Speed training for football lateral movement | Part 3

Speed training for football lateral movement | Part 3

Speaker 1: …whatever may being this is a
night and day difference and so it’s great work. Obviously, I’m tired. Speaker 2: Right. Speaker 1: That’s part of training. Speaker 2: Yeah. Today we’re going to be working on our lateral
shuffle to a turn, to a sprint, to getting the ball. We’ll go ahead and walk through it a little
bit so we can… so you can see how it works, but get your KBands on, get ready to rock. Get your stretch in. What we’re going to do is we’re going to start
with our six rows of cones again; use a bag, use whatever you need, but we’re going to
go lateral shuffles. Good 90 degree arms for speed. Get your knees up and we’re going to go two
per hole all the way down. Go ahead and simulate a little bit for us. Go half speed. He’s going to go, shuffle, shuffle; getting
his arms going. He’s going to get out and sprint. Turn the corner, and this is the spot where
the football’s going to come in. All receivers need to be ready to catch a
ball as soon as they come off the corners. Simulate this section again here where you
come around the corner. You need to be ready to deliver the ball as
soon as he comes around. We’re going to work on several things here,
all at once. We don’t want to just simulate speed and agility. We want to tie it into football, so really
make sure that when he rounds the corner, you’re ready to deliver the football. Are we ready? We’ll go ahead and run through one, full speed;
driving your arms at a 90 degree angle, getting your knees up, work with the resistance. Here we go. Quick, quick, quick, quick, be quick; get
out and go. Good. As soon as he rounds that corner, he’s ready
to catch the ball and he’s ready to go. We’re going to incorporate cutting off that,
next, but here we’re just going to work on delivering the football as soon as he catches,
you can go ahead and pull up. We ready? Go ahead and go. Be quick, be quick, be quick, be quick, good. Working with the football; don’t always deliver
it in the perfect spot. You got to make people adjust, you need to
make the football player reach up high, reach low; make them work. We’re going through another one here with
resistance and then we’re going to do a couple without so you can see how this works. Here we go. Good. Most important thing about training with KBands
is we use it like we lift weights. It’s the same kind of concept because we want
to develop muscle strength in your legs. When you do six to eight reps with the resistance,
you’re working for power, you’re working for speed. Next you take the bands off, do about four
to six reps and you’re going to get that light feeling in your legs. Most important thing here is to work about
speed; to actually change your muscle fiber types, you have to work at maximal effort. Catch a little quick breath and then work
with that light feeling in your legs. Let’s go ahead and get two reps in here. Be quick, be quick, be quick, good. We’ll go one more here; get up and go, get
up and go, get up and go, good. Nice job. Remember six to eight reps with resistance. Four to six without and then move on to your
next drill. [End of Audio]
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About the Author: Garret Beatty


  1. This system was designed to be worn right above the knee where no stress is placed on the knee. We have many physical Therapy facilities that use them for knee rehab as well as knee injury prevention. This system directly targets the quads, hamstrings, glutes, hips, hip flexor and lower abs.

  2. We have athletes as young as 6 or 7. The key is making it fun for younger athletes and making sure they understand there will be resistance applied to thier movements . This makes the movement more difficult. After taking the bands off they will feel the benefits.

  3. Hey i have a question im 13,i dont know my weight but i guess you could say im fat lol?? im very broad shouldered and i dont look very fat. I want to try out for Tight end. I played it once for a year What could i do to lose weight and bulk up,gain speed,and get more agility. Thank you!

  4. You will benefit without the bands. We like to train first with the bands then without but the drills are great for all athletes.

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