The Season: Ole Miss Football – LSU (2018)

The Season: Ole Miss Football – LSU (2018)

[MUSIC] Last week on The Season; Landshark was started me and Tony was good friends. And he asked me, you know, “Paul I want you to hold that double team down, I’m going to come through there like a shark baby.” Give them the signal there of sharks. The Fins Up is just a unifier, it’s something that everybody was part of. The first time I threw fins up – It was in Florida State, my first TFL, I mean, I had my first first tackle. Stopped by Benito Jones, a freshman from Waynesboro. It’s not just on the field anymore. Now the basketball team’s doing it. Landshark time. One handed grab, touchdown Ole Miss, D.K. Metcalf. Six, six. Loose football on the turf. Hey, good job, good job. Thank y’all. Thank y’all for staying. Thank y’all for staying. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Get up. Let’s go. [MUSIC] What’s up guys. How you doing today? Pretty good? You ready? You excited? Yes. Okay, I’m Greg Little, I know, I’m pretty big. My last name is Little. I play for Ole Miss football. I’m the blindside, I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie “The Blindside” before, But I protect the quarterback so he doesn’t get tackled or get hit. That’s my job. Where do they go on game day?’ The Story of the Squirrels who live in The Grove. The squirrels who live in Oxford call The Grove home. Except for Saturday’s in the fall. It gets crowded. It gets crowded, very crowded. How’s about we get out of here? A writer named William Faulkner once lived there. He wrote stories about a town called Jefferson that was a lot like the town of Oxford. It’s a pretty place for all of us to rest and relax. Who loves naps? Ah, trust me, me too. No naps? No naps? I hate them. Aw, I promise you when you get my age, you will love naps. [Laughter] So who won the game? Who won the game guys? Ole Miss. There we go, there we go. I’m from Dallas, Texas. It’s about eight hours from here. I really do want to go to Texas with my sister and my family. You do? Yeah. Texas is a great place to visit man. I hope you go have fun there. There you go. Where’s your favorite place to play at? My favorite place to play… hmm, I mean, of course The Grove in Oxford, you know. But probably LSU. LSU Is a pretty fun place to play. I’m pretty sure actually. I’m itty bitty. No you’re not. I’m not itty bitty? [MUSIC] New big brother. I’m going to move in? [Laughter] All right guys, be good. All right? See ya. By I love ya. Well put you to work. Thank you, thank you. Thank y’all so much. You’re welcome. I think I have more fun to be honest. I love kids they’re a blast, they keep me feeling young, even though I am young. Have fun, study, read to some kids. You know? I hope they got a lot out of it. I sure did. So you know, now we got school work. [MUSIC] When defenders toe the line with Benito Jones, they know that they have their hands full. Here’s Ralph Webb hit in the backfield. Nice job by Benito Jones. Could still be able to run the ball, not that time though. Ole Miss crashed into the backfield. That’s Benito Jones, a very talented player on the inside. He’s paid rent in the opposition’s backfield since the first day he stepped onto the gridiron. Thompson, hand off and again backwards and again guess who? Benito Jones. Oh he’s a big boy. You know, his effort, his energy, his mobility make him a factor on every down he’s in the football game. If you asked him, he would think he’s faster than us, but he’s not ready for that yet. But, he’s very fast for a big guy. Just his quickness. You know what I mean? Being a defensive line, be wanting to try to beat the offensive line off the ball. He’s one of those guys that what I think of as a scheme changer. Because he is so quick off the ball, it’s unique, it’s different. His hands are extremely quick. Just to see him swipe the center and use his speed to get vertical and get that tackle for a loss, I mean he’s got to do that over and over again. First and foremost, he’s Mississippi made. So, when you’re from Mississippi got to admit you got some type of edge on you and he seems to play with that edge. There are many characteristics of being Mississippi made. Embracing the country lifestyle being one of them. Growing up on a farm in Waynesboro, Mississippi there is no questioning Benito’s level of country. I think it was in the weight room during off-season lifts and he was just like, “Man, you all got to invest in some cattle of something.” And I was like, “Dude, what?” Just my home. I was born and raised and I like being around my dogs, cows. Me and my brother we do a lot of work too. We try to have it about the same thing my dad had it when he was running it. His coon dogs. He loves the farm. Cattle, that’s all he ever talks about. Yeah you just follow me, follow me. Coach Luke. Hey Coach Luke. What’s my coon dog’s name? The best of the best hunting coon dog’s name is Sam. You see that? He can’t be in California. [Laughter] I don’t even want to be in California. Hunt sound. For spring break most guys are wanting to go to the beach or go hang out. He’s wanting to go coon hunting. And, you know, his favorite hunting dog was Sam, I did know that. So, every once in a while, on third down, I’ll be like, “Hunt Sam.” You know, so but he’ll go get a sack. Go Nito, Hunt Sam. Hunt Sam. My dad he put me in it, he used to hunt a lot. When he found out that I could really hunt on my own, he bought me my first couple of coon dogs. I got on the internet and started searching, searching, searching until I found some dogs I really liked and that were pretty good. He’s pretty country. He’s a quiet guy. But if you actually talk to him he knows about all the mud riding, the fishing. He doesn’t apologize for that and it’s great to hear him talk about hunting and him talking about his animals and being on the farm. And you know, occasionally watch him come in, you know, with his coveralls and boots on. And I teased him one cay he came in, I said, “Listen, only tough guys wear their coveralls and boots like that.” And he kind of gave me that grin and said, “You’re looking at one.” I mean, I’m hunting at night. I mean, I’m discrete doing something crazy. In the daytime fooling with cows. My farm it’s saved me from a lot of trouble. The meaning of hard work and dedication was instilled in Benito by his parents, Billy Ray and Juanita Jones. On August 23rd, 2016 expecting a call from his father, he would instead receive a call that would not only impact the farm, but the entire Jones family. I was in class, and my phone was vibrating and I said, “Well that’s him.” Well, I got the phone call and then my sister, she was telling me that he had passed away and he died in a car accident. And the first thing that came to my mind was like my mom, my sisters and the farm. Struck by tragedy, Benito found comfort in the company of his teammates. Marquise and D.J. and big Breeland, I mean, they was the guys who were around me that day. I can really say Ole Miss is a family. Nobody left me hanging. Mr. Sammy, he called me almost every day talking to me, praying for me and my family. I think we’ve talked about it a lot. About you don’t have to be blood to be family. I think it’s easy to be good when everything’s hunky dory. But you find out a lot about a program, a lot about a team when you go through tough times. If someone loses a loved one, it’s kind of like, Okay we all just lost a loved one because you’re our brother. So our focus was just to keep him uplifted. But the pain of losing in father still fresh in his mind, Jones knew there was one place he had to be. I told him I was going to play. Because I mean that’s something my dad wanted me to do. I mean, I ain’t never missed a game other than being hurt. But, like my emotions and stuff, I mean it put it to the side. I said, “Dad’s just be watching me, you know, above me.” I mean he had a better seat than anybody in the stadium. I don’t remember much, other than him making the play in the backfield. And they feed the big guy, but he’s dropped in the backfield. Storming through to make the play is a true freshman Benito Jones. He’s emotional Kirk, he lost his dad last week. Playing inspired tonight. I don’t think, I know that his dad saw that and said, “You know what? That was my son out there that did that.” Because he had been through a lot to get to where he was. And to be able to do that on that stage, I know that had to be special. I feel like he’s right here with me right now. I mean, you know, it just a thing. Like my dad always said, “Son, one day I have to leave one day.” And he would say, “I will be with you.” No matter where I’m at I think he’s with me. No matter what I’m doing, on the farm or anything, I mean, I think he’s with me. [Howling] Oh yeah. [Dog barking] Aw it’s just a call, my daddy used to call them. And then they’ll come, just like that. [Howling] [Cattle calling] They just a little hungry. There’s one over there, she’s been here for years. And I just call her Big Horn. As you see, you can see how big she is. The first thing that really stood out to me when we went to Benito’s house, is you know, I saw this baby and I asked how old was the baby. And they told me a week old. And I said, “Well really?” I said, “Where is the mom?” She was outside like cooking on the grill, you know what I mean? So, that’s the kind of pedigree that they have. They’re workers. He’s just a good honest, country kid. You know, he goes about his work, he enjoys his cows. He loves his truck. He does all the things that you’d expect a country kid to do. This is about 120 acres worth of pasture land. And right now, you see like I have one of my tractors over there. My uncle and my brother they bush hogging. So, I ain’t going to run it. I let them run it. This is a grown man right here. Is that Sam? It’s Sam. When they find a coon, they’ll bark. When they find their scent or something, they’ll bark. And that’s when you know they’re on a track of something. Like he, he won’t bark a lot, but he’ll do like a long brrr. Then that means a coon’s out there. You got to really put time in them. If you ain’t putting time in them, they really ain’t going to be worth a crap. You got to put time in them. Look I got some feed for them. [Howling] Some days I do let them come out, I open the gate. Let them go eat grass in the yard. Go all around, because they all come back. I always just let them. Sometimes I leave the gate open, like if I’m here for the weekend, I leave the gate open all day, or all weekend. They ain’t going to go nowhere. I mean I was born to being like a country guy. I mean, I’d rather do this for the rest of my life. And I look at everything back home is family. And one day, you know, I have a daughter, so that’s the thing about when she gets older. I mean I’m doing all this now so I can just have everything planned out the way I want it to go. I know there’s going to be stormy roads and tough times, hard times. And like right now it’s a tough thing to do, but you know, you just keep your mind in it. I mean hard work pays off. You all have seen the farm, seen the cows, seen my place. So now you all got to go. Now me and my cousin, we got to go to work. If you ain’t working, you can’t be around us. [MUSIC] Week five of the 2018 college football season found the Rebels taking on the Tigers of LSU. An 8:15 kick off coupled with steady rainfall would give this addition of the classic matchup its own unique flavor. Rain, snow, sleet or hail, just do what we do. Hey y’all this is what we do. Hey, it don’t matter who we play or talk about, no all right? This is what we’ve been dreaming about right here. It’s time. It’s time, let’s go. When you’re on the road it takes mental toughness. Enjoy this. We don’t get many chances together, right. Enjoy this thing and have fun. Starting out on offense, the Rebels understood fully the need to strike first. But a hungry and talented Tigers defense had their own priorities. And it is intercepted, let’s see if he was inbounds. And LSU will take over with outstanding field position. 53 on the play, to put LSU on the board. Snap in place, a perfect. And field goal off the crossbar and no good. The Landshark defense had put down their first threat of the night. Now Ta’amu and company would take their next shot. Scottie Phillips into the secondary. First down yardage across midfield. Brought down by Greedy Williams. But not until a gain of 23. [Crowd noise] On the ground, back to Phillips. First down yardage and they’re mixing the run with the pass. Snap back and down, the kick is on its way. And the Rebels take a 3-0 lead, with 9:06 to go. Steve Ensminger, the new offensive coordinator wants to take eight shots a game. For the throw. Taking a shot and it’s caught. JaMarr Chase for the touchdown. Despite the early scoring traits, the first half would soon turn to a starkly contrasting affair. A rash of yellow flags began to haunt the Rebels on both sides of the ball. Illegal formation, offense number one. Pass interference, defense number 29. Fourth penalty already on Ole Miss, who cannot afford that. Not on this spot on the field, not tonight. Two of three on the season on fourth down. Hard count. Offsides defense number 99. The five-yard penalty will result in a first down. Gets the pressure, they’re going to get him. And the football comes out. Ole Miss needs a break. We’ll see if they get it. Prior to the change of possession personal foul, facemask number 90 of the defense. That kind of night for Ole Miss. When it rains, it pours, right. Be smart in there. Don’t say it. Got to control your emotions; right? It’s an emotional game. You got to control your emotions. For all their effort, the Rebels could not get out of their own way in the first 30 minutes of the game. And the LSU Tigers would not waste the advantage. The 20, 15, 10, 5 Touchdown Tigers. The truest test of any team is when their backs are squarely against the wall. And the Rebels found themselves in that exact situation before the half. We need to stop them and get back. Don’t get frustrated. Don’t assume somebody’s got the tackle. Because when we come in more than one, all right, that ball is going to pop out. It’s Burrow on the ground. The ball comes out. And there are no flags on the field this time. Fear and the Ole Miss defense makes them pay. Way to get that ball back baby. That’s what I’m talking about. Ta’amu throwing. Sails one to D.K. Metcalf and he hauls that one in. Heading that way. Ta’amu throws it. Battle for the football and A.J. Brown wins that battle. [Cheering] Ta’amu going to run for it. He’s tripped up just short of the goal line with nine seconds left. Hey, time out, time out. [Whistle] Nine seconds to play. Third and goal upcoming from inside the one. No time outs remaining. Fake and a throw. Too tall for Ocatvious Cooley. And the official goes down. If he wasn’t there, that might have been a catch. I mean, it’s – you want to talk about the luck for Ole Miss, they have been snake bitten in this game. Let’s say you Luke Logan. You’ll never kick a shorter field goal, that from 17 yards away. Here’s what I want you to do; I want you to go out here and I want you to win this third quarter. And you make this a four-quarter game. Here’s the way I see it. All right? Third downs is the key. All right? We have to get off the field on third downs, no penalties. Let’s come out and let’s win the third quarter and let’s move forward from there. You got that? Let’s go. Hey D give me a stop. Get us a stop. Get us a stop, let’s go. Well LSU will get it first. So here’s the test right out of the gate for the Ole Miss defense here. Burrow comes out throwing. Down the middle of the field, off the fingertips of Jaylon Julius. Burrow set, the ball carrier Coatney, got him too. Here’s the snap to Burrow, he wants to throw. The pass is incomplete. The first three and out of the night for Joe Burrow. I think you’re going to see a lot of this from LSU in the second half. Steve Ensminger is going to come out and he’s going to pound the football. He’s going to test the mettle of this Ole Miss defense. How much do they really want to play? Going to hand it off, tackled. Fumble on the ground, recovered by Ole Miss at the 13-yard line. Go, go, go. Matt Luke probably challenged them at halftime, show that you came to fight in the second half. Handoff is to Dorsett again, minus three on that one as Willie Hibbler finished him off. That ain’t them, but that is us; all right? That ain’t what they are, but that is what we are. We’re going to be a second half team right here. Everybody got me? The Rebel defense had all of the answers in the early goings of the third quarter. Scottie Phillips would add an answer of his own to boot. [MUSIC] It’s Phillips, he has first down yardage. Here come the Rebels with six minutes to play. Go Scottie. Give it to him. From the two-inch line for Jordan Ta’amu. Now he runs under center real quickly. Over loads to the left, takes the snap. Is going to hand it off to Phillips, he’s in the end zone. [Cheering] Touchdown Ole Miss. With only a two score deficit facing them, the Rebels were poised to slug it out in the muddy conditions of Tigers stadium. But the in sync LSU offense would find an answer at every turn. Burrow to throw, and it is caught, complete, touchdown. An answer by LSU. The game would end at midnight, leaving the LSU Tigers undefeated and handing the Ole Miss Rebels their second loss to a top five opponent. [MUSIC] All right. Now listen to me. Listen to me close. Right now more than ever, we got to stick together. You hear me? Right now more than ever we got to stand back to back and stick together. Because we’re in this together no matter what. We’re in this thing together. And it’s us. It’s nobody else. And all we can do is find a way to go get better next week. You got what I’m saying? So pick each other up and we’ll come back to work tomorrow and let’s get going. But hey, now is not the time to start finger pointing, we got too much ball ahead of us. Too many people are growing up and too much good stuff is happening with some of these young guys, we just got to play better football. And we got to play the way we’re capable of playing. That’s our job. It’s our job as coaches and it starts with me. Okay? But hey, stick together. All right? Stay together, let’s go find a way to get better and win the next one. And then find a way to win the next one. And then go on a damn winning streak. You got what I’m saying? All right. Hey, hey find a way man. Dig down deep, find a way. But don’t let the negativity creep in. Just disappointed obviously in the outcome. I thought just uncharacteristic penalties. That’s probably what I’m most disappointed in. But again, that starts with coaching, it starts with me. But we were beaten soundly in all three phases. And we got to find a way to get better. [MUSIC]

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  2. just makes you wonder how much the ncaa sanctions really hurt our team. defense is eh and with the scholarship cutbacks, either offense will be bad, or defense will moving forward until we even it out a few years down the road

  3. OM got the best staff to keep the pieces glued together while they weather the ncaa storm of loss of scholarships, post season bans and more. When things clear up it seems likely they will look for another great coach like Hugh Freeze???

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