The Season: Ole Miss Football – Vanderbilt (2016)

The Season: Ole Miss Football – Vanderbilt (2016)

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Last week on The Season. – Chad came here, wanting
to rewrite his story. I have witnessed him do
that to a large extent. It’s not the ending we wanted. It’s not the last chapter
that we wanted to write, but life has a way of doing that. – I mean it was a great feeling, just, my first play in there
and first interception. – The ball comes to him I think oh man, if he can do that every snap, we’re gonna win every single game. (laughing) – After the Alabama
game, when he went out, it took us four weeks to
kinda figure things out. – [Announcer] And Tony
Conner, makes the stop. – [Second Announcer] I can’t say enough about this Tony Conner. He finds the ball, he always
puts himself in good position, this kid’s a joy to watch. – [Announcer] Here’s the kick, he’s got the distance, it’s on it’s way, it’s good! Gary Wunderlich does it again! And the Rebels have taken a 29 28 lead! Hubenak wants to throw, fires over the middle, it’s
intercepted in midfield! Ole Miss is gonna win this thing! (wrathful music) (determined music) (light-hearted version of Jingle Bells) – Alright, we’re out here, you know, giving back to the community. Operation Christmas Child. We just put together a few boxes as our token of appreciation, you know and all this community. We have cool stuff like toys, coloring books, all that stuff. You know, the kids enjoy it, we enjoy it, they support us every day so you gotta give back and support them too. – [Player] Snakes are scary. – [Another Player] Hey,
moose, is that a moose? – Red and blue for the ribbon. – Spiders. – [Player] Every guy loves spiders. (laughing) – Let’s go snowman. Gotta go snowman. – Guess I give a cute little penguin. – Wait, markers, it’s too late for the, yeah wait for the markers too. There we go. – Oh yeah, she got a full box right now. I like that. – You can just write whatever
you want to put on there. You can put “Merry Christmas
from Ole Miss Rebels”, I live in Oxford,
whatever you feel like you wanna tell them. – It says “Merry Christmas
from DaMarkus Lodge and the Ole Miss football team. We hope you have a great one.” – Fold it, like a sandwich, and then smush of it in the top, and you’ll be good to go. – Hey Evan. – What’s up bud? – Yeah it close a little
better, know what I’m saying? The first box showed me what I need to do, so I came back and perfected it. Got a lotta little toys
and stuff in there. Should be a nice present. – It’s a great box. Well put together, you
know, nicely organized. A great note. Very blessed, you know
what I mean, very blessed. This is gonna make somebody’s day, and you know, I feel wonderful. – Specially made by DaMarkus Lodge. (playful piano music) – [Narrator] Next on The Season. – Good scouts you hope that
the guys understand their role, that if you don’t have
guys on the other side of the ball in practice you
cannot be prepared physically, mentally, for what’s going
to happen in the game. – You ready, break! – Great effort guys. Love scout team. – You can take the approach of I’m just gonna be out here
go through the motions, or you can take the approach that I did, and that was I wanna make the offense work as much as possible so they
can get ready for a game. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Everybody knows the saying “Practice makes perfect”, yet few are aware just how much effort goes into productive preparation. It takes hard work from
those behind the scenes to get the starters
ready for the limelight. – Scout team is a very very
important piece to our product. – The scout team is emulating the team that you going against. – Without scout team guys
giving you great looks, you’re gonna struggle at
actually understanding what the game plan is and performing it. – [Narrator] Performing
scout team duties isn’t easy, but with the guidance of
young and energetic coaches like Christian Robinson, that
doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. – Gotta have a house party. All the scout team, touchdowns. Let’s go, go score, go score! Left hash, this is the one. This is gonna hit home I know it. I know it. Oh feed ’em. Alright, feed ’em. – [Crowd] Get to the ball! – Dropping dimes. Roy Hache! Hey sir, sir, get off my scouts. – [Player] You ready, break! – Great effort guys. Love scout team. Good scouts, you hope that the
guys understand their role, that if you don’t have guys
on the other side of the ball in practice, you cannot
be prepared physically, mentally, for what’s going
to happen in the game. I think it takes somebody
that has to remember how they got there. It takes remembering that you didn’t just become an SEC scholarship
athlete to get there, and even if you’re not on a scholarship, you’ve worked to get to this point, and you remember how excited you were to say that you were coming
to Ole Miss to play football. – Takes somebody that
loves football a lot. I mean, and there’s a
buncha guys out there. I mean ever since I’ve been at Ole Miss, I’ve seen a buncha guys come through, that you just see the love for the game, and they just wanna be out there, and they just wanna work
and they wanna compete, whether or not they ever get a shot or whether or not they get enough shots, or whatever it is. I mean those guys still come to work just ’cause they love it so much. – [Narrator] While
effort on the scout team often goes unheralded, it was selflessness and hustle that earned linebacker Tayler Polk individual attention. – He’s one of those guys that, man, size isn’t gonna bother me, and now he’s up to 208 210. – He’s one of those guys
that’s really undersize, so he has to come out
there and almost work at, I mean, 110% no matter what,
just to compete out there. And you know how hard he worked, and how far he’s come
just to get to that spot, and that’s pretty awesome. – You get what you put
in, you know what I mean, and it’s the whole team so
you can take the approach of you know, I’m just gonna be out here, go through the motions, let
them whatever they want, you know, I’m just here. Or you can take the approach that I did, and that was I was gonna make a statement, that I can play with anybody
and that I wanna make the offense work as much as possible so they can get ready for a game. – Guys like Tayler have
come in, and not only, given their time and service to giving us those correct looks but also
to playing in critical moments for us on special teams
or on defense or offense, or either one. You never know which play it is that’s going to count in
a game changing moment, and Tayler’s been in a
bunch of those plays. – [Narrator] Tayler’s determination paid off early in the first
game of the 2014 season, when an unfortunate penalty
thrust the former scout teamer onto the front line. – [Announcer] There is a flag. – Personal foul, targeting
a defensive receiver, number 14 on the defense. (cheering) By rule, 14 has disqualified the contest. – [Announcer] This is really significant because not only is Serderius Bryant one of the leaders of this team, but you gotta remember Denzel Nkemdiche, who is also another
starting outside linebacker, is suspended for this game. So now they’re down two
of their primary guys playing in the outside
linebacker position. – I remember seeing
when Robert hit the guy I was like “no way it’s targeting”, and they throw him out, I’m like “man he’s out”. And then coach Allen comes over to me, and he grabs me he’s
like “You ready to go?” and I was like “Oh my gosh” and then it all hit me. It was very surreal. – [Narrator] It’s only
fitting that a player known for his dedication to practice was prepared when his number was called. Polk stepped up during a goal line stand and would continue to prove himself for the rest of the night. – [Announcer] Big hit from the Rebels. – [Coach] Good tackle. – Hey I believe in you! – Yes sir.
– I do! – Yes sir. Yeah I’ve grown up
watching Ole Miss football, my whole life grandma’s
had season tickets, and just knowing that I was out there playing for Ole Miss and actually having a pretty big impact out there, ’cause being out there
with starting defense, ’cause Bird and Keith going
down that was a big deal. It was very, it was kinda shellshocking, but it was just great to
come out with a victory. It was kinda surreal being around the guys like Cody Prewitt and Senquez, DT like all these guys. It was almost like playing with legends, you know what I mean? Like not just teammates, so I knew that I had to do everything that I possibly could not to let them down regardless of what it
did for me personally, just for them because
they have earned so much, that it was definitely not my place to come in there and screw it up for them. – All those things that you need to be a walk-on to, every
day at the end of the day, when you don’t get the credit, and you may not get the
things a scholarship kid does, to wake up the next day and
say “I’m going back for more, I’m going back for more”. It really takes a special
kid to be able to do that, and Tayler Polk has all those things. – It’s tough, but I mean, you gotta have the future in mind, you know what I mean? You gotta know what you’re capable of, you gotta trust in yourself, so that was the main thing for me, was coming in, doing
everything I possibly can to show that I belong, just making sure, whenever my time comes, by God, I’m gonna make the most of it. (upbeat music) (determined music) – [Narrator] When we return on The Season. – [Announcer] Patterson rolls right, puts on the brakes, tucks it back, throws on the run, he’s got Judd! And Judd is into the end zone! (cheering) – Scare!
– Yeah! – Well obviously we
felt good at that time, the one thing I didn’t like is the play that we did score a touchdown on. Again that’s not exactly
how you draw it up. We love being up 10 to nothing, but it’s not like at
that point, obviously, we thought “Oh man we’re gonna roll”. (apprehensive music) – [Narrator] Nashville,
Tennessee, the music city. And the venue for week 11 action. After a re-tune in College
Station a week prior, the Rebels look to sing the same song versus the Commodores. – Here we go! Let’s go 3-1 Nigel! Set, go! Here we go! Back to the top! Everybody bring it in. Everybody good? Hey bring it in, bring it in. Hey listen up. Hey, tonight, hey, tonight
you fly around, right? Hey you know what to do, alright we had a great week of practice you fly around, alright? You got three scenes, alright, they laid it on the line. Alright, whatever you
give you give it for them. You owe it to ’em! You understand? If you can’t do that
then don’t go out there. Everybody good? Let’s go. Gonna turn our film on tonight, hey show me what Jag boys mean, don’t beat about it. Alright, don’t just talk
about it, be about it! Let’s go! Jag boys on three, one two three. – [All] Jag boys. – Let’s go. – The time is short. Don’t look back, man, and say “Man, I wish I’da given number six more. I wish I’d played harder for that guy. I wish I’da done” don’t
don’t don’t do that! Don’t look back, man, the time is short. Win one and o this week. It’s about heart this week man. The heart has 5,000 more times, the electromagnetism of the brain. So, man, play with heart. Play with purpose, people
can feel your energy. You don’t have to worry about the weather if you got enough energy
you’ll be warm enough. – [Announcer] 43 degree temperatures and it’s only gonna get chillier, but then again what does
Shea Patterson know? It’s only his second start ever, who, eight days ago he was a
scout team quarterback. – [Second Announcer] Yeah, I was saying, watch him blow those hands. As a quarterback that’s
what you’re gonna do, keeps your hands warm all game long so you can feel the laces on the football. – [Announcer] They’ll go play action on the first play, Patterson will scramble just as he did last week, a little pump fake will
get him a few more yards. That’s a scramble of seven. Gun formation there’s the snap, hand off is to Judd, right side first down he’s at 30, 35, still on his feet, the boy breaks a tackle, and then is knocked down at the 48, great run by Akeem Judd. – Good job to want. – [Second Announcer]
This is just the start you wanted if you’re Hugh Freeze, and then that’s when they
can kick the tempo up, nice run to start it for Shea Patterson, then you get Akeem Judd
into the game as well. – [Announcer] There’s the snap of the gun, Patterson wants to throw,
he’s getting pressured, runs to his right, throws, got a man wide open it’s Stringfellow. Caught at the 25, knocked
out of bounds at the 23, and boy the left defensive
end had quick heat coming in there, but he
was able to escape that, found a wide open Rebel
they’re gonna put it to 23, and that’s good enough for
16 yards another first down. – [Second Announcer]
Patterson looking for Engram, fires to the outside, complete, and on fourth and goal will
bring out the kicking team, and the most accurate kicker in the SEC, Gary Wunderlich. – [Announcer] Man his field
goals have a little easy, chip shot and it’s good. He’s 20 of 21, has hit
15 field goals in a row. And on the Lou Groza
Award semi-finalist list, that’s why you let him go out
there and kick that thing. – Hey. Hey that was a good first try. Hey, a hell of a first try. Hey, don’t field goal touchdowns though. We need touchdowns, you got me? – [Announcer] Third down seven for Vandy from the Ole Miss 46 yard line, they got Tripps to the right. Shotgun formation this time for Shurmur, here comes the blitz he steps and throws, out route near side, incomplete, overshoots the intended receiver. Good coverage there by
the freshman Jaylon Jones. It’ll be fourth down for the Commodores. – Get serious, let’s go. Too much extra yardage. That one time we had them for a no gain it turns into a six or seven yard gain. Alright, wrap up, good job executing, and don’t be surprised
when they quick tempo you. Don’t be surprised. – If it’s coming outside,
boom, shake your head, you got the husky sitting inside there. Punt punt! D let’s go! Let’s go D. – [Announcer] In punt formation, standing at the 15 and
running left is Will Gleeson, who australian kicks
it and is gonna be hit, fumbled on the ground,
Rebels diving for it! Loose ball we got a pileup,
looks like the Rebels have it! We’ll have to wait and see. They’re signalling, the Rebel players are. – Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! – Yay! There you go Lowes! There you go Lowes! – Gonna do that. Gonna do that two three. (laughing) Gonna do that. (laughing) – I mean his eyes get huge, and he like “Oh the ball is right there”. – And I saw our whole goal
on punt or any special teams, is just find a way to change the game. – [Second Announcer] Davis
is a returner himself, so certainly he knows what that feels like with somebody bearing down on you. Oh this is where you take
a shot in the end zone right here. It’s only the fourth
loss fumble this season for the Commodores. Patterson rolls right, puts on the brakes, cuts it back, throws on the run, he’s got Judd! And Judd is into the end zone! (cheering) – Scare! – Yeah! – [Second Announcer]
21 yard scramble drill. – [Announcer] A makeshift
play by Shea Patterson, where he just scrambled
til he found an opening. – We call that scramble drill, we actually practice it. Where guys have rules about if he’s scrambling to you where you go, if he’s scrambling away where you go, and it’s one thing if you work it, and we always do. But if the quarterback
never scrambles that much, then they sorta lose track of it, but they obviously see that with Shea, he will throw you the ball
so you better stay alive. – [Second Announcer] Ole
Miss with a new lease after the fumbled punt by Sims and then, a little bit of ad-libbing
from the true freshman quarterback Shea Patterson. – Scramble drill. That’s a good job. Good job. (determined music) – [Second Announcer]
First and five Shurmur. Sets up, wants to go deep on core, 20 has a man wide open! Hauled in by Trent Sherfield, it’s inside the 10. Sherfield spun down at the four yard line. 66 yard catch and run. Webb in at tailback,
they’ll give it to him, and he dances left side, cuts back in, and he’s into the end zone. Ralph Webb with his
eighth rushing touchdown of the season. – Don’t play double moves
they hit, go down the field, on us play after play after play. – Double move is coming again out of that 12 personnel, your eyes are on your guy. Every time. Your eyes are on your guy. – [Second Announcer] Shurmur
has time over the middle, that one is caught by
Sims and he breaks free, Darrius Sims all the way
down to the 10 yard line. 39 yard catch and run. Movement, no flag,
Shurmur looking end zone, fires, caught! Trent Sherfield with
the grab for a touchdown but the flag down at the seven yard line. – [Third Announcer] He’s
gonna be offsides on Ole Miss. – [Second Announcer]
Vanderbilt now up 14 10 and awaiting the extra point. So Ole Miss’s offence slips into neutral after getting out to a nice lead, meanwhile the Commodores
have a pair of touchdowns themselves and will head
into the locker room with the half-time lead. – It’s just another test. Have you had some this year? – [Players] Yes sir. – We’ve had test after test after test, whether it’s injuries, turnovers. The thing that you do,
man, is you pass tests. You pass ’em together. Man, we need the last shard
of defense from last week just like the second
half some three and outs, offence it’s time to get rolling. It’s time to get rolling and make plays when they come your way. But this thing will not get accomplished without you being together. And you got to, man, this is the time that you give of yourself,
self is not important. It is about the team. Giving of yourself. Being selfless. That’s what it’s gonna take
for the next 30 minutes. You’re in a fist fight in
the Southeastern Conference, on the road it’s gonna
take a great team effort. It starts with this kickoff cover unit. It starts right now with
the kickoff cover unit, then it starts with that D. Give us that dang ball. Now let’s get to rolling. Rise up, one two three. – [All Players] Rise up! – [Player] Let’s go baby. – [Narrator] While the Rebel offence desperately needed to heat
up in the second half, it would be the ‘dores
with offensive fireworks. – [Second Announcer]
Vanderbilt has opened up an 11 point lead on Ole Miss. – [Third Announcer] It’s unbelievable. – [Narrator] The men in black and gold would take full advantage
of a Rebel miscue and push their lead with
success on the ground. – One play this is going now. One play. – Alright it’s like we’re not having fun out there right now. We’re not locked in. Alright we’re making dumb decisions, dumb penalties, we’re dropping balls. Hey, let’s relax, let’s
have fun out there. – Don’t worry about it, keep going. Control as you can control and keep going. – [Second Announcer] Third and 10. No stoppage, blitzing again. Patterson gets out of the pocket, steps up heaves one deep, got a man there, Engram, got it! Touchdown Rebels! 38 yards. – I think it’s just people
not doing their assignment across the board and then some bad luck, some injuries all that type of stuff, you put all that together, and then, you know, the odds are that you have a bad turnout. So, if you can fix the
majority of those things, then probably have better odds of it being a positive turnout. (brooding music) – All I know to say, man, is I love you and you know what? We didn’t have you prepared to play. But all that matters right now? All that matters is we
go get as many healthy as we can next week. We’re outta school. Treatment treatment treatment
and we win that Egg Bowl, and get Bowl eligible. That’s what matters. Put this one behind you,
we go get treatment, and get some healthy people, and we go win the Egg Bowl. It matters, we’ve been talking
about stuff that matters, that one matters. It matters a lot and it’s
gonna take all of us. We take losing like a man, like a team, we win, and we’ve gotta
learn how to handle when we do have success like last week in preparing again. Let’s go win the Egg Bowl. And Coach Mason I have great respect for, he had his kids ready to go tonight, and we didn’t and you
know it’s frustrating, and the, silver lining, if there is one, is we get to go play for the Egg Bowl next week at home to get Bowl eligible, and that’s what our focus will turn to. – It’s gonna be tough, I mean it’s gonna be emotional. I can’t explain it, I can’t explain it. It’s just gonna be a great moment in life. – I think the biggest thing is, for these seniors, for us
to go out Bowl eligible, they deserve it ’cause
if they don’t I mean, I mean they just deserve it. I don’t know how else to explain it, but people like John going down, and Chad going out with
season ending injuries, I mean they deserve so much more. – This is just something different. We know every year at this time, Thanksgiving week it’s time to get ready and you can forget about what
happened the last 11 games, I don’t care if it’s all good or all bad. We can forget about that, it’s time to get ready to play, and that’s something that Coach Freeze talks about quite a bit. We talk about it as Assistant Coaches and the players know it. (determined music) – [Narrator] Relive your favorite episodes whenever you want. Purchase your copy of The
Season – Ole Miss Football on DVD or Blu-Ray at Don’t forget to pick up your copy of this week’s game program this Saturday at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, which features a thank you to our seniors. And make sure you download
the Rebel Rewards app to unlock exclusive
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