Titletown, TX, Season 1 Episode 1: The Aledo Way

Titletown, TX, Season 1 Episode 1: The Aledo Way

[Dillon] In this community
me being a quarterback I definitely have an important role and people expecting me to get the
team where they need to be, it’s definitely a lot of pressure Growing up, I’ve seen my brothers,
you know they’ve all won state championships their senior year I remember watching them and just
talking with my friend you know this is gonna
be us one day There’s definitely some expectations
where we always do well, I mean last year semifinals we lost.
That was a disappointment, we were one game away [Randy Galloway] Aledo’s a
special place where you’re out here, it’s like
an extension of the Texas hill country It was a cattle-shipping town for
the most part, and a railroad town And it’s like 20-25 minutes from
downtown Fort Worth but it’s like being in a whole
different world Aledo is about one thing: a town of winners that has a great school system, because kids get involved. Band is a contact sport, every aspect of school, there’s heavy competition Game football in Texas always being #1, that attracts people [Tony Eierdam] Most Friday nights,
especially the home games, feels real different here. All the businesses are into it with banners and all that stuff It’s a religion [Wes] Started in ’98, we won our first one then ’09, ’10, ’11, ever since then [News anchor] Aledo is trying to become the first Texas school to three-peat, twice No longer do we need to call Aledo’s Head Coach Stephen Wood interim coach. He earned a ring as head coach last year [Kirk Byerly] Listen up, hey!
One set coming up last set coming up nobody goes back no substitutes
for hard work. Like I talked about, I guarantee
Heritage is not doing this today. Work on 3… 1, 2, 3, work! Hand on the line, and then, on the whistle… [Players] State! State! State! [Coach Buc] These kids, they’re
gonna compete at everything they do Nobody is gonna outwork them We expect to be winners [Coach Wood] You know we have high, high expectations for them, we push them.
Sometimes we try to push them maybe even farther
than they think they can go Maybe it becomes expected but
I try to ingrain in these kids, you’ve got to earn that right,
it has been earned by others, the football gods are gonna understand in the end whether or not you
paid your dues. Is it tough? It’s tough, but there’s a lot of
teams out there that don’t win state championship [Wes] It’d be something else to win
another one [with] my little brother, it’d be a dream come true [Hank Harris] Y’all tell your
girlfriends bye last night? See ya in January That’s what I tell mom,
I’ll see ya in January [Wes] I got a good feeling
about this year I know these guys you know better
than anybody, growing up with them since 3rd grade We still got that sour taste
in our mouth, just getting beat by 21 points
by Lake Ridge and you know not just any game, state semifinals We aren’t gonna fall short
this year. We don’t want, to be the team to go two rounds
deep and get beat, we wanna make a run at it [James] Growing up, football
was honestly all I had If I didn’t have football,
I don’t know where I would be Football is literally my life [Dillon] We’re not gonna hold
anything back, because we know how much this year means to us,
being our senior year [Wes] There’s just a legacy out
here you know? We’ve never been the biggest, never been the strongest, fastest but we’re
the baddest dudes around [Coach Wood] Dadgum it’s good to
see you in uniforms boys, you look like football players
now, you don’t look like some Olympic gymnastics team Two weeks, two weeks from
today we have a game men You gotta have yourself
ready to go and there’s one way to do it that’s right now,
here we go. Bearcats ready! He’s coming right at you again! Gotta be coachable! [Radio announcer] If you were gonna
put a gun to my head and make me pick one team in DFW who I think has the best chance of
winning a state title, probably say it’s Aledo, so you know Aledo brings back into the house two division one recruits, including the big kid from California who’s 6’7″… 340 lbs. or something crazy, Chuck Filiaga [Wes] He’s a full grown man,
he’s probably the largest human being I’ve ever seen in person

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  1. Funny being from a tiny town we used to actually play them when they were 3a. I remember seeing their jv team bring 3 buses full of players. Unfortunately they blew up and won state championships and we shrunk and blew away in the dust. Just crazy to see what 15 years will do to a town and a team.

  2. I go to heritage and we said the same thing about Aledo. When we got to the game they honestly were not as impressive as I thought they were, I saw a lot of dropped passes and they seemed slow. I'm not saying they're a bad team but I was expecting a lot more out of the one the best teams in Texas. They beat us in very close game with their talent rather than technique. They had some of the biggest dudes I've ever seen. Watch out for Colleyville Heritage High School they'll be house hold name soon. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR BOYS! Week one is marked in my calendar.

  3. I like aledo whenever they smack colleyville silly in the season opener every year but it really annoys the piss out of me that we have to play them in the second round every year and they never let us win.

  4. Let’s go Aledo, I was a bearcat, my kids are both bearcats, it’s a great school. Remember playing for them too, had the same coach. Crazy.

  5. About to go pickup my equipment for my last year of texas high school football tomorrow, wish me luck. (Medina Valley)

  6. Look at that football field, and yet my school can’t afford books and already fired 2 teachers and cut Music and Art class. Take advantage of this school if you attend this School.

  7. Sorry! Aledo is not a small town! 25 minutes from downtown Ft. Worth? Give me a break. Try living in a town where the closest mall is 300 miles away….

  8. I hope you guys do another season of this school, this is tv worthy content. I’m from Iowa but ever since watching this I’ve become a fan and follow them every year. You guys need to follow a winning school, the last two seasons we’re kinda boring.

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