This Bike makes ICE CREAM!!

This Bike makes ICE CREAM!!

– Lincoln is not here. (boy crying) Here’s one right here. – What’s inside family, how ya doing? – Fancy hotel. Rocks, it’s a piece of wood. What? That’s good water. What’s inside this box? In this super cool room. – I’ll put ’em in my
pocket and take ’em home. – It’s midnight, that was pretty amazing. I am wearing the jacket,
it’s like a Levi jacket. (soft music) Can you see the slippers? There they are. Uhm, I can’t tell you all
the YouTubers that I met. It was incredible. Destin from Smarter Everyday,
met him, which I’ve wanted to meet him so bad. Lew from Unbox Therapy, I spent probably an hour talking to him. Super smart guy. Peter Hollens, Shonduras was there, the king of random. Boyfriend/girlfriend,
like Jessie Wallands. Justine, Rosanna Pansino. Brian’s toy reviews,
that channel that’s like the biggest channel on YouTube, the Dad was there from that. It was crazy. Lindsey Stirling, the violin player, and there’s going to
be even more tomorrow. Like Devin Supertramp is gonna be there, Kasey will be there. It’s been wild. Super fun day. I didn’t vlog that much of it. I think I vlogged, oh I did vlog that but I didn’t
show you guys the results. Let me find it. (R&B music) Okay we’ve been at the
part for a little while. I’m probably not gonna film too much here, but there’s some pretty interesting stuff. Palm reading? What? Now we’re gonna do this thing where they take a picture of you, and there’s all this like colors and it finds out your aura. Is that right, aura? So I don’t know.
– We’re getting our auras read – Here we go Shon. – I’m ready. My aura’s just gonna be
a bunch of skateboards like floating in the sky above me. – I’m goin’ into the tent. So I put my hands on here? – [Woman] Yeah you put
your hands on there. Nice flat connection. – [Guy] Okay. – [Woman] And what this is able to do is identify your body’s electricity
and match it to a color. – [Guy] Okay. – [Shon] We did it. – It felt good, I felt good in there. That’s probably a good sign. – It seemed like you had a good aura. – Yeah. This, oh don’t get ruined! Oh it’s ruined! She warned me this would happen. This is my aura results. This was it. So there’s mostly orange and red up there. And she said that red is pretty rare. Red means strength,
willpower, new beginnings, leadership, action. The orange means creative
confident, collaborative, loves a challenge. So I don’t know. Probably anybody could fit in with that. It was kinda weird, but everybody did have a bit different. It was me, weird, because me, Shonduras, and Shaun McKnight from
cutegirlhairstyles, we all had very similar
with the orange and the red. And I can see that. Where Peter Hollens is a
musician and he’s a leader and he had like really really purple. Totally different. It was like he’s inspiring and stuff. So there might have been something to it. I don’t know. My face was right there
where the white was, but all that orange and
red and green over here. The green was supposed to be that way. The green, what does
that mean well you ask? Well it means growth,
goal oriented, determined, perfectionist, ambitious,
self assertive, adaptive, long term awareness. I could see that. I could see that little combination there. Right now I’m gonna edit. I wanna edit this vlog. You know some of the vlogs
we’ve been dong lately, we’ve been putting them out like three or four weeks
after we go on the event. I’m gonna try to change that here. So tomorrow afternoon, I have to figure out what I’m gonna do. Glass blowing, pizza making
class, indoor trapeze, Pop Secret and Bargo product demo, borrow a bike and go on a tour of the city or a self-guided walking tour. So I can write my name on
here and put this on the door. And they’ll sign me up for
whatever it is tomorrow. I don’t know what I’m gonna do but. (violin music) We’re going shuffle boarding. I don’t really know what that means but I think it’s something
that old people do. I’m excited, that sounds fun, I’m gonna whoop up on some people. We made it to shuffleboard. This seems like a more hip
place than normal shuffleboard. (disco dance music) Okay so we got hippy costumes. Okay, I’ll do that. The first scoop! The bicycle that makes ice cream. Only in Brooklyn will you
find something like this. Alright this place is much cooler than I thought it would be. (disco dance music) I would give it a seven
and a half out of ten. It’s good, it’s good but there’s something
about salted caramel, it’s just not as good as Oreo. (disco dance music) – How’s this? – [Guy] I feel like you would wear this. (disco dance music) Garbage truck plus New York streets. It’s night number two. I just go back from my
little shuffleboard party. My voice is almost gone cause I had to yell in there so loud. But look what’s in the room! Surprise! Surprise! What could it be? Oh yeah. What’s in the box? What’s in the box? No matter how many clouds, the blue sky is always there. Bag with that on it. Tea thing. Turmeric ginger. Don’t know what that is. Matcha Super Green. I don’t know what that is. Rishi, I don’t know what that is. Matcha, I don’t know what that is. This is a tea thing. I don’t drink tea. I will take it home and find
somebody to give this to. Thank you YouTube. Even though I don’t drink tea. (techno music)

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  1. Lincoln and dan my favorite video by you is what's inside a Costco teddy bear when you blew it up I have blown up bottles with dry ice and it's loud but nothing like that keep up the awesome work!!!!

  2. You should drink tea! It's so good for you! Just stick with herbal tea so you can continue to avoid the caffeine 😉

  3. I just wanted to tell you that I am a huge American girl fan and I watched a video when they were reacting to a video where they cut open a American girl doll agresivly just to make fun of your channel and I wanted to cry because I love your channel

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