The Dark Knight Rises: Deleted Scene (Bane Football Stadium)

The Dark Knight Rises: Deleted Scene (Bane Football Stadium)

[Bombs exploding and people screaming] Alright, boys. Listen up. That was a great first half of football. But we got to bring it back to basic football fundamentals. What is wrong with you, boys? What’s wrong? Some madman just blew up the field
and killed the rest of the team. We’ve dealt with roster setbacks before. And you better
believe the Monuments aren’t going to give up. The Monuments are dead. That’s the spirit! Now, we’ve got a perfect record and
I’m not going to let us beat ourselves. Coach, there’s not going to be a second
half. There’s a hostage situation out there. As soon as it’s settled, we’ve got to be
ready to go out there and play. Ward just ran eighty six yards for a touchdown and
he’s showing more heart than any of you. Coach, I don’t think Ward can play. I looked behind me and they were all gone. Disappeared. Dead. They’re all dead. [cries] He’ll be fine. But he brings up a good point. We’re going to have to work our offense around the imploded field. All this here is destroyed. And these are dead bodies. That’s him! That’s the guy who blew up the field! Ah! If you think some dirty trick is going to stop
us, then you don’t know the Gotham City Rogues. You have my permission to die. We’re the best team in the league. We don’t need a coach to win. Go Rogues! I’m coming, coach! No! No! Touchdown! [cries] Hey guys. Thanks for watching our Dark Knight Rises deleted scene. If you like it, please hit the share button below and tell your friends. Thanks for watching! You have my permission to subscribe! [screams] Will you play on my team? Yes. Coach, what about us? Ah!

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  1. I'm glad you loved it. We had a lot of fun with this and are super excited to see the movie tomorrow morning (9am showing that still sold out days ago). Maybe we'll do another DKR video. -Alex

  2. Thank you! We're seeing the movie tomorrow morning and might make another video if we feel inspired. -Alex

  3. This is really one of your best videos, I just loved it! You've really improved since you made your first videos, I can't wait to see your next one! ^_^

  4. I still say Bane's spectacle was one of the greatest half time shows ever. Superbowl should hire him next year

  5. I aprecite the way u guys reply to our comments, on behalf of all ur subscbers.. keep it up!!! u ppl rock.

  6. This was a better voice for Bane than in the film. I mean, was I the only one cracking up when he said, "I am Gotham's destiny!" Anyways, good video as always. Hope you do more DKR stuff!

  7. According to Rush Limbaugh Bane is Leftwing which is funny because anyone with a half Brain could tell you Bane is an Anarchist. which has No Party because it believes in you Guessed it No Government None Zip Zero…!

  8. Man I hope you cleaned the Mask with Rubbing Alcohol before having him put it on his mouth. lets just say eBay Sellers aren't the most Moral Ones I don't even want to Imagine what they could have done with it…?

  9. Thanks. We made it ourselves. Watch in a few month, Bane costumes are the highest selling costume for Halloween. -Alex

  10. The Bane line that cracked me up was when the little boy was singing and Bane says to himself "what a beautiful voice". I was LOL-ing in the theater. I got some looks. -Alex

  11. Haha, "Let the games begin!"

    I think all in all Bane's voice was just out of place. They should've gone with something more like the voices of Bane's cartoon avatars. At least then the voice fits with his background.

  12. Still a better choices than what we have, a spineless Democrat who is secretly a Republican and a Bible Thumping Neocon Republican. who would probably make this country a Mormon/Christian Fascist One if he wins I'm heading for the woods or Canada. in fact you should see my episode of Doomsday Preppers next week on Netgeo, the experts say I'm over reacting but they're in on it…!

  13. Alex you told me awhile back that you dyed your hair blonde for a future video. When is that video coming?

  14. man whoever made that mask deserves it shoved straight up their ass , my 6 year old could have litteraly done better

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