The Los Angeles Vikings? – 2011 Preview (C2K)

The Los Angeles Vikings? – 2011 Preview (C2K)

talks at a kickoff heading out to minneapolis minnesota town tell us a
rope twin cities b_s_t_ in radio in minneapolis brett farr was gone it seems
like the best chance this team had to go to list super bowl as roughly two years ago when they have
far to get a break out here signed on vinik nab are the expectations
of low this year for the viking’s opened he asked outside the building and i
think that they are talking to people around we’d always expect too much from
the viking shot there almost universally pick to be the working in the division a bullet in the building they still look
around at some of the guys they have who may be in the final years of their private
battle over the past their prime actual trying to win with mc put into the world an informal
winfield they don’t want to limit the period were building mode but if you
look at other prototyping chaotic new particularly in africa in the n_f_l_
draft profits say that they have an article in
our building process instincts will be donovan mcmahon’s security
blanket do you think it’ll be person are they nor vicinity cinco de think repeated
very tweet tweet depend who the defense want to take away obviously current
uh… explosive gag we don’t want to be damaged when you manufacture corrected
your lunch agreement but they do have a single into a power
of of a deal to weapons the biggest
question brought about that offenses whether you know about the perimeter because they’re not very and coming up a
police productive people in his career experience overcoats peter huber lots of
stab me bring michael jenkins is more of a progression guide may have somebody
who is going to just may be able to stretch
to be friends and and not a lot of people just below w not in a box it up
later this month that’s for the biggest unknown uh…
among spoke with reporters now barring injuries from donna mcnally will the vikings ever of leash christian thunder at any time this
year it’s a good question combine it’d be terrific human picture three empire
but i think that there could be a lot of pressure for one thing for play cricket
ponder same time and abroad and that we can listen to you know mark older this isn’t somebody
who’d been a back up for a lot of career this is organic man who was on a
one-year contract note with my people at camp hill pa himself into a template
sartorial eventually i think upon their children part i think increase even kill
a long way to go to get up to the speed of the game i wanted in the pocketbook
they didn’t grab the number twelve the sit on the bench for a preventive was a
greater editor when there were a lockout kristof under prodding starter from day
one so yeah i i think you caroline which at the vikings don’t get off to a good
start if you look at their schedule at san diego bologna campaign to protect the beyond
three right there in if pickup at that point could not start having a rumbling about uh… plenty and react so let’s do you sense forbids there instead dreaming all still there but
they lost ben lever lost the other half of the williams wall
in pat how big are these losses and is the defense more of a concern than the
offense uh… do you know however that it’s going to be huge thing with the
defense because you cupcake occur from chris couple coming up for mobile knee injury but the biggest
question a missile that secondary people holed up because really they didn’t have
any pieces that’s right uh… emperor from within what those corners
got healthy uh… promote or market share for who’s been a backup coffin
preferably recruiting the third one of her place but do williams and then do you know you
do out three new started early on the people on the defense alliance several
into suspended our reporters down pat williams is gone
so other group come together if i if i had a bet on which side i’d be more
concerned about that would be the offense up but at the same time andrew
definitely are concerned on defense particularly at the back for
answer allen’s it seems like that guy who this was very very good accounts is a very good
at george but he doesn’t seem like he’s in translate it yet too eleven professionals on the steals i was
saying at least that’s my opinion from the outside looking in the important
part of our own video dash aristocratic went outside and he’s not built in the n_f_l_ playoff time courtney love
slot back dimes sub package contributor complaint
special teams uh… you’ll be the first round pick
your traveling with the hope that eventually he might be starting there obviously
still clinging to uh… what non-essential better only fifteen this
year beginning that’s what i think three or four preseason games with ito injury and even within a crack
at this week i believe he’s coming up on founder lets us or face to face faced with dot com slash t white sea
sports matt border men who looked like voter mendez mormon on the vikings to
you why everytime we get the new quarterback to most of the fans start
sending superbowl couldn’t do it in ninety-eight didn’t do it with starved
do we really think that mad is going to take us there quality pigment mad at the heat of the
super bowl or clean up at this point he can probably stop i’ll ask your permit
now but also this steve not to get at this point we can elevate a level
playing a character out of t_v_ guide function in your often mark player experience note the scheme
but you know i think it was riding western washington if it’s no longer
complaint of quote uh… mobile player in the top of the blind and mute
receivers so you know i i think that it’s probably in
the short term did a better option for christian partner being forced play him in week one reported to get ready
yesterday depends a better option for that uh… buckley by no means i think
that he’s going to be part of the missing piece to getting them out to the
championship was the latest talks about the vikings possibly making him lives lost and the list well surveys seen uh… uh… uh…
become a ticking clock here they’ve got about seven weeks left until uh… the
possibility of a all special special go ahead of the legislature here that’s a bit of pushing toward they have
a local partner and pick out a bit pleasure or four hundred million
withdraw biggest private limited over two n_f_l_ stadium but they can’t seem
to get the state legislature onboard this legislative leaders are pushing for uh… a referendum where the voters
would decide whether or not to approve the
absent sales tax ramsey county which you know if you have voters vote on
absent taxpayer keep popping state vote against and nobody votes attacks
themselves uh… there’s a reason that this is a
republican avatar chrissy you both for the legislative leaders to make these
decisions because the average person simply is never going
to give up money uh… for anything and to that kind of a
binary and there’s trying to tell the thing that the public if push back within the legislature uh… and after the treatment and he
can’t left on the lease after this evening from march for studio
interpreter or a person he lichtenfeld elites the symbolism less question for a sound or under seven
and a half wins this year for the viking’s handed over under uh…
parasite called by the polls cultural neufeld their day ever repay conclusion section eight
alexis seven and ninety comparable but any other of the fact that i think the amount of

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  1. This guy is a dick! If people don't want a new stadium, they they shouldn't have it. If the Vikings decide to leave that's because it's a greedy corporation, not because the people of Minnesota are irresponsible.

  2. Are you serious? The Vikings moving? NO WAY. A) Their fans are more passionate than probably anyone else except Green Bay and Oakland. And what else do they have to cheer for? Rest of the teams in town are no good. The Twins make the playoffs and choke, and right now are worse than KC. B) This dude's obviously a Republican. People vote to tax themselves for Buses, you don't think they'll vote to tax in order to keep the team? OF COURSE THEY WOULD. ITS A HALF CENT.

  3. There's 0 chance the Vikes will move to L.A., as somebody from MN let me tell you there would be full scale riots if that happened. Our fan base is one of the most dedicated in all of sports, I mean we consistently sellout the most hideous stadium in the league even when we suck, which can be quite often. We don't have beaches or Hollywood, we have subzero temperatures 7 months out of the year, we NEED football. (Plus, all this talk is really just leverage for a new stadium anyways.) Go A.P.

  4. Realistically The Vikings should have paired up with the University of Minnesota and built Gopher stadium to NFL profitability requirements so both teams can play in one location instead of two.

  5. I am a hardcore Viking fan. And I happen to live in Los Angeles and I would love it if I could see Adrian Peterson here.

  6. The Vikes need to stay. We have a fairly big fan base taking up MN, Iowa, the dakotas and a bit of Montana. Also, they've sold out many games in a row. Move Jacksonville!

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