Simone Biles’ brother arrested in murders, Hurricane Dorian, football upset: The 60

Simone Biles’ brother arrested in murders, Hurricane Dorian, football upset: The 60

I’m Brittney bullhorn this is ABC 13 to 16 the brother of Olympian Simone biles has been arrested in connection with the triple murder according to media in Cleveland Ohio seven vials Tomas is accused of shooting into a crowd of people at a New Year’s Eve party killing three men he was arrested in Georgia after being indicted by a grand jury in Cleveland the Dallas detective who was handcuffed to Lee Harvey Oswald when he was shot in 1963 has died James Clavell was often called the man in the light colored suits the Pearl Harbor survivor died during a trip to Colorado with his family he was 99 hey Alito we’re really thinking about Florida right now with Dorian yeah Dorian at the main story the main takeaway it is getting stronger as it approaches South Florida expected to make landfall sometime early Tuesday morning grit in high school football the City Tigers pulled off an upset beating the defending state champs Northshore 2421 last night in front of a packed house in the season opener North Shore beat Katie twice last year and not Saddam in the playoffs but with Katie for the comeback even the for Penn County Sheriff’s Office is rubbing it in a little bit things the number to beat number one yeah they did by the way you can watch college football all day long here on ABC 13 tomorrow starting at 11 a.m. have a great weekend [Music]

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  1. so why does ABC13 feel the need to throw simone biles name in there? like this dude did this on his own. use his name. stop trying to make headlines you sorry news station

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