s the bein’ the best
football player I can be. I feel like that’s gonna set
me up for a better future. Starting in Little League
my dad would write down all the notes of everything
that we could’ve done better, or what he felt like should be fixed. So goin’ to college, he wasn’t there to write down the
critique. So from now on, I would do it myself. And now, today, I still
get that same notepad, and at the end of the season I write down everything
that I could’ve done better or could fix for a better
outcome for the game. I’m pretty tough on myself, you know, but I feel like I shouldn’t let no one set a standard that’s higher than mine. Even my coach felt like I
was a little hard on myself. But after lookin’ at all the film, play-by-play, and takin’
all those notes on my pad, that’s the main reason
why I gave myself a D- at the end of the year. I go into my first year
thinkin’, “I gotta get my own. I gotta think about myself,
worry about myself.” And it hooked the total opposite. So, Richard Sherman takin’ me
under his wing my first year, and teaching me everything I could know. Then, second year, he’s
leavin’ and I gotta be the one that fill that void. I felt like I was tryin’
to follow his footsteps and do everything the way he did it, instead of doin’ it the
Shaquill Griffin way. It wasn’t thinkin’ it for the team. And our minds had changed where, “O.K., now I gotta start to
evolve a little bit more.” And then my third year, now,
I have to be more of a leader. My first couple years was more about, “O.K., how many picks can I get?” It’s all about stats and accolades. And I felt like I should
veer my focus more on what can I do for this team. Football was supposed to be a backup plan. So, football was our plan B. Plan A was go to school,
go to college, graduate. But my dad, the way he
preached it to us was, “If you don’t make it in football, it’s fine. That wasn’t
your first plan anyway. If you do? It’s just an
add-on, it’s a blessing.” So I made sure I did everything I could to put my best foot forward and
to have the best opportunity to make it to the NFL.
And that happened. Thirteen years old, we
ran on this AAU track team with this coach – and I
remember I threw an idea out. It was like, “Maybe we should
start our own track team.” Next thing you know,
we got St. Pete Nitro. Me and my brother was
the founders of the team. We started off with 13 kids,
and now we got over 150. But it definitely was a blessing. We try to continue to keep
that going and growing. This is like my home now. I see Seattle as my home so I
will want to have a camp here, but I also want to have
a camp back in Florida. What motivates me to continue
to strive and be my best is the ones that look up to me. I feel like if I give up,
I’m givin’ up on that kid. Hopefully one day he gonna
try to imitate everything that me and my brother may be doin’. We are actual role models, and I think that’s what pushin’ me the
most to get up in the mornin’. It’s like these kids are our future. The dreams continue to change ’cause we actually have our ultimate goal, which is to go back in our city and start our own headquarters, where it’s our own trainin’ facility. But it does more than just train people. Their dreams are so
hard to try to come by, but when you have your brother, who’s been through so much,
or accomplished so much, that’s the person I continue to lean on when it comes to achievin’ something that’s greater than me and football. And like I said before,
football was plan B. This wasn’t even the first plan. The NFL is just the
beginnin’. But after the NFL is when we really gotta
put our dreams into effect. You got one goal down, you got
so many more to accomplish. And the ultimate goal is to be able to change lives around the world.

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  1. God bless Him, Its African Americans like him that makes my heart say, "how could you pre-judge a man based off his color?" that's why ignorance is birthed from of a lack of exposure and a narrow mind. Much success to him smf and his brother!

  2. You brothers are truly inspiring your people . The Most High has a way of using people to wake his people up. Your testimony is waking us up brothers. We live through your experiences. We can do it too.

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