The Scoop – December 13th, 2019 – Pilot Episode – The School District of DeSoto County, Florida

(Intro Music Playing) ( Male Voice: Hey guys. Do you know what time
it is? ) ( Students: It’s Time for the Scoop! ) Hello and welcome to the DeSoto
Scoop where you’ll get the inside story about what’s happening
in the school District of Desoto County. I’m Jackie Rose and
today we visited several campuses in our district to find
out what’s happening and what are the fun exciting activities. We visited Memorial Elementary West Elementary and DeSoto Middle
School. So join us and let’s check it out. Hi. I’m here at Memorial
Elementary and we’re talking today with their teacher
of the year. Miss Karen Neads. Congratulations. Karen (Thank you so much.) How long have you been teaching? This is my 25th school year Great and what grade levels have you taught? Only kindergarten. Oh wow. So you’ve only been in the kindergarten class. (yes) What do
you love about the kindergarten Classroom? ( I would say the growth
that they make throughout the year cuz they come in as blank slates
and by the end of the year, they’re writing and reading
and they’re just awesome human beings ) That’s great. How long have you been in the school district of the Soda County? ( all 25 years I’ve only taught kindergarten at DeSoto.
I started in Nocatee. I was there for 12 Years and then I came
up to Memorial still in kindergarten ) Excellent, so Karen
tell us why Memorial Elementary would be a great place
for someone to come and teach ( well other than obviously we have
awesome children that love to learn we have great school spirit.
We have great administrators that really back us that support
us and thankfully we have an administrator that taught kindergarten
before so she knows when we’re frustrated or we’re struggling. She knows exactly what to say to help us because she’s been
in the class. We have great district support that always comes
in if we need help they has so I love strategies to share they do a lot
with technology. I love teaching at Memorial. It’s great,
Great District. Excellent and, Karen tell us how you felt when
you were announced as Memorial’s teacher of the year, I was shocked to tell you the truth. I like to be more under the
radar behind the scenes being working and helpful and kinda
keep my head down and. About my classroom, so I was shocked
when I got the call that said I was teacher of the year.
I was like no way. ) Well. Mrs. Irby was telling us you’re doing great things in the classroom and we’re honored to have you in one
of our kindergarten classrooms at the school District of DeSoto
County. We’re here at Memorial Elementary where their rookie teacher
of the year. Miss Carina Espinoza. Congratulations. (Thank
you. ) How did it feel to be named Memorials RookieTeacher of
the Year. (Oh, it was a great honor to be named Memorials Rookie
teacher of the Year. I was the product of DeSoto County schools
so being named that really was an honor to me giving back what
I received. When I was in school.) So you’re a hometown girl.
Yes, I sure well. We’re very proud of you. (Thank you) So tell me about what grade levels you have taught? ( This is my first year teaching fourth grade. I’ve taught through third grade two years
prior to that. I love fourth grade. I love the independence
that they have and I love that they still trust me and still come to me and love me.) Okay. Hi. we’re at Memorial Elementary
with a school-related employee of the year. Christina
Vasquez Congratulations. Christina ( Thank you. ) How did you
feel when you got your award? ( I was very excited very humbled.
I grew up in Desoto County. I live in Desoto County, so it’s very
exciting to have the opportunity to represent our. ) And how long have you been working for our school district? ( I’ve been with the school district for seven years.) Okay and what is your job here at Memorial Elementary? ( I’m the principal
Secretary. ) So you have a very important part with our Memorial
Elementary family kinda tell us what you do every day? ( I’m a conduit for Ms. Irby and the teachers for the community.) Okay. What else do you do? ( I help with award ceremony.) Okay.
So you play up an important role and you’re kinda the face of
the school as well. ( Yes. ) Alright. Congratulations. ( Thank
you so much. ) let’s check out the great. That the fourth grade
level did at Memorial Elementary. The fourth graders studied
the Native American tribes that are indigenous to the
state of Florida. Let’s see how they did. (Music Playing) Congratulations to our attendance
winners at Memorial Elementary. ( Music Playing ) And now we’re on our way to DeSoto
Middle School where we’re gonna get the scoop. Hi this is
Jackie Rose and I’m at DeSoto Middle School and today I’m talking
with their teacher of the year. Rochelle Guidry Congratulations.
Rachelle. How did you feel when you got your award? ( surprised actually I’ve been here a really long time so I was excited.
I’m very surprised ) How long have you been with the school
district? 18 years now, Okay and all 18 years I’ve been here
at the Middle school. Wow. That’s wonderful. Tell me what you
teach here at the Middle school? ( well this year I Started off
in the Civics I’ve been teaching civics for a while but
we were short math teachers so I kept my classes. I took on the
math class and two preAlgebra classes to help balance. ) so it’s my understanding that you have told every core content here at
the Middle school ( at some point ) at some point in your 18 year career.
What’s your favorite subject? Ironically, I was never
a history person, but I love teaching civics and the math has
always been my favorite even though the student so I’m enjoying
this, you’re getting to do both and I know that when we come by your
classroom, I see a lot of readers theater going on your kids
are up. they’re engaged. They’re acting out the Civics. How
did they respond to that? ( Well? Middle schools have so much
energy you have to feed into that energy because otherwise you
lose them. So I tried to implement a lot of active things
like gallery walks skits ( anything that gets them up and moving
with their content. ) Fun and learning love that tell us a
little bit about yourself? ( Alabama born and. raised. Ended up here
just by fluke, actually I like to share the story How I ended up
teaching. I’ve always been a student. I love to go to school.
I said. Somebody would one day. I made the comment when I was
between jobs and I was like somebody would just pay me to go
to school for the rest of my life. I would and my oldest son
just looked at me and said, well, why don’t you teach and I’ve
been here ever since. ) Wonderful. We’re so happy to have
you here at the school District of the Soda County. Hi,
this is Jackie Rose and we’re at DeSoto Middle School and we’re
talking today to the rookie teacher of the year. Amber Blossom
Congratulations. ( Thank you. ) How did you feel when you were awarded
the rookie teacher of the year? ( I was pretty excited.
I had no idea was woman get it and it was just it was really special
feeling to get that. ) Okay. How long have you been teaching? (This is my first year.) Oh! wow! Rookie teacher first year.
That’s great. Tell us what you teach here at Middle School. ( I teach
avid here. we are a College prep program. we teach kids
Organization and just get them ready to go on high school
and start their College career. ) So avid starts here at the Middle
school and it continues to the. Continues to the high school.
Yeah great. so tell us a little bit about yourself? ( Well. I’m a DeSoto native, so I went to school here and that I played
sports here. I I did a little bit softball so have that
background and I’m happy to be back here in DeSoto giving back
to our community. ) That’s great. We’re DeSoto proud another native
here teaching in our classrooms. Hi this is Jackie Rose
and we’re here at DeSoto Middle School. Talking to this year’s
school-related employee of the year. Michelle Clifton-Coone. Congratulations. Michelle ( Thank you so very much.) How did you feel when you are awarded the employee of the year? (I was very surprised extremely surprised. I didn’t feel worthy.) Oh tell us
what you do here at the Middle school? ( I am the discipline clerk.
I deal with the ISS. I have a room full of students as you can
see I do the paperwork for in school suspension and out-of-school
suspension, and that’s pretty much it) and tell us how long
have you been with the district? ( nine years ) nine years and
before you were here at the Middle school location? where you at any
other school apartment, No not the school Department of Juvenile
Justice Okay, very good. Doctor Gina Stafford, the director
of student services and I’m here with one of our mental health
counselors, Karen Warren, who was nominated for teacher of
the year for Desoto County, Miss Warren. How long have you been
with this Soto County? ( I began working with this little County
in January of this year 2019 ) and what are some of your responsibilities? ( Oh, I assist students with individual
counseling supporting them when they’re stressed or just needed
someone to talk to I get parents involved sometimes we do
family therapy to assist with resolving the problem. sometimes
I talk to teachers as well regarding students to just give
them more information about what the student might need from
them as a support assist with attendance making sure that when
students are not here trying to figure out what is going on with
them helping. Them and their families make sure that they
can get to school and resolve whatever issues that might
be keeping them from it. I participate on the risk management
team there. We identify high-risk students and come up with
some things that we think that would be helpful to them as
a team. We all have a role in making sure that the student get
a weekly support or as needed support based on their risk or their
needs. We’re headed to West. Elementary for the Inside
story. Stay tuned to the scoop. Hi this is Jackie Rose and we’re
at West Elementary. Talking to this year’s teacher of the year.
Amy Turner. Congratulations. Amy. (Thank you.) How did you feel
when you got the award? Very surprised and overwhelmed? Okay. We’re hearing that a lot aren’t we tell me about your education experience? ( I started out as a peer professional at Lake
Placid Elementary School in Lake Placid. I was a computer Paratech
and it was during this. Three years of doing para, I’ve
decided to go back to College and get an education and
special education slash Elementary ED. So then I started
teaching at Woodlawn Elementary School in Sebring, Florida
Okay. And then I went to Naples and taught at Lamar Elementary
there and then back to Lake Placid Middle School and then
I’m here now at the West as a staffing specialist.) and how long
have you been here at West Elementary. ( six years, ) six years
and tell us what exactly does a staffing specialist do? well Basically
I’m in charge. All the ESE paperwork of all my kids here
on campus and as of right now, we have a total of a 180
kids here on my campus. I conduct all the IEP meetings.
I make sure that parents and teachers and whoever
is involved with that student is aware of their responsibilities
as far as educating the kid also making sure that the parents
know their legal rights with procedural safeguards. so it’s ongoing
job. I also have time to spend some time in the classrooms,
which is my favorite part of the day ) Great and tell us a little bit about
Amy Turner well. I’m currently married to Phill Turner Jr. we are watermelon farmers here in Arcadia. I’m very
I guess involved with the Florida Watermelon Association.
I have two step sons and I have one grandson that I’m very proud
of my family lives in Lake Placid. I was born and raised here
and it just so happened that I ended up here in Arcadia. Alright so growing great leaders and great teachers in DeSoto County.
This is Jackie Rose. This is Jackie Rose and we’re at West
Elementary Talking to this year’s rookie teacher of the year.
Miss Rivera. Congratulations. ( Thank you ) and how
did you feel when you are awarded the Ricky Teacher of the
year? (Surprised) surprise. Okay, ( really surprised I I didn’t expect
it, especially being so new to the school.) Okay and how long
have you been with West Elementary? I’ve been with West
since February so almost a year okay and what did you do before
you came into the classroom? well before I came into the classroom.
I was here as an interim sub for a whole year, Okay. And
before that, I was a registered nurse. Out of the hospital. wonderful, so you went to school for nursing and then you did the bridge
program and now you’re in our classrooms and we’re so happy
to have you. ( Thank you ) Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I graduated in 2005 from FGCU and I’ve been a registered nurse
ever since I worked 13 plus years here at our local hospital.
I did OB Department very happy place and then I started to
go into the teaching route, which I started. Doing just subbing
just regular subbing and then I really liked it and I was
offered a position for interim sub last year in second grade and
then this year I’m blown away with my first grade class.) wonderful
sounds like you have a heart for serving people from West
Elementary. This is Jackie Rose and we’re at West Elementary.
Talking with the School-related employee of the year.
Greta Huckabee Congratulations. (Thank You, Thank You ) That’s wonderful. Yes, ma’ am. So how did it feel when you got your award? (Oh man I Shocked but very, very very appreciative and very appreciative ) how long have you been with the school District? Greta ( going roughly on seven years ) and what do you do here for the family at West Elementary ( anything and everything
that they asked me to do I you won’t hear the words. That’s
not my. you know. that’s not my job. I’m I’m always willing to
help always willing to do what I need to do to make the school
the “B” that we’re. Striving to be ) that’s right moving
forward right movement forward so tell us what you’re doing
here today with these two young men? ( this time right now. This
is my miss Parker’s time. I try to meet with all of the 9 third
grade teachers and kinda give them the the help that they
need working with the children that maybe struggling right now.
we’re doing math, math or math time during this time, so either
working with the students or reading with the students making
copies. Sometimes covering the class if they if they have a meeting
or you know what whatever anything and whatever they need,
I’m here like I said, You won’t hear the word no out of my
mouth. ) That’s wonderful. I know they appreciate all your hard
work and of course they have recognized what you’ve done at the
school as a school employee of the year. So congratulations
providing support for our teachers and students. I’m Jackie
Rose. Hi. We’re with Kim Serio music teacher at West Elementary
and a little birdie told me that your Christmas card got
a blue ribbon at Christmas card Lane. Congratulations. ( Thank you
very much. ) Can you tell us and describe the Card for us? or how did you come up with the idea? We had one of our Committee meetings
and one of my members went and told me that the theme for this
year was gonna be that it’s not the magic of Christmas is not
about the presents. It’s about his presence so of course
automatically I thought of the nativity, but I thought wouldn’t
it be kinda cool than if we made the card actually look like
a present on the outside and then on the inside was the picture
of the Nativity and then also Christmas being a time for
family. I made two firgures On each side and mother and son, father
and daughter and then the banner across the front that said
the greatest gift of all ) wonderful that sounds lovely. Tell
me how long have you been with the school district school
district? ( I’ve been here 14 years. I believe it is ) okay and
teaching music all 14 years? ( Yes ) wonderful Wonderful ( teaching a little bit of reading and I’ve helped in after-school programs
and doing tutoring and stuff as well ) and how long have you been
at West Elementary? ( I believe it’s been 11 years now) great excellent.
do you have some exciting events coming up for West
Elementary? ( Well, my chorus is gonna be performing this Saturday
at the Saturday Night Lights. It’s free for the whole
community come out for that and then we have our winter program
coming up as well and that’s gonna be next Thursday, December
the 19th. It’s eight O’clock in our gym and so it’s a
big production because the Chorus will be performing the every
single grade level so the entire school of 900 plus students
are gonna be in the gym and go in and performing for the parents.
so we usually get Parents to come out and it’s free for the
parents so by all means absolutely come on out so we’re
looking forward to that) great. So if you wanna check out that first
place Christmas card make sure you go out to our Christmas
card lane and she’s inviting you all out to come out to your
winter program, which again is what date? ( Thursday, December 19th
at eight O ‘clock in the morning.) Alright, we’ll see
you there And now it’s time to get out your calendar so you can
Mark this special events that are happening in the school District
of DeSoto County at Memorial Elementary. We will be
holding a Christmas concert on December 12th at 6:30 pm and the annual
Christmas program will be December 19th at eight O ‘clock
AM and 9:50 AM Also on December nineteenth DeSoto High
School is hosting their annual football banquet. It will be held
in the cafeteria and food and refreshments will be served if you
want more Football banquet Contact Nicole Adams just a reminder
the last day for students before the Christmas break is December
nineteenth and we will see all of your bright shiny faces
back on January Sixth 2020. Merry Christmas Feliz Navidad Please remember to like and follow us on Facebook. Subscribe
below and click on the Bell for notifications on YouTube and
remember for the inside story of what’s happening in the school
District of Desoto County. I’m Jackie Rose and I’ll see you
next time. ( Music Playing )

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