Temptation(Tackling):By.Dr.Ravi Zacharias.

Temptation(Tackling):By.Dr.Ravi Zacharias.

at the heart of the Christian message is
this unique thing we call forgiveness at the heart of the message is this unique
thing because forgiveness I dare you to look at any other world view I don’t
even need to name them look at any plans to stick world you look at any other
monetary strict moral view and you will find out one way the or the other you are weighed in the balance is and as
one of them will say you’re right just deeds have to outweigh your unrighteous
deeds or in the pantheistic worldview you pay you pay you pay one way or the
other you pay the Christian faith is unique in giving you the joy and the
beauty of forgiveness at one of the most exalted and prices ever the very Son of
God says I forgive you I forgive you
remember the famed jim baker who is the helm of PTL years ago and that empire
fell so sadly as much six in the morning when I heard the news in the eighties
and others heading out to play a game of racquetball when I turned it on and her
dad news I pulled up on the side of the road has had this in a change the
landscape for evangelism for sure and it did when he was put into prison for all
that he’d carried on he was telling the stories years ago at
the christian booksellers convention I remember him standing near the next
display of books at home my wife has her name as jim baker doesn’t shadow himself
just very gone to their new lost so much weight in prison and he does a story in
his book I was wrong he said one day when he was sloshing around prison in
his overall screening the latter the bathrooms and all of that card game and
said to him as a man you a decir he said on CNN Money sooner you want to see this
man he said no I don’t see anybody said I tell you you wanna see this person I’m
telling you you better come he said alright I’m gonna come just as I’m like
this change all the water from the bathroom all over his overalls and his
gloves taken off he said I walked over to the lounge there whether schist was
waiting I was shocked to see it was Billy Graham Billy Graham was standing
there bill is a pretty tall gentleman who walked over towards jim was not that
tall he wrapped his arms around jim baker and held him so tight and jim says
in his testimony I could not stop by solving to be the most despised minister in the
land at that time being embraced by the most admired minister in the land forgiveness is a huge burden off your
shoulders like pilgrim comes to the hill and the first angel of dawn says that I
sins be forgiven and a back pack burden of sin false pilgrim the angel of debris
puts a mark on his forehead and gives him the new road for a new creature the
angel of dusk gives him a scroll to given the map to be able to walk on in
the journey what a change when you come to countering the tree shining ones greet you your
sins are forgiven you’re given tire you’re given a roadmap with which to
walk and navigate this journey to see maybe the simplest way I can cut to the
point where the United Nations prayer breakfast and of course very difficult
setting your given 18 minutes it’s at the crack of dawn and overall views
represented in front of you seem to be very careful so you have to navigate on
a subject that they give you a jazz something they are interested in and
you’re out you’re allowed and towards the end to see what your belief isn’t
what you’re talking about so the subject I was given was
navigating with absolute a relativistic world I’m sure it’s not easy to wake up
to that talked about 3 absolutely 04 absolutes
which we look for evil how do we define it is the romantic referring to is there
a way to define it justice how do we define justice what is just I
said some of you have left your loved one’s home behind a new here you love
them how do you define love and some of you will blow it ethically and you’ll
ask appears to forgive you at what point is forgiveness legitimate I said these
four issues you struggle with an absolute evil justice love and
forgiveness and all sitting day in river to detention but five minutes to go I so
wanna tell you something there is only one place in the world geographically I
know where these full converged at one moment and that is on a hill called
Calgary evil of this world was hurled onto Jesus
Christ the justice of God was being evacuated here the love of God being
displayed to his son and father forgive them for they do not know what they’re
doing embodied in that crucifixion moment is
the very display of the absolute serve God Himself provided for you and me as
we navigate through these struggles of evil just as love and forgiveness when
that meeting was over the ambassador’s had lined up and one of them came up to
me and shook my hand you looked relatively young I expected most of them
would be sort of veteran diplomat and so on this man didn’t look like it was more
than his late thirties and he looked at me and he said mrs. a curious I come
from an atheistic country and I am lonely man I miss my family I didn’t
want to come here but I obeyed my president and I am today for the first
time I found out why I have come here I came here to find god I want you to point to point out to you
which is very critical now while the problem maybe symptomatically seen as
morrow morality alone will not change it and will not solve it problem is so deep that morality alone
cannot change the fact is it needs the grace of God the forgiveness of God it
goes beyond the moral to the deeply spiritual we are in the need of a savior
a savior and I put my links in like this which I did in the most recent book up
to demonstrating each of the points it’s this that the supreme attic in this
world islam that assists grant do that whether it’s ordinary love our super
auditory love where you prefer somebody goes out of their way like a well
healthy person running into traffic to pick up a helpless child who may have
already be half of it but the bus and doesn’t even thinking that Shoebury
Robert Horry act runs to rescue this baby though a stranger at the risk of
his or her own life love is the supreme attic where love is the supreme ethic
freedom has to be real where there is freedom there will always be the
possibility of sin and the actuality of sin loves the supreme ethic and must
allow for freedom freedom eggs and possible where there as soon as a
possibility of a savior and where there’s a savior there is the hope for
redemption the Gospel story is unique in its salvation narrative there is no
other world view that brings you to a savior / Redeemer the grace of God
Christian worldview points to self when he says you shall not just the Lord your
God our Lord goes to get some money and on his knees he’s battling decide you
want to the companionship of his disciples never got it they were so tired and 15
couldn’t stay up and pray and finally went there and the whole story began to
unfold already prayed if there is any way but not my will but yours be done
the beauty of the gospel is on that plus a book written a book return sometime
ago leading creature in the land and I don’t like to take its people and i’m
taking hit a thought and the book is called your best life now that people
find so attractive in this speaking you go to page after page after page there’s
not a single mention of the Cross you cannot have your best life without the
crucifixion of Jesus Christ providing for your attention on yourself for songwriters says what language I
borrow to thank you dearest friend for this died dying sorrel I pity without
end or make me forever and should I fainting be lord let me never never live
my life for the sacred head once wondered with shame way down carriers that cross and when you see the
difference makes I mentioned last night being in angola prison walking through
death row that I’m going cell to cell and then speaking to them
to the whole three times as about eight or nine hundred and a live audience
piped into their room Angola prison used to be the most deadly prison America
said Louisiana chaplain told me that one time when you walked into a double blood
marks on the walls blood marks on the ceiling black marks on the floor and you
checked into angola’s a prisoner as I said 85% of them on life without parole
when you check-in you are given a knife to defend yourself this morning with the
girls have a southern sheriff burl Cain takes charge he says I’m gonna do it my
way a Bible in every cell Bible studies
every day a seminary opened onto campus so that these young men are in these
prisoners can become theologians and study the Word of God nineteen were
registered for the theology program studying to get a masters of divinity
and you know what they knew they were never gonna get out and the chaplain
Sunday gangs of thugs have now been replaced by gangs of pastors it has become has become one of the safest prisons in
america the man told me one of them told me
bringing the prettiest young lady or 110 marcher in front of the cells you will
not hear a profane word or a whistle he said neither my staff nor the inmates
are allowed to use profanity in this prison change them this word has changed them after I was
one of the meetings are looked at a young man who lived in worship and I
said to him can ask you something are you here on life without parole he
said yes sir I said I don’t want to sound mean just as a preacher trying to
gauge emotions for something like this feel to know you’re never gonna catch
twenty miles from the nearest road in already said this is a curious if you
knew the man I was why I was here let me tell you sir card that if this is what it took for me
to find freedom and my Savior I am glad I am here and I will be here the rest of
my life i’m ok because of what I found pray for my parents outside and think
they are free but actually bondage to sin themselves don’t ever take a text of his
resurrection suffering the second one comes to give you all of the kingdoms of
this world and not only in the power to keep everything but it is a double I
even if you had all of the things of this world you will never find true
pleasure never have done a series of books on imaginary conversations between
Jesus and personalities one of them is call center and sensuality Jesus talks
to oscar wilde oscar wilde was the quintessential hedonist known for his
damn deism and all of the carries on that took him in and out of prison and
so on he died in his forties I visited the place where he died I visited the
church where his funeral was held which happened to be at the same place that
plays bass cows jacket now hangs from because of his testimony sewn in there
which describes his conversion so in that same church moscow’s wilde’s funeral and so in this imaginary
conversation about Jesus Moscow and Oscar Wilde in conversation if you’ve
got to the grave Oscar Wilde and if you really want to
think I think what was going on inside is scared I think it is almost
autobiographical his book The Picture of Dorian Gray and all the horrors and can do to a
person in his book balladur Redding jail who said things are so dark in this
prison for me said only the blood of Christ is now strong enough to plans
this heart to heart of mine that’s wild oscar wilde as you lay dying he looks at
his lover Robbie Ross and he asked the most incredible question as he lay dying
he said Robbie when you love those boys those little boys did you have any one
of them for their own sake Robbie Rogers shocked he says no i didnt
was colossus teach you love them for their sake why is a dying hedonist 110 a
definition of love priests and if you go to his grave you
know what first she selected to put on his gravestone it’s a huge Phoenix a
verse from the book of Job a hedonist goes to job to find his epitaph pleasure will always come at a cost for
the good pleasure you pay for it before you enjoy it for the wrong pleasure you
pay for it after you enjoy it he couldn’t give him pleasure that he was offering going to
the back door of the imagination she’s a says it has written you shall
worship the LORD your God and him only shalt yourself why did Jesus go to
worship rather than just attacking pleasure you know we’re now sorry state
in his life which is so unfortunate for a great for a great cause for like that
to have ended up in that situation he was being quizzed by the media and I
think the most ironic question I’ve ever heard a journalist asked anybody was
asked by this journalist or Tiger Woods how could you lie to so many for so long
and a media person asked that question I think this stupid with irony how could
he lied to so many for so long woods and so did the only way that I think was
reasonable in order said because I first lied to myself I don’t know the man but
I’d like to ask him what did you lie to yourself to July that you’d never get
caught a lot of people tell that lie or did you lie thinking what you did is
where in LA your happiness where you were pursuing did you think that’s where
you’re going to find happiness did you find out the line but that’s not the
case card sets up our boundaries for our own
benefit and so I see to jesus responded saying worship the LORD your God and him
only shalt you serve the mind and the head ends Archbishop William temple defines
worship in these thirties words worship is a submission of all of our nature to
god it’s a quickening of conscience by His Holiness nourishment to mind by his
troops purifying of imagination by his beauty opening of the heart to his love
and submission of will to his purpose all this gathered up in adoration is the
greatest expression of which we are capable of conscience by salinas mind by
Struth imagination by Aldous gathered together Greeks had the right question how do you
find unity in diversity how did the answer it by opening up universities that’s exactly where the University gets
its etymological roots unity in diversity that’s why we started
universities have you seen an average university students found unity in
diversity graduate in an uproar over cities did the Hebrews to tell us you
will never find unity in diversity until you find your worship the living God
brings together all of your prob liberties with the new and brings it
into the confluence of worship once worship is known and experience that
becomes our sacred ground from which all of the decisions are made once worship
is experienced understood that becomes a sacred ground from which all other
decisions are made for you and I as Christians a prior commitment is to the
sacredness of life decisions are made in punk chillier moments and so long so
that’s why Jesus was able to answer via text given to him by presenting the
context of him be gone you shall worship the LORD your
God alone and him only shalt you sir are the most beautiful privileges you and I
have software ship and so we hear a riveting testimony we aren’t rolled by
the strains of music we sing we give we laugh we remember we mourn all of these
things are born out of the sacred soil oil of our worship of the living God him
on leash young sir how do I apply this and with that I clocks one of my
favorite creatures came out of Toronto and Englishmen but name of author
Leonard Griffith passed away some years ago director at the famed in Paul’s
Cathedral in Toronto came from london here’s what he says in one of his books
God Steinman hours talking about temptation and a close with this Satan
tempts us at the point of our physical news not that we might gratified them to
excess but that we might think of nothing else and gratified them at the
expense of our usefulness in this world Satan tempts us at the point of our
ambitions not that we might engage in positive evil but simply accept the fact
of evil learned to live with it come to terms with it and maintain a
discreet silence in the presence of it said new tempt us at the point of our
religion not that we might disbelieve and God but that we might demand
certainty of God that kind of sudden which leaves nothing to faith nothing to
God Himself these are the morals struggles that have reality for people
such as we are the subtle temptation to renounce our duty in favor of what is
attractive that insidious illumine to a kind of half goodness which is the
essence of everything add and which is more productive of
suffering and hatred and war and misery in the world than older designs of
wicked and greedy men combined see it’s not the crassness of $1,000,000
proposition that we can all see through it’s this kind of ambiguity that we need
to watch out for a kind of a heart that leads to all kinds of decisions that
gradually scar sold and you know what happened was not right I look at my Lord
Jesus and a look at our day-to-day challenges of all that tempts us and I
am said hunting he said every day after a run prayer Lord let me not today destroy in my life what you have taken
all these decades to pour in with your grace and mercy remember every day is a
fresh opportunity and you will be stocked don’t just learn the scriptures
by text learned the context inland to supreme calling at Christ gives to you
and me to worship the Lord our God and serve him from that secret soil images choices so that we will ship in spirit
to make on which leads us here as you ponder these and thank you for sharing you’ve been watching Let my people with
dr. Ravi Zacharias we’re grateful for your prayers and financial support if
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Georgia 300 10 hello friends this is Ravi Zacharias
Greater Richmond Convention Center I have just finished speaking at the
prayer breakfast here this is the 50th prayer breakfast and their largest ever
there bout between fourteen and fifteen hundred people from all over the state
it was just remarkable to send Scott’s presence in a venues such as this the basic idea I gave to them in raising
the kids not only with truth and love but it is this what is going to provide
the moral soil to hold the roots of our laws that builds into the trunk of
politics and the branches of culture that is the challenge we face and I pray
that legislators will give that serious thought thank you for standing with us thank you
feel loved please pray for us is so busy here in
2016 and we need God’s strength and God’s wisdom in all that we do in his book recapture the wonder her eyes tells us our sense of wonder is
a blessing from God given so that we would continually be amazed it is beauty
and creation of us our wonder has diminished through the years and we will
ever be able to experience the overwhelming children in recapture the
Wonder helps you find the extraordinary in the
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