Tackle Box Tips for Fishing Crappie

Tackle Box Tips for Fishing Crappie

Hey its Jim Mueller with the American outdoors man report every body knows to catch a fish you need a rod and reel but the real key to success is what’s in
your tackle box here’s a rare look inside AO pro staffer Mark tobin’s tackle box as he talks about his favorite croppy lures what i’m using today now this water is muddy as you can see i probably only got maybe six inches of visibility and that type of condition i like to use
a head with the blade on it i prefer willow leaf blades their long
and narrow and you can work these extremely slow
and that blade will wobble in the water and you get a lot better action moving these
things slow with the willow blade than you do with the colorado or in indiana
blade on a sunny day i like the silver blade but on cloudy days i like to use a wide blade and these are number 2 i might even go up to a number 3 willow leaf if its very muddy those are two good ones
heres a smaller blade on those up to a number three as well if i’ve got any less visibility but these blades seem a little bit bigger
than traditional bud you’ll get bigger fish on these bigger
blades now what im tipping that with right now during the spawn i like 2 jigs this a big tube bigger than traditional croppie jigs um lures with allot of action like a twister tail this time off year when they are close to spawning allot of times you will get short bites and miss them a tube jig you wont quite miss as many bites like i said before i don’t know anybody that can catch more croppie than Mark Tobin but i do have two question his theory on this next clip there it is that’s another male he’s well not big but they are so scrappy you just gotta wonder how a little fish like that can hit a lure so hard they must come up and look at the lure and then take off for 10 yards swimming the other direction and then come in at all speed and hit it with all they got to feel that hard gosh i don’t know mark i would have to
see that to believe it i’m jim mueller that’s the american
outdoorsman report and remember you are the american outdoorsman

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