Street football, World Cup 2014 and #FindingR10 – Highlights of the trip – Joltter in Rio

Street football, World Cup 2014 and #FindingR10 – Highlights of the trip – Joltter in Rio

this is alright at the Copacabana playing beach football sick you whoo as you guys can see our trip to Rio was full of highlights we witness the World Cup fever we played beach football we played street football we basically did it all except for one little thing we didn’t find Ronaldinho but believe me when I tell you we tried everywhere ladies and gentlemen we just got an anonymous tip that Lola Leo himself would be here at the park our restaurants enjoying his dinner well we did enjoy our dinner but unfortunately one dinner was not here as you can see he has been here before so Ronaldinho I’m still coming for you excuse me I’m trying to find Ronaldinho do you have any idea where he might be the beach Copacabana Ipanema Copacabana let’s go to Copacabana then thank you so much thank you sir gonna Jean Kona Jean yo where how can I say where can I find on Jackie and Ronaldinho so yeah we didn’t fight Ronaldinho bar fighting arts in it’s definitely not dead because I’m not gonna give up someday I’m gonna find one out Dean you know whether it’s in Rio Copenhagen or someplace else but yeah as you guys can see we are at the airport right now ready to go back home it’s been an insane world cup and insane experience in Rio and it’s been wonderful having all of you on board with us but now it’s time to go back home and I’m getting jolt in Rio signing out for one last time but before I go I want you guys to let me know where should we go next and why leave your comments to the comment section below but yeah it’s time to pack up and take all these memories with us it’s been insane thank you for tuning in now stay tuned for more awesome stuff right here and unisport webtv I’m out basically we just shut the intro and we find out that we are in the middle of nowhere so we’re going back let’s do this I can’t go anymore back I’m afraid of heights so ladies and gentlemen here we have the cameraman of unisport normally behind the scenes and the cameras but now taking over the stage show us what you can do with the ball

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  1. go to cyprus!! great beaches and raw talent, i will sort accomidation. Msg me back plz for further info.

  2. Jollter at the beginig of the World Cup you sad that is a giveaway and write in the comments section who will be the top scorer and you didn't say who won it
    When you will sad who won that giveaway

  3. Come to Serbia,on the ethernal derby Zvezda vs Partizan,that will be the day you will remember for the rest of your life

  4. Come to Serbia,on the ethernal derby Zvezda vs Partizan,that will be the day you will remember for the rest of your life

  5. Come to rotterdam in holland its a city of the world, with very very much football/soccer !! I hope to see you here

  6. Montreal because even if the national sport of canada is hockey soccer is the sport the most played in montreal and the mls is getting better and better every year

  7. Hey joltter you should go to france since their hosting the euros of 2016 it will be nice to soak up the atmosphere and culture and i really enjoyed your joltter in rio episodes especially the one were you played beach football with those fans and when you went to the favela to play with those kids and you just skilled everyone up it was epic. 😀

  8. You should come to Centennial, Colorado in the US because were crazy about football and we have the most beautiful views of the great planes, rocky mountains, and the city. Its not called Colorful Colorado for no reason! #Unisport

  9. You should come to Melbourne, Australia. I love watching your stuff and if you come here i will come with all of my mates to see you

  10. Try coming to Belgium once 🙂 Most of our players in the national team come from street soccer fields in cities and we have a very good youth academy in Anderlecht where Kompany and others come from. 

  11. Why dont you go back and see if unisport can get you a ticket to the atletico miniero change rooms after one of their games and then meet R10 there

  12. Come to the U.S!! Especially Los Angeles. Its becoming a hotspot for talent out here,in a few years the world will know just how much the U.S has advanced in football. 

  13. Would love to go to the place I've dreamed of going all my life! Ronaldinho was my first ever idol so if you had met him I would have been even more jealous than I was already, glad you enjoyed it Joltter!

  14. Hey joltter , can you come to CHILE next summer for the COPA AMERICA, ?? would be great and maybe you might find ronaldinho..   

  15. Because it is a beautiful place I am there right now in Kona, Kona is the state one of the states and if u want a hotel choose walkoloa beach MARRIOTT! It is amazing they have 4 or 5! Swimming pools and a slide in one of the pools for people of all AGES! And jollter one day Unisport will have the most subs in YouTube HISTORY!!!!!


    Is OUT!!!!!

  16. I think you should come to New Zealand , footballers and fields almost everywhere . Maybe in Auckland , why ? Because the Fifa U20 world cup will be held here and I'll be here waiting

  17. come to Australia for the 2015 asia world cup its all set up to be the best and biggest sporting event in Australian history. YOU DO NOT want to miss it. 

  18. You should come to new zealand because your my inspiration and come to Auckland.I think your the coolest guy ever!!! And just saying Im only 9.

  19. If i found Ronaldinho i would probably cry and you have to meet him sometime Joltter and post  video for certain.

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