The Rise of John Calipari’s NBA Empire at the University of Kentucky

The Rise of John Calipari’s NBA Empire at the University of Kentucky

With the first pick in the 2010 NBA draft the Washington Wizards select John Wall from the University of Kentucky DeMarcus Cousins What a tremendous moment for any young player Patrick Patterson Yeah, he’s being taken on his potential Eric Bledsoe Get used to Kentucky players being drafted Daniel Orton from the University of Kentucky They come here on a mission. They know why they’re here I’m not here to play college basketball and there be a rec player. I want to be professional I want to be an NBA player They’re not embarrassed to say it And I don’t want them to be but that started with that moment on that draft night That was like what just happened What I remember from the recruiting process Huh, he came in and just talked, he didn’t talk about basketball, he talked about life in general What does he see me as a person, what I can be And my mom said I trust that man, I can trust you going that far with him When my mom gave me the word, that was it I wasn’t really looking for coaches just telling what I wanted to hear you work hard You’re gonna get what you want, and I’m gonna help you get there you know, me and John Communicated a lot you know when he switched to Kentucky then you know Eric came into the picture When I went in to see him his high school coach said Why would he go there if you’re taking John Wall? I said well if your best two players are at the same position, what do you do? He said I play them. Well that’s what I do No, [we] wants to get old Cabin just good job You could just kind of tell the circus hadn’t been in town since patina and the circus [was] back Bill locks Kentucky became the it program overnight, and I think it was big blue Madness. It didn’t the John wall dance Launch the year. I didn’t know he’s Gonna Go worldwide [nearby] don’t make a big deal out of it But I think we just brought a carrot sense of fun and excitement to the state of, Kentucky Best one there was a lot of sizzle and a lot of pop to that team and John wall I really think personified that he gave that team its swagger like roll out the ball And you can look around and you can see him on your side. You say you know what whatever else happens tonight We got the best player in this game, so I kind of like my chances They played North Carolina again the team that was taking all our recruits Wall goes coast to coast on a play where he essentially runs through the whole team in dunks, and I remember the Arena exploded Oh raccattack. We’re here lights camera action [wall] down the Middle behind the back [no] gives it up the blood cell into the lane leans [in] left hand scoop. God Here’s a loan for wallet down It was crazy [to] leader no we’re doing who is good idea playing and having fun fun side of the lane pulls off your people I don’t think people really knew what to make of Kentucky early on [there] were a lot of people who I think we’re rooting for them to lose frankly that This isn’t the way college basketball is supposed to work. I was the important I Got in his face IV she handles like a hit the head. He was like this why we’re here [just] [follow] you he’s right here, and there’s a baby face it somebody I did a great bond with somebody I called my brother Nightly basis is some type of sacrifice [know] one night might have been here is one night on a binge on one night mother mother and we were okay At the end of the day all [we] wanted to do to me [you] [would] think there would be some sort of jealousy oh no? But they had to believe in each other and they had to believe that We as a staff we have your back This is going to work for you. The ultimate goes with Magic Cherish it That’s all we wanted to do is [we’ll] gamma [gone]. So what we did all season anything pay attention now. We’re all serious It’s all about business from all 40 minutes of basketball will enjoy an after execution wins in this term 29 now for Bledsoe 8 for 8 from three-Point range remember that I promise that’ll do number one [seed], Kentucky Wildcat these sexual most [lights] on You know you had Cornell Ivy league and here you got these one-and-done kids all they don’t care about school volleyball and it made the team mad and that week Was actually a really interesting week in Kentucky because the national media used that as a chance to give a referendum about Kentucky and about one and done They’re writing some of the nastiest articles about lead you guys you can’t believe we’re out of country, but it’s nasty nasty I’m talking to Boston all over the place. They don’t want this team to win I don’t know what their deal. Is they drank the hater-aide, but you know what all I’m worried about is us [Cornell’s] too small to retain fit in that’s all I kept in a lot of spelling me this is basketball, [so] Have a baby As it’s turned into the beatdown Nasa head, oh Kentucky impressively three straight game three consuming victories for the number one seed in the youth And a little too, Morgantown today, we’re we’re good enough to be number one. We’ll have a chance to prove it uh West Virginia one of those nights We had one glaring flaw Shooting and we just hoped we would not hit a game in the NCAa tournament. We couldn’t make a shot for three We missed 20 straight trees, but we’ll try another three goes to the final four Saddest locker worst worst and now they took the one game one [bad] game they couldn’t stop crying it never crossed their minds that they would lose [that] game and When they did you know I’ve never seen guys like that since no one even if someone wins a national championship They have more than 35 minutes These just one of those games in the whole united States but I want to tell you you know you came forward as it is no, I want you to accept That things that weren’t on cross this year especially Till this day we talked about their game and everything we could have done differently Six years later in the NBA you know we all have a you know own personal success to this day. We still talk about Talking to coach cows got no [brain] [and] everybody Projecting them would be coming out of high school going into college, so he can’t go no hiding number one And he’s gonna be honest with you if you got a chance to leave until you He’s never gonna type to hold any money go [for] it You know when people say well you have to have a kid for years [now]. You don’t know you have to be about them, but 2010 Changed how I thought about college and coaching and all those things and playing young guys [it] changed a lot of things it was the beginnings of All right, look if you’re doing right by these kids and they have opportunities to be in a lottery [b] Draft, you gotta let me go our jobs to help these kids get jobs History is made [V] kentucky player drafted in the first round This is I’d like to say it’s the biggest day in the history of Kentucky’s program. It could have said in college basketball Some block their minds because they didn’t want kids to leave so they care less We didn’t win a national title about uh you know all that stuff But the people that looked at it with an open mind said. [oh] goodness. What just happened What happened? Are you kidding me you say well? What’s the big deal in leaving? one year of four well it could mean as much as 150 million Dollars, that’s what to me How about if that family was in generational Poverty? generational stops right there The whole direction of that entire family is going this way now Could you imagine my teams if guys stayed three and four years like the old days could you imagine these guys I? Don’t think every kid should leave after a year, and they’re not already some kids leave anyway That’s their [choice] if they [choose] to go we’re going [to] support. Yeah, but they weren’t adhere for us to see them isn’t about you It’s about them. It’s not about me. It’s about them. If I do right by them They will take care of me personally, and they’ll take care of this program They’ve proven that to be true some would say out the worst But if it were their child they would say, that’s the best [horn] and Select Anthony Davis Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Nerlens Noel Julius Randle Karl-Anthony Towns the University of Kentucky

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  1. 2k should add Kentucky all time team and I bet y’all that team is better than Nets, Hornets, Hawks and Kings lmfao

  2. Most amazing stat in modern college basketball: through nine seasons at Kentucky, all Calipari one-and-done players have been drafted in the first round, meaning they got guaranteed contracts.

  3. Yo this might be another reason why cousins would go to the wizards cuz of john wall there good friends

  4. This team can legitimately can compete in the NBA. And probably even compete for the playoffs. Wall, Bledsoe, Patrick Patterson, Cousin.

  5. I HATE the 1 & done shit- selfishly!…born & bred a UK fan all my 50 yrs!……BUUUT, the 1 & done, 2 yrs & done has killed the NBA game………I am happy for these kids that "get paid"…But as a fan; the NBA has been rather horrible over all!……immaturity, lack of discipline, lack of "certain" skills…….NOT good for the NBA!…Imagine if LeBron would have spent 3 yrs n college!…OMG!….It's not so much the talent or skill!..That shit is gonna b there regardless; but, the other aspects can bolster said skills & talent!… great as some of our 1 & done'rs,  none & done'rs have been; what I see is immature and unprepared for "real" life men!…LeBron = prime example… me it has been obvious that he NEVER developed certain aspects of his psyche!…….AAAAnd it's still NOT there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!to this day!….With AAAAALLLLLLL that talent & skill he possesses; LeBron should have 7,8 titles…..oh well!

  6. I'm happy that Darius Miller is making an NBA career for himself. He's a guy that usually gets overlooked.

  7. Cal is a great recuiter and a great coach. Look at what this man did and still doing. Much love and respect.

  8. Caliperi has the right mindset about these one and done players. Take care of them and they’ll take care of you.

  9. Those officials were so horrible during that West Virginia game. The fouling was ridiculous. Officials hate Cal.

  10. 9 years and 50 draft picks later and he has only 1 ring..Jay Wright can couch circles around Cal…maybe if he was more focused on winning NC and less focused on making millionaires he might have more than his lone championship


  12. What if Kentucky’s 2010 John Wall year everyone stayed there senior year and the get Davis they would be unstoppable

  13. Made in Kentucky my ass. All of those players were 1st round draft picks no matter where they went to school. Only one natty. Callapari is overrated and so is Kentucky.

  14. Extremely overrated. “Made in Kentucky” those players were gonna be major stars and be lottery picks no matter what school they went to lol. One title and he’s such a goat. Now your recruiting class sucks and getting Worse so you won’t be winning anymore titles (or getting close) anytime soon. 💩

  15. its funny how the cornell students felt that way, when in reality those top prospects from the 2010 draft are way more successful today than any of them will ever be, when you got talent and skill like that, who gives an fuck about school

  16. Don't forget Fab Melo, 13th pick of 2012 by Boston. He played one season with Boston as a bit player, Then joined a Brazillian league until 2016, when he died of a heart attack in has sleep. RIP Fab Melo.

  17. Just asking why does it say made in Kentucky none of these guys are from kentucky John wall is from North Carolina

  18. john wall is a bum. he is the same player right now as when he was in college. cant shoot. has no offensive weapons. all he does is use his speed and quickness to score. if you take that away, hes a mediocre player. funny how john calipari had all these recruits yet hes crying about coach k and duke.

  19. On the West Virginia game all we had to do was get the ball into Boggie and Paterson and beat them in the paint

  20. Who cares about this empire. Name one Kentucky player in the NBA whose teams constantly wins in the nba. Anthony Davis teams usually sucks, John Wall team sucks, Booker, and so on and on. Before Cousins went to the Pelicans his teams constantly had losing records. I can go on and on.. He might send a lot to the NBA but they don't win. He's not developing those guys for the NBA. Totally different from Duke players. Duke players are more team oriented and most of all Kentucky's players are ball dominant players and their teams don't play well with them. I can't name one who teams constantly win because of one of these Kentucky players

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