Three Women Tackling A Male-Dominated Sport Of Football | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Three Women Tackling A Male-Dominated Sport Of Football | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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  1. Hahah look how few views this video has on the most major internet video platform. Megyn Kelly thought she could get away with being a racist troll on Fox News. Not sure what anyone at the Today show or NBC was thinking.

  2. Feminist. Propaganda. Liberal. & complete BS!! Show won't last very long 😂 America has woke up. Trump America🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. She is a racist and a liar. I will never forget how you purposely inspired racist attacks with race baiting, calling black protesters thugs, saying that all Muslims are terrorists and inciting people to commit hate crimes all over this nation. You and the rest of the propagandist at fox, both past and present, are covered in blood from all of the attacks and murders caused by your words. You cant hide from your past and who you really are. NBC are trying to normalize these people but DON'T LET THEM. DON'T WATCH ANY SHOW KELLY OR ANYONE WHO THINKS LIKE HER IS ON. SHAME!!!!!!

  4. I wonder how they feel about the locker room talk… oh wait… are they even in the same locker room??? would they feel "left out" or "not apart of the team" if they werent ????

  5. Sorry but that Linebacker chick looks Max 5'3 and maybe 140 150 Pounds. She aint gonna do Jack lol

    Now the kicker could def go somewhere and even possibly the NFL.

  6. this kind of thing makes me hate woman. And I love woman.  That's the point though I love woman not woman that try to be more like men.

  7. If I were a coach, any girl who thinks she can play for me has to pass the hit test.Can she be tough enough to take hard hits and no crying.Pass that test and she can play.

  8. There is a black girl in California plays football in college and was crowned homecoming queen why wasn’t she invited?

  9. ill only be impressed if they take a tackle and get up like all the other men.if they can do that, they have my respect.

  10. They would never play in the nfl its completely different from high, I'm not against it just wont happen nfl is a different jungle

  11. This is so ridiculous. Football is a brutal gladiator sport. Women just aren't physically built to take that kind of punishment.

  12. They should let women join the NFL just to show that they would be destroyed. Adult females would probably get crushed by a middle school team.

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