The Season: Ole Miss Football – UT Martin (2015)

The Season: Ole Miss Football – UT Martin (2015)

(upbeat electronic music) – [Voiceover] Last week on The Season – Man, you know, it’s just business. I’m always excited for business so it’s just another day in the office. – Aye, the wait is over. It’s time to go. It’s time to go. Aye, we on a roll. – Let’s teamwork. – Men, welcome to day one. Take a stand, 2015. What are you bringing to your job today? What will you bring? What will your coaches bring? – Breaking my cleats in. They brand new. I don’t wanna go out there
and have my feet hurt. – Watch, watch. Oh my goodness! Right on the tip, look! – Y’all start in a good stance, don’t you? You should finish in a good stance. – I continue to stress to our kids their great effort and energy, but at the same time
take care of each other. – I love it. First day of
pads, first day of heat. Now you got pads on, now you can butt ’em, now you can bring everything
you’ve got into this! (dramatic orchestra music) (slow music)
(people chatting) – Well I always get
excited about this day. It’s something that has
kind of become a tradition for the programs that
we’ve been associated with for a long time now. This year, I love the fact
that you were included and you decided this is our core values, this is who we say we’re going to be. You guys came up with these, I didn’t. I didn’t know what
you were gonna come up with and was quite interested and intrigued and thought you did phenomenally well. You did some outstanding work, and if you want my opinion, the thing that will bring
us the closest together is if you really buy in to
the things we talk about and take a stand. Teachable, attitude,
knowledge, enthusiasm. – If they see 105, 120
guys, fired up, confident, running around, it can
be a very scary thing, so enthusiasm is powerful. – Accountability is a big one, sure. Standards, wow. – A lot of what we do today, and what we set the
standards for tomorrow, it is gonna be our
destiny that we put forth and the kids are gonna follow it. – [Voiceover] Trust, diversity. – As it says in the bible,
for those who read it, you know, it says storms will
come, so with that being said, you gotta have strong
faith and determination to know when the storm do
come, I’m ready to face it. – And then determination. How determined will this team be when you’re facing quality opponents like we have on our
schedule, in bad places, adversities hit, just how
determined will you be? So now is the time to
say, where do you stand on all these things that you’ve heard? If you believe that you are ready to say that you’re all in to take a stand, please make your way down. – Thank you, sir.
– Thank you for staying today. – I mean, is this, are we
committing for mom and dad, too? To show up and out and all that? – We all in, man. – If one’s in then your whole family is, I’ll tell you that, buddy. – What do you think? Let’s do it?
– [Chad] Yea. Like I said, I’ll take a stand. I love you boys, man. – [Voiceover] How do you feel? – I feel blessed. Great. Taking a stand. Ready for the season to start, baby. (upbeat music) – First day of school. Glad to see these lovely
people back on campus after grinding the whole summer. – My first day of class,
Mr. Wadaire, it was perfect. – I’m done with classes already. Pretty easy day for me. You know we got pretty
ladies walking around. – Great professor, I
love taking his class, but it’s this one Spanish girl. ♫ Ugh, Ugh, ♫ I say baby ♫ Baby ♫I’m walking down the
street, can I get ya numba? ♫ – But I had my phone,
I didn’t have my phone so I couldn’t talk to her, so I’m a little depressed about that. ♫ Lookin’ so good baby,
It’s a beautiful summer ♫ – You know what I’m saying? That’s how we do it like that. – You know, get to see different faces instead of all football players all day. – Are y’all freshman? – Yes.
– I am. – See, we got freshman right here, okay. You know what I’m saying, just prioritize correctly,
that’s what it’s all about. – I’m trying to get like a
3.0 so I have no problems. I think you take care of your schoolwork, and then everything will fall
into place with football. – Try to, you know, split the time up, you know what I’m saying? Make sure you get the books ’cause that’s what you’re here for, you know what I’m saying? – Football’s gonna end one day, so that’s why school is important; what’s up? School is very important. – This is my second class
of the day, it’s math. I’m fin’ to go in here, kill the books like I kill stuff on the field. Man, so y’all get outta here man, I’m just chillin, bro. (whistling music) – [Voiceover] 25 though
30, guys, 25 through 30. – [Voiceover] 11, 12, 13, right? 26, 27, around there? – [Voiceover] What a day. – [Voiceover] We got 31, 32, 33, 34? Alright, next row is 19. – [Voiceover] That’s the easiest job. – [Voiceover] Do you want it? – [Voiceover] Well, it’s good
to see you when it’s real, finally, you know? We’re tired of talking and
you’re probably tired of asking questions, and it’s just time for all of us to play. Most of you that have
followed our programs know we kind of refer to our
journeys in chapters. This is chapter four. Today in practice, Chad’s gonna take the snap with the ones. Again, I think Saturday will be, you know, the first real test. But if you look at pass
percentages, he has a slight edge on the other two. When a kid goes down
to injury like Laquon, it’s heart breaking. Then to see him go through
the recovery process and to battle back, is quite rewarding. I look forward to us throwing
it to him the first time and him taking the hit
and going to the ground and bouncing up and lining
up for the next play. I think that will bring up a weird kind of smile to my face, that,
alright we’re back now. – [Voiceover] Seeing
receiver Laquon Treadwell suit up for his junior year at Ole Miss will certainly give Rebel
nation a reason to smile, but his road to Oxford had not been easy. – ‘Quon is a very good player, you know. He, you know, come
through a lot of adversity just outside of football, you know. When a guy has strong adversity, you know, that tell’s a lot about his character. – [Laquon] Growing up in Chicago, it was more good guy, bad guy. Either you were gonna be a
good guy and go do something with yourself, or you’re
gonna be a bad guy. I found myself around
a bunch of good guys, and everybody around us was bad guys. So we was trying to make
our way and make a living, you know, we knew football
could take us there, so I was always football,
and then I’ll go home take care of my brothers,
take care of my sisters. – And a good thing is that he does the little things off the field He’s not one I have to worry
about getting in trouble. I just feel good going to
bed at night knowing that he’s gonna do the right thing. – You know it’s just a
everyday grind out there, you know, and, killings
happen everyday, robberies. I found myself just sticking to football and trying to stay focused
and all my friends, you know, they seen me doing it so they started doing it and my little brother started doing it and just my whole town started changing because, you know, they
knew it was possible. It was a way out, and I was
one of the first to do it, and it took me here, so I
don’t think I should stop. – [Voiceover] Football helped
Laquon overcome the adversity of his childhood in Chicago. Yet under the brightest
lights of the 2014 season, football would also become the cause of one of his greatest challenges. – [Voiceover] Auburn desperately trying to hold the Rebels here with a
minute thirty-nine left to play. – It was in the fourth quarter, you know, I got the call, It was a screen to me. – [Commentator] Auburn’s
gonna bring a blitz. Quick throw out to who,
guess who, Treadwell. – [Voiceover] He’ll make the catch, he’ll run to the fifteen,
still on his feet to the ten, To the five, he’s at the end zone! They’re calling it a touchdown
here on the near side. – He catches it and I see him
break and I think he scores, and then I don’t see him getting up, and I’m thinking, all right,
let it happen, just get up. – [Voiceover] Treadwell
is shaken up a little bit. – [Voiceover] Treadwell
is definitely hurt, David, he was just jerked down from behind. – When you getting rolled up,
you can feel it as it happens and I twisted and I let the ball go, but I figured I was in the endzone. – [Voiceover] The bigger question now is the health of Laquon Treadwell. – It went from we won, to I don’t care, just let him be all right. The next blow was, they
said that we didn’t score. – [Voiceover] Therefore it was a fumble, the ball was recovered by Auburn. First down on the 20 yard line. – So you go from
hopefully winning the game and having your best player be okay, to, obviously, the opposite. – [Voiceover] That’s about
as heart breaking as it gets. – Once you get hurt, to
me it’s for a reason. It’s to humble yourself
or to see other things outside of football. – [Voiceover] Although Laquon was down with a serious leg injury, his new community was
there to help him back up. – [Laquon] To have that much support from the town of Oxford,
coming in, loving it, and then them showing their real support when you’re at your lowest point. It was just something unbelievable. Pretty cool right here.
Lot of decorations on it. “What’s up, Laquon? ‘I am so, so sorry about your ankle, ‘keep up the good work and ‘don’t get discouraged. ‘Oddy toddy, gosh almighty.” Grace. Then you got a nice picture at the bottom. Shout out to the fans at Ole Miss. It’s a great feeling. It keeps you up when you’re on
your sad side of the injury. There’s so many people looking up to me and wanting me to stay positive, so that’s what I gotta do. – [Voiceover] Laquon
Treadwell is on schedule for a spring return. He feels like rehab is going very well, but he did tell me he
will be mentally stronger when he does come back. – You know, he’s part of that 10% that are different from a lot of guys. To see him out there in spring ball doing what he was doing
six months from the injury, I can’t describe it. – I think one thing that separates him, you know, is his work ethic. The guy is just driven and
one of the hardest workers that we have on our team. – He has the attitude that
he’s gonna be the best at whatever he does. And he does it on the football field, and when that happened, obviously, we had the best I can, so I
can come back full strength, and he’s done that. – I knew he’d work, and
I knew he’d attack it just like he attacks everything else. For him to get back so fast is a credit to just how hard he works and how bad he wants to be back out there with his teammates. – I’m probably the most
hungriest I’ve ever been to play a football game or practice. Just doing whatever I can
to be ahead of the game, be where I want to be
when the season start and I’m just wishing for the best. – [Voiceover] A new season is upon us, with it, a clean slate, a blank canvas, an opportunity to start anew. The roster in 2015 boast new dynamics, fresh faces, and returning heroes. The 100th installment of football in Vaught-Hemingway. – [Voiceover] Fresh off, a
historic nine win season, the Rebels arrive ready to show they belong with the SEC elite. With head coach Hugh Freeze and new quarterback Chad Kelly, the Ole Miss faithful are
ready after a 249 day wait. Football is back in Oxford. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Hand-off Walton,
he’s through the middle, he’s got open space. All the defenders behind him, Jaylen Walton is in! Touchdown, Ole Miss! 60 yards for the score. – It felt great. It was kind of nervous a little bit, but ready to get back out
there and show everybody how hard you’ve been working off season. – [Demarquis] All of a summer long you ready to hit somebody
else other than teammates. It’s just a good feeling to know that all the work is for something. – [Voiceover] For junior Laquon Treadwell, this game was more than a season opener. It was the end of a long road back. – Coming back from that injury
was an overwhelming process. Being tackled and getting
back up and feeling normal. – [Chad] I think it’s awesome, I mean, he’s back out there,
looks better than ever. I know he’s still trying
to get his feet wet, trying to get used to that, but that’s what happens when
you come back from an injury. – [Voiceover] We all know
what he’s capable of doing so it’s great to see him back on the field and not only just on the field, but at a high level competing. – [Voiceover] Breaks one
tackle, breaks another, he’s at the 10, near
sidelines at the five, and knocked out of bounds. – [Voiceover] First and goal,
Kincade is still in there, he’s gonna hand it off, left side, breaking a tackle, running
to the near corner, touchdown, Jaylen Walton! His second of the game. And the Rebels go up 12 to nothing, with six forty two to go. – [Voiceover] Kelly has go
that big arm; he shows it off. Deep downfield. And it’s a touchdown, Ole Miss. – [Voiceover] Chad Kelly
hit ’em beautifully, right in stride. – He was just running
straight downfield and I seen the safety kind
of hung a little bit, I just figured I could get
the ball over the safety and he would run under the ball and catch it and so I threw 42 yards on the hash and he ran it in stride
and it was perfect. – [Voiceover] Back to throw,
Buchanan has tons of time, Over the middle, threads the needle at the five, caught, spinning and into the end zone for a touchdown is Quincy Adeboyejo and Rebels go up 26 to nothing. – [Voiceover] What a talented group this receiver core has got, Coach Grant Heard has got a
really talented room, David. Even the two freshman they’ve added, who probably won’t see
any action this year. We’ve got a lot of weapons out there. – [Chad] It’s a dream come true, I mean, you have such great
athletes, great players, and out coaches put all of us
in a great position to execute and I’m excited to see
what we have to come, but I’m just very blessed
with great players around me. (suspenseful music) – [Voiceover] Robert Nkemdiche is usually known for
his defensive prowess, but today his efforts will be utilized on the opposite side of the ball. – [Voiceover] Interesting
set up here, second and two, or third and two for the Rebels. Robert Nkemdiche is in the back field, Buchanan is gonna swing it out, It’s complete here on the near side, and down the sidelines, and
into the end zone is Nkemdiche on a touchdown. Hit ’em on a little spike route, and Robert Nkemdiche, playing
a little offense, has six! – No no, I was trying to
get away from everybody. – The way you were looking. You was like, you was like. You were looking like.
– I turned into a running back. I turned into a running back, for real. – [Voiceover] Play fake,
pass down the near sideline, caught right in the basket
at the 30 yard line, the 20, the 10, the five, in the end zone, Cody Core! Touchdown, Ole Miss! – [Voiceover] It is a
perfectly thrown football by Chad Kelly. The deep balls today have
been absolutely on the money. – [Chad] We got him on a double move and beat the guy like he’s supposed to and I had to put the ball
exactly where I was supposed to and we executed perfect on that play, but the line gave me time, it was a great job. – [Voiceover] After giving the Skyhawks excellent field position
on an interception, the Landshark defense would
quickly return the favor. – [Commentator] From the
29, Neil, play action. He’s hit as he lofts it downfield, and that one’s picked off. The Rebels intercept it. Trae Elston. He’s gonna run to the near sidelines, the 30, the 40, he may take this one. – Tony Connor got some great pressure off the blitz, off the edge. He made the quarterback make a mistake. Trae took advantage of it,
caught it, took it to the house. Had a convoy of blockers in front of him so it was bound to happen, you know, Landshark defense. – [Voiceover] Fins up here
even if you’re an Ole Miss fan. Landshark defense,
pressure right in the face. Look at the red jerseys that are out front trying to help Trae
Elston find the end zone. – [Voiceover] There’s
a keeper by Chad Kelly, he’s gonna run left to the 10, the five, and Chad is in the end zone, touchdown, Ole Miss! – You know, there was nobody back side so I just pulled it and I, it was kind of the wrong read to make but he’s like, well, at least
you got in the end zone. – [Voiceover] Chad Kelly
keeps it around the left side and races to the end zone, showed some good footwork
and speed, there. And another TD for Ole Miss. A 20 yard scamper for Kelly. – His athleticism,
getting out of the pocket, running for the touchdown. It all was great for a first game debut for a offense that wants to go fast and wants to compete at a high level. I think he showed everyone
that he’s capable of doing it. – [Voiceover] DeVante Kincade
who’s been the quarterback in this series. Fourth down and three,
from the 12 yard line, right hash of UT Martin. He’s gonna throw, lobs
it towards the end zone, jumping up to make the grab, and the touchdown is DeMarkus Lodge. First one for the wide receiver
from Cedar Hill, Texas, and he fires up a
Landshark; fins up buddy. Pretty excited to get the TD. The Rebels up 61 to three. What a nice throw by Kincade. – Hey! That boy threw up a shark! – Your first litle college touchdown, huh? – You threw up a landshark? – I didn’t know what to do, brah. – [Voiceover] Late in the game, and with an insurmountable lead, Hugh Freeze would turn
to his talented group of running backs, giving them a chance to
showcase their abilities. (southern style banjo music) – Let me see y’all have a
lot of energy out there. Hey, if you made a mistake, so what? – Come off the ball,
baby, come off the ball. They gonna run for you, come off the ball. – [Voiceover] Hand off to
Brazley, right up the middle, he pops it open to the 35, the 40. Oh he’s got some room. He’s to the 45, the 40,
can he outrun pursued? He’s gone to the 10, five, touchdown! Eugene Brazley, boy,
turned on the afterburners. – [Voiceover] Play action, one cut, go. See, in past history, you
would’ve caught it and the dude would be coming at you, you
would’ve been like this. – Then you woulda got tackled, see? I coach running backs now. I am coach Elston, the running back coach. – [Voiceover] From the 20 yard line, hand off is to Buford again. Straight ahead, he pops it for six. D.K. Buford in the end zone. Touchdown, Ole Miss. That’s it, the Ole Miss
Rebels win this one, 76 to three, the final score. Ole Miss with the victory. There’s a lot to be excited
about with 2015 Ole Miss. – Game one finally in the books. It’s the start of a good season. Let’s keep this train rolling, so ya’ll just stay tuned
the rest of the year. – First win, you know what I’m saying. We got Fresno next week. We gotta get it, that’s it. – Gotta keep improving,
take a stand with the team, make good decisions and we’ll be all good. – We got some work to do, man, ’cause we great, we trying to be great. We trying to accomplish great things, you know what I mean? So I’m just ready to get
this work in tomorrow, and starting Tuesday. – When I scored I was just
really excited, you know, It was my first touchdown as
a college football player. I’ve been waiting for that
moment my whole career since last year. It just felt great, you know. – One and oh, man, you feel me? – Who try’n do that there? – We went out there an handled business. Aye, just stay tuned for next week, baby. – You know, it’s a great
start to the season, it’s what we want it to be, this is where we see ourselves, legendary era, we tryin’ to win every
game, not just this one. – It feels so good. It feels so good. But look, we gotta thank God. We gotta thank God for the win. – Oh yeah, first one’s always good. I’m just ready for the next game, but we got a lot of work to do
and we’ll be ready next week. (dramatic orchestra music) – [Voiceover] Each
Wednesday during the fall tune in for a new episode of The Season. Also, don’t forget to
download the Rebels Reward app for a chance to win exclusive prizes.

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  1. I never thought, in my entire life that I would see the Ole Miss football team looking so fit, big, beefy and hunky! Biceps, triceps, quads, lats, traps…y'all got it going on!!!! Good job, Coach Jackson. Y'all looked awesome on tv and towered over the UT Martin players. So happy to see familiar faces back and new faces too. Welcome. Wishing you guys and the coaches a great and injury free 2015 season!

    All I ask is that you take the time to watch if you wanted to

  3. One low. You guys shoulda been in the championship game against Clemson cause you beat Bama.

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