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  1. “I don’t think he wants to be scrunched up real small all day”

    10 episodes later

    Danny: hides in a box and scrunches himself up real small

  2. 1:42 While looking around at cupboards & furniture Jamis says "So far I haven't seen anything out of place" while checking out a small sofa lounge. Not sure if it was intentional but the pun was clever – so far I/ sofa I lol

  3. Your marketing person/department needs a raise. This series is genius. You plug your own products while providing great shareable entertainment.

  4. what if you put like 1 or more k in there and someone thing it is soup and takes it like oh i like that soup or something

  5. I love home Danny has The Walking Dead characters labeled on the storage he is pushing around 😂😂 "Michonne and Hershel" are what I saw. And his fake name is 'Rick' lmao

  6. Anyone else realize all the carts have different walking dead character names. Michonne, Hershel, Merle, Mika, Judith. And they also used Rick🤭

  7. Employment agency: yeah you start this day ,you get payed this much… aaand you might get beaten up by the boss with a stick or whatever he’s feeling like using that day

  8. What MASSIVE utter BS !!
    This episode was such a false ass, put on, half arsed fake pile of crap it is a real BIG let down!
    You guys.
    I watched this series backwards starting at 11 and now just got to number one, the first.. And it's a shame as I didn't think that the others were all that bad..but this one was soo clearly bull shit tha it brings them all down..
    This a good job I didn't watch these in the correct order numerically as if ide of started off at this… The first then I definitely would not have subscribed this channel and followed the series… Purley based on this complete fuck show that this one was

  9. Once I saw “Rick” the second time behind you I was like “that’s got to be Danny, I bet it’s Danny” btw it’s 1:30am and I’ve been watching your “hiding from boss” episodes since like 10:30pm

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