The Season: Ole Miss Football – Auburn (2017)

The Season: Ole Miss Football – Auburn (2017)

– [Narrator] Last week on The Season. – [Woman] You are so organized. – I try to be. I’m usually good in the
beginnings, unless I get lazy. – I was going to interview, and I wanted to visit with
him before I showed up, and it was Crimedaw, the contact. I’m saying, “Crimedaw? “Who in the world is Crimedaw?” – Yeah, baby, take it away, take it away! Stop worrying about making
mistakes, you got me? Just play, baby, just play. We gonna coach ya up. Hey, start that over! (whistle blowing)
Start that over! – He is a very discipline-oriented person. He’s very very structured
in everything that they do. – I come from a family of military. My father was in the army. Three older brothers that was in the Navy. – [Announcer] Here’s the snap. Gonna hand it off to
Scarborough, straight ahead. Touchdown. He didn’t get hit ’til the goal line. Scarborough scores. – Stick together; we’re in this together. We’ve been through too much.
We’ve been through too much. You hear what I’m saying? Stick together. Stick together. Keep working. (grungy rock music) (“Ride to Glory” by Epic Score) – Reviewing the tape. Again, give a lotta credit to Alabama. Think the biggest thing for our guys is just simplifying, getting
their confidence back where they can go play fast. We didn’t play very fast,
when I watched the tape. Not sure of ourselves and attacking. I think the best way for us to
get that back is to simplify. – Looking ahead to Auburn, they’re a very stout defensive team. How do you look to find offensive success? – It’s the same recipe:
play fast, be simple, know exactly what you’re
doing, and just go attack them. We need to be the ones that are attacking, and that’s what we gotta
get back to this week. – [Pressman] Wesley, does your familiarity with the Auburn players and
the coaches, from being there, does that help you in any
way, going into this week? – Oh, without question. I was just looking at
the offensive personnel and some of the guys they got
at the tight-end position. It helps being very
familiar with those guys, knowing their skillset
and knowing their mindset. That should serve as an advantage, going into the game, game-planning. It’s our job to make
sure these kids produce. It’s on us. We have to come up with plans and ideas and strategize to get the
best outta these young men. – [Pressman] Thanks, coach. – Thank y’all. – [Pressman] Have a good day. – I cannot stress, wideouts, the importance of the first
two yards on a release. We have got to win the first two yards. That will help us win the deep ball. We have got to make contested catches. We’re gonna make contested catches. I’m not worried about that one bit. But the important thing is this,
that we have gotta execute. Look, again, I don’t care what they do, I don’t care how they do it,
but let’s execute our plays. All right? You good, Lodge? Do nothing different. But now, right now, I want
y’all to see something. When they go trap, if we go two vertical, there’s not enough people to carry us. They only got one guy
to carry vertical now. So we’ve gotta understand and see, when that safety really
starts to cheat outside, that it may possibly be a
Charlie or a trap-corner coming. Let’s stick it. Let’s be definitive, keep our pads low. Let’s do every little detail right. It is tempo, tempo, tempo,
tempo, tempo, tempo. Really quick. It is 3:56; we’re outta the fort at 4:15. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Dress appropriate. Little things, lockerroom. Wear the right thing. Wear socks. Wear the right undershirt. Let’s go. Let’s have a great day. – Go! Stay, stay, stay. Come here! Get back, get back. Hey, 45, backpedal out! – Every time Thuggo is yours! Put your hands on him, put him on the ground if you got a block. Otherwise, you be the playmaker. You be the (mumbling). You the best. You the man. You’re the best out there on this field. Go out there and show ’em. Go out there and show ’em. – Oh, you knew I was coming. (yelling) Let’s go!
– Let’s go! – What G-Mac doing? G-Mac ready to go? (whistle blowing)
Get up! Let’s go! Yeah, yeah, yeah! – [Narrator] Before you
can understand the energy and passion behind the
Ole Miss Weight Staff, you must first get to know Head
Strength Coach Paul Jackson. – We are fortunate to have
Paul Jackson and his staff. They do a great job. The best I’ve ever been around. I’ve been around a lotta
good strength coaches, but Paul, he just takes
it to another level. He holds the kids accountable. He doesn’t play any favorites. – It’s my second stint with
two guys in the weight room, Paul Jackson and Joey G. I think Paul Jackson’s the best strength coach in the country. Got a lotta respect for our whole staff. They do a amazing job. When you look at strength staffs, they spend more time than the
coaches do with the players. They’re with ’em year-round. – As a staff, they are a mean machine. – Long time coming. Lotta heartache, lotta pain. Gonna make ’em pay now. We gonna make ’em pay, all
four quarters right here. – Ah! He ain’t going nowhere! Take him that way! Take him that way! – Give it to the bully! I love it! – They gonna get the best
bench, the best squat, the best speed, the best at anything. They want to get the best
outta you, no matter what. – [Man] You tell me, where you come from? – Where I’m coming from? – [Man] Yeah. – Coming from (mumbling) by
Coach Jack and Coach Joey. Put me through intense workout. Had a gun like this, full like
that, for a little minute. – That’s our Jack! (yelling) Let’s go! – Yeah! – Big boy, Stafoni. – That called Jack. Let’s go, Jack. – We jack, Bill. We caught ya, Bill. – We jack, Bill. – The fact that I get to
do something I love to do. I would be working out anyway if I wasn’t getting paid to do it. The fact that I can workout myself and in being here helping other
guys train, it’s a blessing. How could I not be excited about that? I feel like our mission is to
use the athletic development process to help these kids
recognize and take advantage of every opportunity to
maximize their potential. – [Narrator] One of the
opportunities Coach Jackson is talking about is the ability to suit up and take the field on Saturday. It’s an opportunity that could
be taken away at any moment. – [Announcer] The handoff. It’s the first carry by Eric Swinney. He’s knocked down. Freshman out of Riverdale, Georgia. Four-star touted recruit. – [Woman] Yeah, more bad news. You guys were talking about Eric Swinney. I can confirm he is out for the game with a left knee injury. But I can also tell you
it’s a different injury, even though the same leg, a different injury than
he faced last year. But bad news for the Rebels. – Swinney’s had it tough. He’s had back-to-back injuries. We do wanna be a major part of that. Obviously, the doctors
and the training staff, they’re gonna be the first
point of contact with those guys and making sure that
things are structurally, orthopedically sound. But while they’re going through that, the goal is to get him back to football. You don’t go from the training
room to playing football. There’s a lotta stuff in between that. – I work with all of our
postoperative athletes as well as some of our
short-term injured athletes. Eric Swinney, Swinney is a special case. Probably one of the bigger
things that we worked on with him was just training, getting
him to respect and understand that his training will make him better, a better athlete overall,
and he did really really well with that, especially
the second time around. He grasped onto it, and
not only helped himself but other injured athletes in the process. – Dom’s been awesome about
not only helping out Swinney from a physical standpoint but
also working on his emotions and his personality, as well. Dom been doing an incredible job. Some of the greatest
advice that I got was: “We’re not just weight-room
coaches; we’re life coaches, “we’re development coaches.” We’re with these coaches more than their position coaches
are, the head coach is, and most of the time, more
than their families are. – Man, they gonna push you everyday. It might be tough at first. It’s nothing but tough love. They really care about you. That’s from Dom, Joey,
Lanier, everybody, Coach Jack. They care about you, and they just wanna see you maximize your potential. – Lee.
– Yes, sir. Downhill. Go. Hi, Swinn. Good to see you back out here, man. – [Narrator] Rehab and injury
prevention go hand in hand. One of the ways the Rebels
try to avoid these setbacks is through the
implementation of technology. – There’s several pieces
of technology that we use. I believe you’re referring
to our Zephyr unit. There’s three components to it. There’s a GPS part of it. There is a heart-rate monitor. And the third part is
that it’s a accelerometer, where it’s measuring actual g-forces. Every time that the
device is shaken or moved, it can measure at what
force that was done at, and that can give you an
external load to measure against your internal load, which
was your heart rate. – We just got done with practice. We have 30 units right now
in use; roughly 26 of ’em are being used because
of guys being injured. What we do is we take ’em outta
the pads, we turn ’em off, we plug ’em into the downloader. We’ll plug 13 bugs into the downloader. We’ll press Start Download. It’ll download all the way through. Takes about roughly five
minutes for it all to download. – It just kinda helps see
the big picture, almost. We don’t let it dictate what we do. We just kinda just helps
to see what’s going on. – For us, the biggest help
we can do with the coaches is to let them know if
anything’s out of whack. I believe we can train
the guys to do anything. We know what the task is,
we can prepare them for it. We just wanna make sure that the response to what we did matches. – You wanna be on the cutting
edge and provide our players the best that they can possibly have. Those machines are
given constant feedback. They let us know, “Hey, “we might need to back off on Wednesday”, or, “Hey, these guys are in great shape; “maybe we can push forward a little bit.” – Anything under 85%. 100 would be average, and
then 115 would be high. This would be low. This is what we want. This is ideal. And then this is high. Once we get here, this number
right here, we’re in trouble. If we’re below this number significantly, we’re gonna be detrained. Today’s practice, we’re at 75,
so we’re a little bit below, but that’s because today’s practice was scheduled to be shorter. It’s actually a good thing
that we’re below that number, ’cause Coach Luke wanted that practice to be shorter, less stressful. Exactly what he got. – I think it’ll allow
us to really make sure that we’re game-planning
correctly, to get our guys healthy, and make sure that they’re taken care of, but also make sure that they’re executing at top-notch level on Saturdays. – You very seldom see strength
coaches embrace technology. And he has done a tremendous job of that. He’s one of the best in the country. That’s why the kids are
always in the weight room, because they know that
Paul Jackson, his staff, is gonna get them a lot better. – [Coach] Go, go, go! (yelling) – You say that, too, huh? – That count as a pick. – You let it go at the bottom. – No, no, I had it; I let it go after. – You beat DK for the ball, but then you might’ve dropped it. Hey, Gates! Gates’ first day back, he already cheated! Hey, Gates, D. Gates, first
day back, you already cheating. Hit the deck. – [Narrator] Even though
technology helps in executing their jobs to the fullest, it’s still the building of
relationships with players that is most important to team success. – Coach Jackson, he’s
developed me as a person, developed me as a player. We have coaches, they’ll
be tough on the field, but then they’ll come talk
to you after practice, and let you know, “Hey, it’s
not always gonna be like this.” Coach Jackson’s one of those type of guys. “Hey, regardless of the situation, “I’m always gonna be like this.” But at the end of the
day you appreciate it. – They’re so enthusiastic. It’s contagious the way
they go about their work. Every time you wanna get in
there, even for someone like me, not as prolific in the
weight room as other people. It’s just, you enjoy going
in there and getting in work. – All of them, they stay with energy no matter how early it is. They just want the best for us. They make sure we grind. – 38 is a baller! We got one more game, too, though. Baby, let’s go, let’s go. – Dominate! Dominate up front! Dominate up front! – Everybody in the weight
room, they all contribute to us getting better and more
physical and more stronger. They all have one agenda, and that’s for us to be successful. – Rebels! Rebels! Rebels! Rebels! Rebels! Rebels! Rebels! Rebels! Rebels! Rebels! Rebels! Rebels! Let’s go to work! Family on three. One, two, three. (players shouting) (muffled stadium music) – Hey, man, attack everything today. Hey, play impressive. Don’t hold anything back. Leave it all on the field today, let’s go. Win on three. One, two, three. – [Players] Win! – Game time. No worries. Ready to play. – When we walk outta this lockerroom, we walk out with 70 guys that
are ready to go damn attack! You play this game with an edge! That’s the way you win football games! And you do it over and
over and over again! And you don’t accept anything less! You know why? ‘Cause the guy damn next to you. Let’s walk outta here 70 guys with one purpose, one heartbeat. – [Narrator] Week Six of the
2017 College Football Season found the Ole Miss Rebels
on the plains of Auburn. An offense that struggled one
week earlier in Tuscaloosa would come out swinging
on their first possession. – [Announcer] Caught! That’s the tight-end Dawson Knox. He’s got a first down and plenty more! – That big boy! That’s a big boy, man! – [Announcer] Distance. Off the post, no good. – [Narrator] Unphased by the early miss, the Rebels would go right back to work. – [Announcer] Patterson
has a man wide open. Hitch route, 35; caught
there by Jefferson. Makes a move to get around a guy, and gets all the way down
to near the 20 yard line. – [Announcer] Five of eight on the year. He fits it through to get
Ole Miss on the board. – [Narrator] The early
Rebel score would prove to be their only points of the half, with a stingy Auburn defense
limiting Patterson and company. The Tigers, on the other hand, used an early big play to build momentum. – [Announcer] He’s got the sideline. Ryan Davis, first-class speed! He bends it back to the inside! Davis looking for a block! Got it! Davis will take it 75 yards for the score. – [Narrator] When the gun
sounded to end half one, the plainsmen of Auburn had built an impressive 35-to-three lead. – Listen up. Listen up. I want this second half of this game to be the turning point of our season. You understand what I’m saying? I want you to go out, and I want you to win this second half. I want you to come out
the second half and fight! When you walk off that
field, you walk off knowing you left everything on the damn field! One stop, one touchdown at a time! Go get a stop; then go score. Then get a stop; then go score. That’s how you win games! Make the second half of this game the turning point of this
season, and go win this half. Go win this half, and fight back! Fight back! Let’s go. – Go, lay it on the line. – One at a time, y’all, one at a time. – We gotta get the D up. We gotta get the D up,
though, we gotta get the D up. – Defense! Defense! Defense! Defense! (grungy rock music) – [Announcer] Fake the handoff. Quick pass out to that back receiver. Good job by the Rebels. Little life on that
Ole Miss sideline, too. Broken off the right side,
runs into three guys. Hadn’t quite spin out and
go back the other way. – One at a time, baby. Keep chipping, D! keep chipping away, baby! (heavy rock music) – Good job, D! – Yeah, there we go, that’s what we need. – [Player] One stop. – Better, that’s what we
gotta have, every series. – [Narrator] The landshark
defense was swarming in the second half, tightening with their
backs against the wall, and holding the number-12
team in the country to field-goal tries. With the defense holding fast, their offensive counterpart
looked to finish what they started in the first half. – [Announcer] Fake to Jordan Wilkins. Deep down the right
side, he’s got AJ Brown. Caught and hauled in at the 40. Handoff to Wilkins, and he
goes off the right side, tries to keep his balance,
gets in by the 10. Knocked down at the nine yard line. It’s a nine-yard gain. Gonna pass. Little hitch route to the five. Spinning free, and
stepping into the endzone is DK Metcalf, and that ends the drought. – [Announcer] That’s a
positive drive right there for Shea Patterson, finishing
off with six points. – Put a smiley face! We having fun! We having fun now. – Be tired after the game. They can’t handle it. You do this the rest of the half, and we’ll score the rest of the half. – Hey, good to see that
little bit of momentum. Hey, keep fighting, keep fighting. Keep fighting, stay in it, stay in it. – Hey, let’s go get another one now. Everybody keep fighting and
play your butts off, you got it? – Let’s go, O. Let’s go, O. – [Announcer] Fake on a handoff. Got Jefferson across the middle. Make the catch at the 40 of Auburn. Breaks one tackle, and wrestled down. Now a handoff. Wilkins got some room off the right side. He’s to the 25, 20, 15, 10,
and knocked outta bounds inside the 10 yard line, around the eight. Good run there. Patterson whips it to Metcalf, and Metcalf hurdles his way in! Touchdown, Ole Miss. Positive plays. Young team can turn even
the back half of this game into positive opportunities
to build on things. – [Narrator] A Rebel offense
that had found itself searching for answers suddenly
seemed to have found them, using their tempo to wear
on the Tiger defenders. – [Announcer] Swing pass out
to the far side, to Wilkins. Wilkins to the 25, 30. Cuts back to the middle of the field. Gets to the 35, 40, and
knocked off his feet there. Nice catch and run. There’s a snap to Patterson. Swings it out to Wilkins. Wilkins running hard, has
the first down to the 10. He’s to the five, and gets
close to the goal line. Knocked off his feet. Man on man. Auburn stacked in tight. First and goal at the one. There’s a handoff to Wilkins. Wilkins gets in the endzone. Nice job blocking on that right side. He went in pretty much
untouched, for the score. – Way to compete this second half, man. Way to compete this second half. Way to compete this
second half, all of ya. Way to compete this second half. We got stuff we gotta clean
up, but we a damn good team. We gotta play all together, the same time. But we got some good qualities. We gotta put this stuff together. We gotta compete against a great gameplan. Y’all gotta keep believing,
taking care of the small things, and we gonna be fine. The next one, only game’s
important is next one. Be ready. – [Narrator] In the end, the Auburn lead was too much to surmount. But the Rebels would
leave the field knowing that they had indeed answered
the call of their coach. The second half had
belonged to the Rebels, outscoring Auburn 20 to nine. (reverberating piano music) – [Matt] Y’all, bring it in tight. – [Player] Come in tight, come in tight. – Start off by saying I love you guys. – [Players] Love you, too, Coach. – You fought, you fought
in the second half. This second half is the
turning point of our season. You understand me? We have seven games left; five at home, and then two on the road at
Kentucky and Mississippi State. But you gotta play with passion and you gotta play with heart. That’s the only way
you win in this league. You understand what I’m saying? This can be the turning
point of our season. You listen to what I’m saying. Y’all get ready to go back to work. We got seven more opportunities; we’re gonna make the
best of every one of ’em. Hey, I’m proud of ya because
you didn’t go cover up in the second half. You came out and you fought,
and that’s what it’s gonna take from each and every one of ya. Hey, let’s come back, and go to work. Again, I know you’re hurting, and I know you ain’t into moral victories. But you gotta come back, go to work. We’re gonna build off this second half. It’s gonna be the turning point. Disappointed. Lotta credit to Auburn. They took it to us in the first half. Too many explosive plays. Positive. I was proud that I saw a
difference in the second half from our team, as opposed to last week. They came out and fought and competed, and we have to build off
that, moving forward. – I told ’em there’s no magical speech, there’s no magical adjustment. You gotta make your mind
up, go out and do your job. They did a phenomenal job
the second half of going out, doing their job holding to field goals. We wanna take that, and build off of it. – We had opportunity. We came out, I thought
we moving the football. We had a little bit of tempo going. Didn’t answer the end of the drive. Second half, our guys fought. Coach challenged ’em to fight at halftime, to find out what our
team was really made of, and I think you saw that. – I’m ready to get back to the (mumbling). Take this momentum in to our home crowd. Really excited and ready to go.

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