Spartans All-Access | Football Camp Pt. 2

Spartans All-Access | Football Camp Pt. 2

(intense music)
(team cheering) (team chanting) – There you go – Right there – That’s it, that’s it, that’s it – That happens, try to get it squeezed. – I wanna see your head behind, I wanna see you run
through and drive for five when you end up on the ground. It’s wet so you gotta wrap and squeeze, after it rolls over! Don’t be a ball, scoop and score. (whistle blowing) Don’t lose it, don’t lose it. All right come on, throw the ball. – [Man] Find the ball, find
the ball, find the ball. Scoop and score. – [Mike] Next guy’s up. – [Paul] Stay low, stay low. Get up, get up. – Put that pad right up under your chin. Put that pad right up under your chin. Pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, pound. All right just slip it
off and just keep going. – Go. That’s it, good now you
can be a little bit wider. You can be a little bit wider. But you don’t want to go too wide and knock those bags apart. – Go. That’s it, that’s it, that’s it. – Hey – [Man] Good, just like that. – [Man] There you go Cam, nice. – [Josiah] It’s been real well
offense and defensive wise. You’ve seen jumps from both
sides of the ball and it’s been very fun, since the past
years it’s kinda been like the dog days, it gets there
and it’s just like it’s tiring, you’re hurt and everything like that, But this year it’s been fun. – [Cody] Just the energy in the room, everybody’s got enthusiasm. Offense, defense everybody’s
picking each other up and it’s been really fun just to
be out here every day. Me being one of the veterans,
it’s been really easier for me this year knowing
that I know all the plays and just trying to help the young
guys and bring them along. It’s been really fun. – [Player] The biggest thing
is how good our chemistry is. How hard we go in practice
against each other knowing that we have a mission
to get better this year and to be Big-10 champs. So that’s really been a big
thing we’ve been pushing this whole off season in the
weight room, in the film, in meetings and out here in practice. (inspirational music) (whistle blowing) (calmer music) – You got me? Yes sir – Threw em all away. – (laughs) Alright, thank you very much. – You heard it here folks. (laughing) We’re just out here signing autographs. – [Woman] Hi, how are you doing? – How are you doing there?
– [Man] Good, how are you? – I’m good, can’t complain
– [Woman] Oh, I broke my wrist (talking over each other) – Great day to sign some
autographs, no problem. – What’s going on man? I like your jersey. – Thanks – [Man] How are you? – [Man] Good, good, how are you? – There you go. Can I get some knuckles? What about her, she’s sleeping? – [Woman] Wake up Anna,
you’re missing the– – Looks like you been here for awhile, you almost got everyone on the team. – [Woman] Have a good season
– You too, thank you – [Woman] You and your brother
don’t look anything alike. – Nothing. – [Woman] Oh my God, it’s really– (laughs) You guys are good. – Did you draw this yourself? – Yeah – Nice, that is very impressive. I like it, look like Bachie
a little bit (laughs). – Can I get a little fist pump? Bow, that’s what I’m talking bout. – You can do me one more favor. You can look into the camera
and say go green go white. – Go green, go white. – Yes sir, we here. Imma have to sign the cast. – [Woman] That’d be awesome. Awesome. – Go Green. – [Woman] Thank you – [Child] Go white. – [Woman] Goodluck – [Man] How you doing? (mumbling)
(laughing) – [Player] Run down the near
sideline, would be a Touchdown. – It’s like a reality show
– [Man] Freestyle everything. right now all right. So don’t look at the camera. (laughs) You sitting there
– [Man] You sitting there – Looking at the camera.
– Starring the whole time. (laughs)
(talking over each other) – What do you think about these? (laughs)
(talking over each other) – [Paul] Take a picture
of everything right here. Cause if this guy is off,
more than likely again he’s probably gonna be out here. So, again we’re gonna get a
lot of the same stuff today, so let’s make sure that
we do a good job on it. – We started talking about it. – [Player] Good feels, good feels. (calm music) (cheering) – [Mark] We had a great camp,
I felt really strong about really the chemistry of our camp. Got everything done I think
that we wanna get done. You work a lot of situations
in camp and you gotta get yourself in condition to play
and those type of things. But I like our leadership,
I’ve said all along throughout the last nine months that our
chemistry is very, very good and our leadership from
within is very strong. I think you get places with that but it’s time to play a football game. – We’re just together. This is one big family,
I can truly say that. You look at the past three
years, the off seasons, and this has been the best off season. You’ve seen this team grow so
much, cause we went through that adversity last year. There’s been ups, there’s been downs, but we never pulled apart, there was never a cancer on this team. Since the growth has really
happened since January, the start of this year
and we’re just excited for this Fall now, to show everyone what we’ve been working on
for the past eight months. – I’m ready to focus on a
different team’s game plan instead of our own. It’s kind of a little bit of,
a little sour this having to be my last camp, but
overall I’ve had a great feeling about this team. I think we’ve had a great camp overall and I’m just real
excited to play football. (crowd cheering) – [Mark] To me, we’ve had
great moments around here in the past and we’re gonna try and create those moments for people outside the program and for
people inside the program. So that’s where that came
from and I think that’s what you’re doing every single day
that you’re living really. You’re trying to chase
down something that, a dream, or a goal, or
something and that’s not just for us that’s
for everybody out there. – [Brian] This moment
basically means whenever an opportunity arises, to go full speed, 100% effort into it. Whether you’re watching film,
whether you’re on a play, and you see a play shaping up, to seize that moment and go grab it. – [Joe] Camp’s over, move on to Tulsa , you start looking at game plans and stuff. For the guys who play a bunch
and who have the experience understand how fun it really is just to game plan for someone for a week. Captains are picked. I’m being named Captain again. This year it’s a great honor, better than any Big-10 selection,
any I’ve had in the past. It’s something I’ll carry with
me for the rest of my life. – [Brian] It’s a great honor
to be named a captain again. As a quarterback, I think it
kinda comes with the position and I’m glad my teammates
feel that way about me. It’s great to have guys
like Joe, Kenny, and Rae to be able to lead with. I think together we’ll make
a great group of captains. – [Mark] You’re always
excited for the first game, a lot of optimism. Everybody starts from scratch. Our football season
last year was one where we’re very very close. Very close to winning 10 games
or whatever. 11 or whatever. But, won seven and that’s
not the expectations here. The expectations are
higher here and we’re gonna hold ourselves to a higher
standard and keep pushing it. (energetic music)

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